Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 322


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“Thank you for your concern, Fellow Cultivator Lin… This year is considered the happiest time in my life.”

Head Priest Yun’s words were exact, his tone was gentle, and he did not look like he had become a demon at all.

Lin Fan breathed a sigh of relief, “So, Brother Yun did not become a demon? I thought you had become a demon, so I came to take a look. After all, everything happened because of me.”

“This matter has nothing to do with Fellow Cultivator Lin. There is a fate, and there is nowhere to hide from it.” Head Priest Yun looked indifferent, as if he was not interested in anything, “And now I am just living differently.”

“But it’s ridiculous. For me, I’ve changed the way I live; that is, I’ve become a demon. In that case, why bother to explain? A demon is a demon, and I’ve lived my true self in my heart. That’s the true meaning.”


This was a bit reasonable.

However, in Lin Fan’s opinion, Head Priest Yun’s Buddhist teachings were indeed profound. So, it stood to reason this was indeed a demon with a rampant mind that couldn’t distinguish between good and evil and even wanted to kill everything on sight.

And now, Head Priest Yun’s thinking was clear. It was just that once, he gave people the feeling of being like a spring breeze, but now the feeling was indifference.

Lin Fan said, “Brother Yun is extremely right, and I understand more than anyone.”

He then looked to the crowd around him, “All of you have heard… this person has not become a demon, so why are you still here?”

He disappeared for a year, but not everyone would forget him.

Huh! You are the Greatest Martial Sect disciple, Lin Fan.”

An old man said in surprise, obviously recognizing him. After all, a year was not long for them. However, not hearing news about Lin Fan for a long time made them uncomfortable, and they gradually forgot about him.

“He’s just your junior, so please, senior, be easy on him, and let’s forget about it.” Lin Fan said politely.

Courtesy first, and then pawn, the great sect style.

If your strength was not good, they gave some faces, because if you didn’t give face, then it could be severe.

“Little Friend Lin, we have to do this because of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s trust. So, I’m sorry.” The old man clasped his fist and said. He knew Lin Fan; this person was a powerful disciple. He was able to pit the Demon Ancestor, which meant that his strength was naturally not weak.

However, the status of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple was very high.

If they were to choose, they could only choose the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

In response, Lin Fan could only laugh. If the other side didn’t give face, he would take it to heart.

Lin Fan then said, “Is there someone from the Broken Cloud Mountain present?”

“I am from the Broken Cloud Mountain. I wonder what little friend Lin has.” An old man said suspiciously.

They didn’t have any relationship with the other side, not even a little bit of dealings. So, what did the other side mean by mentioning the Broken Cloud Mountain?

Lin Fan threw out a token.

The old man took the token, and his expression changed in shock, “This is Senior Brother Wu’s token? How come it’s in your hand.”

Lin Fan said indifferently, “Last year, a fellow cultivator crossed the difficulty and encountered some trouble. I helped him cross the difficulty successfully, and he gifted me the token and said that I could go to Broken Cloud Mountain if I had problems. Now I use this token hoping that you, people from Broken Cloud Mountain, will leave and not get involved in this matter. How about that?”

“Thank you for your help, Fellow Cultivator Lin. The Broken Cloud Mountain will not be involved in this matter.” The old man clasped his fist, without a hint of hesitation. It was challenging to repay Lin Fan’s kindness for helping his senior brother to cross the difficulty. Even if this matter offended the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple, they were fine.

Moreover, when the address changed from Little Friend Lin to Fellow Cultivator Lin, this was a transformation.

“Thank you very much.” Lin Fan said.

The head priests of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple were surprised. They didn’t expect Broken Cloud Mountain to withdraw, and the reason was a mere token.

At this moment, Lin Fan then asked, “Is there someone from the Hanging Sky Sect coming as well?”

Soon, an old man came out.

“I am the Supreme Elder of the Hanging Sky Sect; I wonder what your excellency has to say.” This old man was also stunned. It seemed like the Hanging Sky Sect had nothing to do with Lin Fan, right?

Lin Fan said, “Last year’s trip to the forbidden area, your Sect Master was in danger in the forbidden area, and I saved him. So, we develop some friendship, and I hope your sect can also withdraw. I wonder if you can agree.”

The old man pondered and then snapped back, “I did not expect that you are the young talent that my senior brother said. I respectfully acknowledge the kindness of saving my Sect Master’s life, and the Hanging Sky Sect will bear it in mind. Since you asked, I will naturally agree.”

“The Hanging Sky Sect withdraws.”

Some of the surrounding powerful people apparently did not expect this kid to know a bit more people and had helped people, inevitably also a bit overwhelming.

As for the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple, they were somewhat could not accept it.

The head priest who was not on the side of Head Priest Yun said sharply, “Fellow cultivator, you have all agreed to help earlier; why did you go back on your words?”

The two great sects that had already made a deal with Lin Fan didn’t say a word.

Immediately after, something even more unacceptable to the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple happened.

An old man from the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect stepped in and said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin has a deep connection with my sect and is even a close friend of Fellow Cultivator Ao. So I, the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, also withdraw from this battle.”

Lin Fan cupped his fist at that old man and didn’t say anything more, keeping everything in mind, as if he had greeted.


With the withdrawal of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, some immortal sects were slightly alarmed.

What was going on?

‘This kid was a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect and was only a disciple. However, he could make you all withdrew one by one. What the hell was going on?’

Was there something that they didn’t know about?

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, our Void Jade Palace also withdrew from this battle. Fellow Cultivator Lin was once the only one who helped our Void Jade Palace suppress the demon passage.” Another old man clasped his fist and said.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Thank you to Void Jade Palace for appreciating my face. I will do my best if anything happens in the future at Jade Mountain.”

At that moment… As the major sects withdrew, the remaining sects couldn’t help but have a more puzzled look in their hearts.

All of them were pondering, what should they do in the end?

This was quite an unpleasant situation.

Therefore, they inquired by voice, and the result was as mentioned just now. The other side didn’t have any terrifying background, but he had either favor or a good relationship with them.

This made the people who snooped look confused.

Were you kidding?

It was a bit random. Even if the relationship was good, it was impossible to offend the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple because of this.


By the way.

He was a young with high cultivation and powerful qi.

The other side was very young, but his cultivation was so deep. Rumor had it that he also had an immortal treasure, bound to be people with strong qi. His future was by no means an idle one. So, they needed to show goodwill and invest.

After all, there would not be a conflict.

After thinking about this, some of the remaining sects were somewhat shaken but did not immediately take a stand. Instead, they were waiting for the follow-up.

Lin Fan looked around and said, “Fellow cultivator of other sects, if you are willing to give me, Lin Fan, a thin face, you will be rewarded generously in the future.”

One of the head priests angrily scolded, “Master Lin, as a disciple of a great immortal sect, do you want to help this sinner who has become a demon?”

“If your Sect Master knew about it, he would certainly not forgive you.”

The Sect Master, hiding in the distance, was very dissatisfied with what the monk said. ‘Why did he always mention me whether I would forgive or not. I had to say that you guys had no face.’

Lin Fan laughed, “It’s ridiculous. Do you think my Sect Master is here? Do you know that his absence represents something? I’m sure you don’t think about it, do you?”

Sect Master Bai was quite helpless, ‘Please, just let me go.’

However, he was surprised that the number of acquaintances of this kid was quite a lot. He made them all give him some respect; an ordinary person couldn’t have the ability.

If it was him who came out, he couldn’t even guarantee that the other side would give him respect.

Just at this moment, a dragon roar came from afar.

When people heard this sound, they were shocked. This was the Heavenly Dragon Clan member who came. Think about it, the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple and the Heavenly Dragon Clan had a good relationship, so how could they didn’t come over.

Lin Fan looked up and felt that the qi was familiar. He was familiar with the other side because of the mystic art that the other side cultivated, he also cultivated.

“Brother Yun, this battle is inevitable.” Lin Fan said helplessly. The Ancestral Dragon’s Body he cultivated shouldn’t have reached the ears of the Heavenly Dragon Clan, but when they saw him later, they would find out about it.

Head Priest Yun said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, why do you need to get involved? I will bear this matter alone.”

Lin Fan smiled.

The words made people slightly helpless. ‘What did you mean by ‘why must’? It was necessary to get involved.’

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with golden light dazzling, and the dragon power enveloped all directions.

The Heavenly Dragon Clan carried a domineering might, spreading out, making the great sects’ powerful people feel inferior to the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s arrival.

Soon, the golden dragon in the distance came circling. There was a flash of golden light, transforming into a man wearing a golden robe, with two horns curved on top of his head, indicating the other side’s origin.

“Fellow senior monks, I’m here.” Ao Jin said coldly.

“Thank you, Master Ao, for coming to help.”

Immediately after, as if he had smelled some familiar scent, Ao Jin’s expression changed slightly as he gazed at Lin Fan. His dragon eyes flickering as he angrily said, “How can you, a human cultivator, know the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s untold secret Ancestral Dragon’s Body?”

Initially, he did not know such things, but as the same cultivator of the Ancestral Dragon’s Body, he naturally sensed something.

Hmph, it seems that Ao Wudi has leaked a lot of things. What a traitor. He is a traitor among the Heavenly Dragons.”

Lin Fan ignored the other side and silently cast the Golden Gourd.

He knew, so it was useless to say anything now.

He was bound to kill this one from the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

The people of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple would fight with him as well. So, in that case, why say anything more?

Holding an immortal treasure, Lin Fan said in a loud voice, “More words are useless; this battle is inevitable. I beg those who withdraw to stay away in case of ripples, and those who do not want to withdraw, please be more understanding. Fists and kicks have no eyes, so don’t blame me if you die.”

At the time he finished these words, his aura changed.

The battle intent erupted.

The great immortal sects who had spoken with Lin Fan earlier quickly retreated. Later, this place would turn into a place of terror, and the aftermath of the battle would destroy everything around them.

Even if they were powerful.

If they were slightly careless, they could all get into trouble.

When Ao Jin saw Lin Fan cast the Ancestral Dragon’s Body in front of him, he was furious. This was provoking him, damn it.

Instantly, Ao Jin stepped out and disappeared from his spot. A fist that was enough to hammer and burst the mountains came blasting.

Lin Fan did not back off.

He followed closely with a fist swing.

“How is that possible?” Ao Jin’s face changed significantly. His opponent’s Ancestral Dragon’s Body was cultivated even higher than his.


A figure flew backward and heavily smashed the ground to pieces.

Lin Fan laughed and said, “It’s same mystic art, but you, the Heavenly Dragon Clan, have not cultivated it to the point of perfection.”

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