Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 375



Lin Fan found a man with an outstanding temperament, not the kind of flamboyant son, but the essence was like a sharp blade straight to the sky, and no one was near him, as if people who were close would feel uncomfortable.

It was as if there were sharp edges cutting into their bodies from time to time.

As if the man found Lin Fan’s gaze, he turned his head to look at Lin Fan, then pointed provocatively at Lin Fan and pointed at the woman in the attic, patting his chest.

The meaning was clear.

This bitch was mine. You gave me where to cool off.

“Crap! He provoke me.”

Initially, Lin Fan just came to take a look and gain some insight, not thinking of being someone’s son-in-law.

It was just that the situation was different now.

That guy actually provoked himself.

It was intolerable.

Lin Fan, like that man, raised his hand and pointed at the woman in the attic, patting his chest. The meaning was clear. The person was mine. Go back to wherever you came from.

“This guy….”

The man named Xiang Fei saw Lin Fan acted exactly like him and suddenly could not tolerate it.

‘This arrogant guy.’

The two eyes stared at each other.

There was a surprising burst of electricity between the invisible, nuisance collision together. The people around felt so much pressure.

Just at that moment, the news came from the attic.

“The embroidery ball son-in-law selection has officially begun.” The Xiao family butler said with a smile on his face.

Looking at those who came below, he secretly nodded. There were a few talented people.

The housekeeper placed the embroidered ball in the hands of the young lady and said softly.

“Miss, just throw it at will later.”

He looked at the young lady’s fat hand received the embroidered ball. For a time, he admired that Fellow Cultivator Mu to the bottom of his heart.

‘How could he have such a means to turn his originally obese figure into this?’


‘It was really awesome.’


A voice came from within the red face scarf. Although the voice was small, it was hard to hide the gruff tone.

Lin Fan didn’t want to grab the embroidered ball, but now, he had to grab it. It wasn’t about wanting to eat soft food. —Rather, it was for a bite of breath.

“Ah! The embroidered ball is here, come to me.”

At this moment, the woman forcefully threw the embroidery ball into the sky. Perhaps with great force, the embroidery ball was thrown very high.

Lin Fan took a casual glance. It was just a glance but his body trembling. —Because of the action, just let the sarong lift a corner. He did not see too clearly.

But he still sees it….

Without counting the size of the words.

Her face was a match for the granddaughter of the Old Dragon Goddess.

Perhaps the woman knew there would be a man later and gave what she thought was a brilliant smile, but the big buck teeth were jagged and a little scary.

He completely gave up the idea just now.

What was there to fight for? It was a beautiful thing for people to recruit a son-in-law. Even if he grabbed it, he would reject it. It wouldn’t be wise to take others’ chances.

So, he swore to God that whoever fights was a fool.

He was even ready to retreat.

The embroidery ball was an immortal treasure, it was spinning in the air, and there was no problem at all to see. —However, here comes the problem, as if the embroidery ball possessed a spirit, it was looking for the person with luck.

Xiang Fei’s qi was very strong.

The embroidery ball wanted to choose this one… However, Lin Fan’s appearance made the embroidery ball find a new target.

What muddy luck.

It was easy to cultivate immortality for those who had great luck. But, unfortunately, that benefit was not something anyone could understand.


The embroidery ball selected Lin Fan and urgently needed to fly.

Lin Fan had long seen the angle. With the current throwing of the embroidery ball, it was impossible to land in front of him, but soon, he realized that the situation was not right.

Or did it look at Lin Fan’s handsome face?

It proved that it was not an ordinary luck embroidery ball but a face value embroidery ball.

Lin Fan wanted to dodge but steeply thought of that guy earlier.

‘Good guy, you said it was yours, so let’s give you a heavenly creation.’


In the back of the attic.

Fellow Cultivator Mu did not move and said, “Xiao Family Master, the embroidered ball has chosen, only waiting for the other party to receive the embroidered ball. When the time comes, Xiao Family Master to step in, everything is in order, but I have to remind a word, do not let the other party see the appearance of your daughter, only when you can wait for the worship of heaven and earth.”

“Once you’ve worshipped the world, even if he regrets it, it’ s useless, because the world, the sun, and the moon can be seen and cannot be changed.”

This was what the ancients used to say. Worshipping the world cannot be done casually; there was a cause and effect relationship.

“Good, good.” The Xiao Family Master responded.

Fellow Cultivator Mu’s means were profound, so naturally, he could be trusted.


At this moment.

The embroidered ball fell, and those who were close to Lin Fan’s side raised their hands to snatch the ball. However, the ball emitted an aura that formed an inscrutable barrier, pushing those who thought they were fair, unknowingly, out of the way, giving them the feeling as if there were too many people crowding each other, causing a misstep.

“It’s for you.”

Lin Fan leapt up, and with an overhead shot, he directly kicked the embroidered ball as if it were a ball towards Xiang Fei in the distance.


The embroidered ball didn’t want to leave, but it still attacked towards Xiang Fei.


At this time, Xiang Fei froze in place, not because of the embroidered ball flying and feel excited, but he accidentally saw the girls’ real face just now. He was scared and trembled and shouted that he could not believe it.

With such an exquisite body, how could it grow into such a ‘look’?

Suddenly, a sense of crisis struck him.

He turned his head slightly. His pupils shrank fiercely as if seeing some kind of great abyssal terror.

Immediately after, he reacted. He was even tempting to curse angrily.

The thought came to mind. If he did not react, the consequences were unthinkable.


He kicked and sent the embroidered ball directly toward Lin Fan.

“I don’t want it. I’ll give it to you, it’s your creation.”

Xiang Fei wanted to smack himself a few slaps.

‘Crazy! I was curious about nothing. I thought it was a beautiful woman, a young girl, but I didn’t think it was such a horrible existence.’

If he had to choose, he would rather choose to fight with a terrifyingly strong person in anger and definitely not choose such horror in front of him.


“You, what did you just tell me? How dare you go back on your word.” Lin Fan cursed in anger.

How could he tolerate such a thing?

Once again, he kicked in anger.

The embroidered ball that possessed spirituality was like a child that no one wanted, being kicked around sadly and even growled.

These guys were a little ruthless.

Receive me, I would not only bring you a wife but also let you eat soft food. What a perfect thing to be so unappreciated, and that was to be struck by heaven.


Now the scene was a little off.

The surrounding crowd that wanted to flab to the Xiao family was confused.

‘What the hell are these two doing?’

‘This is an embroidered ball. Whoever got it could become the son-in-law of the Xiao family. You guys actually kick it around, do you ever think about our feelings?’

Even the people of the Xiao family in the attic noticed what was going on below.

The embroidered ball was being kicked around by the two young men, and the situation was very bad. They hurriedly went to the back to report the current situation.


“If you dare to kick over again, I can not be polite to you.” Xiang Fei had panicked.

According to his strength, he didn’t think that there’s anyone who could have blocked this kick over. However, he didn’t expect this guy’s qi to be so thick, interacting with him soundly.

Lin Fan scolded, “Who is not polite to whom? If you have the guts, let’s go out and fight.”

“Just do it, I am not afraid of you.” Xiang Fei said sharply.

At this moment, the embroidered ball came again.

Lin Fan saw the right angle, directly kicked away.

The embroidered ball flew away at a curve angle, ready to return to the original owner.

Immediately afterwards, the two people attacked towards the distance. —The destination was outside the city.

However, the embroidered ball seemed to have set eyes on them, surprisingly also chased after them out of thin air. The meaning was clear, who the hell was going to give me a run for my money.

“Wow! The hydrangea has become a spirit.”

“It’s not fair, it’s irigged.”

Those who participated in the talent show shouted.

‘Crazy, it is not the person who chose the embroidery ball, but the embroidery ball chose the person.’


The Xiao Family Master and the Fellow Cultivator Mu appeared.

“What happened?” Xiao Family Master asked.

He was just waiting behind for the embroidery ball to choose the man who would take the dragon, but he didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

“Family Master, just now the embroidered ball was kicked around by two men who didn’t want it. It just went in that direction, as if it was leaving the city.” The butler said.

“Huh, what is this matter?”

The Xiao Family Master was so anxious that his head was about to explode. How could something like this happen when a son-in-law was selected for a good reason?

On the side, Fellow Cultivator Mu’s eyes flashed with a fine light.

“There is no need to be anxious, Xiao Family Master. My embroidered ball went with them, so naturally, I can’t let it go easily, I will go and bring them back.”

Fellow Cultivator Mu bid farewell then turned into a stream of light and attacked towards the distance.


The wilderness.

“Hoo! My God, it’s really scary to encounter such a thing.”

Xiang Fei’s heart palpitations. He almost got shot. He did not expect people nowadays to be so insincere. If she was ugly, don’t wear a veil, this was not a pit.

Then, he thought of a guy around him.

“That kid is ruthless enough. He kicked the embroidered ball to me on purpose.”

Xiang Fei looked at Lin Fan, and he had the idea of a fight just now.

But then, after seeing the woman’s face, he no longer had such thoughts.

If you liked it, it’s for you.

“On purpose? I saw that you are very eager to become someone’s son-in-law, so I deliberately give it to you. So, why didn’t you take it?” Lin Fan said.

“You don’t even look at what that bitch looks like. It’s a figure killer. If you want, you go.” Xiang Fei said.

Lin Fan said, “Tacky, it is really tacky. The lights are off, the touch is comfortable on the line. I see that you do not look good, it would be good to have someone to accept, but pick and choose. So, when it comes to regret, there is no place to cry.”

“You’re so arrogant, what’s your background?” Xiang Fei looked at Lin Fan. He had never seen him before and did not know where he was from.

Lin Fan smiled, for the situation just now was palpitating.

Just at that moment, a voice came.

“What the two young friends just did was a little too much.”

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