Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 33 Keep Working Hard


‘Obtained: Ox Crushing The Mountain (Fourth-Stage)’

‘Obtained: Xiao Huan Dan (One Bottle)’

‘Obtained: 31 Years Worth of Cultivation’

‘Obtained: Skull Armor’


Lin Fan was stared at the system. He looked so happy because he got what he wanted, Ox Crushing The Mountain.

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Spirit Root: None’

‘Realm: Fourth Realm’

‘Cultivation: 62 Years’

‘Martial Arts:

Boar Crash (First-Stage)

Harvesting (Fourth-Stage)

Twin Sun (Third-Stage)

Iron Head (Third-Stage)

Ox Crushing The Mountain (Fourth-Stage)

‘Talent: Hardening Skin (Black Iron Grade), Quicken (Pseudo-Bronze Grade)’

He already broke through the third-stage and entered the fourth-stage. The spiritual power in his body was flowing like rivers.

The flow was so strong.

“Lin Fan … Lin Fan.”

Wang Zhou saw Lin Fan, who sat there stupidly, thinking Lin Fan was worried about the aftermath.

“You don’t need to worry about this, even if the Dragon Gang knows what happens here, they can’t do anything about it.”

Lin Fan was actually shocked by how strong he was.

He had 62 Years Worth of Cultivation right now, a little more push, and he could be an Immortal.

“Sir, are we going back with the corpses or should we just leave them here?” Lin Fan asked.

Wang Zhou said, “Just leave the corpses there. Although Dragon Gang will not dare to mess with us, no doubt we are giving them a huge blow in their face, there is no need to pour more gasoline to the fire.”

“Since you already learned Dragon Gang is the organization behind the scene, you should understand something. On the way back, I will tell the current situation.”

It was inappropriate to kill people without burying their bodies.

But let’s think again about it.

It would be better to leave the corpses there, at least they could serve as foods for wild animals.

Lin Fan and Wang Zhou left and headed to Jiangdu City.

Two people riding two horses, they traveled at a normal speed.

“Master, what do you want to talk about Dragon Gang?” Lin Fan asked, and he learned from Wang Zhou that Dragon Gang did not only operate in Jiangdu City but also in every city on the land.

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“It’s not easy to deal with them. There are huge forces behind Dragon Gang. Dragon Gang in Jiangdu City is just the tip of the iceberg.” Wang Zhou said and then continued, “But the Immortal grants imperial power, even if Dragon Gang is huge, they won’t dare to mess around, I can assure you.”

“Immortal grants imperial power.” Lin Fan pondered, it seemed the Immortal Gate in that world was the highest authority, and even imperial power was granted by Immortal Gate. Doesn’t that mean everyone could be an emperor? It was so reassuring to have that kind of back-up.

“Remember, don’t dig too deep into this matter. It’s not good for you. Your future must not end in this small Jiangdu city. You can become a legend in the future. You will marry the princess, and you can become an important disciple in Immortal Gate, and even the emperor would treat you nicely.” Wang Zhou said.

But the requirement was so strict.

“Master, with your strength and achievement, you will pass the qualification.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou’s expression changed, with full of regret, he said, “I am not qualified. I have participated before. The judge said that I have no spiritual roots and so I couldn’t learn the Immortal Law. Even if I am strong, the cultivation is so hard, so the judges decide I’m not qualified.”

Lin Fan felt uneasy when he heard that because he also didn’t have the spiritual roots.

But Yu Bin had a spiritual root, and those in the Hunter Guild also had a spiritual root. How could those people get spiritual roots? Leveling up? Buy it from someone?

The sound of horseshoes approached.

Wang Zhou patted Lin Fan’s shoulder gently and said, “If you can enter Immortal Gate, then this city will be under your control.”

Lin Fan laughed, “Master, I also don’t have spiritual roots, I’m not qualified.”

“What are you talking about? You have to be confident. The spiritual roots are a gift. You have such strength at your young age, you might have spiritual roots.” Wang Zhou said.

Those two returned to the city as if nothing had happened.

They acted like normal after they killed Yang Zhi and Yu Bin.

Hunter Guild.

Lin Fan immediately checked what he could get.

‘Xiaohuan Dan: The condensed elixir of dozens of precious medicinal herbs. Drinking it could give 5 Years Worth of Cultivation. Consumable Item.’

Lin Fan heard someone could have power and cultivation hundreds of years, even though they were still thirty.

That elixir was the answer.

At that moment, Lin Fan thought no one could beat him.

Arrogant, he was really arrogant.

Be low-key.

It was only sixty-seven years, still nothing.

‘Ox Crushing The Mountain: Fourth-Stage, the power flowing through the whole body, the strength increased depending on the cultivation.’

“Hey, keep working hard.”

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