Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 337


“The Eternal Law that I have learned… Nothing in this world can be matched to it.”

Sheng Wushuang was like walking in the long river of time. As he took one step, the void collapsed on one side. The power gathered became one point stronger, and the mysterious fist might shake the world.

“What you did to me once was just some obstacle in my path of invincibility. Now I will break your obstacle and pave the path of invincibility I walk.”

At this point, his faith had reached its peak, and no one was able to shake it.

With a smooth wind along the way, Sheng Wushuang’s path of invincibility was indeed unstoppable.

Lin Fan felt the opponent’s invincibility, which was indeed terrifying. The Eternal Immortal heritage was powerful. Sheng Wushuang was able to obtain such an inheritance was enough to show that the opponent was a person with great fortune.

Fortune was not something that ordinary people could have, after all.

At this time, Sheng Wushuang’s fortune could not be rivaled by anyone. It was so thick that it was almost condensed into substance, unique in nature, loved by the heavens, and its future achievements were unlimited.

Lin Fan was not careless. Instead, he executed various mystic arts.



Dozens of High-Grand Mystic Arts were fused; each brilliant light represented a High-Grade Mystic Art. He had cultivated all of them to the peak realm. In his condition, cultivating so many High-Grade Mystic Arts to their peak was already unprecedented and unprecedented.

The Holy Empress in the distance was stunned by the scene in front of her. This battle was unexpected, not because of how invincible Sheng Wushuang was, but because Lin Fan’s situation made her in amazement.

After all, the supreme techniques comprehended by both sides weren’t on the same level. Although the High-Grade Mystic Art was strong, the gap was quite large compared to the Eternal Immortal’s supreme mystic arts.

“You don’t know your strength.”

Sheng Wushuang was full of disdain when he saw Lin Fan’s lifeless fist blast.

This was like how a burning fire dared to compete with the sun and the moon.

He was the sun, and he was the moon, the light that shone on everything in the world. The rest were just fireflies that were small enough to be ignored.


The two collided together —two different forces colliding with each other.

The power of the Eternal Immortal heritage was all-encompassing and contained power beyond all High-Grade Mystic Arts. If Sheng Wushuang had cultivated the Eternal Law to the extreme, then Lin Fan would have had to struggle even if he fought with so many High-Grade Mystic Arts.

But now…

“How is this possible.”

Sheng Wushuang stared in unbelievable, and his body was retreating. The raging power crushed his qi down, and his path to invincibility had unexpectedly encountered an unimaginable obstacle.


He roared in anger as his fist changed, and he pointed out a finger.


There was a click!

A devastating force erupted from Sheng Wushuang’s fingertip, and a power that did not belong to Sheng Wushuang was released as the Eternal Divine Furnace that was boarded inside him blossomed into a light. The eternal power contained within it poured out.

Such an astounding power abruptly made Lin Fan feel great pressure.

Sheng Wushuang did not want to be defeated and was even more reluctant to show his defeat.

So what if the power contained within the Eternal Divine Furnace was not his power. This battle must be his won.

The Golden Gourd shook, and the golden light was like a waterfall, colliding with the Eternal Power.


Both of them flew backward and suffered a considerable shock. The mystic arts and qi blood in their bodies were boiling. Both of them spilled a trace of blood from the corners of their mouths.

Lin Fan cast his talent and quickly recovered. His qi and blood returned to their normal state.

On the contrary, Sheng Wushuang took out an Elixir and took it. The Elixir was not ordinary, and Lin Fan knew it was extraordinary at first glance. This guy’s luck was indeed amazing. He encountered this kind of great fortune.

However, when he thought about it, he could understand that the world was big, and no one dared to say that they had been everywhere. Maybe a place with a mountain lump contained some kind of Immortal Destiny that ordinary people could not imagine.

Everything depended on fate.

“Lin Fan, you are just ants to me. Do you feel the power of the eternal? Even if you are now indistinguishable from me, but it won’t be a long time. I will be an existence that you look up to, untouchable.”

Even if Sheng Wushuang had received such a Heavenly Immortal Destiny, he still couldn’t change his habit of shooting his mouth off.

Just now, neither side could take advantage of the situation. But when it came to Sheng Wushuang’s side, the words spoken were as if he had already won.

It was a bit amazing.

It was worthy of a thick-skinned person to be loved by the heavens.

“Fellow Cultivator Wushuang, we are all young people; why do you have to be so narcissistic? A character like yours, it’s better if you don’t speak. Once you speak and place it in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, it’s a big loss. Your value is much more than that. When you are suppressed, you must cultivate your manners properly.” Lin Fan said.

He suddenly found that Sheng Wushuang might be a lovely person if it wasn’t for his personality. Alas, as a person who had received an Immortal Destiny, that haughty, domineering feeling was so well expressed by him that Lin Fan didn’t even know what to say.

“Hmph, such a quick tongue. If that’s all you can do, I’ll make you regret it next.”

Sheng Wushuang’s hatred for Lin Fan was already unrelieved, it was either you die, or I die.

The two did not have a hatred of killing their father and taking away their mother. However, to Sheng Wushuang, if you dare to humiliate me, then it was an unmitigated hatred.

Suddenly, the sky changed. The original blue sky turned red as if red clouds were burning the world; a scorching heat was very uncomfortable.


The Eternal Divine Furnace spun out from Sheng Wushuang’s body. The haze of light twisted and covered the sky, an ancient and vast aura passed out, shaking the world.


The Holy Empress looked up at the sky; the Eternal Divine Furnace was emitting radiant light and was what she wanted most. Even she had felt the other divine furnace hidden deep in the Holy Palace vibrating.

It was as if it was feeling the pull.

When the Holy Empress felt this situation, her face changed slightly. She did not hesitate to cast her mystic art to suppress the Holy Palace’s divine furnace, which was a liaison between the divine furnaces.

If any complete treasure were broken for some reason, their greatest hope would be to one day be reunited as one.

Not to mention an immortal treasure like the Eternal Divine Furnace.

Thunder might shot out from Sheng Wushuang’s eyes. The moment the Eternal Divine Furnace appeared, his qi turned arcane.

“Lin Fan, your time to die has come. The might of the Eternal Divine Furnace. is beyond your imagination. I will use the power of the Eternal Divine Furnace to destroy you and refine you into slag completely.”

The tone of his voice was angry and filled with endless fury.

If people who didn’t know exactly what was going on saw this situation, they would definitely say, ‘Did Lin Fan have an affair with someone’s wife?’

“You have a nice stove. It’s not even cold for heating in winter.” Lin Fan said with a smile. There was a slight glow in his eyes, very casual. He wanted it, just as if it was the same when he saw the Flaming Immortal Spear.


Sheng Wushuang was deeply disgusted. What a dog, to even try to snatch his Eternal Divine Furnace was a pipe dream.

Without much talking, Sheng Wushuang took the Eternal Divine Furnace with one hand, he executed some marvelous palm seal.

At once, The Eternal Divine Furnace blossomed into dazzling light. A mysterious stream of air flowed out from within the Eternal Divine Furnace.

At this moment, Sheng Wushuang was like a king who was unrivaled in the world.

He was performing a fist technique.

This fist technique was not the same as before. The firmament was shaking as if it was pulling some special existence.

“This guy’s techniques are a bit powerful.” Lin Fan sighed.

If Sheng Wushuang was weak and still fought with him until now, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to his face?

At this moment, the qi on Sheng Wushuang’s body was getting more and more intense.

‘This punch would be a terrifying blow.’

Lin Fan manipulated the Golden Gourd of mixed elements around him, and the golden river water flowed out. The duel between two immortal treasures, strong and weak, would be seen later.

However, he wanted to snatch this Eternal Divine Furnace from Sheng Wushuang’s hand.

And he hated to see others pretending.

Especially after Sheng Wushuang got this inheritance, look how rampant he became.

Suddenly, Sheng Wushuang’s qi condensed to the peak. The Eternal Divine Furnace’s surface emerged distorted runes and various visions, accompanied by Sheng Wushuang’s fist ruthlessly crushing.

With a smile, Lin Fan activated the Golden Gourd while gathering his strongest mystic arts. His qi shook, forming devastating fluctuations, instantly wrapping Sheng Wushuang’s fist intent.



A continuous roar resounded. In this contest, the two terrifying forces clashed an unknown number of times.

Sheng Wushuang was very upset in his heart. 

‘The Immortal Destiny this guy obtained is powerful. The Eternal Divine Furnace is indeed a treasure.’

The thought in Lin Fan’s heart had never disappeared. The opponent did not cultivate as many mystic arts as he did, nor was he so successful, while he had all three of these mystic arts from immortal, demon cultivator, and demon.

It was a bit of a shame that he still failed to do anything to Sheng Wushuang, even though he belonged to the category of fusing the three sects’ strengths with infinite power.

“Bastard, I got such a huge Immortal Destiny, but I still can’t suppress him. What the hell is he cultivating? Even if he has an immortal treasure, what can he do? Can he still compete with my Eternal Divine Furnace?”

Sheng Wushuang was also cursing in his heart. Having been unable to take Lin Fan down for a long time, he was quite upset and felt that this was also a humiliation.

The fighting between the two made a great impact on the Holy Palace. Countless disciples were hiding far away because the fluctuations of the two sides’ impact were too terrifying. Even if the Holy Palace Innate Formation blocked it, they could still feel that heaven-destroying qi.

The Holy Empress witnessed everything in front of her. Both of them were already the young generation of the Heavenly Pride. She was afraid that even the older generation of great powers was inferior to them.

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