Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 340


Perhaps the words were a little high-end and confusing.

The Holy Empress and the old woman did not understand. However, looking at Lin Fan’s expression, she always felt that things seemed a bit off. That expression had a flirtatious meaning.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, how are you considering it? Are there any conditions you can put forward?” The Holy Empress asked. She wanted the Eternal Divine Furnace very much.

There was a time when the other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace didn’t exist in the Immortal Cultivator Realm. However, ever since Sheng Wushuang obtained the Immortal Destiny and brought out the other half, the Eternal Divine Furnace in the Holy Palace was vibrating as if it was saying, “My other half has come into existence.”


Lin Fan let out a sigh. “Holy Empress, do you see me as someone who is more lacking right now?”

The old woman on the side had been looking at Lin Fan warily. He was so slick at such a young age, and she had to keep an eye on the Holy Empress. There was absolutely no way she would let the Holy Empress be victimized by this kid.

The Holy Empress laughed, “I really don’t know what you lack. Why don’t you propose it? No matter what the conditions are, there is a possibility of success.”

“Well, since the Holy Empress is asking about it so much, then I’ll be straightforward.” Lin Fan rubbed his chin with the fingers of his hand and slowly said, “I seem to be lacking a partner in my cultivation until now. How about favor from the Holy Empress?”

He was idle and liked to flirt with others. Think about it. The Holy Empress was such a holy existence that ordinary people were respectful and treated her as inviolable, but Lin Fan liked to molest these people the most.

It should not be a crime to make a move, right?

The Holy Empress frowned. She always felt that this kid had a meaning. Could it be that he was like Sheng Wushuang and had his eyes locked on her disciple?

Her disciple had the title of the number one beauty in the Immortal Cultivator Realm. Everyone knew that. Her disciple was as beautiful as a painting. The dream girl in the hearts of countless men, even some old guys were thinking about it.

It was just that it was still uncertain who was being spoken of.

“Oh, since fellow cultivator has this need, it’s effortless. I don’t know which woman you have your eyes on; say it, and I will talk to the fellow cultivator. Although I don’t dare to guarantee it 100%, there is a great hope that it will work out.” The Holy Empress did not mention her disciple. She did not want her disciple to be vaulted away by the other side. She didn’t even think that the other side was aware of her disciple’s existence.

Lin Fan smiled; his eyes were a bit playful, “It’s actually effortless. As long as the Holy Empress says one word, then this will be done.”

“You have your eyes on my disciple?” The Holy Empress was shocked in her heart. She then said, “I can introduce you, but whether or not it can be accomplished depends on your destiny. Sheng Wushuang came for my disciple earlier, but I rejected him. However, you are different; you are much better than him and are indeed worthy of my disciple.”

Lin Fan was surprised.

What was the Holy Empress talking about?

‘A disciple?’

‘What does your disciple have to do with me? It isn’t like I had ever met your disciple.’

“I think the Holy Empress has misunderstood. I am not talking about your disciple, but you, the Holy Empress. As I said earlier, as long as you say one word, then this will be done… All you need to say is that I agree.”

Lin Fan smiled.

However, when these words reached the ears of the Holy Empress and the old woman, it was like a thunderstorm, booming loudly, blowing up their minds and trembling.

“Are you seeking death?”

The old woman could no longer hold back her hand. Even if the Holy Empress stopped her, she could not suppress the anger in her heart.

A slap came.

Everything around her seemed to be in the palm of her hand.

If it were an ordinary person, they would have been dazzled by this palm, directly vomiting blood and dying.

Lin Fan returned the palm, not moving a muscle, smiling at the old woman, “This old woman’s temper is horrible… If you don’t agree, just don’t agree, why do it?”

He knew that he would definitely be beaten up if he said this, but it was hard not to say what was in his heart. As the saying went, everything must be done as the heart desired. If the heart wanted you to say it, then say it, what could be a big deal?

At this time, The Holy Empress raised her hand and laughed, “This little brother still has a thief’s heart for his sister? Do you want to be my partner so much?”

“Hey, this is not a thief’s heart; it’s a chance for you to eat young grass. Not to mention the Eternal Divine Furnace, if you really want to become my couple, even my life will be yours.” Lin Fan said.

Fortunately, his strength was powerful enough. Otherwise, he was afraid that even his brains would be beaten out when he said these words just now.

The old woman didn’t understand why the Holy Empress wasn’t angry. What this kid said was treasonous.

The Holy Empress said, “Then does brother know how old sister is?”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “These are not the main points. Anyway, this is what I required, how about considering it? Normally, I come and go without a trace. If it takes longer, by the time the Holy Empress decided, it might have been too late.” 

The value of the Eternal Divine Furnace was worth a lot more than the flesh. No matter how beautiful the flesh was, it was all worthless in front of the Eternal Divine Furnace.

The Holy Empress took a deep breath. If she believed what Lin Fan said, it would really be too stupid. Although she didn’t have much contact, she knew what kind of person this kid in front of her really was.

‘Since that is the case, then let’s see how you want to play.’

The Holy Empress laughed, “Fine. Since brother wants sister to be your partner so much, then sister agrees to it.”


Lin Fan looked at the other side with an exaggerated expression as if he was stunned, “Holy Empress, you actually agreed. I didn’t expect that my guess was really right; you are that kind of woman. You can even sell yourself to get something. Scary, it’s really too scary.”

“If I become a couple with you, it’s hard to imagine how many cuckolds I will be wearing in the future.”

“Society, farewell.”

Lin Fan hurriedly stormed towards the outside.

The Holy Empress stood confused and stretched in place as if she was completely dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Lin Fan to say such a thing.


At this moment, a beautiful figure walked in from outside, and Lin Fan’s speed was extremely fast, just like a gust of wind.

“What a beautiful girl.”

Lin Fan was amazed and couldn’t help but reach out his hand, touch the girl’s face, and then disappear without a trace.

The girl trembled and felt something was wrong somewhere. However, she did not see anyone. Was it an illusion?

The thing was that Lin Fan’s speed was just too fast, so fast that the other side didn’t see her at all.



The Holy Empress was so angry that she was about to explode, not expecting to be humiliated in the end.

“I will go and capture him back.” The old woman’s body trembled with anger. She was so angry that she was going to be furious.

The Holy Empress blocked her, “Teacher, no need, you can’t catch him. I didn’t expect that this kid is still so abominable after not seeing him for a year. One day I will let him know that he is wrong.”

Suddenly, a young and beautiful woman came in a daze, “Master.”

When the Holy Empress saw her disciple coming, her face returned to a smile and said, “An, how was the trip?”

“Master, everything went well, except that just now I felt a gust of wind blowing past in front of me as if someone had touched my face.” An Miaoyi said.

When the Holy Empress heard this, her face was also a little sulky.
‘Damn kid. I should’ve really chopped off his hands and feet’

Even when he was leaving, he also took advantage of her disciple.

It was a pity.

The other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace appeared in front of her, but she could not get it. She wondered if she would have a chance in the future.


A certain place.

A crack caved in the void, and Sheng Wushuang rolled out of it in a mess and landed on the ground shakily.

“Damn it.”

“Why did it turn out like this. To think that I, Saint Wushuang, am gifted with great talent, and at first glance, I am a person with great fortune. I have also obtained the Immortal Destiny; why did I lose miserably at the hands of that kid.”

The most unacceptable thing to him was this matter. Perhaps it was the sad thought, and anger attacked his heart. A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

The Eternal Divine Furnace was snatched away by the opponent, making him unbearable. It was his treasure, and it could be said that it was a heavy loss.

However, it was good that there were still many things that had not been snatched away.

There was still hope for everything.

The Eternal Secret Hidden Key was his last thought. If he could open the cave left behind by the Eternal Immortal in the Immortal Cultivation Realm, with the key’s guidance, there would not be any problem if he wanted to find the place where the secret hidden treasure was located.

As long as he got everything inside the secret treasure, all the losses could be made up.

“Just wait for me. What this young master has lost, he will definitely take back with his own hands.”

Sheng Wushuang’s eyes were fierce. He had completely held a grudge against Lin Fan.

There would be no rest until death.


Northern Wasteland.

That mysterious demon in the Forbidden Land had forcibly allowed the great powers of the demon and demon cultivator to ascend through the tribulation, viciously weakening the three cultivators’ strength.

The Four Emperors of the Northern Wasteland were in cultivation. However, while they were cultivating, a voice resounded in their ears.

When they learned the news, they were stunned, even incredulous, feeling like someone was joking with them.

However, what kind of cultivation level were they?

They were not an existence that could communicate soundlessly.

Therefore, they could be sure that this one who wanted to play with them had terrifying cultivation that was absolutely unimaginable. Hence, with the idea that they would rather believe it, they secretly opened the channel and poked around the news. If it was true, then for the demons, the opportunity had come.

Demons had lived in the Northern Wasteland for so long. After the suffering, now, it was time to let those guys in the Immortal Cultivator Realm have a good taste of it.

Eventually, the news passed back.

Indeed it was true.

After entering the forbidden area, the most powerful people from both demon and demon cultivator never came out again. According to the news passed out by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, they had indeed all ascended.


Demon Valley.

Four demon emperors gathered together.

The four emperors among the demons glanced at each other, and all laughed out loud.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape roared wildly, beating its chest. Its huge palm grabbed towards the depths of the Demon Valley and caught a banner in the darkness. This banner was majestic, embroidered with countless demon patterns, emitting a strong demonic aura.

“I invite the demon streamer. All come.”

With its stance standing on top of the sky, the Nine-Headed Demon Ape waved the demon-inviting streamer.

All the Northern Wasteland demons looked into the distance as if they were being pulled. Then each hissed as if they were responding to the beckoning streamer’s call.



At this moment, the ground in the Northern Wasteland was shaking as relentless and endless demons surged to one place from all directions.
The opportunity for revenge seemed to have arrived.

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