Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 35 Do Not Move


In the Ming Dynasty, there were three heads of the Dragon Gang, but they were all in the headquarter.

In Jiangdu City, they were divided into eight main divisions led by eight leaders.

Each main division consisted of various small groups that controlled the surrounding area and handled various things.

Dragon Gang’s business was shipping and controlling Jiangdu City’s fish market.

They rented the boats to the fisherman.

As long as one was dealing with fishery, one had to deal with Dragon Gang.

Dragon Gang also had cassino and brothels.

But not many people knew that.

Hu Tang, one of the main eight divisions leader that controlled the area where Gao Zhenbin’s house was located, The sub-leader under Hu Tang was Lang Jun, he was the culprit who broke Gao Zhenbin’s legs.

The port.

Lang Jun lied on a chair, straightened his legs, drank tea, and watched the fishermen paid taxes, what a peaceful day, he thought.

The cost to rent a boat was very high, and the fishermen haven’t sold the fish yet, but they had to pay the tax for the fish. That was hard for the fishermen.

But they couldn’t do anything about that.

Dragon Gang was the devil itself, and no one dared to go against them.

At that time.

“Brother, I heard Gao Zhenbin is a Hunter. Are you sure won’t get into trouble? We did break his leg and all.” Lan Jun’s underling said.

Lang Jun closed his eyes and hummed, he opened his eyes, and he said while smiling,

“Trouble?” Lang Jun asked. “Have you ever seen us in trouble? Hunters are so small like ants in the eyes of Dragon Gang.”

Lang Jun’s underling nodded, they were proud to be a member of Dragon Gang.

In Jiangdu City, no one would dare to mess with him if he said he was Dragon Gang’s member.

So overbearing.

Meanwhile, someone came from afar.

“Where is Lang Jun? Get out, you punk!”

Lin Fan took fourteen of his men, and the fishermen were shocked when they saw Lin Fan and his men with their eccentric heads.

Lang Jun frowned.

“Who is that?! Check it now!”

“Yes, brother.” Lang Jun’s underling responded, then left to see the situation.

Who dared to cause a ruckus in the Dragon Gang’s territory?

Lang Jun was already used to that kind of situation.

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Sometimes, there was a person who was stupid enough and tried to be a hero, but that person always ended up to be a clown.




Lang Jun wondered about the situation when he heard the explosion’s sound.

He checked the situation and found his underling already fainted.


Lin Fan was unstoppable, he kicked everyone’s ass.

Lang Jun’s expression changed. He was shocked when he saw Lin Fan, Lin Fan’s bald head was the trademark, and everyone behind Lin Fan was also bald, which made him think of Gao Zhenbin.

“Who are you? Do you even know where you are standing?” Lang Jun said furiously and then shouted at the people around him, “Hey! Someone is making trouble!”

In the next second, Lang Jun’s underlings surrounded Lin Fan.

There were twenty or thirty people.

There was a tattoo in each one of their hand.

The fishermen and the farmers around the vicinity looked so afraid.

They didn’t know Lin Fan, but they recognized Lin Fan’s baldhead.

Recently, there were rumors in Jiangdu City that Hunters had shaved their hair, and ran around Jiangdu City every morning.

Now the Hunters confronted Dragon Gang, which made the fishermen and farmers were confused.

In the past, weren’t the government and the Dragon Gang allies?

So, what was the meaning of that?

Some people didn’t understand.

Lin Fan said, “Lang Jun, you are getting in my nerves for breaking my brother’s leg. I want to settle it right now!”

Lang Jun understood those people came for Gao Zhenbin.

“I wondered who are these fearless bunch who dares to cause a ruckus in our territory. It turns out to be a mere Hunter.” Lang Jun smiled.

“Gao Zhenbin violated the Dragon Gang’s rules. He had it easy that he got off with only his leg broken.”

Lang Jun circled around Lin Fan and stared directly into Lin Fan’s eyes. “I see… You want to be a hero, but let me tell you something, You won’t go out of this place in one piece. Even the king himself can’t protect you from us.” Lang Jun said.

Lin Fan squinted.

What a crazy guy.

Lang Jun stared at Lin Fan and then glanced at the fisherman and the farmers.

“Everyone, listen to me.”

“Anyone who dares to break the rules in Dragon Gang’s territory will have a taste of the consequences.”


Lang Jun was suddenly stopped, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and Lin Fan violently kicked him, and he fell to the ground.

Lang Jun’s underlings were shocked, seeing Lin Fan kicked their leader’s ass.

They didn’t expect there was someone who was brave enough to mess with Dragon Gang.

Lin Fan stepped on Lang Jun’s back, looked at Lang Jun’s men who were about to rush, drew a sword, and stabbed the sword in front Lang Jun’s face on the ground.

“Don’t move!” Lang Jun shouted loudly.

He was afraid that some of his men would deliberately fight Lin Fan, so Lin Fan could kill him, and finally, they could take Lang Jun’s position.

“Let him go if you want to leave this place alive.” The crowd shouted.

Lang Jun angrily said, “You shut up, will you?”

After struggling for so many years, he didn’t want to end in a place like port.

“Brother, we can talk about this nicely. I will pay for your brother’s medicine.” Lang Jun lower his voice.

He didn’t believe Lin Fan dared to kill him, but he was afraid of the possibility that Lin Fan just didn’t care about Dragon Gang in the first place.

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