Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 351


For Lin Fan, this was quite a tough question these kids were asking.

‘If you guys asked me, who would I ask?’

The question of why he survived when he was so stupid was much more complicated.

Except now, these were not questions.

He had accomplished a small part of his goal.

Look at the children showing the expression of anticipation of the following drama. He knew that the next thing was much easier.

Because this kind of expression was the same as when he used to watch the TV set as a child and begged it on his knees if the next day’s episode could be shown in advance.

“Big brother, what about the next plot?” The Leader asked impatiently. He was now eager to know.

He even became much more respectful in his address.

This was the power of knowledge that elevated the status.

Lin Fan laughed, “What comes next is going to touch on the most crucial point. My elders told me that this matter is related to an ancient taboo, and if I speak out, I will be punished.”

The children were lost. How could this happen? They were eager to know.

In the boring tribe, they didn’t have any other entertainment, let alone heard these stories told by Lin Fan. That was why they were quite excited and really wanted to know the next plot.


The children, one by one pull, shrugged their heads. Some scratched their heads thinking of a solution, but after thinking for a long time, they did not think there could be any good solution.


At this time, the children looked up at Lin Fan. There was a ‘but’ word, and he let them saw some kind of hope.

Lin Fan said, “Although there are taboos, but when I see you guys, I think of my dead brother. Once he followed me every day and asked me to tell him the story of the taboos, at that time I was too scared, so I didn’t tell him.”

“So much that to his death, my dear brother did not hear the latter plot…”

“Now that I have come across you, it makes me think of my brother, and telling it to you is the same as telling it to my brother.”

The originally impatient atmosphere was abruptly quiet and surprisingly turned a little sad.

That was the affection turning.

The Leader got up and said, “Don’t say that, we won’t listen to it. The forbidden story will have a punishment, even if we want to hear it very much, but we definitely can’t let big brother get hurt in any way.”


‘This kid is a bit interesting.’

Lin Fan pretended to be calm and said with a gentle face, “It’s okay, when I met you guys, it made me think of my brother. Although I will be punished for telling the forbidden stories, if you guys also tell me what is most precious to you, I think I will be fine.”

‘Damn. Please don’t blame me.’

‘Such naive children, I hope you could forgive me. It really couldn’t be helped.’

“Something precious?” The Leader was puzzled. They didn’t know of anything precious.

“Precious things, then what is the most precious thing we have?”

He looked at his little friends in doubt and was also curious to know what exactly is the most precious. The little ones around him were eager to know what would happen next in the story.

They were all already fascinated.


A child said, “The most precious thing to us is it the cultivation method that grandpa, the Clan Leader, told us. The Clan Leader told us not to tell others.”

“Yes, that’s it. The Clan Leader said so.”

“The Clan Leader said not to pass it on to outsiders.”

The Leader pinched his hands and said domineeringly, “Big brother was an outsider. Even if he has a punishment, big brother has to tell us, so we won’t be unrighteous. I think if the Clan Leader knows, he definitely won’t blame us.”

Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction.

‘What a good boy.’

Afterward, he naturally took advantage of the situation. He would never let go of such an opportunity and hurriedly began to tell the story that would follow.

The children were squatting on the ground. They sat with their heads held high and listened with fascination.

The scene in front of him made him think of one thing. No matter what place, or what environment, all were connected. As long as you spoke with passion, fascinating, you could put others into it.

The children listened with rapt attention, revealing awe, shock, and nervousness as the story progressed.

Lin Fan let out a long sigh.

Perhaps he was a person best suited to dealing with children.

It was really too good to talk.

It made him think back to the old days.

“This is how the story ends….” Lin Fan said quietly. The moment he finished, his originally rosy face turned slightly pale.

“Big brother, are you okay?” The Leader asked.

Although he was still very small, he was a righteous enough person, and he was able to become the Leader of this group of children. It was unknown how many times he had been beaten for them and how many times he had taken the blame.

He won respect and love of this group of little brothers.

According to the normal development… After growing up, this kid was bound to be the Leader of the younger generation of the tribe, and so on later, he would be the Clan Leader. The future achievements were unlimited.

“It’s okay, just a little punishment.” Lin Fan waved his hand, pretending that nothing was wrong and that he could still hold up.

The Leader was like a small adult.

“Big brother don’t worry, I’ll tell you now the cultivation method that the Clan Leader told us, but you must not tell others, because the Clan Leader won’t let us tell outsiders. He said it’s related to the tribe’s safety.”

“But I can see at a glance that big brother is not an outsider, so I believe you. You have told us the forbidden hero story, I will never ignore.”

A child quietly pulled the Leader as if there was some fear.

The Clan Leader said not to tell anyone, yet he had to say it. If it was known, he would definitely be beaten.

The Leader shook off the kid’s hand and gave an angry glare, “If you are unrighteous, I won’t take you to play in the future.”

The kid shrank his head. He was very innocent.

To him, if he couldn’t follow his big brother, what was the point of life.

Lin Fan sighed.

It was so gratifying.

It was really too righteous.

Subsequently, the Leader told the cultivation method that the Clan Leader did not give to the outside world, which was no a secret in the tribe that everyone needed to cultivate.

It was also the key to their tribe’s self-preservation.

Lin Fan listened very carefully and didn’t miss a single point.

He just wanted to know the follow-up of the martial arts dao.

With small assistance, they still could not get out of the limit of the martial path. Even if the internal strength could rise infinitely, it was useless. The realm could not be changed, which was the most crucial point.

So he desperately wanted to know it all.


Time passed quickly, the Leader said all he knew himself.

Gradually, Lin Fan fell into contemplation.

“Source Force…”

He derived a key point from this cultivation method, which was that after the realm reached the innate realm, he needed to condense source power. According to the Leader, source power was the power in everyone’s body.

Every person’s body was a great treasure, containing endless power. The nooks and crannies around the body were linked to the world, and if they could be activated, one could feel that unimagined power.

“So that’s how it is.”

He instantly understood that the path of martial arts was long, but others did not have the cultivation method to activate the orifices. Thus, could only be stuck in the Innate Realm for the rest of their lives.

The Martial Scripture

The Leader said the name of the cultivation method was very general, without any hegemony, but it was the general outline of a system.


It had to be said that he was deeply helpless at what he had just done by deceiving people’s children.

But there was no other way. If he didn’t start with the child, it would be basically impossible for him to get the martial arts cultivation method from the clan leader’s side.

“What are you guys doing?”

Yuan Wu came from afar and frowned when he saw Lin Fan staying with the tribe’s children. He knew that these children were easily fooled.

When the Leader saw the visitor, he immediately turned respectful, “Brother Wu.”

“What are you doing around here? Why don’t you hurry up and go cultivate?” Yuan Wu said seriously.


It seemed that this group of children were still afraid of Yuan Wu. They then their hands towards Lin Fan and ran away in the dust one by one.

Yuan Wu said, “They are all still young, it is impossible for you to learn the method of the martial art from them. So, you don’t need to waste your time.”

“These kids may seem to be playing like crazy, but they are shrewder than anyone.”

When he said this, he didn’t look at Lin Fan, but the general meaning was also very clear. He was saying it for him.

Dispel your unrealistic thoughts.

“Well, hmm.”

Lin Fan almost burst out with a mouthful of laughter. What else could he say? You were right. This group of kids was indeed very shrewd. However, under the sincere feelings of getting along, everything was so simple and unpretentious.

Yuan Wu said, “It is not that our tribe is not willing to tell you the method of martial arts, but the Clan Leader once said that martial arts is a former glory. The past has passed, the heavenly dao runs, and the era is a blooming time. Too much attachment is just a great disaster after all.”

Lin Fan said indifferently, “What you said does make sense, but what I care more about is the blossoming of a hundred flowers.”

“Nowadays, immortal cultivation is prevalent, but more people stop at the innate realm because they don’t have spiritual roots and end up dying with resentment.”

“Actually, I see that you are also very young, staying in the tribe all your life, don’t you have any other ideas?”

Yuan Wu looked at Lin Fan with a difference. He said some of this to Lin Fan, hoping that the other side would dispel these thoughts, leave the tribe, and return to the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

However, how did it feel as if the other side was inducing him with something?

Lin Fan said, “The martial arts focuses is on the strength of the physical body, and any martial artist has an invincible heart. Without an invincible heart it is difficult to go to a higher realm.”

“Huddled in this small place, without having seen the outside world… you do not know how big the world is, let alone how big your heart is. only when you have been exposed and understand the size of the world, you can make your heart even bigger.”

“The path of martial arts can only go wider.”

This wasn’t that Lin Fan was blowing smoke.

Rather, it was indeed true.

From his earlier inattentiveness, Yuan Wu gradually listened with fascination. However, not long after, Yuan Wu said with an expressionless face.

“Don’t run around.”

And with that, he left.

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