Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 338


Lin Fan cast Ancestral Dragon’s Body, and his physical body became terrifying. His qi was dense all over his body, and the power of the mystic arts gathered in all parts of his body. He directly played close combat with Sheng Wushuang.

The first blasted away.

The explosive power was like a huge dragon, and a roar resounded through the world.

Sheng Wushuang’s long hair fluttered, and his handsome features, slightly hideous. Not being able to take Lin Fan down for a long time, he was in a rather unhappy mood and urged the Eternal Divine Furnace.


The Eternal Divine Furnace’s base burns with monstrous flames, and the Eternal Divine Furnace blooms with stunning light as if the furnace was refining something terrifying at this time.

Lin Fan looked grave, not the least bit panicked. He smashed his fist fiercely on the Eternal Divine Furnace.

There was a clang.

Sparks splashed.

The Eternal Divine Furnace didn’t move; its hardness was beyond his imagination. There was even a powerful recoil that hit him. If his flesh was not strong enough, he might have been injured.

Instantly, all kinds of mystic arts bloomed over the Holy Palace. In a short moment, the two exchanged thousands of strokes, and the void was shattered.

Possessing the Eternal Divine Furnace, Sheng Wushuang was always in an undefeated position. Even if Lin Fan qi was higher than his, what could he do? Lin Fan would be unable to take him down.

At the same time, he was waiting for his chance.

“Damn, you’re just too annoying.”

Sheng Wushuang was quite impatient. Ever since he had obtained the Immortal Destiny, he hadn’t met anyone that could fight him to this extent. Soon, his attack became more fierce. The Eternal Immortal’s inheritance was his greatest heritage, while the inherited High-Grade Mystic Arts were also astounding. If any of them were thrown outside, they would shock the world.


At this moment, an old woman appeared beside the Holy Empress and said softly, “Who is the young man who fought with Sheng Wushuang?”

The Holy Empress said, “Greatest Martial Sect disciple, Lin Fan. Did teacher recognize his situation?”

The old woman shook her head and said, “I can’t tell. It is quite marvelous. It is reasonable to say that Sheng Wushuang’s Immortal Destiny is unmatched. However, the mystic arts this kid performs are all the strengths of a hundred sect… There is nothing special about them. The only amazing thing is that he has cultivated all of them to the perfection level.”

“This is simply impossible to do without thousands of years.”

“There is also that one gourd, which is indeed an immortal treasure with thick immortal dao laws. However, despite this, the general signs say that Sheng Wushuang is still an unbeatable existence.”

Although the old woman’s eyes were cloudy, there was a strange light. It was very radiant, very dazzling, as if able to see through anyone.

“The Eternal Divine Furnace is an immortal treasure of the Eternal Immortal, containing infinite mysteries. It is rumored to contain the path of eternal. Sheng Wushuang used the Eternal Divine Furnace as a wedding gift to marry my disciple, but definitely, it is not really for my disciple. Just now, I found that his divine furnace seems to be able to pull the Eternal Divine Furnace of the Holy Palace. I think he wants to approach the Eternal Divine Furnace and take the opportunity to fuse into one.”

“By then, the complete Eternal Divine Furnace will possess unfathomable power.”

The Holy Empress had long since seen through Sheng Wushuang’s mind. That little thought used on her was simply self-defeating.

The old woman was silent and nodded delicately. If the Holy Palace could obtain the Eternal Divine Furnace in the other side’s hands, everything would change dramatically… The Holy Palace with the complete Eternal Divine Furnace would instantly become the world’s number one power. Even if it reached the Immortal Realm, then it could become a channel.


Just at this moment, the battle took a huge turn.


Lin Fan dodged Sheng Wushuang’s stunning strike with a bizarre figure and pressed down with a fierce fist, striking his chest hard as the power of the mystic art that had been condensed for a long time poured out.

Lin Fan had fought with Sheng Wushuang for so long and suddenly realized that his opponent’s explosive power was indeed extreme. However, his durability was too poor, urging the Eternal Divine Furnace and casting those High-Grade Mystic Art, which consumed a great deal of qi.

Even if there were Elixirs to support it, it would still possess a breach.


Sheng Wushuang’s face changed drastically, turning from rosy to pale as his body shook and a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

“Damn it, go die!”

He didn’t expect that his opponent had seriously injured him and immediately became furious, urging the Eternal Divine Furnace. The Eternal Divine Furnace’s light blossomed, smashing the void. Nothing could stop it, and the pounding strength was heart-breaking.

“Waiting for this opportunity.”

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed with light. The opportunity had come, and he was going to snatch the Eternal Divine Furnace into his hands. Although the process was a bit troublesome, he was undaunted.


With a move of his palm, a rune appeared out of thin air —the aura of suppressing all living things passed out. The rune floated away and landed fiercely over the Eternal Divine Furnace; a shocking force fell.

There was a boom.

The Eternal God Furnace was suppressed by the rune and wanted to resist frantically. However, the Highest Spirit Rune’s greatest use was to suppress all things and solidify the soul. The existence of the Immortal Realm was bred out of the world.

Even if it were crippled and broken, it would be enough to deal with the Eternal God Furnace controlled by Sheng Wushuang.


Sheng Wushuang felt terrible. The connection between him and the Eternal Divine Furnace gradually became weaker with the suppression of the rune.

Just as he was about to grab back the Eternal Divine Furnace, Lin Fan instantly moved and condensed the God Spear while opening the way with the Golden Gourd. He growled low and ruthlessly blasted away with fury.

“When you show off in front of me, you should be prepared.”

He would not give Sheng Wushuang a chance, forcing out the terrifying strike. Dozens of mystic arts erupted and blasted at the opponent once again.

Sheng Wushuang’s face was as gloomy as water, shattering all kinds of mystic arts. However, his connection with the Eternal Divine Furnace was getting weaker and weaker by suppressing the Highest Spirit Rune.


He roared. He could no longer continue to tolerate this, or something would go terribly wrong. Terrifying ki erupted from Sheng Wushuang’s body, which did not exist before. The inheritance he received was too dreadful, with countless hidden techniques. Ordinary people, even with the same cultivation as Sheng Wushuang, would be suppressed.

He ignored Lin Fan and attacked the Eternal Divine Furnace to snatch it back in the shortest possible time.

“Lin Fan, do you think you can take away my Eternal Divine Furnace with such technique? You are really too greedy. Excessive greed will only lead you to a worse death.”

At this moment, Sheng Wushuang was significantly different from before. It should be some inherited divine ability that activated his body’s potential and exploded with power that he didn’t dare to imagine ordinarily.

The Immortal Cultivator World was so wonderful.

Thirty years of river east and thirty years of river west was not a joke. Maybe the people you bully would suddenly soar to the heavens one day and ruthlessly trample you underfoot. It wasn’t impossible.

When this happened, it often only required an Immortal Destiny.

“The true meaning of eternal. The stars and rivers are broken, and I am at liberty.” Sheng Wushuang growled. His five fingers coalesced, and a fist blasted out with terrifying power and an inscrutable trajectory, containing the true meaning of the great dao.

Lin Fan did not panic in the slightest, as the Golden Gourd blossomed with golden light, disappearing in place, then appearing in front of Sheng Wushuang, directly deflecting the punch.


Ordinary dao artifact would be absolutely beaten to a cinder when they encountered this punch. However, the Golden Gourd was an immortal treasure, so how could it be shattered?

Therefore, to Sheng Wushuang, it was as if his fist had hit an iron plate.

“Not good….”

Sheng Wushuang felt a crisis coming from behind him, so he hurriedly turned around. Regardless of the situation, he blasted away with a punch.


Sheng Wushuang spat blood again. The gap between him and Lin Fan was not really big. Still, it was slightly unfair compared to Lin Fan, who had cultivated the High-Grade Mystic Art to its peak and even had so many natural mystic arts.

Lin Fan didn’t get complacent and didn’t talk nonsense, but he used his palm as a sword. He cast the talent, Flying Wings, and even cast the Sound Breaking Mystic Art.


His figure disappeared in place as the light struck across the ground.

In an instant, attacks like raindrops ruthlessly crushed down, all falling on Sheng Wushuang.



Sheng Wushuang spat blood crazily, glaring. It was very unbelievable. Obviously, he was still indistinguishable. How could it turn out like this in the blink of an eye?

He couldn’t believe this scene.


He roared in anger, and a shadow emerged behind him, which was the shadow of the Eternal Immortal. He just wanted to fight with Lin Fan, but he found that Lin Fan did not come after him. Rather, he appeared in front of the Eternal Divine Furnace, directly suppressed the Eternal Divine Furnace with the Highest Spirit Rune, and collected it into the Golden Gourd.


Seeing this scene, he roared, tearing his heart out.

That was his treasure, his heritage, losing the Eternal Divine Furnace, his heritage would not be perfect, and his strength would be greatly reduced.

Lin Fan smiled broadly, “Thank you so much. My treasure-giving boy. Your existence is paving the path to invincibility for me… Next, it’s your turn. I’m going to sell you to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, and I’ll definitely make a solid profit.”

What a twisted idea.

And excessive behavior.

He was full of hope for Sheng Wushuang. As for decapitation, it was not much of an idea. It was true that the fine water flowed in a continuous stream, suppressing Sheng Wushuang, scraping his whole body, and snatching all the valuable treasures.

In the meantime, the way to get his heritage had come out.

Capture a bunch of laborers to cultivate, and then slowly killed. It could definitely burst out.

Moreover, he believed that Sheng Wushuang would definitely give him a heavenly surprise. Even if he were sold, with his qi, he would definitely continue to grow up. When that time came to continue to collect, wouldn’t it be beautiful?

“Not good; he’s going to make a move on me.”

Sheng Wushuang saw that bad intention in Lin Fan’s eyes. If he continued to stay, he would probably be planted in the opponent’s hands.

“Lin Fan, don’t be complacent. What I lost, I will take it back one day, wait for me.”

Sheng Wushuang exerted the traits of the Giant Roc Immortal Body. With 9,000 miles of wings, the Giant Roc Immortal Body brushed off and was about to disappear into the distant world.


Lin Fan exerted his mystic art and stepped on his feet as if he was stepping on the long river of time, tracing his opponent’s figure.

‘Do you want to run?’

‘That would depend on whether you had the ability to do so.’

The last time the opponent escaped, it was because his mystic art was too fast. Now that he had such a High-Grade Mystic Art as Boundless Walkers, how could he let him leave so easily?

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