Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 352


A few days later!

He stayed in the Origin Tribe for some time. During this period of time, the Clan Leader did not look for him. The people of the tribe did not appear in front of him, but the kid leader ran over from time to time to deliver some wild game.

However, after the delivery, he also ran away in the dust.

As if afraid of being seen by others.

“Looks like it’s time to leave.”

Now that he got the subsequent martial arts dao from the kid leader, there was no need to stay here. However, the key was that kids were kids, after all, and the kid leader might not tell them the most core ones.

Of course, this was only his conjecture.

As for whether it existed or not, it was hard to say.

Nowadays, the demons were still making waves in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, and he didn’t know how the situation was. So, he thought that the development must be going well. After all, the demons were indeed very strong.

The first was in the number, and it was amazingly horrible.

The power aspect was also innumerable.

The most crucial point was that the demons had strong backers behind them to layout all this.

The place where the Clan Leader was.

“Clan Leader, the elder has been staying here for many days, and it is inconvenient to disturb, so I have come to say goodbye.” Lin Fan stood outside the house and said in a soft voice.


The Clan Leader pushed the door and slowly walked out, “I will have Yuan Wu send you away from here. The Origin Tribe is not contentious with the world and only wants to flourish here in peace and quiet. We don’t care about everything in the outside world. As for the path of the martial arts, it shouldn’t be present if it has already passed… I hope little friend can understand.”

“I understands these.” Lin Fan laughed.

He did not pursue the matter of martial arts dao because he already knew how the path ahead would go. Even if it was not complete, it was a hope for countless mortals that if the martial arts dao continued, there would be a chance to pass to the Gods.


Soon, Yuan Wu came without any change. It seemed that what he said to him some time ago did not have any effect.

Although what he said those are a bit far, but it was indeed true.

Just like the cultivation of immortality in general, with a big heart, the path ahead was as wide as possible.

Did he think that Lin Fan could be a person who just bragged about it?

Obviously not.


Outside the tribe.

Lin Fan touched the kid leader’s head, took out a jade stone, and handed it to him, “There are many stories I’m going to tell in here. If you have nothing to do, you can read them. Maybe one day you will also become such a heroic person.”

The kid leader was like gaining a treasure, holding the jade stone tightly in his palm.

“Don’t worry. I will definitely become a hero.”

However, immediately afterward, the kid leader’s emotion was somewhat lost and said.

“When you leave here, will you come back?”

Lin Fan laughed, “Yes. When I have the chance in the future, I will come back to see you, maybe you will have grown up by then.”

He was still quite fond of this kid leader.

He had the look of a big brother.

Of course, in front of Yuan Wu, he was still a wimp.

He took a look at the kid leader. This son was indeed extraordinary, carrying a special physique, a kind of physique he had never seen before.

There were simply too few people in the Immortal Cultivator Realm who could possess the physique. Up to now, he had seen just a few people.

A disciple, Huang Jiujiu, Sheng Wushuang, plus himself.

Moreover, his physique was still formed by taking divine medicines later in life. When it came to innate nature, he was inferior to their immortal bodies.

“Farewell everyone. See you again if there is a chance.” Lin Fan clasped his fist and said.

He then disappeared as a stream of light into the world, searching for the submarine vortex.


After Lin Fan left.

The Clan Leader stroked the kid leader’s head, “Yuan Gu, why are you so disobedient?”

The kid leader pulled his head shrugged with a smile on his face. He carefully put the jade away.


One month later.

The blood-colored dome emerged over the Origin Tribe.

The Clan Leader led the tribe’s clansmen to look up when an ancient aura pervaded the surroundings.

A thunderbolt cut through the sky.

Tearing a crack in the firmament, a stone-like giant hand descended from the sky, pulling the boiling firelight slowly down.

“They sensed it.” The Clan Leader muttered, not panicking in the slightest.

Yuan Wu said urgently, “Clan Leader, take the clan and leave, I’ll hold off here.”

The Clan Leader shook his head, “No, when that little friend came down here by chance, I already knew we were found. After searching for so long to find it, it was all worth it.”

“He…” Yuan Wu’s face changed in shock, and then said, “He betrayed us?”

“No, it’s not like that. He just arrived by chance. Go… take the Yuan Gu away… he is the future.” The Clan Leader said.


The Clan Leader’s breath then of the overpowering up. It wasn’t that kind of ki fluctuation, but the treasure within the body was opened. Streams of light pervaded the surface body, the golden light dazzled, and blood ki turned into a long rainbow to cover the sky.

The dried-up flesh seemed to be replenished as if it was constantly expanding up.


The Clan Leader shouted angrily. The ground around him shook, the distant mountains crumbled, and a stream of light swept in from the depths of the mountains.

An armor was divided into several pieces and coalesced on the body the moment it was guided.

“Clan Leader…”

Yuan Wu looked at the scene in front of him in horror. The Clan Leader’s martial arts level was climbing up, and it was much more terrifying than before.

At this moment, he realized how terrifying the Clan Leader was. Once, they all just sealed their martial arts cultivation elsewhere and completely unsealed it when a strong enemy arrived.

“Clan Leader, who is he…” Yuan Gu looked at the giant palm in the sky.

The Clan Leader said, “The ancient existence of the Immortal Realm. He was unbeatable, but you can escape. The Immortal Realm is isolated from the Immortal Cultivator Realm, and it’s not easy for him to make a move.”


Soon, the terrifying vibration erupted in the Origin Tribe, and the clansmen died miserably under the terrifying power.

The Clan Leader, whose realm climbed to the peak, did not support for long.

He was nailed to death by an unknown presence in the distance.

Yuan Wu fell to the ground, and he did not find Yuan Gu. In the process of searching, he was bombarded by that unknown power. Even though his martial level was good, he just faced this terrifying force.

He still did not have any ability to resist.


At this moment.

The kid leader, Yuan Gu, hid in a corner, looking at the scene in front of him in fear. He stared with his eyes full of disbelief. He did not expect it to turn out like this.

Just at that moment, he saw his little friend, who was fleeing the place under the protection of adults but was discovered.

The giant palm stayed overhead, and each finger transformed into a giant and fell.

“Ah! Help.”

“Big brother, help me.”

The young fellow shouted in a panic of fear.

Yuan Gu scared legs shaking. He saw a clan member in the distance, moving his lips at him, and the meaning was clear.

‘Go, run quickly.’

He really wanted to run, but the good man did not eat the eye. He stayed in the green hills and did not worry about the firewood.

The tribe suffered such a calamity.

And he could not help at all.

He could even lose his life here.

However, when he saw that his buddies were caught and about to suffer, he couldn’t sit idly by.



Yuan Gu ran out and roared in anger. He was scared to death but forced himself to act calm.

“Big brother…”

“Big brother, run.”

Those boys who followed Yuan Gu hanging around. When they didn’t see big brother, they shouted for help, and when they saw big brother coming out, they all cried for big brother to run.

Those giants looked at Yuan Gu.

A moment later, the giants became giant palms again and grasped Yuan Gu in their palms with one hand.

“I Found it.”

The possessor of the giant palm was just looking for Yuan Gu, then ignoring those who were left. He returned to the rift again, and with the giant palm disappeared was Yuan Gu.



The boys shouted.

Immediately after, The surrounding surviving tribesmen were dumbfounded to look at the situation at this point. They had a lot of things to say. However, they stood dumbfounded in place for a while.

Surprisingly, they did not know what to say.


Immortal Cultivator Realm.

Lin Fan came back. He managed to come back through the submarine vortex. After he left, the submarine vortex that was formed also disappeared.

He didn’t know anything about what happened there in the Origin Tribe.


Greatest Martial Sect.

After Lin Fan returned, he went to find the Sect Master.

“Sect Master, did the Immortal Sect not even care about what happened over at the Demon Sect?” Lin Fan asked bluntly.

If he was given a choice, he would not sit idly by and disrupt a balance that would be the beginning of a scourge.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the demons, but the demons really didn’t seem to be trustworthy.

The Sect Master was somewhat at a loss for how to answer when he was asked such a direct question to the soul by Lin Fan.

Instead, he digressed and asked.

“Where have you been this month? The rumors outside say that you made a big fuss at the demons and then were chased without a trace.”

“The premise is that I went looking for you but didn’t find you. So, don’t say I sat back and watched.”

The Sect Master seemed to be aware of Lin Fan’s careful eyes.

The premises had all been said.

“Sect Master, these are not the point. It’s just a little encounter, but I learned from the demons that people from all the Immortal Sect are not going to help the Demon Sect?”

“Once the Demon Sect is attacked by the demons. You should not think that they will be peaceful and will definitely launch a general attack on the Immortal Sect.”

He did not have any strange thoughts about the demons attacking the Demon Sect.

It did feel normal.

However, the Immortal Sect even promised the demons not to intervene in this matter. It was a bit hard to figure out, wasn’t this raising a tiger as a problem?

The Sect Master looked at Lin Fan. He had a feeling that he was indeed not too suitable to be the Sect Master. Because with anything, there would always be a disciple who would go out and question.

This made him feel very humiliated.

“Lin Fan, there are things that are not decided by me alone. All the major sects of the Immortal Sect have deliberated, and in the end that is how it is. I can only agree…” The Sect Master said.

Lin Fan said, “Forget it, this matter is your own business. Since you believe in the demon, then don’t cry in the future.”

“The demon has stayed in the Northern Wasteland for so long, it had already familiarized itself with the environment there. Why would it still come to an unfamiliar environment.”

“Even if I don’t want to, I still have things to do. I don’t have time to care about that.”

He did not want the demons to come to the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

The Sect Master was speechless. He couldn’t make up his mind on this matter alone. After all, he had to follow the big group.

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