Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 332


Not long after Lin Fan left, The Sect Master also left the sect.

‘Was he joking?’

But as long as what Lin Fan said was true, then this was extremely complicated and dangerous.

Those demons were cruel.

After living in the Northern Wasteland for so long, their heart must be very depressed. It had been suppressed for a long time; it became very psychopathic.

When it was psychopathic, it was simply not human.

‘Oh, right… they are not human.’

His head was about to explode. He now had no other ideas but to talk to the other great immortal sects to discuss how to solve this matter in the end.


At this moment, Lin Fan appeared in a place where he hadn’t been before.

The surrounding environment was somewhat harsh. The turbid air was thick, and there was a gray and hazy aura flowing everywhere. There were also many graves on the ground, some of which were blown open, and the black coffins were exposed.

“This place is a bit scary.”

He was worried about these coffins, and they were also densely packed, how unlucky.

Now, he had come to the territory of the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

He was not a person who held grudges, and he never had a problem with anyone. However, he just felt that the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had no value to society. Therefore, he adhered to the principle of pulling out his sword when he saw injustice and eradicated all his party’s remnants.


At this time, In the deepest.

Several figures talked, but it felt as if they were fighting over something, and the fight was hot-headed.

They were all the Vice Sect Masters who the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon trained.

Originally, they were under the control of the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, but after the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had ascended to the Immortal Realm, they felt that the contact with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was completely cut off, and there was no contact between the two sides.

They were instantly overjoyed.

‘Oh my god.’

‘Could it be that the Sect Leader had died?’

However, when they thought about it, it was impossible. If the Sect Master had fallen, they could not have survived, so there was only one possibility that the Sect Master had ascended.

Only if he had ascended and was not in the Immortal Cultivator Realm could this be the case.

The Water Corpse Vice Sect Master looked at the coffin in front of him that was only palm-sized and said, “Earth Corpse, although you are the senior brother among us, the biological brothers will settle accounts. Give me this thing, and you guys take something else.” 

This palm-sized coffin was a Top-Grade Dao Artifact refined by the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

Although it hadn’t been successfully refined yet, it had begun to show results.

“The whereabouts of the Sect Master is unknown, and you want to divide the family. It is too cold for the Sect Master’s heart. If the Sect Master comes back and learns about this matter, no one will survive. In my opinion, these things will be kept by me for the time being, and when the Sect Master comes back in the future, I’ll give them to him.” The Earth Corpse blandly said, seemingly very calm. In fact, his heart was very unsettled. He wanted all these things, but the current situation made him a little upset.

These brothers actually wanted to compete with him for these things.

“Earth Corpse, can you stop pretending? The Sect Master is not even here anymore. If you keep it all for you, what can we share? According to what I said, we will all share equally and go our separate ways.” The Water Corpse Vice Sect Master said. For the Earth Corpse’s statement, he was very contemptuous; it was simply shameless to put together.

Everyone was living with the Sect Master.

Now that the Sect Master was gone, it was natural to share equally.

However, how could he want to swallow alone? It was too much, really too much.

The first thing he needed to do was to get his hands on the money.

The Fire Corpse Vice Sect Master said, “Do you want to bail us out? It doesn’t matter that you are the senior brother and we are the junior brother. We are the ones to do anything. If we are not here, you will be the one to do the job, and if something goes wrong, it will be your bad luck.”

“You’re such a heartless thing.” The Earth Corpse was so angry that he was about to explode in place. He was really angry that he was about to get furious.

However, what they said was not wrong.

“No need to say these useless words. We will share the Sect Master’s things equally and go our own way from now on. I need this small coffin and find a place to set up and establish a sect.” The Water Corpse Vice Sect Master was thoughtful. Their cultivations were all at the True Stage Realm. Although they weren’t considered a peak power in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, they were still a party of powerful people.

As long as they were steady. Basically, there wouldn’t be any problem.

The Earth Corpse Vice Sect Master looked at the two of them. For a while, he didn’t know what to say. It was a bit dangerous to turn his face and grab it, and it was hard to say that the two of them wouldn’t unite against him.

Just when he was thinking about these, there was a steep movement passing outside.


“Is the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon here? I’m Lin Fan. I’ve come to return the remnant leaves of the Elixir; please told him to come out and meet me.”

This was Lin Fan’s voice. He couldn’t find where these guys were hiding, so he could only swindle and use a ruse to trick people out.

The three Vice Sect Master looked at each other.

“Is it him?”

“There’s no mistake. It’s him.”

“It seems to be a bit profitable to come and return the remnant leaves of the Elixir.”

They had a bit of an idea in their hearts.

At once, the plan came to their minds. Let’s say that the Sect Master didn’t want to come out for the time being, and they would come out to get the remnant leaves of the Elixir. Wouldn’t that be a great success?



Lin Fan floated in the air. He was bored in his heart; they hadn’t come out for so long; it was really helpless.

Soon, three figures appeared.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s men were all strong, but he didn’t have disciples. Generally, those who hung out with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon didn’t end up any better.

Sometimes, the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon suddenly had the idea of refining a corpse but found that there were no materials around. So, what would he do?

Well… He could only be sorry for the people around him because he would use their corpses to provide a glimpse of the path of refining corpses for him.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, the Sect Master, has something to do; let us come out to collect the remnants leaf of the Elixir. The Sect Master said that the grudge was settled.” The Earth Corpse Vice Sect spoke up; he was a little impatient to get the remnant leaf of the Elixir.

The Water Corpse and Fire Corpse both also wanted to get the remnant leaf of the Elixir. If they had spoken first, perhaps they would have snatched it away.

Lin Fan asked, “Is it just the three of you?”
“Hmm? What does Fellow Cultivator Lin mean by that?” The Earth Corpse was puzzled and somewhat didn’t understand.
Lin Fan said, “What I mean is that there are just three of you and no one else?”

“No more.” The Earth Corpse Vice Sect Master said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Fan shook his head rather helplessly.

‘Hey, It’s three True Stage cultivation, I wonder if they can drop qi. The chances are indeed a bit high, but it’s just not good.’

The three of them were visible at a glance in Lin Fan’s eyes.

[Earth Corpse: Longevity Ninth Level True Stage Realm.] [Chance of dropping: Eighth Grade Demon Spirit Root, qi 110,000, ……] [Water Corpse:Longevity Ninth Level True Stage Realm.] [Chance to drop: Eighth Grade Gold Spirit Root, qi 100,000, ……] [Water Corpse: Longevity Ninth Level True Stage Realm.] [Chance to drop: Eighth Grade Water Spirit Root, qi 100,000, ……]

Their items were all very good. The mystic arts they cultivated were amazing, and the qi was all very good. If they could drop qi, then everything he had done earlier would be worth it.

The Earth Corpse noticed that Lin Fan was looking at them a little off. At once, they felt a bit unpleasant. It was as if something was about to happen.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, what do you mean?”

He felt that the other side didn’t seem like coming to deliver the remnant leaf of the Elixir, but more like coming to look for trouble. However, why would the other side have such guts? Even if his strength wasn’t weak, but all three of them were there. They had also told the other side earlier that the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had something to do that he couldn’t come out.

‘Does he really want to start a fight?’

‘How could this kid take advantage?’

Lin Fan said, “I have no other meaning. I just heard that you have done a lot of evil and killed innocent people, so I felt something and came to look for you. I am going to kill you here so that I can eliminate the evil for the people.”

The three looked at each other, then laughed and said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, are you kidding? Could it be because you don’t see the Heavenly Corpse Sect Master that you act like this?”

“Come on, don’t scare me with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. When he was in the forbidden area, he had already ascended to the Immortal Realm. There would be no such person as the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon in the Immortal Cultivator Realm in the future.” Lin Fan said with a smile. He didn’t expect the opponent would lie to him and used the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon to scare him.


The three corpses froze. They knew that the Sect Master could no longer hold them back, but they didn’t expect the opponent to know that. However, they could also be sure now that the Sect Master had really ascended.

At the moment when they were dazed, Lin Fan instantly struck out, not using an immortal treasure. Instead, he swung his fist and blasted towards the opponent. 

He didn’t use the immortal treasure to fuck these guys because he didn’t want all of his efforts to be wasted.

“What a rampant kid!”

“He’s really rampant.”

The Earth Corpse and other people were furious. They hadn’t even finished speaking, and Lin Fan had struck them.

‘Did he really take us lightly? Even if the Sect Master wasn’t here, the three of us were all True Stage cultivators.’

The Water Corpse found Lin Fan attacking him, and his face was full of cold smiles. A kid that didn’t know what he was doing. It seemed that if he didn’t teach Lin Fan a lesson, Lin Fan wouldn’t know what it meant to be terrifying.

He exerted his mystic art, and an eerie aura emanated from his body. His qi boiled up and formed a killing move to blast at Lin Fan ruthlessly. However, The Water Coper suddenly realized that something was wrong with the situation…

An irresistible force crushed in, and the mystic art’s killing move he had formed directly shattered, covering the surrounding void.

“Save me…”

The Water Corpse had many words to say, but he only managed to emerge with these two words when it came to his mouth.

Because he was afraid of not having enough time.


Lin Fan’s fist fell and fiercely blasted the Water Corpse Vice Sect Master’s body. With a puff, the Water Corpse felt as if his body was about to explode.

The qi within his body was directly blasted and collapsed.

A large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.


They were somewhat in disbelief.

In a single glance, the Water Corpse was blasted and spat out blood.

This wasn’t like what they thought.

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