Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 347


The Heavenly Roc Dragon Eagle whispered, “Why not join forces and kill him here? This kid has brutalized so many of our clansmen, keeping him is a scourge. More so, we should give an explanation to the clansmen.”

“Not good. We all know the strength of this kid. It’s hard to take him down unless we lay down a net of the world.” The Dragon Emperor was more worried.

He didn’t have any good feelings towards Lin Fan either. He also had the heart to kill the opponent. However, everything depended on the situation.

Of course, now that there were so many demon powers, if they all struck out and suppressed the opponent by thunder and lightning, there was no such possibility.

It wasn’t easy to decide after weighing.

There was a time when he would have thought he was in this situation. In the past, no matter who it was, it was natural to catch it and suppress it, but now the situation was quite a headache.

“What are you guys whispering about? Are you trying to keep me here? How about giving it a try, maybe it does work out?”

Lin Fan saw that the Four Demon Emperors did not act and was a bit puzzled. Did they all change to vegetarians?

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape growled, “Do you really want to die? Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you think you are strong? If you want to die I will make it happen for you.”

“Hahahaha…” Lin Fan laughed, his voice was cold, “You are not qualified, even you Four Demon Emperors are not capable of this. However, you’re the demon masters and you’re all here. If you strike together, there might be a ray of hope. .”

The demons were angry, and their mouths spit out fen!

The abominable human cultivators, how dare he humiliated them like this.



The demons roared in anger. One of them took the lead and shouted to kill, and soon there was a continuous stream of killing sounds. They all wanted to kill this human because he was too damn arrogant. It was really hard to hold back. Especially since they were now as strong as ever and unstoppable, it made their self-confidence explode.

Lin Fan gazed at the demons below and laughed, “What’s the use of shouting like this. Demon Emperors, you’re powerful but you don’t dare to fight me at all. Now, I’ve come single-handedly to see what kind of blood you demons have. It seems to be no more than that now. The Northern Wasteland is most suitable for you.”

“In that case, I’ll send you back.”

He instantly struck out, and a huge palm pressed toward the bottom.

The power was terrifying.

Once it fell, the demons below would not survive.


The Snowfield Lion King was furious, turning into a white light that appeared below. His demonic power boiled, turning into an ice sculpture with giant palms rushing up to the sky, colliding with each other and forming terrifying shocks.

But soon, these seemingly terrifying shock waves seemed to be frozen by the bin, solidifying and unable to continue spreading towards the surroundings.

“What a powerful mystic art.” Lin Fan praised.

The demon mystic art was indeed powerful. The Snowfield Lion King’s mystic art had a great relationship with his original body.

When the Dragon Emperor saw Lin Fan make a move, he became furious, “You really want to do this?”

Lin Fan said, “Are you blind? I have already made my move, yet you ask me if I really want to do so. I found a problem, not only are you timid, your eyes are also a bit blind.”

The Dragon Emperor was burning with rage. Being humiliated like this, if he could still endure it, his face had nowhere to rest.

In a flash, The Dragon Emperor vanished into the air. His body size became bigger, and his dragon tail swept across, ruthlessly crushing away.

Perhaps it was too much anger.

The power of his strike was indeed great.


Lin Fan raised his hand to resist. The power of the dragon transforming into a dragon was indeed very strong. His body retreated, and with a swoosh, he appeared in the distance.

“Dragon Emperor, your strength is more powerful than a year ago. It seems that that time was a bit of a blow to you, go back and have a good practice.”

When he provoked like this, who could bear it? Not to mention the demons; even the rabbits could bite in a hurry.

“Everyone, join hands to kill him.” The Dragon Emperor roared and rushed directly towards Lin Fan. He originally still had scruples, but after this kind of humiliation, he no longer wanted to hold back, so what if the opponent was strong?

With the demon’s current power, there was no problem killing him.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape angrily hammered his chest, “I have been waiting impatiently for a long time.”

His temper was irritable. How could he tolerate others shouting in front of him? Of course, he followed closely behind.

As for the other demon powers, they were all amazed. This human cultivator was a bit rampant; he didn’t know how to survive.

The Dragon Emperor fought with Lin Fan. They couldn’t take any advantage at all and even felt as if the opponent’s strength had become stronger, much stronger than even a year ago.


The roar of the collision resounded through the world.

The dazzling divine light even covered the world, forming a terrifying turmoil. Often, in battles between great powers, conflicts erupt from the most inconspicuous to the world’s final destruction.


“It can, indeed it can.”

“It does feel good to have demon powers surrounding me, but if you don’t show your true skills, you won’t be able to kill me.”

Lin Fan laughed out loud. The Golden Gourd wrapped around, and a giant dragon shadow even emerged behind him. The Ancestral Dragon’s Body was worthy of being an extremely strong physical body mystic art; it was too strong.


A sound of breaking air came from a powerful demon who performed a talent. As if disappearing between the world, the whistling sound of fronts could be vaguely felt.

There was a clanging sound.

A powerful demon’s finger sharpness, as if it contained the stars of the heavens. It landed hard on his body, and the sound of clashing metal passed through, not causing any trouble to Lin Fan.

“Nice talent to hide qi.” Lin Fan said back.

His current physical body couldn’t even be harmed a bit by a Dao Artifact. Not to mention having the Golden Gourd protecting his body, how much could the opponent be able to break through his defense.

The powerful demon was amazed as if he had seen a ghost.

Immediately after that, heavy power was transmitted.


The powerful demon raised his hand to resist, instantly spitting blood and flying. All kinds of blasts hit the ground, killing many demons.

Lin Fan was surrounded by mystic arts entwined, dozens of mystic arts shocked the world. His eyes changed, a pair of demon eyes emerged, and the demon powers enveloped with their eyes trembled.

It was as if some terrifying force was holding them back.

The Dragon Emperor and many other powerful demons discovered Lin Fan’s eyes. They were all very surprised. This was definitely a mystic art that only demons could possess, so how could the opponent have it? And the power was even more terrifying, to the extent that it caused an illusion.


Forbidden area!

The mysterious demon who once struck to extradite many great powers to ascend, sitting on his knees, with mysterious substances wrapped around him.

These substances possessed a spiritual nature, transforming into a wheel and the stars of the heavens.

As the mysterious demon frowned tightly, various visions broke up and dissipated into smoke.

The mysterious demon opened his eyes. As if a meteor had flashed in his eyes, he flew into the dark void of space, “The key obstacle to the demon’s ability to rise is him.”

He was watching when the demon left the Northern Wasteland.

The beginning was perfect, setting off towards his expected stage.

Although he could not leave the forbidden area, as the Demons Ancestor, he had to think about the demons’ future. The Northern Wasteland was too bitter and wretched. If the demons wanted to be proud of the world, they had to leave the Northern Wasteland and return to where they once were.

He let those great powers ascend, and there was no big problem. It was their problem that those people entered the forbidden land, and naturally, they would not be affected.

But today, he had already felt what Lin Fan had done in the demon stronghold.

It was too powerful.

At this point, he was deep in hesitation.

In the end, what should be done?

He could not sit idly by; he must do something for the demon. Moreover, this was also a battle of qi because he was causing the lowering qi of the demon sect. The demon should have stayed in the Northern Wasteland, but he sent a message to the Four Demon Emperors, asking them to lead the demon to leave the Northern Wasteland, kill the demon in the Immortal Cultivator Realm and occupy the demon territory.

The mysterious demon looked behind him at the already tightly closed rift and frowned. One more strike should not cause any problems.

Perhaps it was already thought.

Steeply, the qi on the mysterious demon changed to extremely terrifying.

Eyes emerged from its body.

These eyes were pitch-black, without any light, yet they had a feeling of being regal.


Light splashed out from the countless eyes and coalesced a little to break the air.


As if the mysterious demon suffered some heavy trauma, a mouthful of blood spurted out fiercely, and arcane runes appeared on his body, followed by burning golden flames, burning the mysterious demon screaming miserably.

“Spare my life, spare my life.”

“I have been guarding this place for countless years, only wanting to seek a piece of life for the demon, and I will never dare to do so again.”

The flames dissipated.

The runes floating on the body rose into the air, turning into a thunder whip to ruthlessly whip on the mysterious demon.

With each stroke, the void seemed to break up once.


“Is this all you have?” Lin Fan laughed.

He could still laugh in the face of so many demons; what a rampant person.

Even if he had injuries on his body, it still did not affect him.

Suddenly, his heart jumped as if there was imminent danger. He curbed his smile. He couldn’t laugh a bit because his pseudo-bronze level talent suddenly alarming and constantly reminded him that a heavenly terror was coming.

There was the fear of life.


Lin Fan directly shocked back the surrounding demons, retreating far away. His eyes looked around, where exactly the crisis came from.

The strongest of the demons could not have given him this feeling.


The Dragon Emperor was surprised. What the hell was the opponent up to? Why did he reveal such a grave look? Could it be that something was about to happen?

But it was impossible.

He had to admit this, a group of powerful demons surrounded him, and the opponent stood invincible by his mystic art and immortal treasures.

The most crucial thing was that the opponent’s qi was too muddy.

The muddy was a bit amazing.

It was too terrifying.

“This is….”

The Dragon Emperor also felt a terrifying force coming. Although it hadn’t arrived yet, the power that was transmitted made him feel a little shudder.

Lin Fan ignored these demons. Instead, he kept retreating.

At the same time, he cast his immortal treasures, not only the Golden Gourd but also the Eternal Divine Furnace he had obtained. Even though the Divine Furnace was disabled, but under this unknown crisis, he could not care less.

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