Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 367


Inside the room.
Lin Fan stood in the doorway and generally looked around. There was nothing else but a wooden bed, dining table, dresser, bookcase, etc.
“Be careful when you come to a strange place.”
Li Mansion did not give him a good feeling. He even set the plot and knew some things. Often, it was the kind of seemingly harmless, but in fact, it was full of crisis in the end.

Lin Fan squatted down to see if there was anything weird under the table.
For example, the kind of weird runes.
‘Hmm? It is safe.’
There was no problem at all for now.
Then, he lifted the bedpan again and looked carefully, not letting go of every corner of the house.
Just to make sure there wouldn’t be anything.
“There are definitely secrets here that I don’t know about.”
“I can’t be too careless.”
Lin Fan didn’t really trust the situation here. He had ascended from the lower realm and didn’t have a trusted one around him now, so he was careful.
Checking his situation, His qi had reached 300,000 and 1,298 years.
After the washing of immortal qi, his state was upgraded.
[Realm: Immortal Realm Second Level Heavenly Immortal Realm.]
Previously, after ascending to the Immortal Realm, his qi could reach the Earth Immortal Realm. Then after growing his qi for more than one hundred thousand years, his realm could naturally reach the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and it was still the peak realm.
Although he didn’t know how such a level in the Immortal Realm, self-preservation was absolutely no problem.

Knock knock!
“Mr. Lin, tonight is the old ancestor party, you are invited to the party.” Butler Li knocked on the door outside.
Lin Fan opened his eyes. He had been probing the surroundings, but unfortunately, didn’t find out if there was a problem with those houses. Except for those mysterious black substances, nothing else was found.
There was a problem.
There was definitely a problem.
Whatever seemed to be a problem, and ultimately did not probe the problem. It proved that everything was a problem, and he did not find it, which could only mean that the inspection was not in place.

Night party.
Li Mansion was brightly lit, and many people came. There were all kinds of people, while Lin Fan was one of the ordinary cultivators and did not attract any attention.
That was right.
He was a newly ascended cultivator who wanted to be taken seriously. After all, his strength was only the True Stage in their eyes. 

After ascending, he needed to change himself if he wanted to raise his cultivation to the Earth Immortal Realm. 

Lin Fan was in a group of unobtrusive people, looking at the Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion. He was an old man with a smile on his face, and from the surface, he could not see any problems at all.
The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion was kind and gave off a gentle feeling.

Lin Fan looked carefully at each of the immortals around him. Some of them had good cultivation levels. But many of them had only average cultivation. The cultivation of Immortal Sects could be suppressed by the Sect Master. Because although their realm was a bit high, there was a big gap in qi. 

According to his guess… With qi to 100,000 was the True Stage, but could also be considered the Earth Immortal Realm of the Immortal Cultivator Realm.
This was his idea.
It was not very easy to say exactly how it was, but that was a general idea.

After a long time, the party ended.
Lin Fan went back inside his residence. On the way back again, he looked carefully at the closed door of the house again. Still, without the appearance of anyone, everything revealed strange.
“Is there anyone inside there or not?” He was puzzled.
There was no one around. He quickly appeared in front of that strange house door, but when he wanted to push the door in….

Butler Li’s voice came, “Mr. Lin, you’re going the wrong way, your house is in front.”
“Hahahaha!” Lin Fan laughed, “I thought I was staying here. I drank a bit too much tonight, so I remembered wrongly.”
Butler Li’s voice was gentle, “Mr. Lin drank too much, it was my problem. I didn’t send Mr. Lin back here in the first place, please don’t blame me.”

That sense of uneasiness in Lin Fan’s heart grew stronger and stronger.
He felt that there was a big problem.
According to the plot, Butler Li’s performance was too deliberate, as if he had done it on purpose. But he had to continue to play along with the other side.
“Butler Li is polite, I can go back by myself.” Lin Fan waved his hand towards Butler Li, then returned to the house. He fiercely closed the door directly, leaned his back against the door, and pondered in his heart.

Inside the main hall of the Li Mansion.
Li Xiu, who had met with Lin Fan during the day, respectfully stood in front of the old man and said, “Old Ancestor, the one I brought back during the day was just ascended from the lower realm….. He is innocent, so there is no problem. He said his sect is called the Greatest Martial Sect.”
“I have gone to check, Greatest Martial Sect has been exterminated three thousand years ago.”
The Old Ancestor gave a hint, “An innocent person, without any background backing. That’s good, thank you all for your hard work, go back and rest.” 

Lin Fan sat cross-legged on the bed, closing his eyes to recuperate while feeling the changes around him. His heart was beating a little fast.
It wasn’t because there was danger.
Rather, the hunch that something was wrong made his heart beat a little faster.
He naturally thought about leaving the place but felt that it would be somewhat obvious that the other side could easily find out his problem.
Everything was quiet at night.
Suddenly, it was as if he heard some strange sounds coming from around him in his ears, but that sound disappeared again when he reacted.
“Strange, there seems to be a sound.”
Lin Fan opened his eyes, got out of bed, pushed the door open, and looked outside. Everything was silent, there was no movement, and those houses next door were lit as if the owner had returned.
He stood outside and looked for a while…

The starry sky was so bright that he occasionally heard the sound of people coming from the outside world, but he just couldn’t feel anything out of place.
“Strange. It’s obviously so safe, why am I so upset?”
Lin Fan had never believed that this place was safe. Even if it was safe, he would be on full alert for the situation around him.
Gradually, with Lin Fan’s cultivation level, even if he didn’t sleep for a hundred years, he wouldn’t feel any fatigue, but unknowingly, as if everything was muddled, he slowly closed his eyes as if he was entering hibernation.
Suddenly, the natural talent aptitude alarmed constantly enhance him….
Lin Fan fiercely opened his eyes. The situation around him has changed…. An old man was suspended in the air, separated from him by several meters, while an iron chain condensed from the immortal dao law was wrapped around him.
This was the Heavenly Immortal Law.

Only this law emitted a deadly aura as if the possessor was facing death, his life was short, and he was about to fall.
“Old man of the Li Mansion, you came to me in the middle of the night. You shouldn’t be here to warm the bed, right? Even if you are warming the bed, your age and gender are a bit inappropriate, right?” Lin Fan said without haste.
He felt that these chains wrapped around him were sucking his anger. Perhaps they were so slow because they were afraid of sucking too fast and attracting the other party’s attention.
But to Lin Fan, he had really fallen for it.
The crisis did exist.

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