Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 339


What Sheng Wushuang was most proud of was that he was carrying the Giant Roc Immortal Body. This kind of physique could travel against the sky. But…. wait.


He escaped, but he found that the kid had actually followed him.

How was it possible? How could he be so fast and look so relaxed?

He was even disgusted by the opponent’s expression.

“Fellow Cultivator Wushuang, what are you running for? Isn’t it good to sit down and have a chat?” Lin Fan’s tone was bland as water. The corners of his mouth smiled.

Once Sheng Wushuang disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye, but now it felt a little interesting to see the appearance of the other party running away.


Sheng Wushuang just wanted to roar in anger. Damn it.

Just as he was thinking about all this, Lin Fan came with a direct fist blast. The frightened Fellow Cultivator Wushuang’s face changed greatly, and he hurriedly shifted his body shape to dodge it. Just when he thought it was over.

The sound of swooshing air came to his ears.

A God Spear broke through the air and covered him, completely intending to put him to death, not giving him a chance to turn around.

“Damn it. As long as I can escape, I will definitely make you pay the price.”

The opponent was pressing very tightly, and the slightest inadvertence would bring him down.

‘Damn. How could it be so terrifying?’

He received the inheritance of the Eternal Immortal. He should be invincible, sweeping all enemies in his heart, but damn it, he fell in the hands of this kid twice. Could he be the enemy of my life?

It was better not to think about this now. He needed to escape.


A God Spear pierced Sheng Wushuang’s arm. Blood gurgled and fell, and he looked back at Lin Fan with resentment.

“Remember this; I will not stop with you until you die.”

In an instant, Sheng Wushuang burned his life essence blood and forcibly activated his Giant Roc Immortal Body.

Steeply, the wind howled, the sky turned over, and a nearly solid Giant Roc Immortal rocked up. His fierce eyes stared at Lin Fan and finally turned into a stream of light and completely disappeared into the world.

“He still got away.”

Lin Fan had quite many techniques, and Boundless Walker was naturally an incomparable High-Grade Mystic Art. However, Sheng Wushuang was indeed astonishing when he used the burning of his essence blood as the basis to perform a mystic art that Lin Fan could not perform.

Lin Fan decided to return to the Holy Palace. He was in a good, pleasant mood. He gained a lot from this battle. Although he did not suppress Sheng Wushuang, getting the Eternal Divine Furnace from his opponent’s hand was the biggest gain.

This was how the hatred was formed. If one wanted to eliminate this hatred, basically, either you die or I die.

Lin Fan was playing with the Eternal Divine Furnace.

[Eternal Divine Furnace: The treasure of the Eternal Immortal, fragmented. The complete Eternal Divine Furnace contained the complete Eternal Law, a wisp of the Eternal Immortal will. Warning, don’t get too close to the connection between the Eternal Divine Furnace. The Eternal Immortal had laid a big game, don’t become a pawn.]


When Lin Fan saw this introduction, he wanted to curse a little.

Did all those bigwigs like to play this trick?

Why did they have to play so many gimmicks to lure people in deliberately?

For example, he used to get the ‘Solidified Spirit Stone Lamp.’ That thing was similar, introducing the inheritance, forming a karmic relationship, and becoming the opponent’s second flesh.

There was also the Dark Demon Ancestor Treasure Map. Pretty much the same thing, right?

Just fucking none of them were preachy.

But thinking about it… If it was him, he had already encountered a terrible enemy, knowing that there was a way to die, how could he willingly do it? He would definitely try to find a way to leave a ray of hope for himself and wait for his resurrection someday in the future.

The Eternal Immortal left the Eternal Divine Furnace to the Immortal Cultivator Realm, which must have been well thought out. As it was dangerous in the Immortal Realm, it was easy to be seen. Whereas the Immortal Cultivator Realm was different… Being able to see through his layout was basically non-existent.

“Aih! It looks like this Eternal Divine Furnace can’t become its own treasure unless a wisp of the Eternal Immortal’s will is erased.”

Lin Fan was quite helpless. Although he had never been to the Immortal Realm, after all these things, he had deeply understood the truth that trust did not exist between people.

When you thought you were getting an Immortal Destiny, others were actually drawing on your greed to lure you in slowly.

Soon, he fell into deep contemplation.

This matter needed to be mulled over.

Now, he was still in the land of the Holy Palace. He put the Eternal Divine Furnace away and looked into the distance. There was a figure that made him feel somewhat familiar.

The beauty seemed somewhat familiar, not in look but the figure.

“This beautiful girl, have we met somewhere before?” Lin Fan asked with a smile. After a battle, his blood was boiling, so naturally, he had to find a girl to chat with, to soothe his heart and calm his qi and blood.

Hearing this, the Holy Empress did not laugh in anger, but the old woman on the side had a grim look on her face. How dared this kid molest the Holy Palace Holy Empress. However, she was blocked by the Holy Empress on the side.

“Teacher, I know this person.”

The old woman was amazed but did not say anything more.

The Holy Empress laughed, “It’s been a year since we parted at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. I didn’t expect you to remember me.”

Lin Fan frowned.

‘Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?’

Abruptly, he thought of who this person was.

“Oh, I remember! So, it’s you bitch. I didn’t expect to see you with your real face. You’re excellent. I used to think it was because you were too ugly that you didn’t dare to show your real face.” Lin Fan teased.

“Kid, watch your words.”

The old woman couldn’t stand it. Repeatedly disrespecting the Holy Empress was provoking the Holy Palace.

Lin Fan smiled gently and said, “Old grandmother, you are old; why are you so grumpy? This is a matter for our young people; you can listen silently on the sidelines. I understand that you’re old… But I also know that when the old grandmother was young, she must have been an incomparable beauty as well. If you were younger, I would have paid attention to you as well.”

The Holy Empress looked at Lin Fan in shock. She really didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so bold. Even if he had spoken lightly to her, she didn’t expect that he would dare to do the same to her teacher.

“Boy, I should slap your mouth.”

The old woman was furious, burning with rage. She was about to make a move against Lin Fan but was stopped by the Holy Empress because it was indeed irrational to clash with Lin Fan.

Besides, the teacher’s strength was formidable but definitely not a match for the other side.

Lin Fan bristled and said, “Why do you have to be so angry, old lady? You’re angry even if you are praised. Could it be that you still want me to say that you are ugly and unpleasant? The older you get, the uglier you become?”

“Forget it; there is nothing to talk with you guys. I better go.”

He came out to get a good harvest.

The Eternal Divine Furnace was indeed a good treasure. As long as he didn’t touch it too deeply, nothing would happen. He also thought about the other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace in the Holy Palace.

Because when he got the Eternal Divine Furnace, he already felt that meditative involvement.


The Holy Empress opened her mouth. Her divine and inviolable self surprisingly revealed a charming look at this moment and said, “Could it be that the Holy Palace doesn’t catch your eye? You just came and want to leave; why don’t you stay and have a chat?”

Lin Fan pretended to tremble, “Holy Empress, I always feel that you have some ideas for me. You woman is too realistic, just like last time. I talk to you about feelings, but you want to whoring me. How can you say I am not afraid?”


“Holy Empress has revealed her true face. Indeed, it catches my eyes. Talking with a beautiful woman is also a good choice, but the premise is that the Holy Empress must not mention my age. I’m afraid I can’t carry it.”

He said these words with the Holy Empress, all without hiding. The people around heard them, and they all listened. Those Holy Palace disciples had their mouths open.

It was too much of a show.

They had never seen someone who dared to talk to the Holy Empress like this and still stand in place unharmed. Even the Holy Empress was not even angry and still treated with a smile on her face.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes… Even if people beat them to death, they would never believe it.

The Holy Empress took a deep breath and admonished herself in her heart to hold back and not to get angry, “Please.”

She invited Lin Fan to come inside the main hall for a chat. Lin Fan naturally went forward without fear.

Those disciples who watched looked dumbfounded. They didn’t expect the person who saved them was so powerful; it really wasn’t expected.


Inside the main hall.

Lin Fan laughed, “Let’s get right to the point about what’s going on? I don’t feel comfortable here. The way that old grandmother looked at me made me feel like you guys have surrounded me and that you want to do something untoward to me.”

“I’m worried in my heart.”

He was really shameless. After there was no danger, he completely unleashed his nature.

The old woman’s heart had been burning with anger; if not for this kid’s special circumstances, how could she let this kid run wild until now?

The Holy Empress smiled lightly, “Joking aside; this is the Holy Palace. How would that kind of thing happen? There is just one thing indeed that I hope will come true.”

“The Eternal Divine Furnace that you just got is not considered complete; the Holy Palace has the other half, if….”

Before she could finish her words, Lin Fan had already learned to snatch a reply.

“Ah? The Holy Empress is willing to be an adult and give me the Eternal Divine Furnace of the Holy Palace? That’s too polite, but it’s a piece of the Holy Empress’ heart, so I can only accept it reluctantly.” Lin Fan said with a look of reluctance.

The Holy Empress and the old woman looked on dumbfounded.

Why in the world would there be such a shameless person?

He was still so young that if he was allowed to continue growing, how far would this shamelessness eventually develop? It was already unimaginable.

The Holy Empress laughed, “I think there must be a misunderstanding. I mean that Fellow Cultivator Lin, are you willing to give the Eternal Divine Furnace to the Holy Palace? However, fellow cultivators can rest assured that as long as fellow cultivators say the conditions, I think the Holy Palace will definitely do it.”

Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction and said, “That’s what people say, think about last time, you even tried to whoring for nothing. So, I have a terrible impression of you; if you were like this last time, maybe I would have given you the thing… As for you wanting the Eternal Divine Furnace, it’s not impossible.”

“How about…. having a go?”

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