Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 328


There was an uproar!

Everyone didn’t expect Lin Fan to kill a True Stage powerhouse in a group attack.

When they arranged their battle rankings, Lin Fan was the weakest in their hearts and the existence that was the best to be killed.

But now….

The situation didn’t seem to be like that. He was so ferocious that it stunned them all.

“Come on, what are you doing frothing? I’m right here. Kill me if you have the ability.” Lin Fan said in a cold voice.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon and the others looked at each other. Although they didn’t say anything, the expressions that passed through their eyes all had roughly the same meaning.

It was a bit tricky.

It was a little different from what they thought.

[Obtained Spirit Root: Ninth Grade Gold Spirit Root.]

[Obtained item: A somewhat old wine gourd.] 

[Obtained High-Great Mystic Art: Boundless Walkers.]

[Obtained item: Key to the inheritance.]

Ugh! It was a bit of a pity.

It was disappointing that the qi was not exploded. If the qi were exploded, everyone present would have died here.

However, this was the first time Lin Fan had ruthlessly killed a powerful person in front of everyone. Life and death were up to heaven; no one was to blame. With so many powerful people today, he was not at all afraid of whether he would be able to kill them next.

There was no need to think much about it.

The killing could still be done.

There was no problem at all.

At this time, the great battle was still passing; many powerful people surrounded Fellow Cultivator Xiong, Ao Wudi, and the snake. They were definitely not their opponents in one-on-one, but there were so many of them that even they felt a bit overwhelmed.

Lin Fan took a deep breath. His qi boiled, and his feet stepped, spreading out a circle of impact ripples. As he held the God Spear, his visions were frequent, and he ruthlessly chopped towards the current crowd.

“Everyone, use your strongest techniques and ruthlessly suppress him.”

“If anyone else wants to sit back and reap the benefits, then there is no hope for us in this battle.”

The Demon Ancestor roared. His anger at Lin Fan had reached the extreme, and he only wanted the crowd to bring out their strongest power to suppress this person fiercely, and nothing more.

Perhaps Lin Fan really made them feel a little difficult to deal with. They did not hide it, and the attack was steep and severe.

All kinds of great mystic arts converge into a bright light, chopping towards Lin Fan. The void shook, rippling like a wave of water.

Lin Fan waved the spear in his hand and swung away with a blow. Space shook violently, breaking through the mystic arts. However, the mystic arts behind him followed closely, not giving Lin Fan any time to breathe.

Suddenly, a sense of crisis came.

For Lin Fan, it was as if he heard some dripping sound.

The talent also transmitted this fortunate signal.

Just a moment after his body moved, a tiny cold qi attacked from in front of him. Although it didn’t touch him, the cold qi that was transmitted was unsettling.

Upon taking a closer look… After thoroughly see what exactly that was. It was a tiny black needle tip.

He looked into the distance and saw a black-robed old man with no propinquity, just standing quietly in the air. If the opponent hadn’t taken the initiative, he wouldn’t have noticed.

“You shabby old man is sinister enough.” Lin Fan cursed.

There was already a True Stage cultivator group with a strong qi, and Lin Fan didn’t expect such black tactics. If he was careless, he was afraid he would have to suffer.

The black-robed old man in the distance was also unhappy in his heart. His silent black needles were dodged. If he were hit, the feelings would be much better. The black needles had been washed by a kind of dark substance and had long contained some terrifying might.

Oh, little friend, do not blame me. It was a little inappropriate to kill you to your face. However, if you die without a sound, it will be good for anyone.” The black-robed old man said with a smile, then his figure blurred and disappeared directly.

No one knew where he had gone. However, it could be guaranteed that he had been secretly hiding around. Quietly waiting for an opportunity.

Lin Fan’s heart was on higher alert. It was troublesome to encounter such obscene and powerful people. The slightest mistake could turn the gutter upside down. He waved his God Spear, attacking the Demon Ancestor first, and then the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

“Demon Ancestor, you’re dead.”

His eyes stared deadly at the Demon Ancestor. Then, ignoring the strong people around him, he directly cut down and killed.

A constant source of hell origin was drawn by him in his palm, gathered on the spear, and ruthlessly waved and pressed down.

The magnificent light and the thickness of power pressed the void, causing the Demon Ancestor to frown without a trace of carelessness.


The Demon Ancestor executed his mystic arts and slapped Lin Fan’s palm, expecting to shake his opponent back. However, Lin Fan was so fierce that he became even more fierce instead of being shaken back.

“Damn it. This kid is a bit tricky.”

Once he fell into the wind, he wouldn’t think anyone would save him.

Just like that powerful man earlier.

He was shouting for help, but who would come to his rescue when they knew that this kid would eventually kill him?

Lin Fan’s attack became more and more severe. The grade of the spirit root, related to the power of mystic art.

After obtaining the Ninth Grade Gold Spirit Root, the mystic art became more severe, and the talent became more powerful. However, from the time it was weak to now, it had always been universaljust the mystic art he was casting now, it was several times more powerful than the one that had not been used.

The Old Dragon Goddess stood in the air, forming a qi barrier in front of her, “What a powerful kid. The Greatest Martial Sect has actually produced such a genius. It is rumoured that Wen Xian is the first genius of the Greatest Martial Sect, but now it seems that the gap between that Wen Xian and this kid is worlds apart.”

She did not participate in this kind of competition. Her thirst for the Elixir was not as great as theirs, and she also knew that getting into the scramble had a high chance of dying. Even if she got the Elixir, there’s no way these people would let you leave in peace.


At this time…

Because the aftermath of the battle was really too big, the area of ten thousand miles around were affected. The palm destroyed the mountain, and the qi destroyed countless mountains. The area was completely stirred up, forming a ruin.

If there were living beings around to survive, then there would be countless deaths and injuries.


Suddenly, something seemed wrong with the forbidden area. Fellow Cultivator Xiong and the snake were the first to sense this change. The two looked at each other, gazing into the distance as if some danger was slowly reviving.



Fellow Cultivator Xiong roared angrily. His voice was so great that it resounded throughout the whole world like thunder.

“Brother Ao, Fellow Cultivator Lin, we can’t fight with them. There’s something strange about the forbidden area. Perhaps our fighting has damaged the terrain here.” Fellow Cultivator Xiong felt panic.

There was even a feeling of crisis in his heart.

Originally the forbidden area drifted in the void with no entrance, no way out. It had been drifting for many years and had never been revealed. However, now the entrance to the forbidden area appeared in the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

Countless human cultivators had frequently entered the forbidden area to explore it, completely stirring up the situation.

Now, so many powerful people clash, spreading out the aftermath of the stirring storm clouds. Moreover, this area was all destroyed, as if someone once used the forbidden area as a blueprint and carved down an array pattern. Then, the impact now destroyed a corner of the array pattern, which was no longer perfect.

Hmm?” When Lin Fan heard the sound, he was startled.

‘What does it mean?’

“Everyone stop. Something is happening in the forbidden area. If you don’t want to die here, don’t do it.” Lin Fan said angrily.

Both Fellow Cultivator Xiong and the snake were so nervous. They must have felt that something big had happened. If it was something small, there was no need for them to be so nervous.

Besides, this place in the forbidden area was inherently bizarre.

Except for the horrible creatures that live here, who could figure out what was going on.

It’s just that… even if Lin Fan asked others to stop, how could anyone listen to him?

At that moment, the sinister black-robed old man appeared again, directly using some mystic art as a cover. The black needles were hidden in the void, and as Lin Fan’s fist blasted the mystic art, the black needles steeply appeared.

With a puff, it directly pierced Lin Fan’s arm.


The old man couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Kid, I must admit that you are powerful, but you are still too careless. Look at your arm; you are dying.”

The Devil Ancestor exclaimed, “Good, well done.”

“I admire your killing technique.” The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon also showed a happy face.

And so did those powerful people around them. They had been entangled with Lin Fan to this extent and had been unable to take him down. They were naturally anxious in their hearts, but they did not expect that a small sneak attack would cost him his life.

Lin Fan froze, looking at his arm. He felt a strange sensation pass through his arm when the black needle pierced it. He couldn’t tell because it was just very subtle. But, there was qi that was destroying his arm. He ran his qi to fight it but found the mysterious substance was swallowing it. It was allowing the mysterious substance to grow.

“Kid, don’t resist because it was useless. The more you resist, the more powerful this mysterious substance will become.” The black-robed old man’s voice was eerie. Perhaps it was his perennial fondness for sneak attacks that caused his temperament to become much more obscene.


Lin Fan looked down at his arm that was gradually turning black, and was quite helpless, “Hey, is this going to happen again?”

The black-robed old man was surprised, “What do you mean?”

And what happened on the next scene let the crowd completely dumbfounded…

Lin Fan grabbed the arm and tore it fiercely.

With a puffing sound, the arm was directly torn off. Blood flowed with a clatter, but in the blink of an eye, the blood solidified. The flesh moved around, and a brand new arm grew back out.


Everyone looked at the scene in front of them with dumbfounded eyes.


‘How could this be possible?’

‘How could human cultivator have such ability? He hadn’t become an immortal yet, so how could he have such ability?’

Lin Fan slapped his arm and said with a smile, “Not bad, a regrown arm is quite good.”

His muttering to himself had scared the crowd.

The demon cultivators and the demons looked at each other. The look in their eyes was clear. It was a shock.

How could they not be shocked by the current situation?

But then, something even more terrifying happened.

The ground of the forbidden land was shaking.

Everyone looked into the distance.

There were many huge blurred figures there as if they were summoned, running quickly from a distance.

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