Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 323


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The most fearful thing was the sudden tranquility of the scene.

Ao Jin slapped away the debris pressed on his body, roaring in anger. He looked incredulous.

‘Damn it.’

He had a bad feeling when the opponent cast Ancestral Dragon’s Floating Body. He was too strong to cultivate Ancestral Dragon’s Floating Body to this level, which was terrifying.

There was not even room to resist.

It was dominating when it came out, but now it showed some wretchedness.

The Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s head priests naturally could not accept such a scene.

‘How could such a thing happen?’

“Who exactly helped you to cultivate the Ancestral Dragon’s Body?” Ao Jin questioned.

This was a big deal. No one would dare to believe it when he said that a human cultivator could cultivate such a mystic art to the highest level, not even a few of them in the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

“You’re too weak. If you don’t work hard, you’ll be sad when you’re old. You look like you’re greedy for enjoyment. So, just because you don’t work hard, you can’t blame others for working hard, right?”

Lin Fan didn’t give Ao Jin any answer at all. Ao Jin’s face was so gloomy that ink was about to drip out.

The major sects that had withdrawn were hardly calm.


They indeed did not expect Lin Fan to be so powerful. Even someone of the Heavenly Dragon Clan was beaten like this. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they might not have believed it.


The void shook, and the vastness of the force was destroyed.

Lin Fan was holding an immortal treasure, exercising his mystic art, and instantly formed a battlefield. There was a radiant light as if a meteor had fallen from the sky, covering everyone fighting with it.

The indecisive Immortal Sect no longer had time to think about these things. Since they didn’t quit, then naturally, they only had to hold on.

“Everyone, strikeout and suppress them.”

“That is exactly what I intend to do.”

That was what was said.

However, they all did not make a move for the time being. They were all waiting for the senior monks of the Great Thunder Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple to go first. They were not fighters; they just came over to help. In case they made a move and those senior monks all waited quietly, wouldn’t that be a pitfall?

Sect Master Bai was fully engaged in the distant battle. He must ensure Lin Fan’s safety. In case the situation wasn’t right, he would be the first to step in and bail him out.

There were two reasons.

The first was that he was a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, and the second was that he was the son of his senior sister, so how could he sit back and do nothing?

Of course, he couldn’t step in now because it was just a personal act of the sect’s disciples. If he stepped in, it would be a matter for the whole sect, and at that time, he would have no root and foot to keep Lin Fan.

Therefore, he would not step in until the last resort. At least with the current situation, it seemed like there was no need for him to step in.


An old man from the Immortal Sect was hit in the chest by Lin Fan’s fist. He was yelling, but he took the initiative to said to Lin Fan, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, this sect has no intention of fighting with you. We are just going through the motions; please don’t blame us.”

Lin Fan knew in his heart, so he left a residual force on his fist, not daring to fully explode. The old man was blasted into the ground and did not get up, as if he was suppressed.

Some people with sharp eyes could see clearly. They roughly understand what this meant…

Lin Fan and Head Priest Yun were mainly facing the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple and Ao Jin, the ultimate adversaries.


A burst of Sanskrit sound resounded. This sound seemed to penetrate deep into the soul and vibrate in the heart, giving an excellent and ineffable feeling.

Head Priest Yun’s hands were joined together, and a thousand-foot, thousand-handed Buddha Demon emanated an overwhelming might. As Head Priest Yun’s thoughts moved, a thousand hands came out in unison, covering the world.

The firmament was covered, and the palm of each arm seemed to contain a Buddha power.

“Everyone, be careful. This traitor has cultivated the forbidden Dharma of the Buddha Sect.”

“Between Buddha and Demon transformation, based on the mind alone, this is the highest level. It hurts the Buddha Sect to lose such a genius.”

Although the words were said, they did not dare to be careless.

Head Priest Yun was known as the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple’s outstanding talent and profound Buddhism. He was an existence that could become a Buddha in the future. Even if he had entered the demon now, he was still too terrifying.


Lin Fan mainly fought Ao Jin and just looked at Head Priest Yun from time to time. He steeply discovered that the other side’s strength was indeed terrifying. He was fighting a group of people alone and was still extremely strong.

He could already tell.

The other side was indeed becoming the demon, but his Buddha’s teachings were too profound. Even if he became a demon, he could maintain his mind, and even with the current situation, the other side could convert between Buddha and demon.

If you wanted me to be compassionate to the world, I am the Buddha.

If you wanted me to kill the world, I am the demon.

Such a state of mind was beyond human reach.

Thinking of this, he felt that the people of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple were big pig hook. They couldn’t tolerate such a genius, so it seemed that they had terrible luck.

When he thought about the Greatest Martial Sect, the head priest, that big pig hook, look at Lin Fan in displeased. However, other than a few scoldings and curses, he did not say much.

What a nice person.


At this moment, Lin Fan blended his learned mystic arts and condensed them between his fingers. Upon facing the incoming Ao Jin, he fiercely pointed away, making Ao Jin’s heart burned with anger.

‘The secret of the Heavenly Dragon Clan that was not passed down, how could it be tainted?’

Just then….


Ao Jin screamed as a finger hit his chest. The Heavenly Dragon Scale Armor was tough, but there were crumbling signs, and countless cracks appeared under this blow.

“Kneel for me.”

Lin Fan exchanged his finger for a fist and viciously smashed it down in conjunction with the Golden Gourd.

“You seek death.”

Ao Jin’s face was hideous as he spurted out golden blood, then revealed his original body. With a buzzing sound, the sound of the Heavenly Dragon roared out and came crashing down.


Even though he had resisted, but for Ao Jin, he still suffered a heavy blow, His huge body flew out backward, hitting the ash mountain range, causing the world to shook, and the terrifying impact spread everywhere.

A group of spectators was shocked.

Ao Jin fell into the wind; he was not Lin Fan’s opponent.

To Lin Fan, Ao Jin’s cultivation was not as good as the four Demon Emperors he met in the Northern Wasteland, or even Qin Muyang. So, he wondered how Ao Jin had the face and guts to come here.

If it were because of the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s identity, that would be a big mistake.

‘People respect you as the Heavenly Dragon Clan, but I, Lin Fan, don’t care who you are.’

Lin Fan held an immortal treasure, pointing between his fingers. The golden river turned into a dragon, circling out, then roared. The dragon roar resounded through the world, directly blasted at Ao Jin.

Ao Jin was a high and proud dragon. He would not allow others to underestimate him.

And now, this human cultivator was underestimating him.

At this moment, Ao Jin’s body haze blossomed; each haze of light had a golden dragon roaring. What was this mystic art? How could it be so powerful? The Heavenly Dragon Clan was true to its name, and he had to say that the great clan’s heritage was not that simple.


The incredible booming sound resounded.

Ao Jin looked grave. He used all the techniques he had learned, and he was even more upset that those immortal masters were watching the show. Damn it. The Human Race really couldn’t be trusted. They were all very treacherous, while he ended up fighting the other side hard.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him, and upon a closer look, it was the human cultivator that made him angry.

“You are a Heavenly Dragon Clan, so I will not bully you. I will fight you with the cultivated Ancestral Dragon’s Body. Although your cultivation is not good enough, it is not an insult to you.”

The words just fell.

Lin Fan swung his fist, containing infinite power, and smashed Ao Jin’s head viciously.


When Ao Jin took this punch, he felt dizzy. His brain was boiling, and his seven orifices spurted blood. His brain buzzed, and all sounds in the world had disappeared.

Lin Fan’s footsteps disappeared in place, and when he appeared again, he appeared at Ao Jin’s waist.

As the saying went, the dragon had scales of rebellion. When you touched it, the dragon would die.

This part was also the weakest place.

However, this was complete nonsense, and it was inverted. The efficiency of a direct kick to your crotch would depend on whether you were angry or not.

Subsequently, Lin Fan’s foot was directly on Ao Jin’s waist, causing the vast body to blasted toward the ground.

If Ao Jin could still talk, he would roar.

‘My lumbar disc protruded.’


The ground shook, rippling up dozens of feet high ashes. People standing on the ground felt a little unstable.

Too horrible.

It was horrible.

Ao Jin spewed big mouthfuls of blood. The blood-stained his torso and the light of his scale armor were much dimmer. His dragon whiskers were broken, showing a very wretched appearance.

His strength was too weak, in Lin Fan’s opinion.

Even Qin Muyang wasn’t inferior to him, so how could Ao Jin dared to be reckless with him. He was making a fool of himself.

Ao Jin looked at Lin Fan angrily and spoke with difficulty, “You are seeking death.”


Lin Fan swung his fist and smashed it down.

“Be honest, you’ve already been beaten into crap, and you still dare to threaten me.”



Ao Jin screamed miserably.

The Heavenly Dragon Clan, whose physical body was invincible, was beaten up by a human. He was wailing miserably, where was the sense of nobility of the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

Soon, Ao Jin was dying and could no longer move.

Lin Fan’s eyes shone. His eyes slightly narrowed, thinking about one thing, whether to kill the opponent or not. After killing, he could explode good things.


It was just that.

He grabbed the dragon horn on top of Ao Jin’s head and raised his huge head, “Listen to me carefully. I won’t kill you, not because I’m afraid of your Heavenly Dragon Clan, but I have a great relationship with Ao Wudi. You’re his clan member, so I’ll give you mercy.”

“This time, I will spare your life, but the next time you are blind and dare to mess with me, I will draw your tendons and skin, then cook your flesh and take it to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion for auction.”

The words just fell.

He viciously smashed Ao Jin’s head on the ground and then looked at Head Priest Yun there.

The battle there had also ended.

The head priests of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple had been wounded. They all folded their hands and could no longer afford to raise an ounce of resistance in the face of Head Priest Yun.

“You all go. I no longer have any relationship with the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple. This time I will spare your lives, I hope you will behave yourselves.”

After all, Head Priest Yun could not bear to make a move against these senior disciples.

Even if they were standing on the Buddha Dharma Hall side, they had called him senior brother for thousands of years. So, he couldn’t bear it in his heart.

“Master…. senior brother.”

Those head priests were ashamed.

Just now, Senior Brother Yun obviously could have killed them all, but in the end, he stopped and let them live.

“Go away. From now on, you are not my brothers, and I am not your senior brother. Go back and tell the abbot that I have nothing more to do with the Buddhist Sect.”

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