Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 349



Lin Fan covered his chest as if something was clogged. He punched it angrily a few times, spitting out blood clots and revealing a comfortable look.

“I almost suffocated to death.”

He was in a bad situation.

The injury was very heavy.

Even if his flesh was strong to a certain extent, it was still covered with blood scars of varying lengths. Even in some places, there were already visible white bones.

The good thing was that the talent plus the Ancestral Dragon’s Body and other secret mystic arts helped.

The flesh was constantly recovering.

The Eternal Divine Furnace was red and trembles slightly. Receiving such a blow without breaking wasn’t as simple as one might think, even for great treasure.

Just as he thought, the will of the Eternal Immortal would never allow anyone to destroy this treasure.

He just didn’t know if that wisp of will still existed.

The moment his palm touched, he fiercely retracted his hand. His five fingers were scorched and black. Surprisingly, they were scorched, somewhat terribly, to be able to cause such a sight.

The Dragon Emperor looked at Lin Fan in horror.

‘How could he not dead?’

‘He isn’t even dead in the face of that terrifying power; it was too incredible.’

“Dragon Emperor, he is extremely injured. Now if we strike, we will definitely be able to kill him.”

With the idea of taking advantage of his injuries, the demon powers thought of killing Lin Fan.

Lin Fan felt strong killing intent, which all came from the group of demons. Obviously, they all had the idea of wanting to kill him when they saw how badly he was injured.

It was indeed terrifying.

“Everyone, you’re not at all honorable in this battle. You have the great power hidden behind the scene made a move to try to kill me. Unfortunately, his strength is a bit less than good, and it doesn’t seem to be of much use.”

“In the future, I hope you can put wisdom, and then make a move against mortals. I will be the first to kill you.”

The words just fell.

Lin Fan directly ran away.

His current situation did have a great impact. If he fought them with his current situation, he was afraid that it would be difficult to take advantage of them. He could even meet with an unpredictable situation.

He really thought that he was invincible under the sky.

The demon powers weren’t soft, and their techniques were all quite ruthless.


The Dragon Emperor didn’t want to let Lin Fan go at all, so how could he simply leave like that.

A chase battle took place.


Half a month later.

The story of Lin Fan breaking into the demon stronghold alone spread through the Immortal Cultivator Realm. Some people of the demon sect called Lin Fan righteous and had really misunderstood people, but they still didn’t have any good feelings towards the great immortal sect.


When it came to this kind of thing, how could you stand by and watch? You should have stood with us and resisted the demon’s attack together.

Some of the demon sect cultivators who had seen the demons were indeed terrified.

Let’s not talk about those mighty people.

Just say those dense number of demons was enough to scare people to death. If the human cultivators fell into it, they were afraid that there would not even be a crumb left.


In a deserted forest.

A figure descended from the sky and hid in it.

“How fucking ruthless.”

Lin Fan was chased for ten days in a row before he managed to escape. Don’t underestimate the people who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to kill you. At that moment, the faith they exploded out was really appraisal.

With the Dragon Emperor as the leader, dozens of powerful demons chased all the way.

One moment of thought would tell you how dangerous it was.

“All of you wait for me.”

He took the group of guys led by the Dragon Emperor into his heart, and when he had recovered almost, he would come back to have a good time with them.

However, he didn’t dare to be careless.

Initially, he thought that the Immortal Cultivator World was like this. There were indeed strong people, but the existences that could bring him danger were definitely not that many.

But now…

He understood.

Don’t look at the Immortal Cultivator Realm bigwigs who hadn’t become immortals. There were actually quite a few hidden existences. They were like ghosts hidden in the dark, appearing and disappearing.

Usually, it seemed not to exist.

When it came to the critical moment, that technique was terrifying than anyone else.

“This is?”

He observed the situation around him. He was chased all the way and ignored the escape route. He just went wherever it was good to go anyway, so maybe he has arrived somewhere where no one knows about it.

He took out the Eternal Divine Furnace.

The Divine Furnace had returned to its original form. The sizzling sensation disappeared and gently touched.

Eternal Immortal will still exist, but it was much weaker than before.

When he said this kind of weakness, it was not a real weak.

The Eternal Immortal was such an existence that even a wisp of will could kill all the Immortal Cultivator Realm’s great powers.

Therefore, the Eternal Divine Furnace couldn’t be touched. Absolutely couldn’t be too deeply involved with the Eternal Divine Furnace; otherwise, the consequences were unthinkable.

Of course.

This wisp of will wouldn’t take the initiative to awaken but would only step in when the Divine Furnace was in crisis to solve it, which was also a means of saving his life in his hands now.


Just at that moment, a sound of breaking air came through.

Lin Fan frowned and raised his hand to catch a stone spear. He wouldn’t be discovered again, but the fluctuations transmitted from this stone spear were not a demon.

Za Za!

There was movement all around.

Soon, several burly men wrapped in animal skins and possessing coppery yellow skin appeared.

Each of them exuded a fierce qi.

‘Are they the wild people in the mountains?’

Lin Fan’s first thought when he saw them was to think of these things.

They were wearing animal skins, holding stone spears. When they ran into a beast, they roared. Spartan, swoosh their whole life, piercing directly through the beast, and then a group of people picked up a joyful dance around the beast.

That was the feeling.

“Who are you?”

At this moment, a burly man holding a stone spear vigilantly looking at Lin Fan. The stone spear was emitting a ghostly light as if the other side was slightly different with the opportunity to strike to kill the other side.

Lin Fan said, “I was being chased by someone and was passing through here. I have no malice. Who are you?”

The man did not answer Lin Fan’s words but talked in a whisper with the people around him.


Soon, the man said, “This is the Origin Tribe. We are all warriors of the tribe, if you need help, you can come back to the tribe with us. Our tribe has the best physicians who can treat the injuries on your body.”

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry to bother you then.” Lin Fan clasped his fist and said. It wasn’t that he needed the other side’s help, but he was curious about these people.

At the same time, there was something that shocked him.

Because these people’s situation was similar to what he had encountered before, he didn’t find a solution and had to give up.

[Yuan Wu: Fifth Level of Immortal Warrior.] [Chance of dropping: ……]

There were no spiritual roots.

There was no mistake; these people had no spiritual roots at all, yet they were able to cultivate. They all cultivated very well.

How came he had never met such people before?

It wasn’t even recorded in the ancient books.

Moreover, he didn’t feel any fluctuation of qi from these people. Looking at them with the naked eye, he would at most think that these were just barbarians with more strength.

Lin Fan followed behind them towards the distance. He did not even think to understand. He fled for half a month to come to what kind of place, and in the end, how far could he run.

Just as he was contemplating all this.

He felt a very thick qi and blood power, like the blazing sun burning, so that his whole body was comfortable and warm with a sense of indescribable comfort.

He looked up.

An illusory blood dragon hovered above the tribe.

It was an existence condensed from qi and blood.

So amazing.

“Brother Woo and the others are back.”

“Wow, what a big prey….”

A group of children surrounded, looking at the prey the adults had returned. Everyone was roaring with joy; each child was like a small warrior, not seeing the slightest softness.

To say the least.

These children’s physical ability was much stronger than some of the cultivators who just entered the immortal sect.

Obviously, it was formed after a long period of exercise.


“Who is he? The clothes he’s wearing are nothing like us.”

“Civilian, like he’s weak.”

“Hmph, don’t you see that he looks taller than us. He can fall to the ground with one punch from me.”

Childish words.


Lin Fan looked around and was really surprised in his heart. Everyone in this tribe was entering the path with martial arts and had no spirit roots.

This was the discovery of the shocking secret.

Soon, an old man slowly came, seemingly as if very thin. The body seemed to have a fierce beast lying dormant as if there was a very strong power hidden in this weak body.

If anyone underestimates this old man, they would pay a painful price.

“Clan Leader, this is the person we met outside, he said he was chased and fled here.” The source witch faced the old man and said respectfully.

The old man looked at Lin Fan with an expressionless face, “This little friend, where do you come from?”

Lin Fan said, “Immortal Cultivator Realm. I’m disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan.”

When the people around heard Lin Fan introduce himself, they were all confused. They didn’t know what the Greatest Martial Sect was and what the Immortal Cultivator Realm was. They were all confused.

However, Yuan Wu knew about the Immortal Cultivator Realm’s existence, and his face slightly changed, but the Clan Leader didn’t even say anything more, and he didn’t speak up.

The old man laughed, “So, he is a cultivator of the Immortal Realm, and must have entered this place by mistake. Yuan Wu, send this cultivator away and point the way out. With the cultivator’s ability, he can return to the Immortal Realm in thirty years. If he is lucky and encounters the vortex, he can go back in the blink of an eye.”

‘Thirty years?’

Lin Fan heard it and was a little shocked.

He had to fly thirty years to go back, and by then, the yellow flowers would be cold.

However, hearing the other side talk about the vortex, he understood abruptly that reaching here was because of a vortex on the sea. It was after entering the vortex, he got rid of the demons.

As long as you enter that whirlpool, you can go back.

“Please….” Yuan Wu did not ask more questions but said politely.

Lin Fan said, “Clan Leader, I’m passing by here and would like to ask a question. The path of martial arts has a limit of one hundred years of internal strength, but you guys can take the path of martial immortality, how is this possible, can you tell?”

At once, just as he said these words. The air around him abruptly froze up.

Yuan Wu looked at Lin Fan in amazement.

The Clan Leader, who kept a certain distance from Lin Fan, angrily rebuked, “Who the hell are you? What exactly do you want to do here?”

The situation changed suddenly.

It was just so inexplicable.

Not even the specifics of the situation were known.

The surrounding tribesmen all treated Lin Fan as an enemy and were ready to go to war. Lin Fan was a bit confused.

Did he say something wrong?

Was there a need to be so nervous?

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