Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 379


These slaves around Qin Yang followed orders and attacked towards the True Dragon Tree but were wary of it.

This object had long been energized.

Not only it was a treasure, but it was also an existence capable of transforming into a true dragon.

There was a distance between the two, but one could feel the power emanating from this object.

“Hurry up, hurry up.”

Qin Yang had long been impatient, but even so urgent, he did not take the initiative. The danger and how dangerous the True Dragon Tree really was still unknown, so he could only let the slaves try it out first.

The slaves approached cautiously.

Just when they were within one foot of the True Dragon Tree, the leaves on the branches of the True Dragon Tree swayed, and multicoloured colours rose up to the sky, and those branches extended abruptly and violently.



The branches pierced through the bodies of the slaves, whose cultivation level was naturally not weak. However, in front of the True Dragon Tree, they were like paper mache, without the ability to resist at all.

In the blink of an eye, the slaves were all sucked dry. —The blood, qi, and immortal dao laws in their bodies all disappeared cleanly.

Qin Yang frowned.

“It’s a bit troublesome for the True Dragon Tree that wants to transform into a dragon.”

Just as he was contemplating these, the branches of the True Dragon Tree turned into streams of light and swept in.

“Unbridled, I am the son of an immortal family of the Northern Wasteland Domain, how dare you hurt me. I want you to turn into ashes.” Qin Yang angrily shouted, but it was no use. The True Dragon Tree would not let him go.

“Supreme Phoenix Lock.”


Qin Yang waved his sleeve, and a chain emitting terrifying might whistled away. It spun in the air, instantly wrapped around the True Dragon Tree, and fiercely launched a force to uproot it.

This object was the Qin family immortal treasure, refined by the Immortal King to blockade all things in the world.

As a son of the Qin family, an Immortal King family with a direct bloodline, he was naturally an important existence, so it was normal for him to carry some heavy treasures on his body.



But at this moment, Qin Yang looked at the scene in front of him with dumbfounded eyes, as if he had seen a ghost.

The True Dragon Tree surfaced the true dragon’s shadow and directly shattered the Supreme Phoenix Lock.

“Wait, I am the son of an Immortal family with a direct bloodline. What happen between you and I are just misunderstanding, don’t do anything to me.”

“This is a drop of subliminal dragon blood. If the subliminal dragon ascends to heaven to transform into a true dragon, I am here to help you.”

Qin Yang had a bad feeling. This True Dragon Tree definitely existed a long time ago and was not discovered hundreds of years ago. It must have been hidden in some mysterious place, hiding from waves of powerful people to collect.

Now it would appear only when it was about to turn into a dragon.

The True Dragon Tree really had a spirit, and it paused slightly. The meaning was clear since this was the case, then hurry up and pour up the latent dragon blood.

“Dog days, watch the move.”

Qin Yang wouldn’t give the submerged dragon blood to the True Dragon Tree, but instead, he pushed his qi, and a long fiery red blade appeared behind him. When this blade appeared, the temperature inside the cave steeply increased.

It was as if a blazing sun appeared in the sky.

Burning everything around.

Even the branches and leaves of the True Dragon Tree showed signs of burning.

It was naturally impossible for him to completely refine such an immortal treasure with his cultivation level. However, in the Immortal Exalted Family, there were strong people who refined immortal treasures for the children of the direct bloodline.

“Go to hell for me.”

Qin Yang chopped away with a slash, and the overwhelming fire-red light instantly covered the Green Dragon Tree with a puff.

Upon closer inspection….

The immortal sword cut on the branch of the Green Dragon Tree, sinking deep into it. However, when he tried to pull up the immortal sword, he found that it did not move at all. The branch seemed to move like blood and flesh, and with a swoosh, it actually swallowed the immortal sword.

“Return my immortal sword.”

When the unruly Qin Yang saw this scene, his eyes were wide open. There was no longer the same calmness as before. He was almost scared out of his mind. He really did not expect the True Dragon Tree to be so terrifying to this extent.

‘Is this the return of the true dragon?’

Or was it that when the true dragon disappeared, it left behind a true dragon sapling, which had grown slowly over the past ten thousand years and was now about to turn into a dragon.


Qin Yang knew that if he continued to stay, he would surely die. In order to live, he could only use all possible means to get rid of the True Dragon Tree’s entanglement. At the same time, he had to inform the clan elders about what happened here.

The True Dragon Tree had appeared.

The True Dragon Tree was such a terrifying existence. Perhaps if the elders get it, they would be able to reach the Immortal Dao Fruits.


Outside the Dragon Nest.

Lin Fan and Xiang Fei looked at each other.

“Brother Lin, you’re finished. These two guys didn’t go anywhere, they’re just waiting for you here. I think this battle is inevitable, but wait, in fact, they may not know it’s you yet.”

Xiang Fei held a glimmer of hope.

But these two guys’ eyes were too bizarre. They were looking at who was not good, and they had to stare at the two of them.

Lin Fan said, “I think they know who did it. Don’t you remember that I stripped everything from Fellow Cultivator Mu? In my opinion, there must be a liaison between something and them.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

He led Xiang Fei to leave this place.

If Fellow Cultivator Yun and Fellow Cultivator Huo followed, it would be certain that what he thought was true. Facing two Golden Immortal masters at once, he wondered if they could still be killed as easily as before.

Perhaps it was too much to think.

These two Golden Immortals seemed very strong. In fact, their current strength was not weak. The move was absolutely free of any weakness.


“Second brother, they are gone, it seems that they found us. What do you think we should do later?” Fellow Cultivator Huo asked.

Fellow Cultivator Yun’s gaze was profound as he looked at the two people who were far away, “We follow them. The target is the one who beheaded senior brother. As for the other one it’s simple, explain the situation to him, let him leave, and kill less irrelevant people in case they are involved to the world family.”

“Good.” Fellow Cultivator Huo responded.

They were famous for their prestige. Naturally, they were afraid of attracting too many enemies and attracting those from the World Family.


Far away.

“Huh! It’s a pity that I didn’t get anything from coming to the Dragon’s Nest.”

The more Xiang Fei thought about it, the more he felt regret. He didn’t think much of the Dragon Essence, the Dragon Saliva was not a problem, but because of the sense of crisis, Lin Fan said, he missed out for nothing and didn’t get inside.

Lin Fan said, “There are many opportunities in the future. Later on, these two Golden Immortals will be killed, so you collect their things. In the meantime, empty their lair for treasures. Don’t you think it smells good?”

“Of course, that naturally smells good.” Xiang Fei said.

At this moment, two figures appeared and blocked their way.

“Two young friends, where are you going?”

Fellow Cultivator Yun was full of immortal aura, with a whisk in his hand. He didn’t look like he had come to seek revenge, but a bit like he had come to accept disciples.

On the other hand, Fellow Cultivator Huo’s gaze was severe.

Perhaps as soon as there was movement, he had to strike to suppress.

Lin Fan said, “I don’t know what the two Fellow Cultivator are doing to stop us from going.”

Although he knew that these two people were the other two of the three immortals of Horned Cloud Island, there were times when it was important to communicate.

“Little friend, if you have nothing to do you can leave, we are here to find him.” Fellow Cultivator Yun pointed at Xiang Fei, his gaze, which was still mild, turned much sharper when he looked at Xiang Fei again. He would clearly have no intention of letting Xiang Fei escape.

On the side, Xiang Fei was a little confused.

‘Looking for me?’

‘Damn it!’

‘Why do they look for me?’

“Are there any misunderstandings between the two Fellow Cultivator? We have never met with you before, I wonder what you want.” Lin Fan was amazed.

‘Could it be that there was some kind of misunderstanding here?’

Or maybe they didn’t know yet that Fellow Cultivator Mu had been beheaded, but had a conflict with Xiang Fei, so they just came to find him.

“What are you looking at me for? I don’t know them.”

When Xiang Fei saw Lin Fan’s gaze looking at him, he knew that there was another misunderstanding.

Thinking about how he, Xiang Fei, could have come all the way to the Northern Wasteland Domain if it wasn’t for the Dragon Nest.

Fellow Cultivator Yun snarled, “It’s true that you don’t know us, but you should know in your heart that you killed our senior brother, Fellow Cultivator Mu. This time, we have come for the revenge of our senior brother.”

“Ha?” Xiang Fei was dumbfounded, pointed at himself and asked rhetorically, “You take me as the one who beheaded your senior brother?”

“Hmph! What, is this your attempt to deny it?” Fellow Cultivator Yun sounded angry.

He didn’t expect some juniors to be so shameless nowadays.

Killing was killing.

Yet he still fucking denied it.

It was really abominable.


“Have you guys got it wrong? You can’t go so far as a human being. It’s obvious that he killed him, and you guys are saying that I killed him, can you grow some eyes?”

“Without figuring out who killed him, I’m convinced.”

Xiang Fei’s temper was a little intolerable.

It was enough to be falsely accused.

This was very excessive, okay?

“Bah!” Fellow Cultivator Yun was full of disdain and looked sadly at Lin Fan, “You kid misidentified others and at this point, to dump the matter on you, don’t you have any ideas?”

“Even our three immortals from Horned Cloud Island are not ashamed of these types of despicable and shameless people.”

Xiang Fei wanted to vomit blood. There was reason to say that the matter was dumped on him, and he told the truth, but he was said to be despicable.

He thought that he was upright and righteous but did not expect to encounter this kind of thing. It was a bit too deceitful.

“Everyone, allow me to say something. Your senior brother, Fellow Cultivator Mu, was killed by me and had nothing to do with him.”

Lin Fan always felt that he had let people underestimate him.

‘Don’t I look like an existence that could kill your big brother?’

Fellow Cultivator Yun sighed, “I didn’t expect you kid to be righteous, but unfortunately, the people you meet are not. We give you a chance to leave now, this matter has nothing to do with you. If you don’t leave, then don’t blame us for being ungracious.”

Lin Fan said firmly, “Guys, I really killed the person.”

Fellow Cultivator Yun waved his hand, “We know exactly who killed him. We know it in our hearts, no need for you to say more.”

At this point, it was very unfair to Xiang Fei, so he shouted, “I’ve fucking said that I didn’t kill the person, what makes you guys think that I did. If I did, I would have admitted it a long time ago.”

“Of course, even if you believe that I did not kill him, I will fight for him against you. However, the key is that you can not accuse people out of thin air, the person really was not killed by me.”

Fellow Cultivator Huo was full of disdain and said, “Oh, knowing that your despicable deeds are exposed, and you want others to believe in your character? It’s simply a despicable person.”

“Even we are all willing to bow down.”

Lin Fan didn’t even know what to say when he heard these words.

What was wrong with people nowadays?

They didn’t even believe the truth.

“Crap! I’ll fight you guys, I can’t swallow this anger.”

Xiang Fei was so angry with the two that he directly took action.

The bully was too much.

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