Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 374


Mortal Realm, above Jiangdu City.

Wei You and Bai Qiu stood in the void, gazing down. This place was considered the last sacred place of the Martial Dao.

“Senior sister, these are all the people of that kid? Are we going to conceal this place for him.”

Wei You said, “Well, others may ignore, but Lin Fan told me, this place is his birthplace, there are many of his confidants here. He brought the Martial Dao to this place for them to cultivate because he does not want them to die after a hundred years, so this place is not allowed to be touched by other Immortal Sects.”

Other than that.

Wei You’s prestige in the Immortal Dao was still there, so after she said these words, people would give face.

“Hahahaha, if that kid knows that because of his Martial Dao prevalence, several Martial Dao pioneers have appeared in this period of time beyond our expectation, I wonder what he would think, perhaps with relief.”

“In my opinion, in a few hundred years, the mortal Martial Dao will become a power.”

Bai Qiu smiled. He did not care about a hundred years later because he would have long since ascended by then, and those things had nothing to do with him.

It would be the business of future generations to bother.

Wei You raised his hand and hit a formation. She sheltered Jiangdu City, even though this place had already been hit by Lin Fan with many formations, but compared to Wei You, there was still some gap.

Today’s Jiangdu City was solid, and no one could break it. As long as any cultivator with some experience saw the formations here, he would never think twice about it and leave directly in the dust.

In this period of time, a lot of characters appear in the martial artists.

Old Sword God, Martial Emperor and so on, a group of martial arts pride and prestige crowned the Mortal Realm. Even if the people of the Immortal Sect heard a little, they knew that these people were the head of the martial arts.

At the same time, rumour had it that there was a child who showed exceptional martial arts talent.

As if overnight, hit the limits of the immortal like.

As for whether it was true or not, it was unknown.

However, the current situation was enough to show that the Martial Dao was developing very fast. As for how it really was secretly, then they didn’t know.


Immortal Realm.

Lin Fan killed Young Master Ni Luanmo and reaped a rich harvest. He got two immortal treasures, and both of them were not bad.

The Red God Whip was slightly weak, as the Young Master Ni Luanmo spat in his heart. —This treasure was a toy that his old man refined for hundreds of years and sent him off at will.

However, even if it was a toy, but for ordinary immortal, it was a life-threatening thing.

“Luckily, I parted ways with that girl, otherwise there would definitely be trouble.”

It would have been a different story to move with that girl.

When he first enters the Immortal Realm, he must be steady.

He needed to eliminate all dangers.

One person action was the safest. Once some friendship was created with that girl, it was a little unpleasant to run away in case of trouble. In case feelings were created, it was even more troublesome and would kill people.

Check out the treasure.

He didn’t have to look at the Immortal Stones, Elixir, the things that must be cultivated.

The first thing he did was to take a look at the newest and most important treasure.

This immortal treasure was indeed terrifying.

If the Young Master Ni Luanmo could refine this Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl, he might not be an opponent. Even if he could win, he would definitely need to pay a small price.


At this moment, somewhere in a mysterious place.

An ancient master looked a little off. This was the Niluan Demon Emperor, and just now, he felt his mind were a little chaotic. That feeling was clear that a certain attachment in his body had abruptly disappeared.

“My son is dead.”

He loved Ni Luanmo because he saw the shadow of his former self in his son’s body.

“Who the hell is this person that dares to cut my son’s life?!!”

At once, the stars of the heavens emerged around the Niluan Demon Emperor. Each star was representing an astral host, projecting what the child had encountered. However, there was a greyish mist in the underworld blocking his projection.

“The qi is obscured and cannot be projected, surprisingly there is such ability.”

The Niluan Demon Emperor fell into deep contemplation.

‘To be able to block the projection of a Demon Emperor, that must not be weak, moreover even implicated to some kind of existence.’


“My son, father projected that you have a disaster, so I let you go to borrow the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl. It was not expected that you still died.”

“Father felt heartbroken about your death, and also father’s chance. Father has no more ties, and can strike the Immortal Daoist fruit.”

If Young Master Ni Luanmo had heard these words of the Demon Emperor, he would have been moved to tears of pain.


Your child was unfilial, and you couldn’t give me a deathbed.

However, if he heard the words behind, perhaps he would have to spit three litres of old blood. Were these words still human words?

Was I even your own son?



Lin Fan sneezed and rubbed his nose, ‘Who was thinking about me? It seemed that I had been away long enough that a lot of people were thinking about me.’

He must find a chance to return to the Mortal Realm and take a look.

However, with the current situation, he couldn’t do so.

He had come to an extremely far place.

He was sure that the sister earlier could not find him.

Sitting on the ground, he took out the Immortal Stone and began to refine the Golden Gourd. If he wanted to stand firm in the Immortal Realm, he had to completely refine the Golden Gourd and bring out a stronger power.

At that time, even if he met one that was more powerful than himself, he would have the ability to fight.

Of course, with his current qi of nearly 400,000, he was terrifying in the Mortal Realm, but not in the Immortal Realm.

As long as he did not encounter that kind of terrifying people, he could keep safe for the time being.

At this moment, a piece of the Immortal Stone turned into the purest immortal qi and integrated into the Golden Gourd, began to refine this treasure.

With his current strength, refining immortal treasures were naturally much easier.

However, if he wanted to refine an immortal treasure of this level, he was afraid that it would be impossible without a thousand years.


At this moment, he found colourful qi floating deep within the golden river within the Golden Gourd, as if it was some kind of mysterious alternative aura.

None of them had been discovered at one time.

As he took control of the Golden Gourd, he did discover more and more.

“It seems that this is contacting the deeper mysteries of the Golden Gourd.”

Lin Fan slowly refined it.

The sun and the moon turned upside down, not knowing how many days had passed until the Immortal Stone was consumed. Before he slowly opened his eyes and exhaled a mouthful of white qi, covering his surroundings and forming a dense mist.

“It’s getting stronger again.”

He did not need to cultivate Immortal Laws nowadays, but he needed to cultivate his own martial dao.

Therefore, apart from refining immortal treasures, when there was nothing going on, he practised martial dao, improved his true qi, and slowly raised his martial dao to such a level as immortal cultivation.

The first thing he did was to take off into the air.

Disappear as a stream of light in the world.

He basically had no enemies now.

However, for his safety. He also had the initiative to cast mystic art to cover his qi. Even if it wasn’t of much use, some things had to be done. If not, it would be deserved to be found one day.


Martial Immortal City.

This city was one of the largest cities he had encountered along the way, in which there were many immortal warriors present. The thick immortal qi enveloped over the city, which was much larger than the previous one.

Lin Fan wandered in the city.

He just looked around.

He didn’t know where to go next. His heart had always been adhering to the idea that if he came here, he would be safe. He didn’t want to think so much, he walked everywhere, and if he met someone friendly, he would talk a few words. If he met someone unfriendly, then he would find a way to kill them and ruthlessly explode something to grow himself.


There was a group of people talking around passing by.

“The Xiao family is recruiting a son-in-law, who do you think will be so lucky? Once you become the son-in-law of the Xiao family, it will be an earthworm turning into a real dragon, and in the future, you will get the wind and the rain in Martial Immortal City.”

“Go, go, go and take a look.”

“I heard it’s an embroidered ball to choose a son-in-law, anyone can have a chance.”

“Even some disciples of the Immortal Sect who learned about this came here from millions of miles away, just to try their luck.”

‘Son-in-law recruitment?’


‘There os still such a vulgar and feudal thing happening?’

Lin Fan followed behind the group of passers-by and walked towards the front.

“There are so many people. Are they all used to eating limp rice?”

Lin Fan glanced over and saw that there were at least thousands of people crowded together, while there was no shortage of immortal priests with good cultivation. They stood in the crowd and looked up at the pavilion where the embroidered ball was thrown.

“So many people come. Is this Xiao family’s daughter really beautiful?”

In the Immortal Realm today, everyone could cultivate immortality. Even if you wanted to report a lap, there was no need to be like this.

The man on the side said, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it, but I heard it is the most beautiful woman in the world. Look at so many people, you know what it is, I will have to work hard later, maybe the person who is chosen is me.”

Lin Fan nodded slightly, thoughtful.

It seemed that the attraction of recruiting a son-in-law was really big enough.

At this moment, in the attic, a middle-aged man sank his qi into his dantian and said in a loud voice.

“All young talents, today is the day my youngest daughter chooses a son-in-law. Any talented person under the age of five hundred is eligible, regardless of appearance or status, everything depends on the will of God.”

The middle-aged man had an extraordinary temperament. At a glance, he had the aura of a lord of a large family.

“Good, I am willing to become the son-in-law of the Xiao family.”

“I am also willing.”

“I heard that the Xiao family’s thousand-year-old daughter is extremely talented, I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

With these words of the Xiao family head, a group of grand masters were excited and full of flushed colours, as if they were the ones who would be chosen later.

Not long after that, a woman with a figure wearing a red robe appeared.

The woman wore a veil on her head and could not see her face. However, that graceful physique made many people swallow their mouths.

“Well, looking at the body type is indeed good, it shouldn’t be too ugly.” Lin Fan sized it up. With his poisonous eyes, he naturally saw through it all.

No wonder it had attracted so many people.


Inside of the loft.

The middle-aged man who had just stepped forward faced an old man and said, “Fellow Cultivator Mu, do you think this matter will work or not?”

Fellow Cultivator Mu looked like a withered form, but his essence was full of energy, “Xiao Family Master, you can rest assured. I have studied quite a bit about luck, my embroidered ball will definitely find a quick son-in-law with strong luck for the Xiao Family Master. At that time, as long as the Xiao Family treats it well and keeps the other party’s heart, the problem of the Xiao Family’s declining luck will naturally be solved.”

“Good, good, then thank you, Fellow Cultivator Mu.” The Xiao family Master said gratefully.

‘The only problem now is that the little girl…’

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