Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 324


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At this point, Ao Jin had no face to stay here. With his badly injured body, he ran away in the dust. His heart had already sprayed the ancestors of the human cultivators once.

If they didn’t paddle or watch the show, the result would not be like this.

As he left, he turned around and looked at Lin Fan.

He saw a hint of reluctance in the other’s eyes.

What was this?


Lin Fan was eager to kill Ao Jin, but a small part of him was thinking about the sake of Ao Wudi. The main thing was that there were too many people at the scene, and he didn’t want to completely tear the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s face off just yet.

If he killed Ao Jin in public, the Heavenly Dragon Clan wouldn’t rest in peace.


However, if it was in the wild with no passerby attention, then it was a miracle that he could live.


Afterward, the immortal sect masters came to say a polite goodbye to Lin Fan.

After the battle they just had. They had a deep understanding of Lin Fan’s strength again. He was strong, definitely not that simple. So, establishing a good relationship was inevitable, and they might have something to ask for in the future.

Lin Fan was full of smiles and greeted them one by one.

He was now a respected person.

Before, he never really felt that respect was something important. But now, he deeply felt the importance of respect.

When he went out, he did righteous deeds and made some good karma. He thought he wouldn’t be able to use it, but he never expected there would be a time to use it.


Bai Qiu was hiding in the shadows and still hadn’t come out. He was now deep in contemplation.

Before, he felt that Lin Fan was unreliable. However, after this incident, he had a significant change of outlook.

But wait, how could he have this idea? He had always been very optimistic about Wen Xian because Wen Xian was stable enough to be the Sect Master. To become Sect Master, it wasn’t about how powerful you were, but you had to be stable and develop steadily to ensure the Immortal Sect’s longevity.

He understood Lin Fan’s temperament.

He couldn’t be a prodigal.

He was afraid that in the future when he was gone and this kid became the Sect Master, he would directly wave the Immortal Sect away.


“Brother Yun, how is the difficulty? Has it passed now?” Lin Fan asked.

He didn’t expect the difficulty to be so overbearing.

Head Priest Yun was indeed formidable, but the difficulty still could rectify him to this extend. So, after resisting hard for a year, he only exploded now. If it were an ordinary person who had this difficulty, he would have a present report.

Head Priest Yun blandly said, “Over or not is no longer important. The world says the difficulty is a fierce tiger, but in my opinion, the difficulty is to help you choose your heart’s original intention.”

“What is the difficulty? Just like the demon, why would a person of great goodness become a demon? It’s because the essence deep inside him is the demon, but he is just unwilling to face it. When it is stimulated, he becomes a demon completely.”

“And the situation I’m facing now is simply a matter of dealing with the essence in my heart.”

Lin Fan nodded his head. Although he didn’t quite understand, nodding just proved that he could listen, and what the other said made good sense.

“Brother Yun, why don’t we go to the Greatest Martial Sect for a walk?” Lin Fan invited.

Head Priest Yun said, “Thank you for the invitation, Brother Lin, but forget it. I will visit Brother Lin at the Greatest Martial Sect when I have the chance in the future.”

Then, as if something had occurred to him. He said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, I have one thing to say to you. Your difficulty is different from ordinary difficulties, as if the world intends not to allow you. So you should be careful in the future and do not get involved in karma…”

“Otherwise, when you ascend to the Immortal Realm, the cycle of cause and effect will be a great disaster.”

Lin Fan’s heart had a clear understanding and nodded solemnly. Head Priest Yun’s state of mind was much higher than others; his perception of the world was even more incomparable to ordinary people. The Buddhist Sect was all about cause and effect and was very skilled in studying cause and effect.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, farewell.”

Head Priest Yun did not say anything more but trampled towards the distance.

No one knew where he was going; even he did not know. However, there was a feeling in his heart that Head Priest Yun was going to look for that which could not be seen or touched.

It could be said that he was still in difficulty, but it also could be said that he had crossed it.

How exactly was that?

Well, there was no need for the world to say.

He had his determination in his heart.

“Sect Master, don’t hide; it’s all over.” Lin Fan said.

Bai Qiu came from the void and appeared beside Lin Fan, “Good, this matter is over perfectly. Now, you can rest assured that the only trouble is the Heavenly Dragon Clan. You had practiced the supreme secret technique of the Heavenly Dragon Clan, so I will solve it for you.”

“No, don’t trouble yourself, follow the waves, and listen to the sky. I feel that the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple is a bit stupid. They were willing to abandon such a talent. If there is a little tolerance, it would not be like this.” Lin Fan said.

Bai Qiu smiled and shook his head, “Kid, things often can’t be taken at face value. Some things are not simple.”

Eh?” Lin Fan looked at the Sect Master, could there be a problem inside? He was pondering.

There seemed to be some problems.

The Sect Master looked at Lin Fan’s appearance, and he wanted to laugh. What was this kid thinking? The more he thought, the more he became curious.

Lin Fan frowned, then stretched out, “Oh, I understand.”

“What did you understand?” The Sect Master asked.

Lin Fan appeared mysteriously and said, “I can’t tell you this, you can think for yourself. Anyway, I understand what this means.”


The Sect Master didn’t expect this kid to come with him in this way.


Ao Jin dragged his bruised and battered body back to the Heavenly Dragon Clan territory.

He was going to tell the Dragon Ancestor about this matter. Ao Wudi had passed the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to a human cultivator, which was a betrayal of the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

Just what he did not expect was…

The Dragon Ancestor was indifferent to this matter and even scolded him angrily and told him to go into seclusion. The Heavenly Dragon Clan had lost to a human cultivator; it was a disgrace.

Ao Jin was dumbfounded.

This was different from what he thought. Shouldn’t the whole clan be angry and force the Greatest Martial Sect to hand this person over?

How did it turn out like this?

This made him a little baffled.


Ao Wudi was far away in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect sneezed. He slightly opened his dragon eyes. Who the hell was talking about him?

He thought to himself, ‘Fortunately, this invincible handsome dragon had long given that kid a pass.’

Cultivating the Heavenly Dragon Clan secret that hadn’t been passed down was indeed a big deal, so don’t give people a hard time.


Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple.

A group of head priests returned in the dust, then went to the abbot to report the situation.

The difference between their strength and senior brother Yun was too great.

Because it had been a long time since they had seen senior brother’s hands, so they thought it was not a big deal, but then they realized that the difference was not ordinary.

The abbot didn’t say much. He kept his eyes closed and practiced there, without even the slightest emotional fluctuation.

This made a group of head priests very confused.

What exactly did the abbot mean?

In the end, they all excused themselves and left.

The abbot opened his eyes and sighed. His deep gaze looked into the distance, thinking about something, while the sutra in front of him lifted itself without a breeze.

The Sutra of the Eras.

The most mysterious scripture of the Buddhist Sect.

What Bai Qiu guessed in his heart was all of this. The ancient monk had a plan in mind, and the abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Heavenly Dragon Treasure Temple was not that simple.

All that happened was a free run. Fighting against the trend was like going against the sky, but going with the trend could have more ways to operate.

If that time, this ancient monk appeared on the scene, things would not be easy to solve.


Greatest Martial Sect.

Lin Fan observed Xiao Taiyang. The Ancient Ring’s power was good, and he already felt that Xiao Taiyang’s evil nature was slightly weaker. However, for her evil nature, this weakening was only a drop in the bucket.

Still, it was a good start.

Let people be filled with endless hope.

“Jiujiu, how was the interaction with your little sister?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Jiujiu said with glee, “Master, little sister is finally paying attention to me, look…”

Jiujiu touched Xiao Taiyang’s head with her little hand, and while doing so, she said.

“Little sister, be good.”


Lin Fan was surprised and did not expect such great progress. He was still very nervous that Jiujiu’s touch would meet with a counterattack, but he never thought nothing would happen, making him much more at ease.

“So much progress.” Lin Fan smiled, stretched out his hand, and wanted to touch Xiao Taiyang. However, in a flash, as if frightened, Xiao Taiyang’s expression turned hideous and bit Lin Fan’s palm.

Holy shit!

He was confused. What happened?

Jiujiu could touch her, and she reacted this way as soon as he was about to touch her. Could it be that he came with some terrible buffs?

Huang Jiujiu wrapped her arms around Xiao Taiyang. Her small palm lightly patting Xiao Taiyang’s back, comforting, “Little sister, don’t be alarmed.”

She then complained, “Master, you have scared little sister.”

“Me….” Lin Fan stared, innocently pointing at himself.

‘Did I scared her?’

‘But I did not do anything. It was just a touch of the head, was there a need for targeted discrimination?’

“Jiujiu, tell master, how did you do it?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Jiujiu sai, “Master, you have to be sincere with little sister. You never play with her and often scare her; she will not be close to you.”

Lin Fan’s heart grew cold. This statement was a bit hurtful.


‘Could it be that my sincerity was not enough?’

‘…..But I often told stories and made dolls for her.’

Still, in the end, those dolls were directly split. So how could you say that it was too much to find someone to carry the pot?


He looked at Xiao Taiyang, while Xiao Taiyang was staring at him viciously as if she wanted to swallow Lin Fan in one bite.

“Senior Brother Chen, can you touch her?” Lin Fan said.

Chen Zhiyu immediately waved his hand, as if he had already suffered, not even daring to approach. However, the crazy old man squatted aside, also like Jiujiu, lightly patting her back.

“I’m not afraid.”

“Father, you are scaring little sister.”


Lin Fan almost couldn’t even hold back from directly spewing out a mouthful of old blood.

What the hell.

Why did it feel like he was the least popular one?


This was absolutely impossible.

What was wrong with the situation?

Xi Xi pursed her lips and smiled lightly, patting Lin Fan on the shoulder, “Senior brother, maybe this is the reason why stinky men can’t get the friendship of babies.”

Lin Fan rolled his eyes.

This…. was simply a humiliation to him.

It looked like it was time to bring out the killer move.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t take Xiao Taiyang’s heart.

However, it was as if he had some clarity in his heart. Xiao Taiyang hadn’t become better, she remained still, very evil, and ordinary people who fell into her hands were probably going to die a miserable death.

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