Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 343


When the Sect Master Bai Qiu returned to the Greatest Martial Sect, he talked with several senior disciples.

The demons would leave the Northern Wasteland and open the demon channel, which was a major event. The number of demons was really too many, a sea of numbers. Once a big war happened, it was bound to scour the living, and the whole Immortal Cultivator World would be turned upside down.

“Just now, a few great immortal sect’s Sect Master came to me and told me about the demons. They reached an agreement with the four demon emperors that as long as the great immortal sects do not get involved in this matter, they will not involve the war here but will target the demon sect and only want to occupy the demon sect territory.”
“What do you think, brothers and sisters?”

When Bai Qiu said about this matter, all of them fell into contemplation.

This matter was a bit complicated.
“This thing shouldn’t be taken lightly,” An Elder gloomy said, “Immortals, demons, and demon cultivators have developed peacefully until now; they have formed a tacit agreement long ago. Even if there is an occasional conflict, it will definitely not come to a sect battle.”
“Well, senior brother has a point, but the number of demons is unimaginable. Once they open the channel in the mortal world, we are afraid that it will be difficult to take care of.”

The Sect Master said, “That’s why I’m discussing with you guys. When demons open the channel, they will certainly let the demonic qi change the surrounding environment. For the cultivators, the demonic qi can be resisted. However, for the mortals, when they get infected with the muddy demonic qi, they will certainly be infected and become violent and hostile demons.”
“At that time, even if we have heavenly means, it will be difficult to change the situation.”
Another Elder said, “It seems that the ascension of the great powers of the demon and demon cultivators through the tribulation has given hope to the demons… With the number of demons, once they stepped into the Immortal Cultivator Realm, it was like the transit of locusts, difficult to resist.”

Just when they were thinking about this matter, Lin Fan had long since gone after the demonic qi, looking for the passage.

In a mountain range.
A demon channel was completely opened, and the strong demonic qi seemed to possess a spiritual nature, gushing out frantically and seeping into the surrounding plants.
The originally green and lush plants, infected from the roots, gradually turned black, giving a visual impression as hideous, just like those somewhat scary plants growing in the Demon Cave.
Immediately after, two figures came out of the passage. They looked as if they were human, but on closer inspection, they were not human. They were cockroach-like, but they could walk upright as cockroach demons.

At this moment, they were sneaky, observing the situation around them.
They took a deep breath.
“Wow! The air of the Immortal Cultivator Realm is just fresh.”
“Fresh, my ass. It’s no different from the Northern Wasteland.”
“The king called us to check the situation; It feels so dangerous.”
“Dangerous, my ass, we are backed by ten thousand demon brothers; what is there to be afraid of?”
The two cockroach demons acted as if they had never seen the world and were looking around. They had rarely seen such an environment in the Northern Wasteland. Although it had been polluted by demonic qi, it still had a great attraction to them.
The cultivation level of these two demons wasn’t high. When placed in the demon army, at most, they belong to the cannon fodder level.

When placed in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, they would definitely not attract any attention. Even if a strong person saw them, they would perhaps be left unattended—just two small demons, too lazy to make a move to suppress them.
When they learned that they were sent to scout the surrounding area, they were nervous and excited. They were afraid of being discovered by human cultivators and crushed fiercely.
However, they were curious about everything in the Immortal Cultivator Realm.
When they were born, they lived in the Northern Wasteland. As to what the Immortal Cultivator Realm looked like, they had only heard the legends passed down from their ancestors. Some demons had fled from the Immortal Cultivator Realm and told about it.
Suddenly, something different happened.

“Wait, I sense human’s qi. It’s powerful and very close.”
“What? Don’t you scare me! We just came out; how could we meet human cultivators?”
“It’s very close, very close…. Huh, he’s right there.”

One of the Cockroach Demons’ face changed drastically and looked at the figure that wasn’t far from them.
Lin Fan blinked his eyes, frowned, and muttered in his heart. Could there be something wrong with these two demons’ brains? Or was it near-sightedness because it had been some time since he appeared in front of the two. 

Surprisingly, they did not respond.
Instead, they said so much nonsense.

They only found out now.
“Why you, a human cultivator, came here? I tell you, behind us are ten thousand demons. So, if you don’t want to die, get the hell out of here for us with your tail between your legs right now.” The Cockroach Demon said viciously.
Lin Fan had no interest in weak demons.
“It’s too weak.”
He didn’t make a move but released his power pressure to crush it.

The two Cockroach Demons were violently squashed to the ground by the strong pressure, while Lin Fan continued to go ahead and explore. After all, these two demons were too weak and not worth making a move.

However, just at that moment, something that surprised Lin Fan happened.

He stopped and looked back, and the two demons weren’t dead.
He frowned. These two demons were very weak and were only at the second level of the Destiny Stage. Although the pressure he just made wasn’t the full strength, the ordinary Golden Stage would be crushed to death and fall directly.
He gazed at it.
[Cockroach Demon: Second Level of Destiny Stage.]
[Chance of dropping: Second Grade Earth Spirit Root, Cockroach Breathing Technique, World Bearing, Qi 256, Cockroach Legs, Cockroach Flesh…]
[Remarks: Play dead….]
They were very weak, and even the drop was unremarkable. They might have been somewhat attractive in the past, but now, well, they were naturally not attractive at all. 
Soon, he found the problem.
‘The world?’
‘What kind of talent is this?’
He thought of what he once learned about biology. Cockroaches were also known as the little strong immortal because they could carry more than nine hundred times their own weight. This was a demon… The limit must be very high, and he heard that the cockroach could squeeze its body and weave through a tiny gap.

Whether it was true, he wasn’t sure.

At this moment, the cockroach demon lying on the ground made eye contact.
“Psst, Play dead.”
“Shit, why isn’t he leaving yet. He won’t find anything, right?”
“Maybe he wants to eat cockroach baked goods.”
The surroundings were quiet, and Lin Fan thought for a while.
There was a flash of light that brushed a Cockroach Demon… as if it was a flame burning, the Cockroach Demon was instantly red and had been roasted. 

There was even the fragrance of roasted wafting out.

The surviving Cockroach Demon looked on in awe.
‘This human cultivator is so cruel that he really wants to eat the cockroach.’
The surviving Cockroach Demon did not dare to move and was trembling inside. The demon wasn’t afraid of death. Playing dead was not cowardice but necessary to survive when he met such a cruel human cultivator.

‘Huh, there is no drop.’
With Lin Fan’s current strength, it would be tough to drop something from a weak demon unless the heavens rewarded him with something.
Suddenly, he looked up at the sky and didn’t look back for a long time.

The surviving Cockroach Demon found that the human cultivator looked up at the sky for a long time, and his heart fumed with panic. Just now, it was fire-roasted; could it be that the opponent was thinking of ideas? 
Just when he was thinking about these, he saw the light sweeping in. The speed was so fast that he didn’t even shout before he was unconscious.

He just realized.

It turned out that he would be roasted by fire.


After killing two Cockroach Demons in a row, Lin Fan naturally had no hope and lifted his feet to prepare to leave.


[Obtained Talent: World Bearing] [World Bearing: Cockroach Demon Talent that could withstand a thousand times its own pressure.]


Lin Fan stopped, a little confused. He really didn’t think it would burst out. He looked up at the sky, looked at the gray dome, and fell into deep contemplation.

‘Could it be that the heavens favour me?’

Such a weak two demons burst out this thing; it was unexpectable.

He really didn’t expect that this talent was actually an entering immortal level.


It was terrifying.

At the same time, he couldn’t underestimate any demon. Their talent was often very magical. Some demon powers had weak talent aptitudes. Some were seemingly weak, but their talent aptitudes were amazing.

This kind of talent was very dominant. When encountering an equal opponent, it might seem as if there was no use.

But when it came to real ancient great powers, it was excellent stuff.

Ordinary great powers liked to subdue the weak with their power, just like Lin Fan dealt with these two Cockroach Demons. However, having this was different, and trying to kill by power pressure was a dream.

Lin Fan looked at the two already dead demons and recited an Amitabha as a kind of respect. The intention was to show that he had gotten such a great benefit from people.

Not long after, he stood at the edge of the demon passage. The strong demonic qi emanated from it, covering the sky densely and covering this nearby area completely.

There wasn’t just one demon passage here.

Once it was determined that all of them left the Northern Wasteland and stepped into the Immortal Cultivator Realm, it would definitely be a complete mess with the number of demons.

However, he didn’t want to care about this for the time being.

First of all, he should solve the matter in front of him.

Lin Fan lifted his foot, gathered the qi, and fell fiercely. With a click, the ground was shattered by the qi pressure. There was a crack like a giant dragon, sweeping towards the inside of the demon passage.

The whole ground was broken open as if the sky was cracked. The scene was amazing. If ordinary people saw this scene, they would be absolutely shocked jaws dropped.


Inside the demon passage, the demons set up camp. A True Stage demon led each team. Without prying around the ground where the passage extended, they did not enter rashly.

Just at that moment, The True Stage demon within this passage fiercely gazing into the distance. He saw the ground cracking in the distance, as if an earth dragon was roaring to come, and immediately became furious. He roared, and a vast force shrieked away, colliding with the force coming from the distance with a roaring sound.


“We have not yet arrived; how dare the human cultivators come to trouble us.”

“I would like to see who is so bold.”

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