Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 334


Lin Fan carefully scouted the surrounding area, but there was nothing to be found.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon did not set up a sect. He called himself a Sect Master, but he didn’t have any disciples, so it had to be said that he belonged to an oddity.

Next, he had to continue looking for targets. When a group of powerful people ascended, it naturally couldn’t be hidden and would soon be exposed.

At that time, it would really be chaos.


A few days later.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion leaked out a piece of news: “A group of powerful peoples met a mysterious, strong person in the forbidden area and were forcibly ascended through the tribulation.”

When this news came out, many people were confused, but many people felt incredible. Such a powerful figure actually existed in the forbidden area. It forced people to cross the tribulation and ascend.

There were some mysteries.

However, more people were excited, and many people were relieved. After all, Lin Fan was not only the one who had enemies all over the world.

At least, that Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was thankful.

Since he had sold the Elixir and gained a handsome amount of spirit stones, he had used it to buy Dao Artifacts. He had fully armed himself and instantly leaped from being a powerful person who was beaten everywhere to a powerful person who would do anything on sight.

During this period, he naturally offended many people.

Even if he armed himself with Dao Artifacts, there were still guys who are unbeatable. Therefore, he hid everywhere in the back, afraid of being found by these enemies.

However, after hearing that many powerful people among the demon cultivators and demons were forcibly ascended through the tribulation, his heart was excited. This was simply a blessing from heaven.

The Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was eager to try and come out again to make waves. He understood the truth from those battles that he had to fight to get rich and wealthy.

A fight to dry down, full of harvest.


At this time, at a mysterious but majestic place.

This place was in the clouds, mysterious and unpredictable, giving the impression that it belonged to an ancient place.

On the steps that lead to the clouds, two figures appeared. These two figures looked vague but real. It was as if they could suppress the heart of those who passed by, making people look down and avoid them, not even daring to look at them.

The two mysterious, powerful figures were very familiar with this place. In the blink of an eye, they had already arrived at the place they were going to.

“Holy Lord.”

“Holy Lord.”

The two of them were respectful to an old man sitting on a boulder. Then they sat on either side after receiving a response from the other side.

“News from the outside world came that some powerful people from the demon cultivators and the demons encountered a mysterious, strong man in the forbidden area and were forced to ascend through the tribulation.” The one who spoke was the red-haired old man. He was the old ancestor of the Heavenly Immortal Mountain.

The other one was the old ancestor of Proud Martial Mountain.

Their forces were both secluded and never having any dealings with outside sects regularly, belonging to family forces. These two old ancestors faced the old man on the boulder. They didn’t dare to show the slightest disrespect, as if they were all junior brothers.

The Holy Lord sitting on the boulder slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were as deep as the stars.

“Until now, we’ve been in seclusion, and we’re waiting for an opportunity.”

“The number of powerful people from demon cultivators has decreased, so it’s time for us to come out.”

“Back then, the purpose of having you set up the Heavenly Immortal Mountain and Proud Martial Mountain was to wait for this time.”

The Holy Lord had this idea in his heart for a long time. He just never found the opportunity. However, now that the opportunity had come, it was time for them to make good use of it.


The Holy Lord slowly spoke.

In an instant, a stream of light swept in from afar, and then a figure appeared.

The two old men clasped their fists and said, “Young Lord….”

Quickly, the two old men looked astonished and said incredulously, “Holy Lord, the Young Lord, he….”

Initially, they had always thought that Sheng Wushuang was still at the Longevity Eighth Void Realm. But now, they found that this wasn’t the case. The aura on Sheng Wushuang’s body was very mysterious. It had a long origin and was inexhaustible, as if it was an ocean of water. It was impossible to find out what it was or even to know its depth.

“The two of you don’t need to be shocked. It’s an Immortal Destiny that collided by chance.” Sheng Wushuang blandly said.

Moreover, the Immortal Destiny was described as such an ordinary thing, as if it was a random thing obtained without the slightest concern.

In just a short period of one year, Sheng Wushuang had raised his cultivation to such a level, which was truly terrifying. It was hard to imagine what kind of Immortal Destiny he had encountered to raise so quickly, which was more terrifying than others who had cultivated hard for hundreds of years.

Just for Sheng Wushuang… He had the greatest enemy in his life, and that was Lin Fan.

It was this damned fellow that had caused him to suffer a great loss.

“Wushuang, it’s time for our Holy Land to come out. You go out there, make your name, and open the way for the Holy Land.” The Holy Lord said.


Sheng Wushuang was confident. There was a shining light in his eyes. He had been cultivating ever since he got the Immortal Destiny, making him a True Stage cultivator. His strength had soared so fast that his heart was about to swell up and explode. He wanted to straddle the world and let everyone know how powerful he, Sheng Wushuang, was.

In his eyes, the great sects’ heavenly prides were all trash and waste.

The two old men looked at the distant Sheng Wushuang. Their eyes were full of shock, and they couldn’t even reach him now. Wasn’t the speed of this development too fast?

In the end, it shocked everyone alive.

The Giant Roc Immortal Body was already enviable. Now he got the Immortal Destiny and became a True Stage cultivator. How could the other young generation mingle?

Although, this wasn’t without the support of the Holy Land, but no matter how the support is… This was inseparable from Sheng Wushuang’s own talent.


After Sheng Wushuang left the Holy Land, he traveled in the void. His temperament had changed greatly from a year ago. He was once arrogant and did not put anyone in his eyes…

But now, he was even more inflated than ever, and that domineering aura could be felt from a distance.


Since Lin Fan killed the three corpses, he rushed towards the Red Dust Demon Sect.

The Demon Ancestor’s ascension gave him the idea to strike at the Red Dust Demon Sect, but he knew that the Red Dust Demon Sect was extraordinary. Even if the Demon Ancestor had ascended, it was not that easy to mess with it.

Suddenly, he sensed that something was happening in the distance.

“Huh! Another mundane plot happening. It looks like the opportunity to do justice has come again.”

He was not opposed to these things and even looked forward to them. The feeling of pulling out a sword to help when he saw injustice was naturally cool. However, the coolest thing was still pulling out a group of guys who were hostile to him.


Far away, in a dense forest.

Several disciples dressed in unknown sects, facing trouble. They were wrapped in a red mist, and in the mist, they cast their weapons to resist. The look on each face was severe and a little pale at the same time. They felt like they were suffering a little bit from the situation.


Outside the mist.

Two men were wearing red robes, holding a gourd, pushing the treasure in their hands.

These red mists were floating out from this gourd.

“Give up your resistance. With your cultivation levels, trying to break through the Blood Sand Formation is simply a delusion.” A red-robed man laughed wildly. His gaze was rampant, staring at a woman who was caught in the Blood Sand Formation, with quite a thought in his mind.

She was gorgeous, and her figure was good.

If she got caught, he could try out the furnace method.

However, he knew that he was not the only one who had such thoughts. The one next to him also had some thoughts, but he didn’t care.

With a helper, that would certainly be much easier.

“Who the hell are you guys?”

At this moment, a man surrounded by the Blood Sand Formation had beads of sweat falling from his forehead. Although he was at the Golden Stage and was carrying a Low-Grade Dao Artifact, he could struggle to hold on.

The gourds in their two hands were treasures. Together, they were infinitely powerful, fiercely suppressing them head-on.

“Who are we? When we capture you, you will know who we are.”
They were not afraid in the slightest of anything that could go wrong with having the gourd treasure. After all, this was the treasure that was rewarded to them by a great personage.

Although these two treasures were garbage to that great person, it was a Dao Artifact that was invincible to them. Even if they encountered those with higher cultivation than them, they were not afraid at all.

Just when the two were ready to canonize these people slowly…

A voice came from the air.

“When you see injustice, pull out your swords and help each other. Is it perfect for you to besiege people with your treasures?”

The two people in a state of elation were startled and almost jumped up when they heard the voice. They looked around, looking for the source of the voice.

“Who, exactly, is hiding there?!”

They were a little panicked. What they feared most was to be interrupted because the person who dared to appear was definitely more powerful than them. This was the conclusion they came to after many personal experiments.

They immediately saw a figure fall from the air, looking very young, slightly to their relief.

What they feared most was the old man.

However, the other person’s next words made them horrified, even burning with anger.

“These two gourds are really too evil. Leaving them in your hands will only create more sins. I should keep them for you.”

One of them just wanted to roar, but he suddenly found that the gourd in his hand was out of control.

“It’s not good. He’s going to take away our treasure.”

The two men panicked and immediately pushed their qi to control the gourd.

Just with their cultivation… it was just like a mantis to block the car.

They didn’t even think about their strength.



Two cracking sounds passed through the air.

They could only watch as the gourd flew out of their hands.


The pain of losing the treasure was unbearable. The two sat paralyzed on the ground, reaching out their hands. Their eyes were thirsty as they looked into the air, trying to grab the treasure back, but they could only grasp the air.


‘This is our treasure. How could you, a stranger, snatch away our treasure?!’

Because the two of them lost control of the gourd, the Blood Sand Formation dissipated. The people trapped in the formation, sighing with relief, looked at Lin Fan simultaneously. They also wanted to know who had saved them.

When they saw Lin Fan, they were shocked.

It wasn’t that they knew Lin Fan, but the other side was young, even frighteningly young. Although he didn’t have that sense of youthfulness, he had a heroic aura. He was definitely not an old monster rejuvenated.

“Who the hell are you? Why did you rob our treasure?!!” The two red-robed men looked at Lin Fan angrily.

The pain of losing their treasure was like a knife to their hearts.

“Why did I rob your treasure? Does it still need a reason? As the saying goes, pulling out a sword to help when you see injustice is something that people of my immortal sect should do.” Lin Fan said blandly.

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