Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 381


Lin Fan and Xiang Fei did not want to pay attention to Qin Yang.

For Xiang Fei, it was really because of the identity background of the other side. The direct lineage bloodline of the Immortal family is not to be killed. Otherwise, there will certainly be a shocking war.

In Lin Fan’s opinion, this kid really didn’t have the impulse to kill, and the poverty was really scary. Regarding this raggedy look, it was humiliating.

“You said you don’t want to pay attention to us, why are you still following us?” Lin Fan asked.

He and Xiang Fei were going to raid the nest of the three immortals of Horned Cloud Island, and this guy was just like a heel, following behind him, which was a bit annoying.

Qin Yang’s heart was like a clear mirror. He could swear to heaven that the other side did not make a move against him. It was definitely because they were afraid of his status, and his current situation was a bit sad.

He needed someone to protect.

The best thing was to send him back to the Qin family.

In case one wandered freely outside and met an untouchable enemy, and even if he reported himself home, think about the solution, but also how miserable.

Qin Yang said, “I think you two know who I am and what kind of family I come from. Now I’m kind of in trouble, but as long as you two send me back to the Qin family safely, I can guarantee that I can send you two a Dao-Level Mystic Art or two immortal treasures used by Immortal Sovereigns.”

The conditions were generous.

He had even thought that the two people in front of him would definitely transform into a dog-licking existence, hugging his thighs and serving him well.

Moreover, the first thing he was going to do was naturally to angrily slap Lin Fan’s dog’s head.

So that you just patted me.


“Not interested, find someone else.” Lin Fan waved his hand, very disgusted. His eyes conveyed a clear meaning, where it came from, numbly give me where to go.

He had long seen through the other side.

Wasn’t he just looking for someone to be a bodyguard to take him home?

As for the said reward, only a big fool would believe it. Did he really think that the Dao-Level Mystic Art was cabbage and that the immortal treasures survived by the Immortal Sovereign were roadside goods?

Xiang Fei rubbed Lin Fan’s arm, “I think this is a good condition.”

“And you really believe it?” Lin Fan was amazed.

‘He seemed to be a very smart person, how could he also be stupid?’

Xiang Fei rolled his eyes, “To be honest, I really believe it somewhat. The Immortal Sovereign family is not the same as other families, and he is a direct bloodline son, it is impossible to brag indiscriminately, otherwise there will be karma. I think we can give it a try.”

Lin Fan mulled over.

Even if Xiang Fei already believed it, he still held a sceptical attitude.

“Fine. Let’s go for it.” Lin Fan said.

A smile surfaced on Qin Yang’s face. Indeed, in front of absolute benefits, anyone was so humble.

“Don’t worry, I, Qin Yang, as a direct bloodline descendant of the Immortal Sovereign Family, naturally, I will do what I say. For you guys, it’s your chance to meet me….”

“Now I can’t wear my clothes, which one of you has clothes….”


Lin Fan couldn’t tolerate such pretentious appearance of Qin Yang and directly shot his dog’s head in anger, “Shut up, just dress like this, now you are the one who has to beg us. You’re just not experiencing desperation, and don’t know low profile.”

Xiang Fei helplessly spread his hands.

Brother, you were slightly grumpy but very sympathetic to Qin Yang. Hey, it seemed to be another one who was not properly cultivated because he was used to enjoying life in the family.

After all, he was the descendant of an immortal. His bloodline and talent were not ordinary people could compare.

However, whoever cultivates properly, at least, wouldn’t be as miserable as this now.

“You ……”

Qin Yang was beaten by Lin Fan, and he was very furious. However, he held back. A good man didn’t eat the loss in front of him. He put up with you, but don’t be arrogant, see how I could clean you up later.


The Horned Cloud Island.

“If I’m not wrong, this is Horn Cloud Island. You guys are not sending me back, how come you’re here?”

Qin Yang didn’t quite understand. The direction was reversed, and they were far apart. Damn it, did this group of guys play a trick on me.

It was a pity.

No one paid attention to him.

“Let’s go, let’s see if there’s something good.”

Lin Fan was excited. It was time for another treasure hunt. Let’s hope he could get something.

There were formations on the island, but Lin Fan’s attainment in formations was not shallow, and it was easy to crack.

Qin Yang cursed and scolded, thinking that he was such a person of status, but no one paid attention to his words. If ordinary people had such an opportunity, they must have offered him an ancestor, just for fear of serving him badly.

But the two of them were not good.

It felt like they didn’t treat him as a human being one by one.

“The opportunity is right in front of you, and you didn’t seize it. You will regret it later.”

He scolded.

He went to the island to look for clothes, but with this current shape, it was really shabby. He walked out in disgrace, and when others saw him like this, how could they dare to imagine that he was from an Immortal Sovereign Family.


Inside the cave.

“Are the three immortals of Horned Cloud Island really that poor?” Lin Fan asked.

He and Xiang Fei had turned the cave house upside down and saw nothing. There was just a medicinal garden with some fairly common herbs growing in it, nothing new.

Xiang Fei spread his hands and said, “With the current situation, it is indeed so poor.”

“Hey, it’s a trip for nothing, let’s go.”

Lin Fan waved his hand, disappointed with this place. He had thought that there would be rich treasures piled up like mountains waiting for them.

Now that he looked at it, he was penniless.

Of course, even if he couldn’t look at that medicinal garden, he still emptied it in order not to return empty-handed.

They came out of the cave and saw Qin Yang looking for clothes, sorting them out. However, he was also disgusted with the clothes. He used to wear immortal clothes, and he felt numb in these ordinary clothes.

His delicate skin couldn’t tolerate the friction of these coarse cloths.


The next day!

Along the way, Qin Yang was cleaned up by Lin Fan. At first, he was still urging to go back to the Qin family, but since he was beaten by Lin Fan a few times, he was much more honest. To Qin Yang, he was kind of convinced. Anyway, as long as they sent him back, as for what they wanted to do, it was okay.


Lin Fan stopped, his gaze locked on the dense forest below, frowned, pondered, and cast the High-Grade Mystic Art Void Demon Eye, trying to see through the hidden mists below.

“Brother Lin, what’s wrong?” Xiang Fei asked.

Lin Fan said, “I found that the resentment in this place is very heavy and strange.”

Qin Yang, on the side, said with a face full of disdain, “The Immortal Realm is so big, there are many places with weirdness and countless heavy grievances. What’s so strange? If others didn’t mess with us, why mess with people, if I step in, the other side knows that I…”


“Hey! I warn you, stop hitting me in the head, it is true that I can not fuck you, but I am also…”

“Hey, I was wrong.”

“Don’t hit me.”

Qin Yang was clutching his head, wretched. His heart was cursing. Didn’t he know respect, doggone it?

Qin Yang was a person who knew how to respect. Even if he was usually arrogant, it was also because of his identity. Without arrogance, how others know you had a status?

This was what he had learned from countless years of experience.

“Go down and take a look.” Lin Fan said.

After a short contact, he had already figured out what kind of person Qin Yang was. He was someone who was very weak but pretended to be arrogant and domineering. Because from the remarks, he had already seen that it was a deliberately disguised fake from childhood because of certain things.

What exactly was the situation, and the remarks were not detailed.

Xiang Fei followed Lin Fan, and after he landed on the ground, he spoke, “There are indeed some problems here. There are many places full of grievances, but like here, there are not many. If there are treasures that absorb grievances, it is possible to refine them properly.”

Soon, the three of them looked around.

Lin Fan saw a dilapidated ancient temple in the distance, very dilapidated as if it had existed for a long time. The outside walls were crawling with vegetation, while many small relic towers were erected around the temple.

Only there were no relics inside.

This scene.

It made him think of a certain classic movie.


Lin Fan pushed open the door of the temple, and because it was too old, when he pushed it open, it made a creaking sound, as if the door could collapse at any moment.

“It’s a bit strange.”

Xiang Fei nodded, “Well, it’s indeed a bit strange.”

Qin Yang was surprised, “The scriptures on the ground seem to be demon-transformation scriptures.”

At this time, Lin Fan found the central location of the temple. There was a circle of already darkened circular symbols, dense and unreadable, with swastika symbols in the centre of the circle, which was indeed somewhat interesting.

“You know this?” Lin Fan asked.

Qin Yang said proudly, “Of course, I know. Don’t look at where I came from. This Demon Dao scripture is an extremely mysterious scripture, it is said that in ancient times, the turbidity pervaded the world, everything in the world was tainted with turbidity, and it was so violent that the heavenly dao felt it and wrote the Demon Dao scripture out of thin air to envelop the whole world, so that the turbidity was dispersed.”

“I didn’t expect this little broken temple to keep this.”

“After all, this kind of scripture has long been lost.”

“But it’s a pity, the scriptures here have all gone through an unknown amount of years and have been blurred. If they were complete, they would be completely hairy, this is a scripture that even the Dao-Level Mystic Art can’t compare to.”

Qin Yang looked very carefully, obviously wanted to see more clearly, hoping to learn some. Unfortunately, even if he looked with his eyes about to burst, it did not look useful, and he gave up completely.

Xiang Fei said, “I have also heard of the transmigration scripture. It seems that here once happened a great event, there must have been a Buddha here to transmigrate the demon, but since this scripture has all appeared, it must have succeeded, just why is there such a thick resentment here.”

The three people looked at each other.

No one could understand.

Lin Fan dragged his chin and began to think, “Do you think it’s possible that the transformation was not successful and the demon could only be sealed in this place? And because of the long age, the demon’s resentment slowly leaked out.”

“Or maybe the transformation was successful, but that Buddha died a tragic death here, and because no one remembered his merits and caused this temple to fall apart, the resentment accumulated for a long time, the heart became resentful and condensed into a ghost Buddha, vowing to seek justice?”

Pop, pop, pop!

The sound of applause came.

Lin Fan and Xiang Fei thought someone was coming, and then looked at it turned out to be Qin Yang applauding.

“Awesome, awesome, you really have a brilliant brain. You can even think of this, I think you are better suited to tell stories inside the teahouse, it’s absolutely bursting at the seams.”


Lin Fan angrily slapped the dog’s head.


Who did he mock?

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