Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 333


The three of them had followed the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon and was trained by the Sect Master. They were all also under the control of the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. The slightest dissent, they would die without a burial place. It was not easy to wait until they lost the control of the Sect Master over them and completely regained freedom.

They even have the idea that they wanted to stay in the Immortal Cultivator Realm. As for ascension or something, they never thought about it. In case they met the Sect Master in the Immortal Realm and had to be controlled again, that kind of feeling wasn’t acceptable.

When Lin Fan arrived, their hearts did not panic much. The opponent was a bit strong, but they would never have expected to lose if the three of them joined forces.

However, just now…

The Earth Corpse and the Fire Corpse looked at the Water Corpse that had fallen to the ground and panicked for a moment.

“Lin Fan, you are a disciple of a great immortal sect; if you kill us, the people of the demon sect will definitely not spare you.” The Earth Corpse said in a cold voice. He was a bit panicked; things were slightly unexpected, he might not be able to win.

“Aih!” Lin Fan sighed.

When the Earth Corpse saw how calm the opponent was, he became even more flustered in his heart, “What are you sighing for?”

Lin Fan said helplessly, “I say, do you really not know what the situation is now? Most of the masters from the demon sect and the demon have already ascended. How do you expect them to deal with me?”

Earth Corpse and the others were terrified. Their eyes were widened.


‘Most of them had ascended?’

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, we don’t seem to have any conflict between us. Even if there was a misunderstanding, we were forced by the Sect Master. I hope you can give us a way out.”

The Earth Corpse’s tone was not as domineering as before and had begun to soften.

The opportunity was rare.
If what was said was true, it would be a great good thing for them.

“To do the right thing for the heavens is the code of my generation of cultivators… Originally, I didn’t even want to see how you were, but in the dark, a mysterious intention pulled me to come here. At that moment, I understood that my mission was so heavy.” Lin Fan said rather helplessly.
It was all an excuse. He just wanted to find some people and ruthlessly explode some things. He wanted qi now; other things were optional.

The Water Corpse was furious and roared, “Big brother, he just wants to cut us down. What are you guys still standing there for? Join forces and kill him.”

The Water Corpse lying on the ground kept spewing blood because he was too agitated. However, seeing the Earth Corpse and Fire Corpse, still talking nonsense with each other. His anger was about to explode in place.

‘The other side beat me up and almost died, and you guys are still blowing nonsense. It’s a bit too much.’

“The Sect Master will know our situation. In the future, when he ascends to the Immortal Realm, the Sect Master will definitely take revenge for us.”
The Earth Corpse and Fire Corpse looked at each other as if they were looking like fools.
‘What the hell were you thinking? Could you not tell he was a sinister fellow. And you wanted us to follow in your footsteps?’

“Let’s go.”

The Earth Corpse already knew that he was no match for Lin Fan, so he yelled, and a coffin surfaced. It wasn’t the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon coffin, but a sub-coffin refined by the Old Demon.

The coffin emitted an intense black fog. The two of them hid in the coffin and instantly closed up, breaking through the void and fleeing towards the distance.

“How can you guys abandon me?”

“We are brothers.”

The Water Corpse Vice Sect Master cried out. His face was full of despair. Was this the plastic brotherhood?

Even if we just had a bad time splitting the family fortune, but after so many years of getting along, there was no need to be so heartless.

“Do you want to run?”

Lin Fan watched the coffin vanish into the void, trying to escape. He couldn’t help but laugh; there were times when thinking too much was a terrible thing.


He performed a High-Great Mystic Arts. His palm grabbed and instantly condensed into a giant hand, breaking through the void and grabbing towards the unknown.



There was a violent ringing sound transmitted.

The coffin that originally disappeared fell from the void, and the giant palm directly shattered the black fog that had just wrapped around the coffin. The Earth and Fire Corpse hiding inside felt shaken in the ferocious waves, and the shock made them faint.

In a flash, the giant hand came from the side. It ruthlessly grabbed the coffin and ran the qi. The Ancestral Dragon’s Body’s terrifying power erupted, and with a click, the coffin directly shattered.

Two figures fell out.

The Earth and Fire Corpses looked confused as if they had seen a ghost. They stared at the falling pieces around them, and they were already dumbfounded.

This was the sub-coffin refined by the Sect Master. Although it had not been successfully refined, it still had a Top-Grade Dao Artifact power, but now it was directly broken by the opponent.

‘How much strength does he have?’

The Fire Corpse was very grumpy and roared, “If you don’t give us a way out, then we will fight you.”

The words just fell.

The Fire Corpse whistled long, and a bizarre flame burned upon its body, overwhelmingly surging towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan fell with a slap. With a bang, unmatched power penetrated, directly suppressing the Fire Corpse fiercely to the ground, making him feel like the Water Corpse. Both of them were lying on the ground, spitting blood. Their bodies were severely wounded. Their flesh and blood were blurred, and they were miserable to the extreme.

Immediately after that, his gaze looked at the Earth Corpse.

The Earth Corpse felt Lin Fan’s gaze and trembled violently inside, extremely uneasy and terrified. That kind of power was not at all something he could imagine.

It was terrifying.

“There have been many dangers that I have encountered with the Sect Master, and any danger is a kind of training for us.”

“The Sect Master had ascended to the Immortal Realm, and you came here to kill us. This is a tribulation that we can hardly escape.”

“But the heavens have the goodness to leave a ray of life.”


The Earth Corpse was silent for a moment, then directly knelt and bent his head, “Let me live, and I will serve you.”

He had no other way.

He was no match for the opponent. There was a gap in strength, and he really didn’t want to die.

The connection between the Sect Master and them had been broken; they were free men. They didn’t have to be afraid; they should have had a splendid life. How could they die so inexplicably?

The Water and Fire Corpses looked at the earth corpse in a daze. They did not expect him to do such a thing.

“Ridiculous, really ridiculous. Earth Corpse, you disgraced the Sect Master. Me and Water Corpse will definitely not be like you. So what if you die? Having cultivated to this level, you still haven’t seen the light. No wonder the Sect Master once said that if a traitor comes out, it will definitely be you.”

The Fire Corpse was very disdainful of the Earth Corpse’s behavior. The eyes that looked at him were full of contempt.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he really wouldn’t have believed it.

“Water Corpse, once I thought it was you who was as timid as a mouse, but I never thought it would be the Earth Corpse. We don’t need to be afraid, even if we die, someday in the future, the Sect Master will take revenge for us.” The Fire Corpse mocked to its heart’s content.

It was just that for the Earth Corpse, wasn’t it good to live?

What did you have to pretend to be so hardened?

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, your strength is obvious to us. Your heroic posture makes people worship you. I, Water Corpse, once had eyes that did not know the mountain. I hope you can forgive me, and like Earth Corpse, I am willing to serve by your side. I hope we can be given a chance.”

“We really want to listen to your teachings.” The Water Corpse cried out. As for what the Fire Corpse said, he didn’t even take it to heart.

‘If you wanted to die, go and die by yourself… Don’t stand in the way of our hope to live.’

“You guys…”

The original Fire Corpse was extremely injured; vomiting blood was the norm. The Earth Corpse’s shamelessness made him furious, followed by the Water Corpse, who was also begging for mercy, making him even more furious as he vomited blood wildly.

He looked at the two in anger.
However, there was nothing he could do, and he could only watch in anger.

“Hey, it’s indeed good that you guys know your mistakes and can change. Unfortunately, I’m not from the Buddhist Sect and can’t ferry you, so I hope you can be human in the next life.”

Why would Lin Fan need these two guys as followers? It simply dropped his value.

The God Spear coalesced in his palm and was thrown directly.

A terrifying killing intent swept away.


The Water Corpse shouted in fear with wide eyes. With a puff, the God Spear pierced through his head and nailed him to the ground.

The Earth Corpse no longer had the guts to scream at Lin Fan. He was terrified and quickly disappeared towards the distance.

Lin Fan blasted away with one fist. His qi was penetrating the void, directly blasting the Earth Corpse to death on the spot.

“Hahahaha….” The Fire Corpse looked at the scene around him and laughed insanely, then looked at Lin Fan angrily, “I curse you….”

Before he could finish his words… The spear that turned into a black mane fell and pierced his mouth.


Lin Fan waited quietly. The drop should come. According to the current situation, he should be able to explode something good by beheading three powerful people in a row.

As for qi…

It really depended on luck.

The atmosphere around was a bit gloomy. Waiting for the drop to come here was quite exciting.

[Obtained Spirit Root: Eighth Grade Demon Spirit Root.] [Obtained skill: Corpse Refining.] [Obtained item: Underwear Stained with Corpse Insects.] [Obtained High-Grade Mystic Art: Desperate Corpse Domain.] [Obtained Elixir: Corpse Demon Elixir.] [Obtained High-Grade Mystic Art: Magical Immensity.]


“Give me the qi, stop giving these things…” Lin Fan was a little desperate. The drop was overbearing and was plenty, but there was no qi that he wanted the most.

This was a bit different from what he had thought.
‘Why couldn’t it give me qi?’

After so long, there was no qi drop. Could it be that he was really forced to go to those weak guys?

He wouldn’t say anything about the other stuff.

‘That Underwear Stained with Corpse Insects, are you kidding me? How could this thing fell out?’

“Hey! I was just slightly unlucky.”

Lin Fan sighed, but there was nothing he could do. Perhaps the heavens weren’t on his side… He killed the three powerful people, and the things that fell out were just like that.

He went forward to check the corpses and skimmed his lips. It was discontented and poor. It was just too poor. Maybe this was the poorest powerful person he had ever seen.

Basically, there were no treasures.

Rather there were a few spirit stones, but the quantity was extremely low. The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was ruthless enough to be stingy to this extent with his subordinates. Perhaps this was the result of being a parasite.

There were no good things.

But he was afraid that they might have handed it over to the Old Demon.

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