Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 378


“Second brother, look at that kid sneaking around looking at us. Do you think he is the one who mutilated senior brother?”

Fellow Cultivator Huo noticed Xiang Fei’s eyes and transmitted his voice to Fellow Cultivator Yun.

As a Golden Immortal Master, any unintentional glance was hard to escape their eyes.

Fellow Cultivator Yun narrowed his eyes, “The breath of the token is there, it seems that person is the guy who beheaded senior brother. Don’t alarm them first, wait for the opportunity.”

Fellow Cultivator Huo puzzled, “Then what should we do with the kid next to him?”

“Mediocre, no features. Maybe that guy knew we would come looking for him, that’s why he blended in the crowd to hide his eyes and ears. However, he really underestimated our eyes.” Fellow Cultivator Yun laughed coldly.


At this moment, Xiang Fei was telling something to Lin Fan.

“Brother Lin, you should be careful. I can see if their eyes are not paying attention to this place, so I think they already know that it was you who killed Fellow Cultivator Mu. You must not act alone, otherwise you will be in trouble if you are entangled by these two.”

Xiang Fei admonished and was feeling sad for Lin Fan. He had just ascended from the Lower Realm and hadn’t even found a backer yet, and was targeted by the three evil immortals of the fierce Horned Cloud Island. How sad.

However, if he knew that the other side was taking him as a target, probably a mouthful of old blood would have spurted out.

Although Xiang Fei was indeed outstanding and attention-grabbing.

But you shouldn’t accuse people out of thin air.

He was fucking innocent.

Lin Fan blandly said, “I know in my heart. For them, living quietly is the greatest luck, if you want to die, God can’t stop it.”

“We also kind of know each other, can we not be like this? Good communication is better than anything, don’t you think so?”

Xiang Fei couldn’t stand Lin Fan’s characters. He sighed in his heart, it was true that he had just ascended, and he hadn’t seen the real bully.

When you had a chance to see in the future, you would know how dangerous the Immortal Realm was.


At this time.

In the distance between the world, a number of figures appeared.

“There are quite a few people coming, all of them are famous big shots, it seems that this time we won’t get the Dragon Essence.”

With a glance, Xiang Fei had recognized many people, all with origins and very strong cultivation.

A steep moment.

The world shook slightly.

The void cracked open, and a golden heavenly avenue was paved.

Several figures appeared. These figures were all palanquin bearers. On the palanquin was an unruly young man sitting at the end. His expression was indifferent, eating seemingly extraordinary immortal fruits.

One could smell the burst of fragrance from a long-distance away.

The man said, “The Dragon’s nest has been taken by me, and this time the Dragon Essence belongs to me. Those who are not related should hurry up and leave, don’t jump in front of my eyes.”

This young man spoke with an arrogant look, completely ignoring the people around him.

“Who is this guy? He doesn’t have a high cultivation level, yet he is so arrogant. According to common sense, this person is bound to be crippled in the first place.” Lin Fan muttered.

He had never seen such an arrogant person in his life.

It turned out that arrogant people spoke so domineeringly. Without even distinguishing the occasion and looking at their own cultivation, they spewed a rage at the crowd. A slightly intolerant existence was afraid that they would have already taken action.

The first thing to do was to suppress this guy.

Xiang Fei looked grave, “Lin brother, do not move. This person comes from the Northern Wasteland domain Immortal Sovereign Family. Even if the cultivation is not high, no one dares to provoke. If you encounter these guys, it is better to avoid them. Otherwise, you will be endlessly hunted.”

Lin Fan pondered and had some thoughts in his heart.

But soon, he put this idea behind him.

Coming from an immortal family meant there were strong people. Strong people were troublesome enough, and it was an unpleasant feeling to be chased by strong people, but the other side was able to send a constant stream of heads.

So it would mean.

The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

It was difficult to engage.

It wouldn’t be urgent to wait and see what happens.

“Then who is he?” Lin Fan asked.

Xiang Fei said, “Qin Yang, a bogeyman who relies on his status.”

Because of the appearance of people from the Immortal Sovereign Family, some of the strong people who appeared retreated and did not fight with each other.

With their strength, they could naturally kill the other side.

But the consequences were not something they could bear.

Soon, Qin Yang of the Immortal Sovereign Family attacked the Dragon’s Nest.

“Let’s go, let’s enter the Dragon Nest as well and get rid of those two guys first.” Xiang Fei said.

He was doing this all for the sake of Lin Fan, whom he had just met.

Even if he was powerful, he couldn’t be too high-profile. The three immortals of Horned Cloud Island were capable and went out to seek revenge. They must be well prepared. If they were alone, he could deal with them properly, but the two of them were a bit troublesome.


“Second brother, that boy entered the Dragon’s Nest.” Fellow Cultivator Huo said.

Fellow Cultivator Yun was in no hurry, “Don’t panic. They don’t know that we chased them over yet. As long as they don’t throw the token away, they can’t escape. Now that the people from the Immortal Sovereign Family have appeared, there’s no need for us to risk going inside the Dragon Nest. Let’s wait for them to come out.”

Fellow Cultivator Huo gave a thumbs up, “Second brother is awesome, this method is too good.”

Fellow Cultivator Yun pinched his beard and smiled smugly, waving his hand repeatedly and pretending to be modest.


The Dragon’s Nest was desolate, and the bare rock walls contained terrifying might. When entering, one felt uncomfortable, but of course, all this was of no use to Lin Fan at all. He possessed the Innate mystic arts to carry the world and was extremely immune to the pressure.

“Brother Lin, be careful. Although there are no more dragons here, this place is very dangerous. I heard that it is because these dragons are sinister enough, they are afraid that someone will enter their lair, and they have made many dangerous things, specifically trying to trap people.” Xiang Fei reminded.

Lin Fan said, “I can say this Dragon’s Nest is not much fun. Why don’t we go out and do a wave with the three immortals of Horned Cloud Island, it’s also more interesting than wandering around here.”

He was not interested in the Dragon’s Nest at all.

Ever since he saw those two, he had some ideas.

But looking at Xiang Fei’s situation, he didn’t have that intention at all, which made him a little helpless.

At this moment, Xiang Fei looked serious and said, “Brother Lin, do me a favor, I came to the Dragon Nest just to find some Dragon Saliva, I need that recently.”

What else could Lin Fan say?

He had to help out.

Afterwards, Lin Fan looked around. The passage was huge, there was another cave, and there were just too many caves outside the mountain. Moreover, it was so dense that once inside, it was like stepping into a maze.

Xiang Fei was bored and muttered, “In the very ancient times, there were many true dragons in the Dragon’s Nest, belonging to the overlords of the world. However, I don’t know what happened, overnight, all the true dragons in the Dragon’s Nest disappeared, leaving an empty Dragon’s Nest.”

“Since then every few hundred years, people will come to the Dragon’s Nest in search of treasures.”

“There was an ancient strong man in the Heavenly Court of the Immortal Realm who entered the Dragon Nest at a young age. He got the True Dragon Pond and became a supreme overlord, how good it would be if I also had such luck.”

At this moment, Xiang Fei was just like those gold seekers, full of expectations for the mysterious place.

“Don’t think about it, it’s not good to think too much.” Lin Fan said.

A person as lucky as him had not encountered such a heavy treasure, let alone others.

Steeply, a dragon roar passed by.

“Did you hear any strange sounds?” Lin Fan asked.

If he heard correctly, that sound just now seemed to be the sound of a dragon’s roar.

Xiang Fei nodded his head, “It seems to be a dragon roar, but it can’t be. There is no longer a dragon here, it absolutely can’t be a dragon roar. As I see it, it is definitely the wind blowing over, forming an illusion.”

Lin Fan shook his head. His heart always felt that there was some kind of crisis brewing.

“No, my mind is not right. I always feel that something big will happen, it’s better to leave.”

After saying these words, he then retreated towards the back and did not continue to move forward. He was confident in his perception.

Xiang Fei acted surprised, “You are a bit overreacting, it seems like nothing is going on.”

Lin Fan stood far away, shaking his head, “I’m not going in, I am very sensitive to crisis. A restless mind is a representative of danger. There is nothing I want inside the Dragon’s Nest, and I don’t want to risk it. Are you going out with me or going in by yourself? If you have to go in, I can’t accompany you, maybe this sense of crisis is aimed at me.”

Xiang Fei was stunned by Lin Fan’s words and stood still without moving. He was pondering and initially didn’t think that much because they were only outside the Dragon’s Nest and hadn’t gone deep inside.

Lin Fan’s actions were a bit too aggressive, too cautious. He stopped when he felt a hint of danger.

If it was someone else, he would definitely come with a sentence.

‘You bragging so much, I do not expect you to be as timid as a mouse.’

But Lin Fan gave him a wonderful feeling, different from those people he had seen before.

Whereas he knew that the feeling in Lin Fan’s heart was because he thought of something. When a group of people went exploring before they encountered danger, someone would say that they were afraid, why don’t we leave?

But there was always a head of iron people say, afraid of what, go in and see nothing happened.

In the end, the whole army was wiped out. Even if they came out alive, at most only one person alive, and either crazy or crippled.

So just a moment after the sound of the dragon roar came, he felt that crisis and his mind was in complete chaos.

Then there was no thought.

“Hey, since you have fear in your heart, then I can’t leave you behind, so I’ll go out with you.”

Xiang Fei was very good at finding excuses.

He was actually a bit scared in his heart as well.

It was mainly because he was frightened by Lin Fan.

Therefore, the idea of the Dragon’s Saliva completely dissipated, which mainly depended on who said it and what the ordinary people said, he wouldn’t believe it even if he died.


Deep in the Dragon’s Nest.

Qin Yang entered here with his slaves, and his presence was destined that other people did not dare to step in or fight with him.

Suddenly, his gaze froze in shock as he saw a magical tree standing there.

The tree was only one person high, and the leaves on the branches were emitting colourful light with dragon qi wrapped around the divine tree.

“This…. is the True Dragon Tree.”

Qin Yang’s breathing steeply sharply. He remembered that it was written in the ancient books that the True Dragon Tree was an unavailable treasure in the world, and it was not easy for one to appear in ten thousand years.

“Go get this True Dragon Tree for me.” Qin Yang waved his hand. His eyes were on fire. This thing was a treasure. Even if an immortal dweller saw it, he would stop in his tracks.

But there was also a rumour.

The True Dragon Tree could manifest true dragons and not just any true dragons.

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