Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 371


The woman took out a Golden Elixir, swallowed it, and ran her qi. Then she looked at Lin Fan warily and vanished towards the distance.


“I just want to do some good things for good people and still be misunderstood as a bad person, it’s sad.”

Lin Fan shook his head. There was no thought. These things are the seasoning of life, encounter was considered fate.

‘If you don’t cherish it, then forget it. There is no telling how many people who wanted to get involved with me.’

‘You are not the only one.’


‘How could you misunderstand me and cause my clothes to break.’


Something was wrong with the situation.

He looked down at the corner of his shirt, where a piece had been torn off to bandage the other side.

“Not good.”

An unpleasant thought surfaced in his mind.

According to the past years of experience, he was afraid that things were not that simple. —In those past episodes, it was not long after the woman left here that she was discovered. Only when she was found, she was already a cold corpse and was naked, and the only evidence was the piece of clothing cloth left on the other side.

From then on, he would be hunted.

Wandering the world.

Carrying this charge of killing X corpse.

“Careless, this is really careless. I absolutely can’t let this happen, otherwise I can’t even say it even if I jump into the yellow river.”

“Now is to get that blood-stained cloth back from the other side.”

“As long as you get it back, it doesn’t matter where you go with me.”

Lin Fan looked into the distance and instantly disappeared in place, chasing after the woman in the direction she had just left. He didn’t want to save her anymore, but she must return the cloth to him.

There must be no evidence left on him.


Far away.

The woman huffed and puffed. In a very irritable mood, she was being chased. She cast an immortal escape technique and disrupts the void to escape, but she never expected to meet such a person.

Although it was for her healing, if he wanted to bandage, then that meant he had to untie her clothes.

She was so angry.

Of course, she knew that the other side was well-intentioned and perhaps really did not mean any harm. But, there were just things that she could not accept, so she did not want to have too many encounters with the other side.

The two were just passing by.


A sense of crisis came.


A black-light broke through the void and ruthlessly chopped towards her, while four black flags descended from the sky and disappeared into the ground, forming a large formation.

“Feng Yao, where else do you want to run?”

A figure appeared in the world. The man was handsome with long hair flowing, but he was extremely evil. As he appeared, the surrounding immortal qi turned turbulent, as if it was uncomfortable with the man’s qi.

The woman was Feng Yao.

“Formidable, worthy of being the son of the rebellious Demon Emperor. You’re using bizarre methods, and you’ve been discovered even after escaping to here.”

She had clearly cut off her qi related to the other side and vanish into the chaotic void. —Even the Golden Immortal masters would have difficulty finding her trail.

However, looking at the speed of the other person, it was clearly very fast and obviously knew where she was.

‘Could it be that…’

She thought of the Immortal Spirit Grass in her hand, which was indeed snatched from the other side’s hand.

If the other side left some kind of imprint within the Immortal Spirit Grass, it would make sense.

“Don’t think so much. The Immortal Spirit Grass doesn’t have any imprint, or do you only think that the Immortal Sect has a tracking technique and our Demon Sect doesn’t.” Young Master Ni Luanmo sneered.

Feng Yao knew that in her current situation, she was no match for the other side.

Even in the heyday, it was still the same.

“There is no point in talking more. After taking you down, I will take you back and concoct you slowly. I think with the immortal qi, I should be able to create another peak for my demon technique.”

Young Master Ni Luanmo raised his hand in a palm. The power of this palm was very terrifying, and the surrounding sky was heavy with demonic shadows.

Feng Yao frowned. She did not dare to be careless or even underestimate the other side. Once she got defeated, the consequences were unthinkable.


“The little bitch ran really fast.”

Lin Fan looked everywhere for the other side’s figure, but the other side had some techniques indeed. He tracked until now without seeing the figure. It couldn’t be that she had been taken out.

However, it was impossible to think about it.

‘Where is that girl?’

The other side’s cultivation was indeed good. Regarding this shitty place, there were so many scary guys.

Suddenly, he looked up into the distance, where there was a booming sound coming from. At the same time, there was an extremely strong movement passing through, and the earth was shaking. Obviously, there were experts fighting.

“Found it.”

Lin Fan turned into a long rainbow and disappeared in place.


Soon, when he saw the scene in front of him, he was rather helpless, just as he had expected.

This girl really did go out and get beaten up.

If he had not thought of these hidden problems at the beginning, he was afraid that something big would happen.

Feng Yao had been suppressed from fighting back. The mystic art that the Young Master Ni Luanmo performed was Niluan Demon Emperor’s famous masterpiece, Niluan Void Chop.

A strike waved out, and the void shakes, forming turbulence. It was invisible and bodiless, and it took Feng Yao a lot of effort to resist this move. If it was Niluan Demon Emperor himself, perhaps before the mystic art had been formed, the power alone could have crushed her to death.

“Feng Yao, what other techniques do you have? With your current ability, this Low Grade Immortal Treasure has not even been able to bring out its full power.” Young Master Ni Luanmo sneered repeatedly.

The Immortal Spirit Grass was a must-have.

Taking this grass could enhance one’s cultivation. It was a rare treasure.


Feng Yao frowned. She had indeed reached the end of her rope, and steeply, she turned her gaze to this Low-Grade Immortal Treasure, somewhat reluctant and somewhat determined.

Young Master Ni Luanmo laughed disdainfully, “I advise you not to waste effort. If you want to detonate the Low Grade Immortal Treasure to survive, do not look around. This place has been blocked by me with the Immortal Seal Flag. Even if you detonate the Low Grade Immortal Treasure, it is useless, you will only blow yourself up half dead, and save me the trouble.”

At that moment, a discordant voice came.

“Girl, can you give me back the piece of cloth I bandaged you with?”

Lin Fan slowly walked out of the void. He was now here to retrieve the cloth and had no idea about the rest.

People nowadays.

Good people who try to be good get misunderstood.

So he had given up the previous idea.

Nothing more needed to be said.

“Who are you?”

Young Master Niluanmo did not expect someone to appear, and it was when he was about to suppress Feng Yao. From its looks, it seemed the other person knew Feng Yao and wanted to save her.

But it was ridiculous.

Trying to save someone from the rebellious demon young man was simply a delusion, a daydream.

Lin Fan harmoniously said, “Fellow cultivator, don’t panic. I am not a bad person, but I am passing by here. I have some relations with this girl, I want to take an object from her, I should leave when I get the object.”

Feng Yao was shocked at Lin Fan’s appearance, but more than that, she was surprised. Who was this person? Could it be that he didn’t know who she was facing now?

The mighty name of Young Master Niluanmo might not be known by everyone, but if we talk about Niluan Demon Emperor, perhaps there was no one who didn’t know how powerful the Demon Emperor was.

He was a supreme giant that existed for tens of thousands of years.

The Immortal Emperor did not come out. The Demon Emperor was eternal.

“Hahahaha….” Young Master Niluanmo laughed, “This is ridiculous to the extreme. Do you see this young demon panicking? Kid, I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know where you come from, but this demon young man has no interest in you today. Be sensible and hurry up and get out of my way.”

Such a domineering call.

Ordinary people naturally couldn’t tolerate it.

So, how could he, Lin Fan, tolerate it?

Certainly not. If ordinary people couldn’t tolerate it, let alone a disciple of the Immortal Sect. Being helpful was his virtue, but being grumpy was something he couldn’t change.

But it wasn’t the time yet.

He had things to do.

Lin Fan looked straight at Feng Yao and said indifferently, “Girl, I won’t pester you, but please return the cloth I wrapped for you so I can get my things and leave.”

“As you know, once you die, the things I left on you are evidence. Although I know you were killed by this handsome looking fellow cultivator, others will think I did it. This kind of thing can’t happen at will.”

Although he spoke casually, the meaning expressed by the words was unsettling.

Young Master Ni Luanmo felt that this kid was good at patting the horse’s back.

‘Handsome looking fellow cultivator.’


‘It was indeed a wise guy, and it’s worth it to let him go. However, if he still wanders around in front of him, then he could only be beheaded to avoid trouble.’

Feng Yao did not know how to answer.

Should she strip?

The cloth that had been stained with blood was still wrapped around the wound, and the other side wanted it. Did he want her to take off her clothes now?


How could this be?

“Fellow cultivator, can you help me?” Feng Yao opened her mouth and said.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “No, I’m a bad person, how can a bad person help others? In my mind, the words ‘don’t you come over’ keep echoing. People like me never go against other people’s wishes. If it wasn’t for the cloth, I wouldn’t have appeared in front of you.”

Feng Yao felt that the other side was deliberate.

“You are not a bad person, it’s me who misunderstood you.”

Perhaps only when their lives were threatened, no matter if they were immortals or sages, they would seize the chance to live and seek the help of others just like normal people.

“No, you are right, I am indeed the bad guy. Just now, after thinking about it, I uncovered your veil without your consent, undid your clothes, looked at your body naked, and bandaged your wounds.”

“Although the situation is urgent, but for the girl, your innocent body was seen naked by me. I also touched by this pair of pure hands, it is indeed bad for you.”

Lin Fan sighed. If it was put in the modern world, he would have been arrested and sent to jail for molesting a girl, a pervert.

Feng Yao looked at Lin Fan. The other side said a serious thing, but to her, somehow, it was so harsh.

“Kid, this demon young master did not kill you, is already merciful enough. If you still wander around in front of me, do you really think I am merciful?”

“Get out of my sight immediately.”

Young Master Ni Luanmo angrily rebuked. He had never seen such a guy who didn’t know how to live.

Lin Fan stared at Young Master Ni Luanmo and said in one word.

“This fellow cultivator, if you dare to scold me again, I will really beat you to death.”

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