Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 350


The tribal warriors were boiling with qi and blood, all ready for battle. The qi and blood emanating from each tribal warrior condensed into various fierce beasts, roaring in anger.

Once Lin Fan had any behavior that made them feel bad, they would absolutely pounce instantly and completely tear Lin Fan apart. Piece by piece, not even a whole body would be left intact.

“Everyone relax, don’t be nervous. I don’t have any malicious intent, I’m just asking.”

“Of course, don’t look at me as a cultivator. I’m even a martial artist. I just lost my way ahead and couldn’t find a way out, that’s why I cultivated immortality.”

“I will show yout, and please taste.”

It was useless to talk too much. One could only prove oneself with actions.

He had accumulated his internal strength to more than a thousand years, and the preliminary practice was martial arts.

An innate level martial art ‘Fist Dao’ performed was naturally astounding.

He didn’t use his qi, so naturally, he couldn’t cause that shocking scene. However, because his realm of immortal cultivation was quite high, he had a comprehensive control of a certain feeling. It was more shocking than when he used to perform it. 

Three styles of Fist Techniques.

The Overwhelming Fist!

Fist Rites the Rivers and Mountains!

Fist of the World!

The aura was wide open, swallowing mountains and rivers—the fierce fist intent wrapped around the body as if having an invincible martial power carrying the world.

The warriors standing around were amazed at Lin Fan. They felt that fist intent.

It was strong!

His understanding of the martial arts reached a level that was difficult for ordinary people to match.

Thinking that he, Lin Fan, practiced martial arts, it was all at the peak once he learned it. Not to mention martial arts, it was even mystic arts that were cultivated to the peak realm.

Even if the internal force was not strong enough now.

But in the attainment of martial arts, he was able to explode an innate level of martial arts to the power of the mystic arts.

He paid attention to the situation around him. The guys looked stunned. They knew what he was now.

He turned his clever brain and thought about why the Clan Leader was so excited to hear him ask questions about martial arts.

After a bit of thought, he had a little idea.

It must be that martial arts belonged to a taboo.

What else could be said other than this explanation?

Seeing the martial arts that Lin Fan was performing, Yuan Wu only felt his hands itching to fight with Lin Fan. However, with his martial arts realm, Lin Fan was afraid that he would be beaten into a meat cake if he did not use his mystic arts.

The Clan Leader on the side did not say anything.

Yuan Wu could only wait quietly. Until the Clan Leader gave the order, he would not take any action.

Soon, Lin Fan collected his power and slowly exhaled a mouthful white qi, which was like a sharp sword. With a swoosh, it attacked the distance and eventually disappeared.

“How was it?”

He inquired, thinking to himself that if this performance wasn’t overbearing enough, there was really nothing that could be done.

No matter what, he had to figure out the martial arts dao.

His thirst for the martial arts was not high, but it was something that could change the dilemma of having no spirit-rooted martial artists in the entire Immortal Cultivator Realm.

The Clan Leader said, “Go away, this is not a place for you to stay. Our tribe is not contentious with the world and does not want to bring the scourge of extinction.”

Although he was still trying to drive Lin Fan away, this time the tone was much milder, as if it was because Lin Fan’s attainments in the martial arts had convinced the Clan Leader that he did really want to take the path of martial arts, but ultimately had no choice but to cultivate immortality.

“Clan Leader I don’t mean anything else, I just want to know how the path beyond the martial arts actually goes.”

“If Clan Leader is willing, junior would like to ask for the path after the martial arts dao.”

Although the Clan Leader’s strength was not as high as his, he still lowered his posture and communicated with the Clan Leader with the attitude of a junior.

The Clan Leader said, “You have already reached an extremely high level on the path of immortal cultivation, why do you need to know the path of the martial arts. There is a heavenly difference between the two, and it will not do you any good.”

“Cultivation naturally has to be single-minded, three minds and two hearts, the final outcome is just to get nothing and end up with a void.”

After Lin Fan’s self-enactment just now, The Clan Leader had long since discovered that this young man in front of him was really a martial arts wizard. If he had discovered it earlier, he would definitely be a great martial arts god in the future.

It was just a pity that…

The discovery was too late. The other side had gone too far on the path of immortality cultivation. It had long been deeply rooted, so it would be much harder to step into the path of martial art again, and it would even lead to a disaster.

Lin Fan clasped his fist and said, “Junior really wants to know the path of the martial arts, so I would like to ask the Clan Leader to show me a clear path.”

The Clan Leader found another excellent quality in Lin Fan.

That was persistence.

‘What a good seedling.’

But…. hey, if it was discovered early enough, he definitely wouldn’t be stingy and pass on what he knew.

Maybe he could really take the martial arts to its former glory days.

The entire Origin Tribe had the highest level of cultivation in martial arts attainment, but the gap was too great compared to the glory days.

Thinking about it, The Clan Leader shook his head, “Yuan Wu, arrange a residence for these young friends, he is a guest of our tribe.”

“Yes, Clan Leader.” Yuan Wu answered, then came to Lin Fan’s side to take him to arrange a residence.

Lin Fan was helpless and did not say that he was successful.

But there was no rush at all.

The other side did not drive him away but arranged a residence for him. Staying in the tribe meant that everything still had a chance. Perhaps the old man was thin-skinned and embarrassed.

He said no earlier, but he said he agreed before long, which changed a little too much. How could he be shameless? Hence, he delayed for a while as an inspection.


Outside the house.

When Yuan Wu sent Lin Fan here, he was ready to leave, but Lin Fan shouted at him.

“Brother, has this tribe of yours existed for a long time?”

Lin Fan felt that this tribe should have existed from an ancient time. It was even likely to have an unimaginable history. To be able to go from a martial art to immortal martial, it meant that the tribe possessed its own complete set of cultivation system.

It was reasonable to say.

If anyone propagated such a cultivation system, he or she could definitely become a martial arts progenitor.

After all, people with spiritual roots were ultimately in the minority.

Those martial artists without spiritual roots, after they went to the innate realm, they were completely plunged into despair, with no path ahead and dark life.

Yuan Wu said, “Well, this is natural. Our tribe is the most ancient existence.”

Lin Fan thought the Clan Leader was very smart. Unless the other side was willing, it would be hard to get words out of the other side. However, there was no way to say that the man in front of him was very unintelligent.

Maybe he could get some words out.

Lin Fan asked curiously, “Brother, how do you cultivate? In our place, they practice martial arts, at most, they can only cultivate internal force to a hundred years. Further than that is useless. If they have spiritual roots, they can join an immortal sect to cultivate immortality, but for some martial artists without spiritual roots, their path is completely broken.”

“Poor, it’s really pitiful.”

Yuan Wu said, “I can’t tell you this, I can only wait for the Clan Leader to tell you. Rest well, if there is anything, you can look for the people of the tribe, they will help you.”

Lin Fan wanted to say something else.

But the other side didn’t even give him the chance to do so and directly ran away.


He was quite helpless, but even so, he still couldn’t beat him. He firmly believed in one thing, that he could definitely find his way out of the Clan Leader’s mouth to find the martial arts dao. 

He didn’t stay inside the house.

Instead, he looked around the tribe.

Hoping to find something to possess.


The tribe didn’t live with many members, just a few thousand, which was really much scarcer in terms of numbers for a tribe.

It was reasonable to say that after such a long time, the number of people should reach a certain level to be.

He saw some children pick up a stone that was bigger than them and use it as a toy, throwing it around among themselves and having a good time.


‘Such physical ability and strength at a young age.’

If mortal martial artists saw this scene, he was afraid that he would have to kneel down and worship. Even if the other side was young, it was fine. The most crucial thing was the hope to get out of the limits of the martial dao.

At this time, because he was an outsider, his clothes and physical size all look very thin.

A group of children gathered around and looked at Lin Fan curiously.

One of them, who looked like the leader, asked curiously, “Where did you come from? From what they said, you were chased and escaped here?”

Lin Fan laughed and said, “I came from the Immortal Cultivator Realm. As for the chase, the main reason is that there are many people on the other side, so I am no match for them alone.”

The leader said, “Look at you, you are not strong. No wonder you can’t beat them. Look how strong we are, even if we are surrounded by many people, I am not afraid.”

When he said this, the leader held his head high as if very proud.

Lin Fan blinked as he felt a bit problematic as if the leader was rampant. There was even dislike in his clear eyes.

He didn’t even know what to say.

If possible, he was willing to take a mallet to angrily slap the other side’s head and smash down hard…

Suddenly, te thought of one thing. It was a possible way to implement.

Adults were somewhat difficult to get down, but the child was naive and simple-minded. With a little pull, it might work.


The children saw Lin Fan’s smile, and they all felt shuddering very much. They were backing up in fear, always feeling as if the frail adult in front of them was somehow perverted.

“Children, do you want to hear a story?”

“That belongs to the story of the great hero, you should be very eager to listen.”

Lin Fan looked at the children with a radiant glow in his eyes.


“We’re not interested at all.”

“We don’t want to hear it.”

Although the leader was a king-like existence in a group of children, he was emboldened and even scared to pee again in the face of Lin Fan’s lewd smile and unsuspecting gaze.

In front of one of the tribe’s stone piles, the once domineering and arrogant leader, who had no limits, squatted obediently in front of Lin Fan. He raised his head and waited pitifully, and when Lin Fan’s words fell with him.

The children couldn’t wait to ask.

“What’s next?”

“Luffy hammered the opponent to death or not.”

“He is so stupid. Why can he live so long, according to reason, isn’t it a faster death?”

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