Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 373


At this point, where would he dare to hide?

Young Master Ni Luanmo opened his mouth, and a treasure pearl entwined with immortal qi flew out from his mouth. It was a supreme immortal treasure Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl, refined by an Immortal King.

“This treasure is not bad.”

Lin Fan stared at the bead suspended above the opponent’s head and was curious. Watching from afar, he could see that this bead seemed to have a peerless, immortal king sitting in it.

“Kid, you really deserves to die. I kindly spare you from death, but you don’t know what’s good for you. In that case, go to hell.”

Young Master Ni Luanmo’s fingers squeezing the immortal seal, a mouthful of immortal qi spat out on the treasure pearl.


The space bloomed.

Ten thousand rays of light enveloped the world.

Compared to the Red God Whip, this immortal treasure Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl, was the good thing. He thought that the Red Body Whip his father rewarded him with was only refined for a few hundred years. Then he was sent away, but this Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl was different.

The Immortal King’s strength was naturally not as powerful as Niluan Demon Emperor. However, he still had a few brushes in refining immortal treasures.

This Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl was refined for thousands of years, collecting the essence of the five worlds and condensing them into one, possessing endless mysterious effects and able to manifest all kinds of immortal treasures.


The Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl changed endlessly and transformed into an ancient supreme immortal treasure, ruthlessly smashing towards Lin Fan’s head.

A golden light came sharply from the bottom of the seal.

It shook Lin Fan’s figure.

Lin Fan cast the Golden Gourd in opposition. At the same time, he performed his mystic art, using the power of the martial dao to coalesce on his fist in parallel with his magic power, and blasted towards his opponent with one fist.

There was a loud sound.

Young Master Ni Luanmo, once again screaming miserably, floating in the air of the Heaven Turning Seal, disappeared into the previous Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl.

“Bastard, what kind of broken treasure is this, it’s of no use.”

He screamed and cursed, angrily spraying this immortal treasure was a waste.

If that Immortal King knew, he would have cursed angrily. What did you know? Without the control of the immortal treasure, you might not even be able to exert one ten-thousandth of its power.


Lin Fan poked out his palm and grabbed the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl with a slap. This immortal treasure was struggling and wanted to return to the original owner’s side once it was out of the control of the rebellious Demon Young Master.


His mystic art was directly broken apart by the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl. Immediately afterwards, it turned into a golden light that broke through the sky and disappeared far away towards the distant void.

“Does it dislike me?”

Lin Fan stepped out, spanning across the void, while flipping his palm and slapping it, performing the Heaven Overturning. The vault of heaven was tugged.

It was as if the world within the square circle was turned upside down.

Immediately afterwards, a third eye appeared on Lin Fan’s brow.


A golden light shot straight up and blasted at the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl.


While the immortal treasure froze for a moment, he grabbed it again, simultaneously running the Eternal Divine Furnace, directly absorbing the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl into its interior.



He wanted to erase all the imprints inside.

The way to get rich was to get benefits from others, just like getting them from Saint Wushuang.

It was all about letting the leeks grow on their own, cutting a wave when it grew well, and then letting the leeks grow slowly again.


At this moment, when he got the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl, he saw Young Master Ni Luanmo vanished into the void to escape and directly slapped the opponent out of the void.

It was swift and decisive.

Cough cough.”

Young Master Ni Luanmo was spitting blood with a big mouth, and his body was about to be broken.

“My father is Niluan Demon Emperor…”


Lin Fan descended from the sky, stepped on the opponent’s chest and directly held down on the ground. Perhaps this was the first time Young Master Ni Luanmo had reported his father’s name and been beaten like this.

“Your father is useless.” Lin Fan said.

As if feeling bad about this, he looked up and said, “Sorry. I said it casually because his son is not worthy.”

“You say you have to do this. Isn’t it good to start with a good reason? Why you have to jump around? Now something happened to it, now regret is useless.”

Lin Fan grabbed the hair of the rebellious Young Master Ni Luanmo and picked him up, looking at the opponent’s miserable appearance. He was quite helpless. What a humble guy, so arrogant and domineering at the beginning.

However, look at this appearance now.

He wondered what to say.

This was sad.

Lin Fan reached out and groped around the opponent’s body, not letting go of every place. He wanted to find something on the opponent’s body because, according to his idea, now that he was in the Immortal Realm, killing the son of a big brother was risky. If there wasn’t even a crumb, it would be too much of a loss.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you want?”

Young Master Ni Luanmo struggled. He thought of a group of people in the Immortal Realm who practised an extremely evil technique, similar to picking lusts and taking advantage. However, they were men picking men, and the thought of that image made him shudder.

“What? Don’t move, if you move again you’re finished.”

Lin Fan’s fist blasted the rebellious Young Master Ni Luanmo’s stomach.

A long, long time ago. When Lin Fan was still a martial artist, he exploded a martial arts mastery, the Picking Method. —It was a terrifying martial art, able to draw all the power from the other person’s body after intimate contact.

But unfortunately, he had been beating himself up because he wasn’t perverted enough to do such a thing.

But if you could be a little perverted, you would have been invincible.

When you met a person, you could pick a person. When you met a beast, it was hard to stop the demons.

Even if the shape of the great strong man like withered, if they were to go down to the fifth limb, then there would have been no one else’s business.

Young Master Ni Luanmo was worthy of the son of a great man. He was indeed rich. There were many good things on his body, and all the things that should be scraped have been scraped.

The opponent cultivated a lot of mystic arts.

Although he had a need for mystic arts, he was more concerned about the opponent’s qi and the opponent’s physique. He was a person with a special immortal body.

Feng Yao was standing in the distance, just standing quietly. She couldn’t interject and didn’t even know what to say.

It just always felt like the opponent was doing something that was going to cause a big problem.

Young Master Ni Luanmo felt a murderous aura in the opponent’s eyes, “What do you want?”

Lin Fan smiled with a palm enveloping the opponent’s sky spirit cover. His qi was boiling out, penetrating the opponent’s body while exterminating the opponent’s soul. Once the opponent’s soul escaped, the consequences were unthinkable.

What he did was then completely exposed.


Young Master Ni Luanmo wanted to beg for mercy, but it was already too late. Without even uttering a single word, he died completely, leaving only a complete corpse.

“Perfect, I hope something useful comes.”

He had worked so hard until now, just to strip the opponent’s body of its contents.


Young Master Ni Luanmo laid on the ground. Lin Fan didn’t care. It was just a useless corpse. But, if others saw it and knew the identity of Young Master Ni Luanmo, probably they would be scared and foaming at the mouth. They would find a deep mountain forest to live in seclusion and never appear in the world.

Once they were caught by the Niluan Demon Emperor, they were afraid to die without knowing how they died.

[Obtained Dao-Level Mystic Art: Niluan Void Slash.

[Obtained Ninth Grade Demon Spirit Root.] [Obtained Immortal-Level Mystic Art: Rebellious Propulsion Against the Light and Darkness.]

No more.

He exploded three things.

“Not bad, not too wasteful.”

Lin Fan was quite satisfied. It would be unsatisfactory to say that he was still not able to explode the qi, which was something he felt a little pity about. If he could explode the qi, then he could definitely climb to a higher level.


A clear and crisp sound came.

Lin Fan looked back, it turned out that Feng Yao was too nervous and stepped on a dead branch.

“Now, what should I do with this woman?”

He had killed Young Master Ni Luanmo, and this woman was the only witness. Simply killing her like this was a bit immoral. It didn’t match his status as a disciple of the Immortal Sect.

“Come, come here for a moment.” Lin Fan beckoned towards her.

Feng Yao’s heart was beating a little fast. She always felt that things were a little complicated and even had the thought in her heart that he was not going to behead herself.

If that was really the case, then what should she do?

“Come here, don’t be afraid.”

Lin Fan tried hard to make his voice gentle.

Feng Yao slowly walked to Lin Fan and looked down at the motionless corpse lying there. The Niluan Demon Emperor’s son was really dead. This was indeed something big.

“Do you have a sword?”


“I ask you, do you have a sword?”


“Then take it out.”

Feng Yao did not know what the other side was going to do. However, with the strength of the other side, the possibility of her trying to escape was extremely low. Once there was any wavering, she was afraid that she would die without knowing how she would die.


A long sword appeared.

Lin Fan picked up the body of the Young Master Ni Luanmo, then made the body kneel on the ground and seized the longsword to pierce the other side’s head.

Immediately afterwards, he pulled Feng Yao over and let the other side hold the hilt of the sword, then hurriedly ran to the other side.

“Don’t move, it’s for later.”

Feng Yao looked at the longsword and then looked at the head that was commonly pierced, full of doubts. What is he doing?

But all of a sudden, a voice came.

“Turn your head around.”



It was as if it was the sound of a camera.

“Don’t be nervous, I just used my qi to record the scene just now. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, his death is your doing, it has nothing to do with me.”

Of course, you can rest assured. I am tight-lipped, never talk nonsense, but if you say it, then it has nothing to do with me, ah.

Lin Fan had to kill all factors in the cradle.


Feng Yao had already been dumbfounded by Lin Fan’s manipulation, completely confused, completely unresponsive, as if a puppet on a string, at the mercy of others.

Lin Fan walked up and said, “Now you can return the cloth to me, I don’t want anything left on you.”


Feng Yao’s mouth was open, and she had been confused.

Lin Fan felt that this girl couldn’t be frightened.

‘Forget it.’

He did it himself.





Lin Fan took the blood-stained cloth in his hand and then disappeared in place.

“Goodbye, let’s pretend we never met.”



Feng Yao stood dumbfounded in place, and a cool breeze blew in.

She bowed her head and then shouted out at an extremely terrifying decibel.


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