Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 377


To be honest, he was in awe of the Golden Immortal existence.

After all, there was a level difference, and the opponent also practised a Dao-Level Mystic Art to seize the creation of the world. He must be very strong.

If anyone heard that someone could seize the qi, the first thought was that this person was powerful. The techniques were quite subtle and feared that it was not a good existence to mess with.

But now…

He cut down Fellow Cultivator Mu with one move.

Everything came too suddenly. He knew he was strong but never thought it was so terrifying. If he hadn’t felt it himself this time, he would never have believed it could happen.


“I let you chase me, but you don’t even see what kind of person I am.”

His mouth was now rampant, with a big feeling of villainy.

At this moment, he quietly looked forward to it.

He wondered what would drop.

The requirement was not high. As long as it gave qi, everything else was just some messy stuff.

With 550,000 of qi added to itself, he could really do whatever he wanted and run amok.

[Obtained Dao-Level Mystic Arts: Seize the Creation of the World.] [Obtained item: One-Horned Cloud Island token.] [Obtained item: One drop of Immortal Emperor Essence Blood.]

No more.

A total of three items were exploded.

[Seize the Creation of the World: The supreme mystic art of the Immortal Emperor, who lived in the mysterious void and sat in meditation for 30,000 years. It could seize the energy of all things in the world, containing all kinds of mysteries, and could intercept the creation and create things out of thin air.

[Immortal Emperor Essence Blood: The essence blood of an ancient master with strong effects. It could gain the power of an immortal, with extremely terrifying after-effects.]


Lin Fan had a good feeling about the Dao-Level Mystic Art. This mystic art was strong and exploded beautifully. However, the most difficult thing for him was this drop of Essence Blood.

He didn’t dare to take it.

It was extremely scary with its after-effects.

Although it wasn’t said clearly, with a little thought, one might be able to understand what this after-effect was.

Just at this moment, Xiang Fei attacked from afar. Before even the person arrived, the voice arrived first.

“Brother, don’t panic, the two of us together are enough to suppress him.”

Facing an ordinary Golden Immortal, he was naturally not weak. However, Fellow Cultivator Mu was one of the three Immortals of Horned Cloud Island. He was someone who had the means. Otherwise, he would not have such a prestigious reputation.

Only when he reached the scene he was dumbfounded.

‘What the hell.’

‘Where are the people?’

After a closer look, he found a pile of broken flesh lying there quietly, steaming hot and still emitting heat.

He looked at Lin Fan in a mute manner.

It was a bit incredulous.



“My God, you are too much of a tiger. Fellow Cultivator Mu is one of the three immortals of Horned Cloud Island and you just killed him.”

Xiang Fei was speechless in awe. It was too terrifying.

From the time he came after this wasn’t long. However, it was such a short period of time to accomplish such a thing. It was really amazing, and one could even say that he was shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, this person is strong, but to me, it is only that.” Lin Fan said indifferently, not expecting Xiang Fei to turn around and save him.

He was a righteous person.

The person who could have this kind of luck was definitely not an ordinary person and must have come from some terrifying power.

Xiang Fei smashed his mouth. He encountered people who like to pretend and could not use the norm to communicate.

Otherwise, the one who suffers was bound to be him.

“Indeed, Fellow Cultivator Mu’s strength is only average among Golden Immortals. Even if I don’t have a Golden Immortal, but against him, I won’t get more than three moves.”

Lin Fan laughed, “Not bad, three moves is not bad. I thought there would be three moves as well, but I didn’t expect just one move.”


This voice of laughter always made people feel like something seemed wrong somewhere.

Xiang Fei helplessly blew out-breath. He was quite helpless. The rival was really a bull.

“The younger generation can have such strength, I basically know who is who. However, your eyes are very raw, and I have never seen you.” Xiang Fei was curious.

The other side was able to kill Fellow Cultivator Mu, which was indeed very strong. He was still at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, which was terrifying.

Just now, he was all bragging.

If he were to face Fellow Cultivator Mu, he would certainly have to pay a great price even if he could win in the end.

“The world is so big. How can you know all of them? Meeting each other is fate, how did you appear in Martial Immortal City?”

Lin Fan did not say where he comes from because he was maintaining a sense of mystery.

After experiencing all these things, it turned out that the Immortal Realm wasn’t too friendly to people who had just ascended.

Xiang Fei said, “I’m going to the Dragon’s Nest to try my luck. I wonder if you have any ideas, brother.”

Lin Fan pondered.

He was deep in thought.

‘Dragon’s Nest?’

Of course, his senses of Xiang Fei were okay, but he couldn’t be careless in case he was sold. Although the possibility of being sold was low, it was better to be careful in everything than to be careless.

“Yeah, let’s go check it out then.” Lin Fan said.

The two then introduced themselves to each other and got to know each other. Xiang Fei intentionally hid his identity and did not say much.

They departed.

Lin Fan searched for something on the pile of broken meat.

There were not many things that had dropped.

Fellow Cultivator Mu must still have good things on him. Just a pile of broken flesh was too disgusting.

That the Niluan Void Slash was really terrifying. He was able to cultivate the Niluan Void Slash to its peak.

That Niluan Demon Emperor was naturally not weak either.

Moreover, with the Niluan Demon Emperor’s cultivation, once he performs this move, he might not even be able to blink. He could instantly disappear into the world.

There were too many strong people. So, be steady if you could. If you were a little careless, you would definitely be caught in a place of no return.


Horned Cloud Island.

“Senior brother’s soul light went out.”

Fellow Cultivator Yun was meditating when he noticed that his senior brother’s soul light wavered and then went out abruptly, indicating that his senior brother was really dead.

Fellow Cultivator Huo was stunned, “How is it possible? How could senior brother die? The three of us are so prestigious, who would dare to make a move on senior brother.”

“Do not panic, and let me see who actually did it.”

Fellow Cultivator Yun reached out and grabbed the extinguished soul light, followed by a wisp of green-coloured qi wrapped around his fingers.

“The opponent has really collected all the treasures of senior brother, even the token was not spared, so we can just go after it.”

“In addition, we have always wanted to know the cultivation method of senior brother, but unfortunately, senior brother is too possessive. He refused to give it to us, in that case, we can only rely on our own hands to take it. Prepare things and go to visit that person.”

Fellow Cultivator Yun was so greedy of mystic art that he could take the opportunity to take the jade.

It was just that the person who was able to kill senior brother was absolutely extraordinary in strength.

So the only way to do it was to be well prepared.

As for why he didn’t think the opponent was a terrifyingly strong person, because if he was really an extraordinarily strong person. He wouldn’t look at the treasure on senior brother.

There was nothing wrong with this speculation.

It was logical.


Lin Fan followed Xiang Fei long ago and left the boundaries of Martial Immortal City.

At this moment, they were floating in the air, while below them was an endless swampy forest.

“This is where the Dragon’s Nest is located, but be careful, there are times when you are unlucky enough to encounter a group of more sinister guys. “Xiang Fei reminded.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything but took in everything that was ahead of him.

He exerted his talent, and his thermal energy perception appeared.

Even if someone was hiding their scent, as long as they were still alive, they couldn’t evade his physical eyes.

Someone was indeed moving around inside.

“Preliminary estimate of time, there is a treasure inside the Dragon’s Nest called Dragon Essence, which only appears once in three hundred years. However, of course, we won’t be able to get this treasure because a master will come.”

“What we are looking for is the Dragon Saliva, that thing can be useful.”

Xiang Fei did not hide the purpose of this time.

“It doesn’t even sound good.” Lin Fan said.

Xiang Fei looked at Lin Fan, “Brother Lin, can you stop, do you know that this is a Dragon Nest? Although there is no dragon in the Dragon Nest, those killing techniques inside, even a Golden Immortal Realm can be blown away.”

“If you care so little, don’t blame me if you die.”

Lin Fan did not doubt Xiang Fei’s words because he saw the shadow of a dragon hovering in the distance. Those were not living dragons, but the shadow condensed by the terrifying extreme aura of a dragon that once lived here.

In the end, he didn’t dare to imagine how strong it was for the time being.

It hadn’t dissipated through countless years, so how terrifying was the strength when it existed?

He was afraid that it was unimaginable. Even if the Heavenly Dragon Clan people arrived, they had to kneel down and shout at their ancestors.

“Looking at your appearance feels like you don’t know anything. I guess you are ascended from the Lower Realm.”

Xiang Fei saw that Lin Fan also did not speak and guessed in one word.

“Hmm?” Lin Fan was surprised.

Xiang Fei laughed playfully and said, “The best way to hide that you are a bumpkin is to not say a word and pretend to know everything, but there are too few of these exist.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a person who never looks down on others. Don’t feel pressured.”

Lin Fan wanted to swing his fist and blast Xiang Fei to the ground. Damn, this was too hard to hear. He could not even hold back a little.

“Don’t think so much, I’ll take you to treasure hunting. There are Dragon’s Nest treasures to collect in this place. There are guys who are unlucky enough to be fucked to death in this place, and things are still left behind, and they can also be harvested.”

Although Xiang Fei said so, he was not very interested in those things. They were all small things, which were just some small prizes.

Lin Fan was not very interested in these either. He just wanted to meet some guys with average strength and arrogance, then have an amazing battle, kill them, and explode them to the point of having no panties left.

Then it would all be perfect.

As for anything else, he wasn’t interested at all.

Lin Fan wasn’t sure if it was his bad luck or Xiang Fei’s too good luck, but the two of them hadn’t really met a single person when they stepped into the dragon nest.

In Xiang Fei’s words.

They hadn’t reached the Dragon’s Nest yet.

When they get there, they would be able to see a lot of people, but they must keep a low profile. Although they could cover it, they would attract the attention of some bigwigs and would probably be beaten up.



When they arrived at the Dragon’s Nest, Lin Fan looked in front of the Dragon’s Nest and was stunned. It was a very desolate mountain, with many holes pierced through the surface of the mountain.

When a gust of wind blew, there was a dragon roar sound passed out from within the cave.

Some people said this is the reason for the wind.

However, some people said that there is still a dragon sleeping inside.

Just then, Xiang Fei touched Lin Fan’s arm, his eyes signalling him to look into the distance.

Lin Fan was unsure.

“What for?”

Xiang Fei whispered, “There’s trouble, didn’t you kill Fellow Cultivator Mu, one of the three immortals of Horned Cloud Island? Those two are Fellow Yun and Fellow Cultivator Huo.”

“It can’t be that they are looking trouble with you, right?”

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