Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 331


The disappearance of the mysterious old man brought everything back to normal. As if nothing happened.

The Pavilion Master and others, hidden in the void, were drenched in sweat after escaping. The consequences would be unthinkable if they were forced by the other side to cross the ascension tribulation.

The Old Goddess Dragon was also one of the survivors. She had retreated to the edge of the lot and did not participate in the battle so she could escape the tribulation. Then without saying a word, she fled in panic and left the forbidden area directly.

After experiencing this thing, she wouldn’t come back here in the future.

It was really too dangerous.


Those terrifying creatures were obviously relieved that things had passed. But, Immediately, they looked at Lin Fan and Ao Wudi.

These two were outsiders.

Fellow Cultivator Xiong helped them explain that these two were here to help and that they were his friend.

The Fiery Red Suckling Pig looked at Lin Fan, apparently having recognized who this person was. He went away without going forward to stop Lin Fan and ask him to hand over the Golden Gourd. Perhaps he had an idea, or perhaps to Master Pig, such treasures were nothing more than that, and he would let Lin Fan have it.

Ao Wudi found that Lin Fan looked a bit strange and was puzzled, “What’s wrong? You look so serious; what are you thinking about?”

Lin Fan said, “I feel that there is something wrong with this matter as if I am deeply involved in a conspiracy and trickery.”

“How so?” Ao Wudi froze, not understanding what Lin Fan meant by that.

A conspiracy scheme?

He really didn’t see it. There didn’t seem to be any problems. Those guys simply just had their own bad luck… Moreover, they didn’t die; they just ascended.

Lin Fan whispered, “That mysterious old man just now is a demon. A demon who became an immortal.”

Ao Wudi obviously still didn’t think it through.

‘Even if the other side was a demon who had become an immortal, it didn’t seem to be a problem. Right?’

Lin Fan pondered. His brain was running fast.

‘There is something wrong with this matter. There’s something big about it.’

It might seem like nothing, but when you thought about it, it wasn’t very comforting.

If the other side were not a demon, he definitely would not have such thoughts; however, after finding out that the other side was a demon. He understood that there was a big problem.

“What exactly do you see, kid? Please hurry up and say it. If you have something, you have to say it. How meaningless it is for a person to hide it in his heart.” Ao Wudi pursued, he had to understand the specifics.

‘If this kid is hiding something, it must be something.’

“That mysterious old man is a demon.”

“You’ve already said it. Even if he’s a demon, so what? After all, he’s in the forbidden area, and he didn’t hurt us.”

“No. He clearly has the strength to drive these powerful people out of the forbidden area, yet he let them ascend. Just now, the powerful people here, most of them are the strongest among the demon cultivators and demons, and they all ascend. It means that the strength of the demon cultivators and demons is greatly reduced… Most of the peak powerful people are missing.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I were a demon, I would give the demons a chance to live. The wind and water will turn; it is impossible to let the demons live in that desolate place in the North.”

Lin Fan didn’t know if his guess was wrong or not.

He hoped that his guess was wrong because if that’s the case, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if his guess were right, then the next thing he faced would be somewhat complicated.

The mysterious old man didn’t kill them, definitely not because he didn’t want to. Perhaps because there were some restrictions, it might be so, but no matter what, it was important to be careful next.

Ao Wudi was silent for a moment, “It shouldn’t be as serious as you say.”

Lin Fan shook his shoulders and spread his hands, “What’s the truth? No one can tell.”

Perhaps what Lin Fan said made Ao Wudi much more serious. However, soon, it was put behind him. He was a dragon and a Heavenly Dragon Clan; he didn’t need to think that much.

Fellow Cultivator Xiong and the snake came over to talk to Lin Fan and the others. The snake was grateful to Lin Fan and Ao Wudi; he could survive thanks to the two of them. If it weren’t for them, he couldn’t support himself under the siege of so many powerful people with the situation at that time.

Lin Fan asked Fellow Cultivator Xiong, who was the mysterious old man just now. However, even Fellow Cultivator Xiong did not know. He only knew that he lived in the forbidden area for a long time, and no one had ever seen him or even spoken a word.

If it wasn’t for the problems with the seal, perhaps he wouldn’t even appear.

Suddenly, Lin Fan found something wrong with the situation around him… It’s as if time had stopped. Ao Wudi and the others hadn’t moved a muscle, keeping the same posture as just now.


He was inwardly shocked that something was wrong with the situation, and his first thought was that the mysterious old man had come.

Except for the real immortals, no one could do this kind of thing.
Sure enough, the mysterious old man appeared in front of Lin Fan again with a blurred figure, as if he was blocked by something. His divine sense was unable to probe as if he had encountered a wall blocking him.

“I wonder what senior wants to see me about?”

Lin Fan pretended to be calm, but in reality, he was panicking in his heart. He was all playing around in the rookie area, and suddenly there was a full-level big brother. Could this be the same fucking thing?

The mysterious old man said, “You are extraordinary. From the moment I appeared, I felt that someone was spying on me. Did you see something?”

Lin Fan was puzzled, “What? Saw what? I don’t see anything.”

He was playing dumb right now.

Pretending not to understand anything.

Who the hell knew what the other side was thinking.

Since the forbidden area was such a dangerous place, the existence that could stay here was definitely not simple.

The mysterious old man smiled and did not say anything.

“The cycle of heaven, prosperity is bound to decline. The time has come, and it’s unstoppable. Obey the fate of heaven to go farther and go against the sky. You will suffer tribulation.”

“Maybe you understand, maybe you don’t, but you are wise. Those who carry great qi will understand this.”

Lin Fan nodded silently and didn’t say he understood or didn’t understand. So, he went along with the old mad’s performance, ‘I’ll be quiet. Maybe what you said is all right, but I have my own ideas.’

He just wanted to ask the other side something.

However, the mysterious old man disappeared abruptly without a trace.

The time around returned to normal.

Ao Wudi and the others were still talking, not at all affected by that strange just now, as if they didn’t notice anything.

“Everyone, I’ll take my leave. We’ll meet again sometime.”

Lin Fan was very busy now. A group of powerful people from the demon cultivators and the demons were directly ascended. So, if he didn’t seize this opportunity to make a fierce profit, he would be too sorry for himself.

However, the only thing that bothered him was that some people, such as the Demon Ancestor, surprisingly did not bring the rest of the powerful people of the Red Dust Demon Sect over. If they all ascend, that would be much better.

On this point, there was a little bit of regret.

Ao Wudi was still a bit reluctant to leave. He still wanted to stay with Lin Fan to continue to brag with his friends. However, in Lin Fan’s mind, the next thing would be just what as he thought. This old man would come again, actually open the back door to the demons, leaving a ray of hope.

According to the current situation, it was absolutely to let the demons leave the Northern Wasteland and step out of the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

It was not a complete plan, but it was definitely a quarter of the plan.


Greatest Martial Sect.

After he left the forbidden area, he immediately returned to the sect. The first person he looked for was the Sect Master.

“You brat is in a blaze of glory; what are you doing outside again?”

The Sect Master’s impression of Lin Fan was brutal and straightforward, a presence that caused trouble. He also thought differently from others, and it was hard for ordinary people to follow his thoughts.

“Sect Master, something is wrong, and it’s something big…” Lin Fan said.

“Some time ago, I took a trip to the forbidden area, and a group of powerful people from the demon cultivators and demons went to the forbidden area to search for the Elixir. They had a big battle with the horrible creatures inside, and then a mysterious, strong man appeared and directly forced them to ascend.”



“Those guys flew one by one right in front of me.”

The Sect Master listened in awe, then laughed, “This is a good thing. How good is it to ascend and become an immortal? Since they have made so many sins in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, having someone to press them in a different place will keep them much more honest.”

Only Lin Fan’s next words made the Sect Master a little confused.

“Well, it’s indeed very good, but the key is that mysterious, strong man is a demon. He is going to open up a way of life for the demons and convert the world. Do you think it’s good?” Lin Fan said.

Back then, the Immortal Sect, the Demon Sect, and the Demon joined forces to drive the demons to the Northern Wasteland.

But, now… there was a lack of so many powerful people.

If the demons were planning to kill over, we might not be able to stop it. As for driving the demons back to the Northern Wasteland again, it would be no different from a dream.

The Sect Master stared at Lin Fan with dumbfounded eyes. Abruptly, he looked down and pondered. His face changing slightly, “How many powerful people are there?”

Lin Fan said, “Not many, dozens probably. I didn’t count. The famous, powerful people of the demon cultivators and demons are all there. Just think about it; it’s actually good for me. At least my enemies have all ascended. If they want to kill me, they can only have such an opportunity when I ascend.”


Lin Fan noticed that the Sect Master had not said anything.

When he looked at the Sect Master, he found him standing confused and stretched out in place.

“Are you sure?” The Sect Master asked with a stony expression.

If it was really like what Lin Fan said, the situation would be complicated.

Lin Fan said, “Do you see me as someone who likes to brag? What I said is the truth, I advise the Sect Master to prepare early in case the demons really arrive.”

The Sect Master was a little confused by Lin Fan’s words and didn’t react for a while.

When he reacted, he found the boy had already walked towards the distance and hurriedly asked, “Where are you going again?”

Lin Fan waved his hand without looking back, “I have something big to do, just go ahead and do your thing.”

After the appearance of that old man in the forbidden area, he knew that things were not ordinary. He was still having fun in the rookie area, and that old man directly lifted the ceiling. He doesn’t really let anyone having fun.

So, there wasn’t much else to say. He had to go out and do righteousness. Let’s say that there were people in trouble now. He just had to show up, not only to save people from the fire but also to harvest a wave.

It felt delighted to even just thinking about it.


At this point, the Sect Master still wanted to say something to Lin Fan, but this kid ran too fast.

‘He just returned to the sect and left again. Is he able to figure out what is going on and couldn’t wait?’

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