Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 344


The demons inside the passage cried out in anger; they knew that human cultivators were coming.

The demons’ hatred for the human reached the extreme. During casual conversations, the demons were discussing how they should eat the human. From the head or from the feet or the other way around, leaving them to argue endlessly.

In the blink of an eye, a purple light flashed by.

The demons knew it was their powerful demon making a move that would surely make the human cultivators regret coming here.



Lin Fan stood there indifferently, wrapping mystic arts around him. These were all learned mystic arts, prepared in advance and waiting for the demons to arrive.

Soon, an incredible power came out from the depths of the passage. It was the qi of a powerful demon who couldn’t stand Lin Fan’s provocation and finally had to step in to teach him a lesson.
At this moment, Lin Fan found that many tiny powders were falling from the air, very tiny, uncatchable to the naked eye. However, when these powders were dense to a certain degree, they formed substances.

The powder landed on his clothes, penetrating the small holes in his clothes and landing on his skin.
He found that these powders seemed to burrow into his skin; only his flesh was so strong that these powders brought hostility and were directly shaken and dispersed into smoke.
“Human cultivator, how dare you to come here? Be prepared to be swallowed by me in one bite?”
Immediately afterward, a huge figure covered the sky. The light in the sky was blocked, and this mountain range gradually darkened.
“Is this a moth?” Lin Fan looked up, quite curious.

The opponent was exactly like a moth, only with a human face. His wings were stunning, colorful, with many gaudy patterns, but were covered with dense little black dots.
Although he didn’t know what it was, it gave him an awful feeling.

[Moth Demon Ancestor: Longevity Ninth True Stage.]
[Chance to drop: Ninth Grade Fire Spirit Root, Virtual Delusion Demon Eye, Advancement, Qi 110,000, Great Sun Fire, Ten Thousand Eyes Dazzling Void Realm….]
[Remark: Reclaim the territory to which the demon belongs.]

Interestingly enough. It was usually said that moths flutter to the flame, but looking at the opponent’s drop introduction, this wasn’t the case. Even the spirit roots were Fire Spirit Root, and he also practiced many fire-based High-Grade Mystic Art.
It seemed that the prerequisite to becoming a demon was to overcome all obstacles.
“Just you, a human cultivator?”
The Moth Demon Ancestor was astonished. He had expected there to be many human cultivators, but he didn’t expect there to be only one.
Lin Fan laughed, “Are you feeling surprised? Only me is enough. I am afraid that if more people come, you won’t be able to bear it.”
Perhaps it was Lin Fan’s words that upset the Moth Demon Ancestor.
A sharp hissing roar was transmitted.
The sound waves were terrifying, and the impact was like a sharp blade, cutting through everything. The surrounding mountains shattered and annihilated, turning into ruins… The good and lofty mountains wholly disappeared, leaving only flat land.
Lin Fan didn’t move a muscle, his long hair fluttered, and his eyes changed from playful to stern.

Gathering the God Spear, he viciously threw it out.


A black qi cut through the sky.
Moth Demon Ancestor felt the terrifying aura and was startled, instantly making a counterattack. His wings burst, and his qi rushed.
In a flash of lightning, The God Spear pierced directly through the Moth Demon Ancestor’s wing, breaking open a hole. The green blood splashed out, while at the broken wound, the tendons and veins swayed like tentacles.

“Although you are a True Stage, your qi is too weak. A gulf separates the gap between you and me.”
“If I tell you so much, you may not be able to understand. However, the strike just now was just a casual strike from my hand, so you should be able to understand.”
Lin Fan felt that this demon in front of him always thought too much.
True Stages were indeed powerful.
To dominate one side, everyone had to call him a senior brother when they saw him.
However, there were also high and low levels of greatness.
Originally, the Moth Demon Ancestor could have had a happy and splendid life, but it was the beginning of sorrow when he met Lin Fan.
The Moth Demon Ancestor was furious. He saw the black dots on his wings explode with dazzling light, and they were clearly his eyes. They were opened, and the moment, the world shook, and something horrible happened.
Ten thousand black rays burst out from the dense eyes, instantly covered Lin Fan.
The surrounding space was pulled by this power and distorted, bending and curving, not like the real world.
“The demons’ abilities from their inherent characteristics are indeed terrifying.”

Lin Fan’s heart clearly understood why demons would appear to be the same as demon cultivators. When, in reality, demons were unwilling to give up their talent because it would make them stronger.

Lin Fan gathered his qi and launched a palm. It struck in the air and collided with those ten thousand rays of light.


With a boom, a violent roar resounded through the world. The radiant light covered the entire sky.
“How is that possible?!”
The Moth Demon Ancestor was shocked, but the Void Demon Eye’s power was not as powerful as the opponent’s casual strike. Immediately afterward, a mighty force instantly covered the Moth Demon Ancestor.
“It’s over.”
Lin Fan didn’t even break a sweat. The opponent’s strength was good, but his qi was too different from his, and the power was even more different.
He looked into the distance.
The power of a palm was terrifying to such an extent, and it was also frightening.
But soon, he realized that things seemed to be a little different from what he thought.
“This is?”
He saw a huge nymph in the distance as if something was breathing inside. It was holding and expanding for a while, and there were dense lines on the surface. Suddenly, these lines bloomed with dazzling light, turning into a radiant tentacle, instantly covering the sky. Then as if they found Lin Fan, they swept ruthlessly.


Lin Fan cast his mystic art, whistling. The fire descended, burning those tentacles, except that even if these tentacles were burned, there would be more tentacles sweeping in.
It was continuous, and there was no end to it.
“Could this be the Moth’s talent?”
He had long seen the Moth Demon Ancestor clearly, and there was a talent in the drop. Obviously, he had already been killed by him… However, it was amazing that it could turn into a silkworm chrysalis and send out such a terrifying attack.
If he guessed it right, this talent aptitude must be into the entering immortal level.
It was equivalent to having a second life.
“Hmph, it’s useless even if you have two lives; strength determines everything.”
Lin Fan’s eyes blazed up. His sharp qi coalesced itself and instantly executed the High-Grade Mystic Art, Ninth-Level Flying Immortal Technique.

With a swoosh, a ray of light swept away and ruthlessly cut down on the silkworm pupa.


Flesh and blood flew, and green blood splashed across the world.
A crisp sound came.
A golden light flickering in the crack, followed by a storm that surged up and instantly formed a storm tugging at the sky. 
A terrifying qi spilled out.
“Here we go again…”
Lin Fan frowned. This demon gave him an extraordinary feeling. It was different from what he thought at all.
Naturally, he knew how powerful mystic art was. Each mystic art had its own characteristics, especially those above the Gold Level, which were really dominating for the strongest.
Just when he was thinking about these, the situation changed again…
A huge humanoid figure appeared, and gradually, the dust dissipated. He could see the Moth Demon Ancestor clearly. It was a humanoid moth. The wings on its back turned golden, and when it moved slightly, it set off a small storm.
“Hahahaha, human cultivator, your time of death has come.”
The Moth Demon Ancestor laughed wildly, clenching his hands. His power was boiling, and his thick qi was infinitely swollen.
Lin Fan’s eyes glowed, and he exclaimed powerfully. His mouth opened as if he saw something unbelievable. But in an instant, his face turned cold.

With a bang, the ground crumbled, and he disappeared in place…

When he reappeared, he appeared in front of the Moth Demon Ancestor. His eyes glittering and a smile on the corner of his mouth, “Very strong indeed, but the gap between the qi, haven’t you really thought about it?”
Lin Fan’s two fists gathered strength and ruthlessly blasted at the Moth Demon Ancestor’s body.

The Moth Demon Ancestor’s chest was directly penetrated, and blood splashed out in large quantities.

“How can….”

Moth Demon Ancestor pupils open wide, and his face revealed horror. He didn’t dare to look down at his chest incredulously. The broken blood hole, indicating that just now wasn’t a dream; everything was real… His talent and mystic arts were advanced. After the nymphs came to this situation today, it would only become stronger.

The qi was stronger, and the power was more terrifying.
Enough to sweep everything.
But now…
Just when he didn’t believe this thing, Lin Fan gave a low roar. His fist rose to the sky and ruthlessly blasted at the opponent’s jaw. With a click, the jaw suffered this punch and directly shattered; the face was completely unrecognizable.

Lin Fan didn’t give the Moth Demon Ancestor any chance to speak. His five fingers grabbed at the opponent’s head and fell fiercely, slapping it on the ground.

With a puff, the opponent’s head was like a watermelon falling to the ground, directly exploding, blood and flesh flying everywhere.
The Moth Demon Ancestor’s spirit quickly swept out. It was in the shape of a moth, panicking and running towards the demon passage.
“Do you want to run?”
Lin Fan sneered but did not move. Instead, he cast his mystic art. A demonic lotus immediately bloomed in the distant void, quickly swallowing the Moth Demon Ancestor’s spirit.
For the Moth Demon Ancestor, everything happened really fast… He hadn’t even said a word before he was beheaded by a human cultivator, not even a fart.
“Actually, my request is not too high. Just drop the Moth Demon Ancestor’s talent out.”
“Is that too much to ask?”
Lin Fan waited quietly.
Perhaps the heavens were still on his side this time. After all, they had just stood once, so it wouldn’t hurt to stand once more.
[Obtained Spirit Root: Ninth Grade Fire Spirit Root.]
And then…
There was no then.
“Aww shucks!”
Lin Fan was very dissatisfied and looked up to the heavens.
‘Give me one more chance to die.’
God: There was a bit of an old forced number in his heart.
For Lin Fan, the Ninth Grade Fire Spirit Root was difficult to get on, even if he was now an Eighth Grade Fire Spirit Root.
As expected, he was a person without a compulsive number.

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