Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 366


Lin Fan shouted towards the surroundings.

Soon, an echo sounded, but the surroundings were quiet. It was silent, and apparently, there wasn’t even a ghost.
It was desolate, neglected, but looking at the traces left behind and tracing the years back to the past, this place might have been a place of prosperity.
It was impossible to ascend to the wrong place.
Although the mystic arts he cultivated were exploded from others, he has been in the Greatest Martial Sect for so long. The sect’s qi had long been added to his…. So there would be no problem of wrong ascending.

“Crazy, the Immortal Realm Greatest Martial Sect people are too lazy. They don’t arrange such an important scene situation, it’s really a shame.”
“It seems that the rectification needs a small capable person like me.”
He just arrived in the Immortal Realm not long ago and had such troubles. It must be said that he was a person with ambitious goals.
He cast his talent, the Lone Soul and Wild Spirit. He wanted to see if there were any ghosts around and ask about the situation here. 

However, it was empty, not even a single ghost. So, he could only give up.

He then walked toward the far side.
Gradually, his figure disappeared into the dense, deep forest in the distance.

Greatest Martial Sect.
A few days after Lin Fan left, all the great Immortal Sect’s Sect Master gathered here.

They came because of Lin Fan, but when they learned that Lin Fan had already ascended to the Immortal Realm, they had different expressions. Some were relieved, but some were quite reluctant.

The reluctant one was the Heavenly Source Immortal Palace Master, who had his arm cut off by Lin Fan. 
But there’s nothing he could do; the person was already gone.
What else could he say?
Luo Baiying sighed, “Since he’s already gone, let’s just forget about it. The mortal martial arts dao can’t stay, so let’s step in and clear their memories of the martial arts dao stone monument and return peace to the Mortal Realm.”
“This kid is leaving a mess even after he’s gone, it’s really….”
His mouth was quick. He just wanted to say something, but he found that Wei You’s eyes were off, as if she could tear his mouth off if he dared to continue. 
Immortal Realm.
Several figures were weaving through the dense forest.
Several handsome men and women were full of immortal qi, and their bodies emitted a faint shimmering light.
One of the women said, “Up ahead is the land of the Yellow Dragon, so all of you be careful.”
Just at that moment, the ground shook. It was as if a terrifying creature was moving quickly under the ground.
Then, the ground broke open, and a yellow dragon roared out and swallowed a man in one direct bite.
“Be careful…”
But soon, the man holding a weapon came out of the dragon’s mouth and slayed it.
He looked grave and said, “Be careful, something is wrong with this yellow dragon, it seems to have become stronger….”
The yellow dragon hovered in the air, glaring with lantern-sized dragon eyes, full of anger, then roared, and the dragon roared, directly pouncing to kill.

“It’s a bit lonely in the middle of nowhere.”
Lin Fan was confused.
Coming to the Immortal Realm, he was unfamiliar. He didn’t even know where to go. He was only familiar with the Greatest Martial Sect. 
But damn it. The place where he was guided was not even a ghostly figure, and the desolation was a bit frightening.
He didn’t know to whom he should go to.
Suddenly, he saw movement ahead. There was a light flickering in the eyes, and there was a movement that meant someone was there.

‘If you come across someone you would know where you are now.’
Instantly, he turned into a stream of light towards the far side of the attack.

Soon, he saw the scene, it was indeed a living person, and it was damned hard.

These living people were the first living people he saw when he came to the Immortal Realm.
“Huh?! They’re fighting with demonic beasts.”
Lin Fan shot a glance.
[Yellow Dragon: Immortal Dao First Level Earth Immortal Realm.]
[Chance of dropping: Yellow Dragon Bloodline, Ninth Grade Earth Spirit Root, Qi 140,000, Yellow Dragon True Scripture, Heaven Overturning (High-Grade Mystic Art)…]
He looked again at the one who was besieging the Yellow Dragon.
The cultivation level was all Earth Immortal Realm, and the qi was not even comparable to the Yellow Dragon. It was a little on the lower side.
It seems that the magic power of some of these guys in the Immortal Cultivation Realm soars to the Immortal Realm, and they can become immortal.
Lin Fan waited quietly. He did not step in to help.
After all, they didn’t know each other, and somehow stepping in would likely cause misunderstandings.

So let’s watch you guys perform first.
If they couldn’t support it, he was willing to help out.

Not long after that, there was a boom!
The Yellow Dragon fell to the ground somewhat unsupported. The dragon’s blood stained the ground, and he was no longer able to fight. He was cursing in his heart, ‘The dog of the immortal cultivator. They had the guts to fight alone. A group of you surrounded and beat me, there was no immortal moral righteousness anymore.’

“He can’t make it, kill him!” Someone shouted.
Lin Fan looked at the Yellow Dragon with great enthusiasm. He really wanted to sit and wait for things to end, but how could he tolerate it? His prey was being beheaded in front of him for nothing, and it was the first prey he had ever encountered when he came to the Immortal Realm.
‘It’s not good!’
Both of his hands were out of control, and he was going to strike.
A ray of light broke through the space, directly towards the Yellow Dragon. The Mystic Art Flying Immortal Ninth Heavy Technique was the first one he couldn’t resist, forcing his hands to be controlled to cast out.
The Yellow Dragon stared in disbelief as his head rolled on the ground. He was clearly prepared to fight to the death with his opponent, but he didn’t expect someone to sneak in on the sidelines. It was too much.

The group of people who came to kill the Yellow Dragon looked ahead vigilantly. The Immortal Realm was dangerous, especially in this place. Snatching prey happened from time to time. The slightest carelessness could be killed by the opponent.
[Obtained qi for 140,000.]
[Obtained High-Grade Mystic Art: Heaven and Earth Overturning.]
‘Hey! It’s not bad.’

If there was no one around, he was afraid he would want to jump up and down, shouting that the Heaven had opened his eyes and opened the door on his first kill.
This kind of feeling was cool.
But, of course, now, he must be low-key.
“Fellow cultivators, do not panic. I have no malicious intent, I just ascended from the Mortal Realm. I passed by here and saw you all tangled up with the evil dragon, so I helped out….”
Lin Fan walked slowly, revealing a harmless look, trying his best to appear friendly and absolutely without any ill intentions.

They glanced at each other, slightly more at ease.
“It turns out that fellow cultivator has just ascended to the Immortal Realm.” A woman who looked like the leader said indifferently.
Lin Fan said, “I have just ascended to the Immortal Realm and I am unfamiliar with the place, so if you all don’t mind, I would like your help to take me to a place with many people.”
He had to go to a place with a lot of people now…. And also to pry into the situation.
Based on the brief exchange he just had, he found that these few people from the Immortal Realm were quite nice and were quite good at communicating with each other.

Then, along the way, Lin Fan tentatively inquired about some things.

He learned that this was the Eastern Wasteland Domain of the Immortal Realm and that they were very small in the Eastern Wasteland Domain, belonging to a speck of dust.
The woman who communicated with Lin Fan was called Li Xiu, a child of an Immortal Realm family. She was also the one with the highest status in the family among this group. She was traveling to prepare birthday gifts for her family’s Old Ancestor’s birthday.
Lin Fan asked, “Everyone, I wonder if you know about the Greatest Martial Sect. When I ascended up from the lower realm, I came to the receiving monument, but it was so desolate that there wasn’t even a single person there….”
Li Xiu said, “Greatest Martial Sect? I don’t know. There are too many sects in the Immortal Realm, large and small. If it’s a big power, I should know, but I have never heard of this Greatest Martial Sect, so it shouldn’t be too strong a power.” 

“As for what you said about the receiving monument there is very desolate…. It should be that sect does not exist anymore.”
“This is a normal thing in the Immortal Realm. Just this time we chat, I’m afraid we don’t know how many small sects have become history.”
Lin Fan listened to what the other side said and was somewhat dumbfounded by the whole thing.
‘No more?’
‘This is a bit unlikely, right?’
The blow was a bit too big.
But think about it, it wasn’t impossible. If it wasn’t wiped out, at least someone came to pick up the pieces.
Li Xiu said, “The Immortal Realm is rather complicated. There are many people who have ascended from the lower realms and end up rejoining the sects, so you don’t need to worry too much.”

Soon, the group arrived in a city, a city in the Immortal Realm, not too different from the Immortal Cultivator Realm.
He observed the people in the city.
All of them had cultivation level in their bodies, but some had very low cultivation levels.
It seemed that not everyone in the Immortal Realm had become immortal, but the overall strength was much stronger than in the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

Li Mansion.
“Miss has returned.”
The guard at the door respectfully said.
Li Xiu nodded and walked towards the mansion, then a middle-aged man in the shape of a butler came, “Miss.”
“This is Fellow Cultivator Lin who we met outside and just ascended to the Immortal Realm. Go and arrange a residence for Fellow Cultivator Lin.” Li Xiu instructed.
The butler had a smile on his face, “Yes, Miss.”
“Fellow Cultivator Lin, I have things to do so I won’t stay with you. If you have any problems, you can look for Butler Li, but the Li Mansion has quite a lot of rules, I hope Fellow Cultivator Lin will understand, don’t wander around.” Li Xiu admonished.
Lin Fan smiled and said, “Thank you very much, Fellow Cultivator Li.”
Butler Li said, “Please.”
He then followed behind Butler Li and walked towards the depths of the mansion, passing houses with their doors tightly closed.
There was a light flickering in Lin Fan’s eyes. He had cultivated to such a level that he could see clearly even things that could not be seen with the naked eye.
On those tightly closed portals, a strange black substance was wrapped around them.
“Butler Li, who are the people living in those houses?” Lin Fan asked.
Butler Li said, “They are some people from the house, they have all gone out during the day. Mr. Lin, you must be a little tired since you first came to the Immortal Realm…. I will arrange for someone to bring some refreshing things. Mr. Lin can rest in the house for a while, I will come to inform Mr. Lin when it is time for the dinner.”

Lin Fan always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong.
Checking Butler Li’s situation, even the notes didn’t show a hint of abnormality.
Maybe he was really thinking too much.
‘There isn’t really anything going on, I guess.’

Soon, Butler Li led him to a courtyard and opened the door of the courtyard for him.
“Mr. Lin, please come inside.”

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”
Lin Fan cupped his fist and said, “Thank you very much.”
Butler Li watched Lin Fan enter the room, and when he turned around. A weird smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he hurriedly left the place.

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