Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 325


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During this period, Lin Fan took the initiative to communicate with Xiao Taiyang many times, making delicious food, telling stories, and giving dolls, all of which eventually ended in failure, and he became utterly desperate.

It was better to wait for the ancient ring to suppress Xiao Taiyang’s evil nature and then communicate with her properly.

Now, there was no point in talking about this.

It was simply faggotry.

‘Like, I was so friendly, how could you hate it?’

He seriously suspected that Xiao Taiyang was a tsundere. She was secretly happy, but she was too shy that she would be mean to him at every turn.


It was possible.


Lin Fan was wandering around the mountain entrance when a figure steeply attracted his attention.

“Qingyao, I haven’t seen you for over a year; how have you been lately?”

Lin Fan smiled and went forward. A smile was piled on his face; he had a complicated feeling inside for this. She was the only sister who took his virginity. However, Meng Qingyao ignored Lin Fan and simply walked past him.

“Such a heartless person.”

Lin Fan said helplessly. He took the initiative to talk to the girl, but the girl ignored him. He was a little bit desperate.

Forget it.

If she didn’t care, why would he care?

So, he took the initiative to go forward. Anyone who didn’t know would think he was going to do something.

At this time, Meng Qingyao had gone to the far side. Although she looked calm, her heart was unsettled. She thought that after a year, she would be unperturbed, but when she saw him, her heart rippled.


Lin Fan continued to look around the sect. Many core disciples had gone out. After a year, the gap between the disciples with immortal destiny and the disciples without immortal destiny was widened.

The two naturally couldn’t be equal to each other.

Suddenly, a figure came from afar.

Lin Fan took a look at it, and it turned out to be Ao Wudi. He was puzzled as to how Ao Wudi could appear here.

“Senior Ao, how come you have time to come to the Greatest Martial Sect? Let me guess; you’re not here to find me, are you?” He asked with a smile.

Ao Wudi had stayed in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect for so long. Since he was tricked into going outside the forbidden area a year ago, he rarely came out, so Lin Fan didn’t expect him to appear here. Could it be that he was still thinking about the seven-color female dragon?

That was all bragging.

Whoever believed it was a fool.

“What do you think? If I don’t come to look for you, who else can I look for? A long story short, I’m looking for a favor from you this time. It’s rather dangerous, so I won’t say anything if you refuse.” Ao Wudi said.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, “Hearing you say that, I know this is not normal. It’s definitely dangerous, so if that’s the case, tell me.”

Ao Wudi patted his chest and said, “With me around, what danger are you afraid of? Don’t worry. Even if there is danger, I will stand in front of you and won’t let you get hurt at all.”

For Lin Fan, when Ao Wudi opened his mouth to tell him, he had already agreed. However, thinking about how he used to act like Ao Wudi, he couldn’t tolerate it and regain some dignity.

“You also know, I am terrified of death.” Lin Fan was helpless. He then observed Ao Wudi’s expression to see what he would say.

The scene was quiet.

Ao Wudi said quietly, “Do you still remember what happened a year ago? Now it’s your chance to pay me back. But seriously, it is indeed urgent, so can you do me a favor or not?”

“Very urgent?” Lin Fan asked.


Okay. Say it, what is the situation? Since it’s urgent, then we’ll talk about it as we go.”

Afterward, the two of them took off into the air and disappeared in the same place.

Ao Wudi did not hide but informed Lin Fan of what was going on.

Ao Wudi had formed a deep friendship with the snake, and when he had nothing else to do, he would go to the forbidden area and chat with it.

Maybe this was the friendship between the snake and the dragon.

If the snake was a female, with Ao Wudi’s situation, he was afraid he might have a big fight.

But now that the snake was in trouble, Ao Wudi couldn’t just sit back and watch.

“Are there still people who dare to go to a place as dangerous as the forbidden area?” Lin Fan was a bit incredulous.

What had happened during this year? The danger level of the forbidden area naturally didn’t need to be mentioned. The terrifying creatures there were invincible; even True Stage cultivators were no match.

Ao Wudi said, “No, in this year, there has been much news of the appearance of Elixir in the forbidden land. This year, three people have ascended to the Immortal Realm, and the one who really made them go crazy was a young man.”

“How so?” Lin Fan asked in confusion.

Ao Wudi thought of that young man, and he also had some disbelief. However, it was such a rumor in the outside world spread by many people. So, how could he not believe it?

“Two powerful people went to the forbidden area to grab the Elixir. Because the fight was too intense, the Elixir fell from the air, and it happened that an ordinary person was right below. He saw the fallen Elixir, and without thinking much about it, he thought it was some fruit and just ate it.”

“And when they rushed down, it was too late. They wanted to refine the young man into a human pill, but the young man immediately soared up.”

Lin Fan’s jaw dropped. He seemed dumbfounded by what he had heard.

Did he really soar in a day?

He had seen several Elixirs, but he had never really seen an Elixir that could make someone soar in a day.

“If that’s the case, I can understand it.” Lin Fan said.


Such a shock was too great.

Not many people could withstand this.

Ao Wudi gruffly said, “The demon and the demon cultivator already have many masters going forward. Many hidden and unseen masters have also appeared. Once they enter the forbidden area, the consequences are unimaginable.”

“The snake and I have a good relationship; I don’t want anything to happen to him… The strength of the snake is not weak, but facing those masters, he simply can’t be a match.”

Ao Wudi knew the danger of this trip, and he couldn’t hold up alone. Moreover, he could not pull anyone, and the Heavenly Dragon Clan would ignore him.

The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect situation was special, and he couldn’t bring others to his aid.

That was why he thought of his friends.

Lin Fan pondered, “If that’s the case, then I’m afraid I’ll have to offend a lot of people this time.”

“That’s right. That’s why I’ll make it clear to you. If you are unwilling, I will never say anything more.” Ao Wudi said.

Haha.” Lin Fan laughed, “What are you talking about? Do you see me like I’m afraid of offending people? But you have to remember, don’t settle anything and turn your ass around then disown people.”

“Also, a few days ago, something happened. I beat up your Heavenly Dragon Clan member named Ao Jin. For your sake, I didn’t kill him, so you have to remember that.”

He gave a reminder to Ao Wudi on how much he owed Lin Fan. ‘Don’t forget anything even when it passes.’

“Don’t worry; I’m not that kind of person.” Ao Wudi said with conviction.

To Lin Fan, this was a little scary.

It always felt like a bit of a set-up.


As they got closer to the forbidden area, the atmosphere around them showed some depression. There was a big difference from when they came before.

“The outside atmosphere of the forbidden area is not right. There are many strong people, causing strange things to happen in this part of the world.” Lin Fan said.

What had happened during the year when he was away?

How could something seem wrong?

Ao Wudi said, “I hope we’re not too late. When there is only one master, I will never consider it. However, now that there are many of them, I’m afraid that the snake will not be able to hold up.”

“Then the two of us….” Lin Fan blinked. It seemed he could explode. He had been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Following Ao Wudi’s battle meant that Ao Wudi would be the one who decapitated people.

Ao Wudi said, “We don’t need to care so much. We just need to keep the snake. I have nothing to do with the other guys.”

Lin Fan also wanted to tell Ao Wudi that he had many enemies among the demons and the demon cultivator. He was afraid that some of the masters who initially had no idea would have gotten ideas after seeing him, and the scene would be awkward.


Soon, two figures landed at the entrance of the forbidden area.

There were signs of torn by a giant hand in a canyon line as if someone felt that this intersection was too small and gave it an opening.

Who did that?

It was a bit too much.

Lin Fan’s nose twitched, “The smell is very muddy. Many masters are coming. I’m afraid they’ve been in there for some time, so I don’t know if we’re late or not.”

“Whether it’s late or not, let’s just go in and take a look.” Ao Wudi said.


Inside the forbidden area.

There was a tremor as if there had been a very fierce battle. Some masters were significantly injured and hiding somewhere to heal secretly. They had been in for some time and faced many extreme dangers.

The terrifying creatures here were even more terrifying than they had imagined.

The good thing was that there were more powerful people. So, the situation of being chased by the terrifying creatures would not happen.

When Lin Fan and Ao Wudi came in, they looked around and fell into deep contemplation, frowning tightly.

In the distance, the corpse of a terrifying creature fell in a pool of blood, and next to the corpse, there were also the corpses of several powerful people.

These powerful people were stripped clean, without a trace of treasures left on their bodies.

“This is bandits entering the village. When one of their own dies, they are collected and scraped all over again.” Lin Fan said.

Ao Wudi looked grave and said, “What the snake said is right. Once the forbidden area opens, then it will surely usher in disaster. No one can hold back the greed in their hearts.”

“The Elixir is simply too attractive to them.”

“But these are not the most important. The most important thing is that there are endless terrors hidden here. Once they are released, we will be in big trouble.”

Lin Fan asked, “Did the snake tell you about the situation here?”

Ao Wudi shook his head, “He didn’t say exactly what it was, but he mentioned that this place is hazardous. The creatures here are all suppressing something, and once released, the consequences are unimaginable.”

Lin Fan wondered what exactly it was, but it was too mysterious, and the mystery was making people’s curiosity burst.


Along the way, they saw too many corpses. Among them, most of the corpses were belong to powerful people.

“If it weren’t a forbidden area, I would have trouble imagining what it would be like to have pieces of powerful people’s corpses lying around.” Lin Fan said.

Ao Wudi said, “Greed is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant. Although they had premeditated, all the creatures here are beyond their imagination. By definition, these horrible creatures will not die if they did not withdraw their power. Once they do, all these great powers will die.”

He was speaking seriously.

Obviously, he knew something.

Maybe the snake gave him that feeling.

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