Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 327


What intrigued Lin Fan was not the Demon Ancestor and others, but the mysterious old men who had a smooth aura and had not said anything from the beginning to the end.

He was only watching and looking away.

The fall of each strong man was revealed to his eyes.


There were several who were more terrifying than the Demon Ancestor.

Even the name was domineering. There was a great rush of demonic flames that shook the ground and were aligned with the sky.

Lin Fan condensed the immortal treasures in his left hand and mystic arts in his right hand. These guys weren’t simple. He then closed his eyes and messed up a wave on the line. It didn’t matter what he did; the fight was on.

The requirements weren’t high. He just needed to kill three or four of the powerful people. Then, they would explode out of their crotch and make him satisfied.

Suddenly, the world shook.

Brilliant light and countless different mystic arts attributes collided with each other, forming extremely strong friction.

The Demon Ancestor’s robe shook, and his mystic art was dense all over his body. He performed the High-Great Mystic Art of the Demon Sect, and a pitch-black light wrapped around his body, just like a black magic dragon roaring.


When the mystic art was gathered to its ultimate, the Demon Ancestor struck out brazenly, without the slightest intention to hold back.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon roared, and the coffin under his feet emitted intense corporeal qi. The corporeal qi was like communicating the source of decay, coalescing between his fingers and pointing out a finger, also targeting Lin Fan.

The other several powerful people were all looking at Lin Fan, waiting.

Several extreme powers converged to one point, forming a mighty power that was enough to tear the heavens. If an ordinary True Stage faced such an attack, he would definitely be torn into pieces.

“Good timing.”

Lin Fan let out a long sigh. He grew to such a point without realizing it and offended so many demon cultivators and powerful demon. It was something that he wouldn’t have dared to imagine in the past, yet even so, he was undaunted despite the strain.

He moved and punched. The trajectory of each punch was difficult to fathom. However, as he punched, a subtle aura coalesced, coming from this situation of having to exercise the strongest mystic art.

An inexplicable, unusual and difficult to perceive feeling surged to the heart.

His fist quietly struck into the void without movement, not even a trace of fluctuation.

Then another fist blasted away.

There was no imagined sense of explosion.

When mortals saw this, they wouldn’t be afraid to laugh. What kind of fist did you throw? How did it feel soft and not as strong as my three-year-old child’s fight?

However, for the Demon Ancestor and others, this was not the case.

“Be careful,” He reminded the crowd.

Just now, he felt a terrifying qi penetrate the void and then disappear. It was inscrutable but real.

Just in a flash…

A stronger than one fist intent penetrated, colliding with their mystic arts and forming a terrifying impact.

In the distance, the Old Dragon Goddess’ face showed astonishment.

‘What a powerful kid.’

If she wasn’t mistaken, this was the technique of cultivating the High-Great Mystic Art to the highest level and comprehending Dao. Any High-Great Mystic Art was a Dao because it wasn’t something you could create just by thinking about it. Some of them had mysterious origins, and only when they were cultivated to the highest level could they touch the edge of the ‘Dao’.

That was a more terrifying existence than the Immortal Dao Laws.

Even Heavenly Pride might not be able to comprehend it. Only those who could comprehend it was unique in the world.

Demon Ancestor and others who performed Mystic Arts were crushed.

For the Demon Ancestor, he was bombarded by an unstoppable force. He sacrificed his Dao Artifact to resist, and his face fiercely changed, as if a mountain range had ruthlessly crashed into himThe qi and blood in his body boiled, and his mystic art was in chaos. He retreated several steps and performed the power displacement technique, transferring all the power he endured to a distant place.


The rolling mountain range in the distance annihilated and disappeared in the world.


A sense of crisis surged to the forefront of his mind.

Lin Fan swung the Golden Gourd toward the side, and a mysterious great power performed a terrifying power.

The great hand that covered the sky violently collided with the Golden Gourd. With a click, the hand shattered, but the force that was transmitted also poured into Lin Fan’s body, shaking his body. His body moved, and his body qi boiled.

The Ancestral Dragon’s Body wasn’t that simple, shattering all this force.

Many powerful people showed their amazement. They didn’t expect this kid’s strength to be so terrifying. Even with the help of immortal treasures, it was impossible to support them to such a point with their union.

The situation faced by the snake and Ao Wudi wasn’t much easier than Lin Fan’s and even more stressful. They didn’t have immortal treasures or Dao Artifact and relied entirely on their own strength.

If they didn’t have strong mystic art, they might have been defeated in this situation.

The snake spewed poisonous fire, making Dao Artifact poisonous by the poisonous fire and suffering serious damage. Once the cultivator touches the poisonous fire, the qi shield would be eroded and burned the flesh.

By that time, if they wanted to extinguish it, it would be much more difficult.

Ao Wudi, as the Emperor of the Heavenly Dragon Clan with noble bloodline and terrifying power, didn’t panic at all in the face of the siege of the Dao Artifacts. His fist blast away, colliding with the Dao Artifacts, causing the Dao Artifacts to fall.

“If there weren’t so many little guys like you, I would have blown you away.”

Ah~tui, l despise you guys.”

Although Ao Wudi mouth said this but he cursed in his heart, it was too ruthless. People nowadays were too ruthless. He had been uncontested with the world for a long time. On weekdays, he was squatting over the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, doing nothing.

Was that unfriendly?

Fortunately, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t improved in the past thousand years. With the help of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s qi, he cultivated more dominantly than before. Even more, he had great qi, and he felt that he wouldn’t die here.

Suddenly, in the distant world, an old man with cold eyes witnessed all this. The emptiness in front of him slightly trembled as if he was condensing some big killing move.

Ao Wudi was sensitive to a crisis.

There was danger.

Someone was about to strike a deadly blow, more terrifying than even the powerful people surrounding him. He searched but did not find the source of this crisis.

“This is not good. The one that can make me feel the crisis, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. What should I do?” Ao Wudi’s heart trembled slightly, sensing a hint of something bad, yet there was nothing he could do. If this group of guys didn’t interfere, he would definitely be able to find out who exactly gave him this sense of crisis.

And with the feeling.

The source of this crisis was somewhere in the shadows.

The mysterious old man sneered, “The Emperor of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. Kill him. The blood and flesh, the dragon tendons, the dragon skin, and the dragon bones are good for refining. There is also fortune added; making it into a Top-Grade Dao Artifact is absolutely no problem. If there are special techniques, perhaps they can all be refined into Pseudo-Immortal Treasures.”

Gradually, a tiny inaudible light kept coalescing.

Later, this tiny point of light would pierce Ao Wudi’s body, destroying the vitality in his body. It would kill him completely without hearsay, leaving no room for even the slightest resistance.

“Go on.”

The mysterious old man flicked between his fingers, and the point of light swept away with a swoosh.

“This is not good,” Ao Wudi’s body sweat hair exploded as the crisis came.

But at that moment, the dome of the sky shook.

The mysterious old man was greatly alarmed. Abruptly, he only felt a crisis coming from his side, fiercely skimming his head to look. A black shadow attacked with amazing power, and there was nowhere to stop it.


The mysterious old man was caught and screamed miserably.

Humph! A human cultivator looking for death.”

A huge figure appeared and grabbed the mysterious old man in its palm with a slap, making it difficult for the mysterious old man to escape no matter how much he struggled.

The black dot that was about to penetrate Ao Wudi steeply lost its grip and dissipated into smoke.

The crowd was astonished.

This qi was so strong.

Where did the strong man come from again?

When Ao Wudi saw the visitor, he was overjoyed, “Fellow Cultivator Xiong, we’ve been waiting for you.”

Haha, Fellow Cultivator Ao, don’t panic, I’ve been hiding in the dark. I just want to see who can bring you danger and then suppress it with thunderbolts. This human cultivator is really despicable, and his cultivation is so profound, yet he is hiding in the dark to sneak attack.” Fellow Cultivator Xiong laughed out loud. Suddenly, he found that the mysterious old man in his palm wanted to struggle away and escape. He then blasted away with a fist and smashed fiercely on the opponent’s body.


The mysterious old man fell to the ground, spitting blood. His eyes were full of fear. Where did the terrifying creatures come from?

As far as he knew, the terrifying creatures were fighting.

“Fellow Cultivator Daoist Xiong, you’re so powerful.”

Lin Fan was holding a God Spear and stabbed through the chest of a powerful man. He was just about to make up for it, but he was stopped. He was quite upset, but when he saw Fellow Cultivator Xiong appear, he was overjoyed.

They had another helper; it seemed that this battle was stable.

Fellow Cultivator Xiong laughed out loud, “Haha, it’s just a small technique. It’s not worth mentioning. I haven’t seen you for a year, and Fellow Cultivator Lin’s qi is even more powerful. Congratulations.”

The terrifying creature’s sudden appearance made a group of powerful people looked at each other in disbelief. However, it didn’t affect their determination to get the Elixir in any way.

They had come with so many powerful people; how could they not be able to take the opponent down?

Fellow Cultivator Xiong’s voice was loud and clear, transmitting across the entire forbidden area, “You shouldn’t have come here. This place is not for you to come to. If you don’t want to cause a monstrous disaster, all of you get out of here…”

Lin Fan was helpless; he was worthy of Fellow Cultivator Xiong. If he directly told people to get lost, it would be impossible for them to listen. But because he had spoken nicely, perhaps some powerful people could find a step, be polite, and leave in silence.

The words were so domineering.

But how could others listen?

They must have wanted to fight with you.

Sure enough, what greeted Fellow Cultivator Xiong wasn’t conversation but several mystic arts smashing in.


Fellow Cultivator Xiong was furious. He had told them all clearly, yet they still didn’t listen. They were simply looking for death.

Lin Fan said, “It’s useless to talk more. The only way to put an end to everything is to kill them.”


His gaze was fixed on that powerful person he had pierced. Although he was still alive, this was the weakest moment for that powerful person. Straight away, he ignored the surrounding powerful people and ruthlessly chopped him down without saying a word.

“Save me….”

That injured, powerful person was panicked. His heart cursed, ‘Motherfucker.  With so many people, how could you were still crazy enough to mess with me? Did you really think I was easy to be bullied?’

But he knew.

Now he was indeed easy to bully. If there was no one to protect him, he simply couldn’t survive.

Several powerful people ruthlessly struck out, trying to force Lin Fan back.

However, Lin Fan descended from the sky with the God Spear in his hand, allowing the attacks to come. The golden river water body protection was breached, and his flesh body held up hard. Even if the Dao Artifacts smashed on his body, it couldn’t do anything.

It was only slightly heavier.

He now wanted to kill and exploded something.

“I’ll take your stuff.” Lin Fan waved his arm, and God Spear fell.


Ruthlessly, he pierced this powerful man’s head and nailed it to the ground.

In this battle, the first death of the powerful person had appeared.

It was a good sign.

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