Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 348



Lin Fan wanted to curse when he saw the scene appear in the distance.

Looking at the situation, it was obvious that it was passing from a distant place.

Someone was killing people across the air without any reasoning.


The demon powers froze in shock. At this point, they felt like a small boat at the mercy of the wind and rain, swaying from side to side, ready to capsize and overturn in the sea.

A deep sense of powerlessness surged to the heart.

The simple-minded Nine-Headed Demon Ape exclaimed when he felt the qi, “The old ancestor has struck. The old ancestor is going to open up a new path for the demon, he is damned.”

“Shut up.” The Dragon Emperor angrily rebuked. He didn’t expect the Nine-Headed Demon Ape to tell everything out. Didn’t he know that nowadays, everything needed to be careful?

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape shut up and didn’t say anything and obviously knew that he had said more.

“Old ancestor?” Lin Fan frowned; who exactly was the Nine-Headed Demon Ape talking about just now?

The demon actually had such an existence.

It was true that he didn’t know who, but it was indeed exactly as he thought… Someone was indeed pushing behind the scenes. Otherwise, with the Four Demon Emperors’ ability, they might not have the guts to do so.


Far away, the void cracked an aperture, and that unknown and irresistible power passed to come.

Without the extremely high cultivation level, in the face of this kind of power, the body would be difficult to withstand and directly cracked.

A light swept in, and the world was covered by light. There was no trace of shadow, and everything seemed to have been overturned.


The Golden Gourd spun, and the paths of golden light splashed away,. However, all were destroyed by the light, without even a hint of resistance.

The golden river water waves surging, transformed into a golden dragon face hideous roar and went, wanting to swallow the light in one bite. However, the golden dragon screamed miserably and shattered into pieces.

And turned into nothingness…

“Really fucking strong. They clearly want me to die.” Lin Fan looked grave. His whole body was densely covered with qi, 160,000 of qi was strong, and could be called the strongest in today’s Immortal Cultivator Realm.


Lin Fan raised the Eternal Divine Furnace high, then fiercely placed it in front of him. The spirit stones surfaced and turned into spiritual energy that poured into the Divine Furnace.

“Hahahaha, there are too many existences in the world that want Lin Fan dead. You rat bastard want to kill me across the sky, let’s see how much you are capable of.”


He slapped both palms on the Eternal Divine Furnace, and a booming sound was transmitted. The Golden Gourd blossomed into a ten-thousand-foot radiance, containing the might of the innate heavens blasting into the incoming light.

The aftermath was like a wave, passing in all directions.

“Not good.”

The Dragon Emperor was greatly alarmed. He didn’t expect this kid to be so able to resist. And to be able to hold out under such a terrifying might.

The most crucial thing was that the aftershocks that spread out were terrifying. Without stopping it, the surrounding demons would all be shaken to death by this aftershock.



A barrier appeared, blocking the aftershock. However, the Dragon Emperor alone couldn’t hold out, and all the surrounding demon powers instantly struck out.

‘Who did that?’

‘Who was the Old Ancestor that the Nine-Headed Demon Ape just said?’

Lin Fan never heard of it before.


The Golden Gourd was indeed very strong, but Lin Fan had not completely refined it.

“So strong.”

Lin Fan could hardly imagine which son of a bitch was trying to get him killed.

This power was too strong.

It was ancient and deep.

The Golden Gourd shook away, slightly vibrating and wrapping around Lin Fan, consuming a great amount of power and somewhat unhelpful, “I rely on you, Eternal Immortal. Someone else is going to fuck you, and if I were you, I would never tolerate such an arrogant person.”

Lin Fan didn’t know if the Eternal Immortal could hear it but there were times when the waste had to be put to good use.


That powerful force ruthlessly collided with the Eternal Divine Furnace, emitting an earth-shattering rumble.

The Eternal Divine Furnace blossomed into an endless light. Patterns emerged on the Divine Furnace. That was the immortal imprinted on the immortal pattern, containing the world’s great dao, but also had thick immortal dao laws intertwined.

Although there was the Eternal Divine Furnace in front, but Lin Fan could still feel the irresistible power crushing.


Lin Fan looked down in disbelief as his flesh showed signs of cracking and blood spilled out.

This was simply a bit terrifying in his eyes.

He had cultivated the Ancestral Dragon’s Body; his flesh body’s strength has long been strong to a certain degree. He couldn’t have imagined what happened right now. To think that even with the Eternal Divine Furnace in front of him, he could still suffer such injuries.

There was something unexplainable.

But Lin Fan knew, without the protection of these immortal treasures, he was afraid that he would have died long ago.

The situation didn’t change just because of the presence of the Eternal Divine Furnace; the pressure was still great. The power coming from afar was just too terrifying.

The Eternal Divine Furnace shook. It seemed that it couldn’t hold any longer.


The Dragon Emperor’s face showed joy and said, “He’s dead. No matter who it is, they can’t save him.”

‘The Old Ancestor is really powerful. Once he makes a move, any strong enemy would vanish into thin air.’

Suddenly, a shocking scene happened.

There was a fierce winding surrounding the world. It was as if some kind of great terrifying existence was about to appear again.

Lin Fan was bruised and battered. His eyes were stern, but a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. It seemed that the Eternal Immortal within the Eternal Divine Furnace will no longer sit back and let this happen.

A mysterious qi emanated from within the Divine Furnace.

Lin Fan, who was standing behind the Divine Furnace, immediately felt immense pressure.

“This is….” The Dragon Emperor’s expression changed in shock as if he had seen a ghost. As he felt a power that shouldn’t exist in this world emerge from within the Divine Furnace.

‘What the hell is that?’

Suddenly, A shadow appeared.

The shadow of the Eternal Immortal Dignity was vast and boundless. The naked eye could see it, and it was burned by inches of golden light. As if it was the might of the Immortal Dignity, and other mortals can peep.


The emptiness shattered. The world seemed to be silent, everything returned to nothingness, eternity fractured, everything around everything ceased to exist.

Lin Fan had been complacent about his 160,000 of qi. But at this moment, he abruptly understood that he was still weak. What the opponent was exerting was no longer qi but a mysterious power that he could not comprehend.

The scene in front of his eyes dissipated, He could not see any shadow.

Only the power of that finger traced with the trajectory of the ancient demon’s strike that came.


Forbidden Area.

The ancient demon, who struck and almost killed Lin Fan, was healing his wounds. He had overstepped his bounds and was punished.

If it weren’t for the merit of so many years, he would have died.

It was just that to him; it was all worth it.

Eliminating such an enemy for the demon was enough for the demon to stand firm in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, and the road ahead could only depend on them.

But just at this moment, The Ancient Old Demon’s cold hair exploded as a crisis passed through.

“How is it possible.”

The Ancient Old Demon gazed into the distance. The originally calm void abruptly fluctuated. In a flash, a mighty power passed through. Faintly, there was an emperor with an angry expression; his gaze was like a torch, to burn everything.

“Eternal Immortal Emperor…”

“Impossible, isn’t he already dead?”

But it was all too late… The powerful force had come in the blink of an eye. The Ancient Demon didn’t dare to be careless, but he didn’t know how to resist.

The Eternal Immortal had once been an ancient existence in the Immortal Realm that had lived for a long, long time. It was rumored to have spent an epoch. But for some unknown reason, he suddenly fell… However, his prestige enveloped the Immortal World for millions of years without dispersing because one of his legacy people would appear in ten thousand years.

Some become untouchable figures in the Immortal World.

Some become the great demon who was the enemy of the world.

Just in this trance, The Ancient Demon endured his injuries and pulled the forbidden area’s power to prepare to rise against it, except that he would bring unimaginable disaster to the forbidden area by doing so.

“I want to live.”


The two forces collided together.

The curtain of light behind the ancient demon trembled.

“Not good…” The Ancient Old Demon’s face turned ugly when he discovered this.

If the Fallen Immortal inside was allowed to come out, he would be finished.

Even the entire demon would be implicated by him.

‘Shit. I just want to find a way out for the demon, why it didn’t work?!’


At this moment, The Ancient Demon retracted the forbidden area’s power and directly blocked the crack, while the power of the Eternal Immortal fiercely penetrated and went.

A miserable scream resounded through the world.

And just at the moment when the crack was about to close… Another wisp of the divine soul in the crack quickly fled away.


The Ancient Old Demon looked at the divine soul and wanted to stop it, but he simply could not do so now.

Great disaster.

A great disaster had occurred.

“Eternal Immortal…. I do not intend to offend. If the Fallen Immortal escape from here, a great disaster will happen….”

Perhaps the remaining will of the Eternal Immortal Dignity understood this word. Or perhaps the power of the will was sapped clean. Eternal Immortal’s power gradually dissipated.

Eventually, peace returned to the world.

On the contrary, the Ancient Demon was in a terrible state, floating in place with eyes like a dumb chicken, and did not return to his senses for a long time.

At this time, he was seriously injured and almost died at the hands of the Eternal Immortal… But for him, he would rather die than let a Fallen Immortal’s divine soul escape from here.

But now, it was too late to say anything.

It was late.

It was completely too late.

He waited quietly because he would only die if he let the Fallen Immortal escape, but after a few moments, there was no reaction within the forbidden area, as if he hadn’t noticed this matter.


The Ancient Old Demon felt strange in his heart, but he did not show it. It seemed that the Eternal Immortal’s strike affected even the forbidden area, thus not discovering this matter.

A blessing among misfortunes.

He had to protect himself now.

Even if he saw it, he had to pretend that he didn’t see it.

Escaping the divine soul of a Fallen Immortal was trivial. Yes, it was just inconsequential.

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