Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 369


It was often said, A day in the sky, a year on earth.

The proportion of time passing between the Immortal Cultivator Realm and the Immortal Realm was indeed different.

Lin Fan had been in the Immortal Realm for one day, but as much as one month had passed in the Immortal Cultivator Realm.


In a certain cave.

“Senior Old Sword God, what should we do now? The Immortal Sect has started a complete blockade of the martial arts dao. l have contacted those who practice the martial arts dao, and they have forgotten everything about it.”

“Yes, the Immortal Sect’s techniques are just too bad. It’s cutting off our martial arts dao.”

“There are already rumors out there that the Martial Arts Dao Ancestor was pitted by his Immortal Sect and forcibly ascended to the Immortal Realm. We no longer have a pillar.”

At this moment, a group of people hid inside the cave, not daring to go anywhere outside.

The strong men of the Immortal Sect were looking for them.

They, on the other hand, were lucky to have escaped and not been discovered. Especially since the Old Sword God stepped in and took them to hide in the mountains and wilderness, they were safe for the time being.

The Old Sword God was silent, looking at the martial arts monument erected behind him.

“Without reliance, we have to rely on ourselves. The Old Martial Arts Dao Ancestor handed down the stone monument in the hope that we can become martial arts master.”

“Therefore during this period of time, I suggest that everyone cultivate at ease. A small group of people will go out to find like-minded people and bring them here.”

“We as martial arts practitioners must have an unyielding heart…. Follow the footsteps of the Martial Dao Ancestors, achieve martial arts dao through the gods, and establish the territory of our martial arts practitioners.”

Since stepping into the new realm of martial arts dao, the Old Sword God, whose qi and blood were originally depleted, was replenished and became strong.

The white hair turned black.

The essence was more abundant than ever.

“The Old Sword God is right. We have to work hard to cultivate and pass through the martial arts dao to avenge the Martial Arts Dao Ancestor in the future.”

“Although it is a bit dangerous now.”

“But in the midst of danger, we can be more motivated.”

Now the Mortal Realm was being messed up by the Immortal Sects. Some Immortal Sects cleared the memories of martial arts practitioners.

However, there were martial arts practitioners who died because they did not obey. Even if the cultivation of their martial art was strong, they still struggled with the Immortal Sect and were eventually killed.

So unknowingly, the conflict between this system of martial arts and the Immortal Sect was somewhat serious.

There were many geniuses among the martial arts practitioners. In terms of the current situation, the Old Sword God was considered a seeker walking in front of the others… The Martial King, Fighter King, and other strong people of the older generation had walked ahead of the others.

Even if it was not possible to compete with the Immortal Sect now, but if they were given time to develop, they might give the Immortal Sect a big problem someday in the future.


Immortal Realm.

After Lin Fan killed a group of people, his harvest was very good.

[Obtained Immortal Grade Mystic Art: Five Burial Fists.] [Obtained Qi: 90,000.] [Obtained High-Grade Mystic Art: Heavenly Eye Golden Light.]


The rest of the drops weren’t much good.

On the contrary, this Immortal Grade Mystic Art was the first time he had dropped. It was dropped from the Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion, and as for the 90,000 of qi, he doesn’t know which Li Mansion clan member dropped it.

Overall, it was very good.


Lin Fan flew in the void. The Immortal Realm territory was huge. It was hard to find living people, and just this small Li Mansion was in charge of the territory for tens of thousands of miles or even a hundred thousand miles.


Early morning.

Some people in the city stood in front of the Li Mansion gates. They had a sense of what happened last night and wanted to find out what happened.

However, how dare they break into the Li Mansion at will?

They just checked at the door.

“What do you think this note means? The people of the Li Mansion really went out? But last night I clearly felt that something strange happened.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Why don’t one of you enter and see?”

“If you want to go in, you should go in.”

They only dared to watch from outside the door, how dared to go in at will.

The Li Mansion had a Heavenly Immortal Realm Ancestor. To offend the Li Mansion with cultivation like theirs was a death sentence.

To them, the Heavenly Immortal Realm was already an existence that could not be climbed high.

At this moment, in the crowd, a black-robed man slowly walked out…

When the people around saw this man, they all felt an immense power from the other side. So, how dare they stop him?


The black-robed man frowned and looked up. A layer of dead air was shrouded over the Li Mansion. It was very strong and must have met with misfortune.

He walked up the steps to go in and take a look.

“This fellow cultivator, this place is the Li Mansion, barging in at will is going to be an accident.” Someone kindly reminded.

The black-robed man turned around, and with one look, he made the person who kindly reminded him not dare to move, as if a big mountain was pressing down on him.

He was a strong man!

Very strong.

The good man did not dare to say more but only lowered his head, not to meet the other person’s eyes.

The black-robed man pushed open the door of the Li Mansion, and at once, a residual killing intent came to his face. Obviously, something big had happened.


The man closed the door behind him and walked straight towards the courtyard. He observed the situation around him.

“The scent of the Great Day Fire.”

The familiar mystic art was already sensed from the residual smell.

The black-robed man raised his hand, and a water wave mirror was suspended in front of him.

This was a mystic art that could trace a scene that had happened several days ago based on the scent that remained in the surroundings.

There was just something wrong with the situation.

The mirror trembled and was indeed tracing. But abruptly, with a click, the mirror shattered and could not be traced at all.

“The qi is blocked.”

The black-robed man could see at a glance that the opponent had shielded his aura. Otherwise, this could not have been the case.

‘Could it be that the opponent was a Golden Immortal powerhouse?’

‘But it couldn’t be.’

‘How could a Golden Immortal powerhouse arrive in such a remote place, except that he was on business. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even bother to come to this shitty place.’

Since the retroactivity couldn’t be traced.

But there were other ways.

“The soul comes…..”

The black-robed man whispered, and at once, the unique Golden Immortal Law flew out from his body. The Golden Immortal Law was emitting an astonishing power, forcibly searched for the broken divine soul that was about to dissipate from the world.

At that moment, a figure slowly coalesced….

The figure was illusory, very blurred. He couldn’t see the face, and at the same time somewhat strange, as if it was a mixture of various residual souls.

“What a ruthless technique. The killing is so clean. If not with this secret technique, I am afraid it is difficult to do.”

The black-robed man frowned. Although the opponent’s technique was ruthless, the good thing was that it was not completely exterminated. There were still remnants of divine souls floating in the world.

By his supreme qi, it could be forced to fuse together.

Only now there were some problems.

“Ah! Help.”

“Don’t kill me.”

“Damn, how can it be so powerful.”

The voices were jumbled as if many people were talking.

Mainly this was the fusion of remnant souls formed together.

The black-robed man’s fingers squeezed the immortal technique, and an immortal light struck into the remnant soul.

“Fellow Cultivator Li, what is going on with you? Who hurt you?” The black-robed man spoke.

The remnant soul stabilized.

The Old Ancestor Li came to his senses, “Fellow Cultivator Lie, you’ve finally come.”

“Ai, such a thing happened to the Li Mansion, I’m very heartbroken. Who did it? To kill all the people in the Li Mansion, I’m bound to take revenge for you when I find out.” The black-robed man asked.

Old Ancestor Li told Lin Fan’s situation.

The black-robed man frowned. He had just ascended, so he could never be a strong Golden Immortal, but Old Ancestor Li was at the Heavenly Immortal Realm. If not for his injuries, he could naturally step into the Golden Immortal.

But the opponent was obviously just ascended, and what ability he had to kill Old Ancestor Li?

There must be a secret that was unknown to the people.

He said, “Fellow Cultivator Li, now I only have this residual soul left, I wonder if you can help me reincarnate… I heard that you have a Demon Immortal cultivation technique that can help me condense my ghost body. As long as you are willing to help me, I am grateful.”

As an Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion, he naturally did not want to die like this.

Now that Fellow Cultivator Lie had used his power to condense his remnant soul, even though the path of Demon Immortal was not good, he still wanted to live.


The black-robed man let out a long sigh and opened his five fingers. The condensed divine soul vapor was instantly grasped in his palm, and with a whirring sound, a flame burst into flames.

“Ah! Fellow Demon Lie, what do you mean…” the Old Ancestor of the Li House screamed miserably.

The black-robed man said, “Old Ancestor Li, you are now in this condition, for you to condense the spirit body, it needs to consume too much Heavenly materials and treasures. Instead, why don’t you contribute something for me? It is also considered as the payment for me to take revenge for you.”

In the blink of an eye, the screams disappeared.

A gray Elixir was suspended in the palm.

The black-robed man was very satisfied, then swallowed the pill. Although it was not very useful, it was better to be able to increase some qi, which was beneficial.

He wanted to find Lin Fan’s trail, but it was not possible.

The qi was hidden.

Even the retrospective mystic art couldn’t capture it. If he wanted to find the opponent, he was undoubtedly not looking for a needle in a haystack.

Soon, a national curse still existed even in the Immortal Realm.


The black-robed man came to the Old Ancestor Li’s retreat…. The place where the treasure was hidden was empty as if it had been rudely scraped clean, and only an immortal stone left in the corner was scattered and glowing.

It was proof that just here were treasures.

It was just that he came too late.

It was scraped by that ruthless guy.


Lin Fan shuttled through the void, looking for living beings. After what happened at the Li Mansion, he already knew that he needed to be careful, never careless.

There were too many crises hidden around.

The trust between people was arguably basically zero.

‘Let’s not trust each other.’

At the same time, he was thinking about one thing.

‘Where did all those guys who were forced to ascend in the forbidden area go?’

‘It couldn’t be that they died.’

Of course, what he hoped for most was to meet the old lady’s husband. There was absolutely no problem whatsoever, not to mention whether there were feelings, to hold a thigh first and let him have fun.


He did not know how far he traveled. Anyway, in this area, he had despaired.


‘There is not even a ghostly shadow.’

‘Damn it.’

He landed in a wood, set up a fire, find a beast, and get some random food to fill his stomach.

Although it was night, the sky was full of stars. The surroundings were brightly lit. Everything was so peaceful.

Gradually, the scent of wild boar came to his nose. with his situation. Naturally, he did not need to eat, but the appetite for food was still there.

Only then.

He could feel that he was still a human being.

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