Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 335


When the two red-robed men heard this, they were completely frozen in place. They knew there were people in the world who liked to mind other people’s business. But they had never encountered them.

Now that they had personally encountered it, it was an incredible feeling, with an indescribable sense of helplessness.

Lin Fan put his hands on two gourds: Dao Artifact that had been specially refined by people, containing red sand, similar to a High-Grade Mystic Art such as the Great Sun Windstorm.

Ordinary cultivators were indeed no match for these two Dao Artifacts.

Looking at the strength of these two people, they were only in the Golden Stage. However, when they could have two Dao Artifacts, it seemed that they were people who had a backing, or they had the opportunity to get them by chance.

“Thank you for your help, brother.”

The group of people who Lin Fan saved clasped their fists in gratitude.

Although they didn’t know who Lin Fan was, to them, if the other side hadn’t stepped in, they would have been planted here.

Even they didn’t know what would happen if they fell into the other side’s hands.

But it definitely won’t be any better.

“When you go out, it’s only right to help each other. Especially this beautiful little sister, if she meets misfortune, that’s really a pity.”

Lin Fan’s gaze looked at that younger girl. Well, indeed, she looked good.

Of course, he could guarantee that saving these people was definitely not an idea based on the fact that the girl was good-looking. Rather, it was really a matter of seeing injustice in the road.

Lin Fan’s gaze turned to those two, “Next, it’s your turn.”

Perhaps he found that Lin Fan’s gaze was somewhat unkind. The two red-robed men steeply tensed up. Their feet backed up, and their spirits tensed up. Just now, they remembered a crucial thing.

That was that… the other side’s strength seemed a bit powerful.

The two of them just roared at people.

It seemed like they were looking for death.


“Can we just let it go? It’s all because this idiot made me do it. He told me since we got the Dao Artifact, we must bully others. I said no, but he wouldn’t listen… I really can’t help it.”

The red-robed man on the side was a little confused, pointed at the other side, and said incredulously, “You’re too mean. I can’t believe you’re throwing everything at me.”

“You’re the one who said that this bitch is pretty, and you want to catch her back as a furnace.”

“What are you talking about? When did I say such a thing? Don’t you accuse me falsely?”

At once, the two people argued, and the argument was very intense. Perhaps it wasn’t enough to move the lips; they directly wrestled with each other.

Lin Fan watched their performance as if watching a show.

The two people fell to the ground and wrestled.

Just like a ball, screaming and cursing. They then rolled their bodies and rolled towards the far side.

“I’ll kill you! How dare you accuse me.”

“Who framed who? It’s obvious that it’s you who looks at her beauty.”

“Crazy, I’ll fight with you.”

Gradually, the situation seemed to be a bit wrong. When the two rolled into the distance and were about to disappear, they abruptly let go and then pulled their legs out and ran.

They already knew that the situation was not good, and they could only think of this strategy to flee.

The two people looked at each other; there was joy in their eyes.

They didn’t expect it to work once again.

They could escape last time with this method, rolling away in plain sight and disappearing from the other side in their dumbfounded state.

However, just when they thought they could escape…

A mysterious power enveloped and covered both of them. They then felt that their feet were no longer obedient, and they could not move at all. Ahhhh, their bodies took off into the air and flew towards the back.


They shouted once again, indicating that the two people’s hearts were somewhat broken.

“That’s a scheme.”

Lin Fan gave their actions a very high rating. It was indeed excellent. If he had been a little careless, they could have really gotten away.

But unfortunately, if he could even let them get away with this, his work would really be in vain.

“Hurry up and tell who’s your backers. In case, one day in the future, your backers don’t know who killed you, I, who is much more reliable, will tell your backers that I killed the two of you.”

“You will not be left to die in vain.”

Lin Fan said blandly. He hoped that the opponent was someone with a background.

The place he was in now already belonged to the demon cultivator. The people he met were basically people of the demon cultivator. It didn’t matter whether the people he saved were of the immortal or demon cultivator.

The immortal sect, demon sect, and demon cultivator lived in the Immortal Cultivator Realm and were not mutually hostile.

The ones he wanted to kill now were those that had an ax to grind with him.

Or if you encounter an existence like Xiang Junchen, he would blatantly strike to suppress.

The others weren’t very interested.

“Do you want to kill us?”

The two men huddled together and stared at Lin Fan in fear and anxiety. It was naturally cool to bully others with their Dao Artifacts, but when others bullied them, they felt terrified.

Lin Fan laughed, “What do you think?”

The two knew that they were not Lin Fan’s match and immediately shouted, “You can’t kill us. Our master is someone with great origins. If you kill us, you will also be unlucky.”

“We are not threatening you but telling the truth. Our master is mighty and young, extremely talented. These two treasures were given to us by our master.”

Lin Fan asked, “Who is he?”

Lin Fan didn’t know who exactly the master they were talking about was. However, someone who could give two Dao Artifacts to his junior brother out of hand should not be an ordinary person.

What just irked Lin Fan slightly was that the two didn’t speak.

“It has come to this. Do you still want to hide?”

The two hurriedly said, “Senior brother, it’s not that we didn’t want to speak, but we really don’t know who he is. We did meet him, but we really don’t know our master’s name.”

“At that time, he saw that the two of us were a bit miserable and made us work like dogs for him.”

“At first, when we heard this, we were furious. Not to mention that our cultivation level is still okay, but after the other side gave us two Dao Artifacts, we didn’t say anything. We work as his dog well, which is sometimes good.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, feeling that these two people had a little problem.

It wasn’t that they were hiding anything.

Rather, there was a brain problem.

It was just.


Whether there was a problem with the brain or not, but they did have a problem. Keeping them was just a scourge.

Lin Fan raised his hand. The two men were instantly crushed under the fearful look.

They were too weak.

They couldn’t raise his interest at all.

[Obtained qi: 2500.]


With his current cultivation level, it was hard to drop something by crushing the weak, so he basically didn’t have any hope.

Unexpectedly, this Golden Stage cultivator had somehow given 2,500 qi.

At this moment…

His qi truly exceeded 150,000 years.

It was overwhelming.

Afterward, Lin Fan looked at those people he had saved and asked, “I wonder what sects you all are from?”

Those people couldn’t see through Lin Fan’s cultivation level, but the other side’s move to kill two people was still in their eyes. He was very powerful, definitely not something they could deal with.

“Fellow cultivator, we are disciples of the Holy Palace.” A man clasped his fist and said.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, then said, “Holy Palace, it turns out to be a demon sect.”

When he said these words, these people looked fiercely shocked. They obviously thought that Lin Fan had something against the demon sect’s people, so they couldn’t help but all get nervous. They were afraid that the other side wanted to kill them.

With their strength, they were really no match.

Lin Fan laughed, “No need to be nervous. I don’t have any opinions about the demon sect… The people I’ve beheaded are all just great evils.”

They were all a little scared upon looking at his eyes because of those words just now. Hey, to think that he, Lin Fan, who had been chivalrous and righteous all his life, would still make people afraid.

This was a lack of appreciation for him.

As long as people knew him, there would never be such a situation.

The man said, “Fellow cultivator, don’t worry. Although we are the disciples of the demon sect, we never do evil. Just now, thank you for saving our life. Why don’t you be a guest at the Holy Palace, or let us thank you properly.”

“Good. Rumor has it that the Holy Palace is very mysterious and rarely communicates with the outside world, so it would be good to go and see.” Lin Fan said.

Holy Palace.

One of the great demon sects with a mysterious origin was rumored that they had remarkable figures of amazing talent who had crossed the world.


At this moment, in the air, in a glorious palace.

A woman with an excellent aura, sacred, solemn, not to be desecrated, holding a pen and writing.

Her presence eclipsed the sun and moon. She was accompanied by maids, who looked at the woman with admiration.

Suddenly, in the distance, an aura came through.

Immediately afterward, the void cracked open. A light curtain channel extended out from the void, all the way to the main hall, followed by a figure slowly walking.

“What is it?” The maid at the side was filled with anger.

The Holy Empress raised her hand. Her stunningly beautiful face was mesmerizing, and even a single smile could make the world lose its color. Even if it was also a woman, it was difficult to resist such a charm.

Soon, that figure stepped into the hall…

Sheng Wushuang, with outstanding posture and a face like white jade, shook open his paper fan and smiled, “I, Sheng Wushuang, come to pay my respects to the Holy Empress. I don’t think there is any disturbance.”

“Holy Land, Sheng Wushuang, have you become a True Stage cultivator?”

The Holy Empress was as wise as a torch. She saw through Saint Wushuang’s situation at a glance. Although her face was expressionless, she was inwardly amazed. She knew that Sheng Wushuang was only at the Void Realm a year ago, but in just a year, he had cultivated to such a level and definitely had an unimaginable Immortal Destiny.

Sheng Wushuang was proud in his heart and had a proud face, but tried his best to pretend to be calm, “A chance of coincidence, not worth mentioning.”

“What is the matter with you coming to the Holy Palace. The Holy Land and the Holy Palace’s welfare have been the same for thousands of years. Could it be that your father asked you to come?” The Holy Empress asked.

The arrival of the other party side made the Holy Empress felt if something was about to happen.

Or perhaps…

Was it because of the many powerful people among the demon cultivators and the demons had ascended that the Holy Land wanted to come out and let Sheng Wushuang take the lead?

Sheng Wushuang confidently said, “The Holy Empress misunderstood. It is my idea to come to the Holy Palace. I heard that the Holy Empress has a disciple who looks like an immortal and has outstanding talent. So, I dare to ask the Holy Empress to be able to betroth your beloved disciple to me.”

“Nowadays, the late generation does not dare to boast, but I dare to call myself the world’s number one heavenly pride. Even the heavenly pride of those great sects cannot compete with me.”

For Sheng Wushuang.

Since he wanted to mess things up.

Then it must be bigger. First, he needed to pull the Holy Empress’ beloved disciple over and join forces, which would be the real hegemony.

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