Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 380


Xiang Fei strength was indeed good.

He seemingly only Heavenly Immortal Realm, but the power that exploded out was no weaker than a Golden Immortal.

Lin Fan had seen Xiang Fei’s drop, practising many Immortal-Level Mystic Arts, even Dao-Level Mystic Arts, definitely a person with origins, otherwise it was impossible to have such ability.

At the same time, he had several immortal treasures.

Perhaps it wasn’t that simple.

Lin Fan did not watch the show. At this time now, he naturally had to make a strong move. In case a flying outburst killed the two Golden Immortals, wouldn’t he have missed such a great opportunity for nothing.


As soon as he struck, he struck hard without any hesitation. He wanted to see if he was really so strong after practising the Dao-Level Mystic Art.

What exactly was the difference between a High-Grade Mystic Art, an Immortal-Level Mystic Art, and a Dao-Level Mystic Art.

But at this moment, he seemed to have understood.

It was really possible to fight across the levels.

“This is….”

Fellow Cultivator Yun felt a suffocating killing attack sweeping over him. Looking back, sacrificing his immortal treasure, but everything happened just too quickly, and the power that sliced the void was too subtle.

It had already stirred up the void, and there was no way to do it.


The immortal treasure shattered, and the strong immortal qi rose into the air and disappeared into the sky and earth.

Fellow Cultivator Yun raised his hand and tried to perform a mystic art, but the suppressive force came so fast that he did not even feel a trace of pain and kept the same posture as he had just done.

The cracks appeared in his body.

He was directly divided into several pieces and then slowly slid down, pulling out a silk thread, and shattered, just like that.

“It’s really just like I thought. The Dao-Level Mystic Arts is cultivated to its peak and is in control of a rhythm that cannot be mastered now.”

“To put it more bluntly, it is a trajectory, a trajectory that his strength cannot touch right now.”

Fellow Cultivator Yun’s qi was not even as good as that of Fellow Cultivator Mu. Even if he was well-prepared, what could he do? Even if his immortal treasure protected his body, he could be killed with a single blow.

“Second brother…”

When Fellow Cultivator Huo saw this scene, he immediately panicked, not because he was heartbroken and died a tragic death, but he was afraid that it would be his turn later.

His heart did not dare to believe.

How could this kid be so powerful?


Xiang Fei looked straight. He had long known that Lin Fan’s strength was not weak, but it was not a bit strong.

He couldn’t be left behind.

With his current situation, it was still hard to kill Fellow Cultivator Huo, so he could only show his true skills. Otherwise, it would be a real shame to be underestimated.


Just at that moment.

Fellow Cultivator Huo felt a sense of crisis hit him.

He looked up and found that Xiang Fei was holding a lance and that danger emanated from this lance.

“This is the Immortal Emperor Holy Armament….”

It was just a little late for him to discover it.

Xiang Fei roared in anger and waved his arm to cut. The void cracked as if space and time had come to a standstill.

Fellow Cultivator Huo wailed as if he had encountered a great terror. He fled into the void and just wanted to run away.

But soon, rain of blood fell down from the void.


Fellow Cultivator Huo became two sections, and his corpse fell from the air and fell to the ground.

Initially, Lin Fan still wanted to make up for it, but seeing the situation in front of him, he was hurt inside. Crazy! It was a bit ruthless, directly splitting the person in half. He wanted to wait for the opponent’s soul to appear, but looking at this situation now, even the soul disappeared without a trace.

There was not even a crumb left.

But the lance in Xiang Fei’s hand caught his attention. The weapon emitted a strong, ancient aura was very strong. It was not an ordinary immortal treasure.

Xiang Fei took the lance back and proudly angled his head towards Lin Fan.

The meaning was clear.

See, this was my strength. Didn’t it feel domineering?

“You just had a very good weapon, do you want to give me a look?” Lin Fan was curious. It was a great weapon, really powerful. It killed a strong Golden Immortal with one shot. Although this Golden Immortal was indeed a bit watery, it was too easy.

Xiang Fei played dumb, “What weapon? It’s just an ordinary cold iron gun/I’m relying on my own strength, it has nothing to do with foreign objects.”


If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have believed your bullshit.

The only pity was.

He struck too fast.

Fast enough that he did not react and lost an experience for nothing.

Lin Fan went to scavenge the corpse of Fellow Cultivator Yun, while Xiang Fei was not willing to be outdone, and immediately acted to scavenge the corpse of Fellow Cultivator Huo.

[Obtained: Ninth Grade Earth Spirit Root.] [Obtained Mystic Art: Calling the Wind and Rain.]


It was disappointing. He expected something good to burst out, but he didn’t expect it to be these things. It was really a shame.

His good luck wasn’t that good.

He scraped Fellow Cultivator Yun clean.

“Do you know where the Horned Cloud Island is? We can take our chances there, maybe we can get something.” Lin Fan shouted towards Xiang Fei.

Judging from the scavenging, it was likely that they had gone out and brought everything out.

But some things were impossible to say.

Who knew if there were good things there.

What if there was?

So it was a good idea to have some hope.

Xiang Fei said, “I know, I’ll go and take a look later. I didn’t expect to have good luck, this Fellow Cultivator Huo still has an immortal treasure that hasn’t broken.”

He had a hood in his hand.

To Lin Fan, it looked like the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Shroud was an immortal treasure.

Fellow Cultivator Huo fought with Xiang Fei and did not even have a chance to cast his immortal treasure before he was cut in half, which was a bit of a pity. The battle should be fought well, and the strongest treasure should be cast at the beginning.

It was a pity.

As soon as he thought of his own encounter, which was Fellow Cultivator Yun, there was a pang of regret. The Niluan Void Slash was a bit terrifying. Once it was cast open, the immortal treasures carried on the body could be sliced open.

It was a little stronger.

But there was a loss.

Xiang Fei came to Lin Fan’s side, patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Brother Lin, just now if I’m not mistaken, what you cast was the Niluan Demon Emperor’s famous Dao Level Mystic Art Niluan Void Slash…. You’re not the son of the Niluan Demon Emperor, are you, or are you a disciple?”

“And you told me that you ascended from the Lower Realm. I was really fooled by you.”

Lin Fan said, “I’m really ascended from the Lower Realm. I picked up this mystic art on the road when I was walking and my head was low. I know you don’t believe me, but that’s really it, I’m definitely not lying to you.”

Xiang Fei smiled.

‘How could I believe in your shit.’

‘If you could pick it up this Dao-Level Mystic Art on the road, there would be treasures everywhere.’

Lin Fan definitely couldn’t tell him the truth.

That was a life-threatening thing.

The Niluan Demon Emperor’s son was fucked to death by him. If the Demon Emperor knew about it, he was afraid that there would be no place for him to stay in the Immortal Realm.

“Let’s go.” Lin Fan said.

Now was a good time to go to Horned Cloud Island, and hopefully, there would be a harvest.

Right at that moment, the void in the distance all shook.


A figure descended from the sky and directly smashed viciously on the ground.

“What the hell?”

Lin Fan and Xiang Fei were both scared and almost jumped up. Somehow something appeared in front of them. It was a hell of a sight. Fortunately, they were in a good enough state of mind.

The ability to remain calm when it came to this.

“It hurts like hell.”

“It hurts.”

When Xiang Fei heard this voice, he felt a little familiar. He stared at it, but he didn’t see it clearly because the other side was face down, with his buttocks on the ground.

If there was anyone standing behind, twisted his waist and slammed the top, he could have knocked the guy off his feet.

When the other side turned over, he could finally see the appearance.

Was this not the Xian Zun family Qin Yang that Xiang Fei said earlier?


Where did that unbeatable appearance go?

How did he look a bit miserable now?

“Qin Yang, why you look like this now. I might laughed to death.” Xiang Fei looked at the other side look, covering his abdomen, almost laughing out loud.

It was too miserable.

His clothes torn and tattered, with his long hair casually draped and wretched.

It was tragic.

It was as if he had been pulled into the alley by three to four hundred pounds of evil women and ravaged viciously.

“Who are you?”

Although he was now in a mess, his aura was still domineering, and his tone was cold.

He had not seen Xiang Fei.

At the same time, he did not expect that such a wretched scene of himself would be seen by someone.

Damn it!

It was really damned!

Xiang Fei smiled bitchily and said, “It doesn’t matter who we are. The point is how are you going to talk to us with this appearance now.”

Hearing this, a cold light emerged in Qin Yang’s eyes, then he laughed disdainfully, “Hahaha, ridiculous. I, Qin Yang, am a direct descendant of the Immortal Sovereign Family, how dare you?”


Lin Fan could not bear it. He slapped Qin Yang’s brain shell, “Speak properly. Can’t you see what you look like now. You are penniless, you have nothing at all, you are worse than a beggar. I really don’t know how you look like this, and still have the face to say that you are an Immortal Exalted Family, laughing at people.”


Qin Yang’s head was slapped dizzy. He wanted to explode in place, but when he thought of his current situation, he had nothing to say.


The True Dragon Tree was too terrifying, and the most tragic thing was that he got lost within the Dragon Nest and kept spinning around, while the True Dragon Tree kept chasing after him, eventually consuming all the way and losing an unknown number of immortal treasures.

What was more, he even broke the Immortal Family Order.

That was every direct lineage descendant possessed a life-preserving object, comparable to the Immortal King descending a blow, and ultimately it was by this blow that he managed to escape.

The True Dragon Tree saw him escape from the Dragon Nest and didn’t chase him out. Otherwise, he would have been killed.

“The tiger is being bullied by the dogs, do you know what I am?” Qin Yang pulled his neck and roared, thinking about what status he was. He was the son of the direct bloodline of the Immortal Exalted Family. He was a person of status and position.

Who didn’t bow and scrape when they saw him? Even Immortal Sovereigns and Immortal Kings would call him “Young Master” when they saw him.

Now it was the True Dragon Tree that made him bankrupt.

There was no way to deal with the enemy.

Just by these two people wantonly humiliated, his heart was angry, burning and boiling.

The heart was about to explode with anger.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes. The guy in front of him could only explode the mystic art of cultivation, nothing else. It was not worth it.

The other side was indeed a person of the Immortal Exalted Family.

Once he got killed, it would cause big trouble.

He needed to forget it.

It was wild. Let him be. It wasn’t that Lin Fan was soft-hearted, but this guy in front of him had no value to explode.

“Let’s go, this guy is of little use.” Lin Fan reminded.

Xiang Fei nodded, “That’s a good point.”

When Qin Yang saw that these two people were going to leave, he immediately had a heart. This situation was a bit complicated for him now.

The slave was dead.

The countless immortal treasures on his body had been hawked by the True Dragon Tree.

There was nothing to prove his identity.

When you met a strong enemy, you couldn’t kill them.

Once he encountered danger, wouldn’t it be the end?

If he was in a state with all his immortal treasures, even if he met an immortal ruler or immortal king, he would not be weak, but now, he was really weak.

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