Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 37 He Is Crying


Lin Fan knew that was how it was going to end up, like classic old movies.

“Leader, this is Gao Yixiong, the leader of Hu Tang division of Dragon Gang, he has a terrible personality.” Wang Bao whispered.

Once Wang Bao saw Gao Yixiong in the past, and he was so scared, he used to escape whenever he was in danger.

But Wang Bao won’t hide again.

Because his own identity and responsibility drove him to fight evil to the end.

“I, Wang Bao is a Hunter, and I will never bow to evil, and I will never turn my back to the enemy again.” Wang Bao thought.

“Well.” Lin Fan nodded, looking at Gao Yixiong.

Gao Yixiong: Fourth-Stage.

Possible Item Drop:

50 Years’ Worth of Cultivation

Tiger King Fist (Fourth-Stage)

Rapid Fist (Third-Stage)

Immovable Stance (Fourth-Stage)

Shadow Move (Fourth-Stage)

Gold armor

Tiger’s Finger

Silver Money

Lin Fan stared at that person’s eyes while thinking of killing that man to get the possible item drop.

Lin Fan felt that man was not an easy one, he knew that even though he hasn’t fought that man yet.

Fifty years of cultivation was not to be underestimated, and it was impossible to fight that man head-on.

Lang Jun was about to faint, but when he saw that man came, he screamed as hard as he could, “Lord, save me! Save me …”

Lang Jun stared at Lin Fan furiously.

Even though his legs were already broken, but he could still glare at Lin Fan, and his eyes were like saying, “You are doomed!”

“I know what happened, it is true that my men break your men’s legs first. How about I give you compensation? What do you think?” Gao Yixiong said.

Lang Jun and Lin Fan couldn’t believe what they heard.

Lang Jun shouted, “Lord, he breaks my legs!”

He hoped Gao Yixiong could avenge him.

But …

Gao Yixiong’s words confused him.

“You shut up for a sec.” Gao Yixiong glared at Lang Jun.

Lang Jun, who was about to faint earlier, really fainted because Gao Yixiong’s words and glare scared him to death.

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“I just want to teach him a lesson or two. I don’t want that to happen again. I can even kill you, sir, if this kind of thing happens again.”

“Let’s go.”

Lin Fan left with his men.

Everything has been settled.

Wang Bao followed Lin Fan, and he punched Dragon Gang’s members while leaving to express his dissatisfaction.

Although he was scared when facing the Dragon Gang.

But he could rest assured because Lin Fan could protect him.

“Leader, you are fantastic!”

“We finally avenged our brother.”

Lin Fan’s men respected him even more than before.

When Lin Fan broke Lang Jun’s legs, he felt so refreshed, even the lord himself came to greet him.

Lin Fan patted their heads like a father patted his sons. “As long as I’m still here, no one can kill you. No matter what happens in the future, I will back you up.”

He touched his head and then sniffed his hands.

It was overbearing.


“Are you letting them go?” Someone whispered.

Gao Yixiong stood and looked at Lin Fan’s party from faraway.

“Don’t ask questions about things that shouldn’t be asked, take him down, and tell him not to provoke me to kill that Hunter.”

“Yes, Lord.” That man answered.

There were still a lot of people around. He didn’t want to make a scene.

When Gao Zhenbin heard the news, he was shocked.

Lin Fan really crushed the Dragon Gang.

And Lin Fan even broke Lang Jun’s legs, which shocked Gao Zhenbin even more, and he was about to cry.

Because he already tried to seek help, not even one man dared to mess with Dragon Gang, but Lin Fan did that for him.

Gao Zhenbin rarely cried, but right now, he was completely moved by Lin Fan’s act.

“I must quickly heal my wounds and repay his kindness.” Gao Zhenbin thought.

Hunter Guild.


“How can you end up fighting in the port with the Dragon Gang?” Wang Zhou asked. He learned about that from one of his men. He wanted to rush and helped Lin Fan, but he decided to believe in Lin Fan.

Lin Fan explained the reason he went to the port was to seek revenge for one of his men that were attacked by Dragon Gang. As a result, his men’s leg was broken.

Wang Zhou said, “Be careful, even though Dragon Gang will not dare to touch you, but you must prepare for the worst.”

“Thank you for your concern. I get it.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan was no longer the same man anymore, but he was a martial artist who had 67 Years’ Worth of Cultivation.

He was so powerful.

“It’s good if you have something in mind. Dragon Gang is indeed crazy, and they even dare to mess with us. If they don’t have some organization backing them up, we would have crushed them from a long time ago.” Wang Zhou hated Dragon Gang.

Wang Zhou stopped the investigation in the port.

Wang Zhou knew deep down who did it.

The most important thing was.

The matter of the black fox demon has not yet been resolved.

There was a danger lurking nearby.

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