Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 329


“Fellow Cultivator Xiong, what is going on over there?” Lin Fan asked.

Those huge figures were the terrifying creatures that lived in the forbidden area if he was not mistaken. They were moving, and the direction they were going was all in the same place.

Fellow Cultivator Xiong stared, “I don’t know, but it’s definitely not good.”

Just by looking at Fellow Cultivator Xiong’s expression, he already had some understanding. He was afraid that he already had a calculation in his heart.

Things must be very bad.

Otherwise, there couldn’t be so many terrifying creatures heading towards the distance.

The aura that was emitted had already frightened them inwardly.


Lin Fan looked to the many powerful people around him, “Everyone, it’s fine for you to grab the Elixir and have a fight with us, but now that the forbidden area has undergone a strange transformation if you continue, I’m afraid you’ll all have to die here.”

His thought was simple. The situation was a bit bad now, so why ignore those potential dangers just because of the Elixir?

It was just a pity that while he thought this way, others didn’t.

“What’s the point of listening to so much nonsense from him? Everyone, kill them and snatch the Elixir.” The Demon Ancestor no longer had much interest in the Elixir. His biggest thought now was to kill Lin Fan.

There were indeed many powerful people who had a hatred for Lin Fan and wanted to kill him. Nowadays, the powerful people who surrounded Lin Fan, besides those who had big names outside, were also powerful hermits. They normally never came out. However, because the legendary Elixir exploded completely during this year inside the forbidden area, it caused them to become restless.

Everyone wanted to obtain the Elixir within the forbidden area.

“Everyone, our purpose of entering the forbidden area is simple, to obtain the Elixir. As for anything else, that has nothing to do with us at all.” The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon said.

His hatred for Lin Fan was not lower than the Demon Ancestor in the slightest. He had spent so much money auctioning to get an Elixir, and now the remnants of the Elixir were on his body. However, that remnant leaf was the most crucial one. If he didn’t get that one from Lin Fan, then his Elixir would really be wasted.

Sure enough, even if the matter was very serious, but for these powerful people, no one took this matter to heart.

There was a big impression that: We were here to snatch the Elixir… As for the trouble you guys were in, it had nothing to do with us.

Fellow Cultivator Xiong and the snake no longer wanted to fight with them but were quite concerned about the distance situation. They were eager to go forward to check the situation and see if the fight had damaged the terrain here and caused problems to arise.

If this was really the case, then the consequences were unimaginable.

It was just that these human cultivators had been bewitched by the Elixir and didn’t care about those things.

Stupid, how could they be so stupid.


Hidden in the void.

Several figures were hidden in it.

“Pavilion Master, the situation in the forbidden area seems to be a bit unpleasant. I feel that the qi coming from there in the distance is very wrong. It’s too terrifying.” An old man whispered.

If Lin Fan saw these people, he would be able to recognize them at a glance.

Wasn’t this the Pavilion Master of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?

A year ago, they ran into trouble in the forbidden area and almost died here, but now they came in again. They really don’t have a bit of fear. As long as it’s profitable, even if it’s fierce and dangerous, they could hardly resist their steps.

“I don’t care. Let’s wait.” The Pavilion Master said.
He was waiting, not panicking in the slightest. Although the qi transmitted from afar was indeed terrifying, his purpose now was clear; he was here for the Elixir.

As for anything else, he didn’t take it to heart in the slightest.

However, he was surprised by Lin Fan’s strength. He didn’t expect this kid’s strength to be so powerful, simply unexpected. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he would really find it hard to believe.

Master Appraiser of Elixir of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilionꟷto be able to identify Elixirs and had such strength. Who was this kid actually?


Just at that moment, the forbidden area unusual situation broke out abruptly.

In the distance, there was a terrifying qi raging, very strong. When they felt this qi, everyone’s heart was violently shocked, as if a big mountain was ruthlessly pressing down.

“Be careful.” Ao Wudi reminded. The qi shield, instantly covered by the terrifying qi. The qi shield wrapped around his body shook and was resisting the might.

“It’s coming out.”

Fellow Cultivator Xiong and the snake looked at each other with shocked expressions, looking into the distance, feeling a great problem.

“What is this?”

The Demon Ancestor and the others were shocked. Their hearts were shaken. They did not expect such a terrifying qi. They were all powerful people. So, the qi that could make them all feel terrifying should be amazing.

At this moment, there was no need for Lin Fan to say anything more. They all stopped the movements in their hands and looked into the distance.

“Let’s go take a look.”

Fellow Cultivator Xiong and the snake attacked towards the distance. As for what was going on here, they no longer cared. Then, under the snake’s traction, the Mystic Art Fruit Tree was uprooted, emitting a dazzling light and disappearing into the world.

Lin Fan glanced at Ao Wudi and quickly swept away as well.

The group of powerful people were all astonished, quite surprised at what had happened at this point.

Even though they were curious about the Elixir, they still followed and went.

The forbidden area for them was a particularly magical place, which had too many treasures.

Every single treasure could drive them crazy.


Far away.

“This is….” Lin Fan stared blankly ahead.

black-light curtain like a wave, gently vibrating. Simultaneously, this wave light curtain cracked a gap, and purple demonic light flickered inside. Just now, that terrifying qi was transmitted from this light curtain.

“The situation is a bit unpleasant. Who is it that is suppressed here?” Ao Wudi stood beside Lin Fan, also looking there with a wary face.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I didn’t know it either, but it doesn’t feel that simple.”


In the crack that emitted a demonic glow, terrifying thunderbolts were falling with roaring sounds. Even terrifying hissing sounds coming from inside.

Immediately after that, an Immortal Dao Laws intertwined into a large net covering the crack, blocking the creatures inside from appearing.

A group of terrifying creatures stood there with stony expressions.

Among them, the Flaming Red Suckling Pig was here. His body was burning with monstrous flames, and his expression was serious. The Immortal Dao Laws rose from his body, coalescing with the Immortal Dao Laws passed out by the many terrifying creatures, all blasting towards the cracked gap.

Just at that moment…

In the crack, a purple pupil appeared.

The pupil and the darkness merged into one, and suddenly a light passed out from the pupil of the eye, ruthlessly blasting at the great net woven by the Immortal Dao Laws.

The collision took place.

The Immortal Dao Laws shook and shuddered, somewhat difficult to resist.

A group of terrifying creatures held unripe Elixir. Abruptly, as if they were being pulled, those Elixirs instantly disintegrated and then transformed into a long river of Immortal Dao Laws, surging towards the rift, instantly forming an unbreakable barrier.

“Fallen Immortals, you shouldn’t have come out. You are no longer the beings of this era.”

A terrifying creature roared in anger. As a roar came out, it formed world immortal patterns, reinforcing the crack.

Immediately afterwards, a voice that could not be distinguished from a man or a woman, but contained an ancient aura, came through…

“This era belongs only to the strong; you cannot stop it.”

Lin Fan and Ao Wudi glanced at each other. Both of their eyes flashed with amazement. What a terrifying existence. To them, they had never thought that such a terrifying thing existed within the forbidden area.


He found that the Elixir was originally used in this way. Unexpectedly, the creatures used the Elixir to block the crack. No wonder there were so many Elixirs here, except that all these Elixirs were unripe, and Lin Fan wondered how effective they were.

The Demon Ancestor and others came for the Elixir.

However, when they saw the horrible creatures destroying Elixirs, their hearts were in pain. It was too bad for the Elixirs. Such precious Elixirs were used for such things.

But they did not dare to make a sound.

These creatures were too scary.

Once, they made a sound to attract attention. They were afraid that they would be beaten into a meat cake.

Suddenly, something bad happened.

Lin Fan didn’t know where the qi leaked out in the vault condensed into a huge hand of destruction, ruthlessly slapped towards the bottom. The power was very strong. Even before it fell, he already felt the terrifying qi.

The terrifying creatures raised their heads, roaring.

For them, the situation was very bad this time. As if it was premeditated for a long time, the qi leaked out was too much. Finally, it was able to condense into a terrifying existence at this moment.

The giant palm of extinction slowly fell.

The terrifying creatures rose against the power coalescing together, but there was no room for resistance under the crushing of this giant palm.

The creatures couldn’t withdraw their power; otherwise, this seal would have no power to suppress.

Some powerful people were retreating backwards… When they faced the giant palm in the sky, they felt as if they were controlled by some power inside. The slightest movement would crush them. That kind of power was no longer something they could resist.

Lin Fan frowned, “This situation seems to be a little bad.”

“This group of foolish fork come to the forbidden area to grab the Elixir, but why do you have to create this big battle. Don’t you agree that we cause this?”

Ao Wudi nodded, “I agree. It feels like it. We’re the ones who moved the sky and destroyed the terrain here. Dozens of True Stage masters did it, causing a heaven-destroying commotion. If it weren’t for the fact that this is a forbidden area and is relatively solid, I’m afraid it would have caused a big impact.”

Lin Fan already had the idea to retreat.

The situation was not good.

The power of this palm was terrifying, and so many creatures might not be able to resist it.

Although he didn’t know what the situation was yet, but he felt that this unknown existence was leaking its qi out every moment… And when the opportunity came, it would coalesce the leaked qi together to form an irresistible attack, ruthlessly crushing down and destroying the seal.

The forbidden area had been drifting in the endless void. The opening of the Immortal Cultivator Realm entrance indicated the tribulation’s arrival, which was destined by the heavens and could not be avoided.

As the giant palm slowly fell, the ground cracked open.

The light curtain gradually cracked unstable.

This place should not stay long.

But at that moment, there was an overwhelming force that should not exist in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, which erupted from afar.

That…. should be the power of immortals.

There were still terrifying powers in the forbidden area.

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