Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 382


Qin Yang complained and looked at Lin Fan.

What a ruthless person, making a move at the drop of a hat. Could you have some humanity.

He had self-awareness and naturally knew that his strength could not compete with the other side, so he had to hold back.

However, as long as he had immortal treasures in his body, the situation would definitely not be like this.

He definitely had to show this guy what it meant to be the son of an immortal family.

“Brother Lin, when I think about it carefully, the situation you mentioned is not impossible. Everything can happen in the world. As I see it, we’d better take a look around, maybe we can find something.”

“After all, this is an ancient temple. It is not possible to say that there are still some treasures.”

Xiang Fei’s idea was as simple as that. The small temple revealed oddities, perhaps when that ancient strong man disappeared, he hid some treasure somewhere.

Qin Yang snorted. To prevent from being beaten up, he didn’t say it. If there were really treasures here, they would have been taken away long ago. How could they be left for him?

Lin Fan observed the situation around him.

Originally, when he didn’t know that the small temple had these problems, he didn’t look too carefully. When he learned that this place was left with Demon Dao scriptures, he could no longer underestimate the place.

He looked at every place very carefully.

Not even the slightest hint was spared.

“What are you doing?”

Lin Fan looked at Qin Yang. The guy was touching everywhere, so he couldn’t help but ask out loud. He was ready to take a look and retreat. He didn’t know if there would be any danger here.

Qin Yang was startled by Lin Fan, “Nothing, just looking.”


It was as if Qin Yang had activated something.

The small temple steeply shook as if the quicksand of time was diffusing everywhere.

Everything became unreal.

Then an amazing scene happened. Inside the dilapidated temple, time was going back and the dilapidated interiors kept recovering.

The long river of time washed over the place.

It was as if Lin Fan and the others were in some sort of strange time period.

“This is ……”

He saw three monks sitting in the center, while the already blurred Demon Dao scripture became clear. However, there was a mysterious force in the underworld that made the Demon Dao scripture appear blurred and could not be seen through with the naked eye.

“Could it be that we are in some kind of time period to witness what is happening here?” Lin Fan muttered.

Xiang Fei said, “Most likely. It should be that he touched something that triggered the reverse flow of time and space, re-presenting what once happened here in the form of an intercepted point in time.”

When they looked at Qin Yang.

They found Qin Yang staring blankly at a monk, his brow furrowed at times, as if he was thinking about something.

Lin Fan looked at the monk who was sandwiched between two other monks, branded with black scriptures, evil in nature, while the other two monks were golden, clear of the evil in each other with the help of the transmigration scriptures.

There was no sound.

Much less know what exactly the three monks were talking to each other.

But soon.

A different situation occurred. The one monk directly slapped both palms on the monk with the evil nature and golden light, as if he was performing some kind of earth-shattering Buddhist Mystic Arts.

The two monks were in pain, their whole bodies were dried up, and the flesh and blood in their bodies seemed to be sucked dry.

“This monk is a bit ruthless, to take advantage of this opportunity to absorb the other two.” Xiang Fei marveled, almost shouted out, exclaiming that this was a bit ruthless.

The last scene of the situation was that the man who absorbed the two monks, tore their bodies with his bare hands, grinding their bones into powder, and took his own blood. His blood was golden, and the powdered bones and blood fused together, using his fingers as a pen to draw arcane patterns on the walls.

The illusory space-time broke, and the scene in front of them disappeared without a trace.

They were still in the dilapidated small temple.

“So this is where the problem lies, anyone who is treated like this has extremely strong grievances.” Lin Fan said.

Xiang Fei said, “I feel that the scene just now happened in an extremely distant era and has nothing to do with us.”


He saw that Qin Yang was as if he was dumb, standing motionless in place, puzzled, “What do you see?”

“I know who that person was just now.” Qin Yang stared at him as if he knew the ancient secret, and his body trembled.

Lin Fan asked, “Who?”

Qin Yang shook his head and said, “I can’t say. That existence will definitely sense when I says his name, and there will definitely be trouble for me. Here is that existence layout, I think it’s better to hurry up and leave, I’m a little scared to stay.”

“Scared? You are not claimed to be a direct bloodline descendant of the Immortal family. Can there be something that you are afraid of?” Lin Fan asked rhetorically.

“Don’t you think this is nonsense. The direct lineage is the direct lineage, but this people are terrifying existence. I’m not staying inside, if you want to stay that is your business, it has nothing to do with me.” Qin Yang hurriedly towards the outside, looks like he is really scared.

To mention the name of the other side, just like mortals believe in gods, they would be sensed when making a wish. Now they were staying in a special place, and once they mention their names, they would definitely be known.

At this time, Qin Yang was uncomfortable.

Just like knowing a certain senior brother’s little secret that could not be seen.

Once he knew.

He was likely to be killed to silence.

Especially if that person was so highly respected.

Damn it!

If I had known this would happen, I would never have gone all the way with them even if I knew I would be killed.

He wanted to slip away.

But he couldn’t.

Not only did he knew about this, those two knew about it too. Once it leaked out, it would definitely be traced back to him.

Inside the temple.

Xiang Fei laughed, “To be able to scare him to such an extent, is definitely a remarkable character. We can’t solve the problem of grievances here, it is better to leave as quickly as he did.”

“Mm.” Lin Fan responded.

He was extremely life conscious.

He thought it was just a shabby little temple. He was a good person on the way to touch a place with grievances.

But now you gave me this one.

Who could stand up to it.

There was no need to know who the other side was. Just looked at the ability of that time interception just now, and knew that it could not be messed with.

Lin Fan turned around and put his hands together, “Amitabha Buddha, I was unintentionally passing by here, don’t blame me.”

He didn’t care if he was a Buddhist disciple or not.

The form still had to go.

Outside the temple.

Qin Yang saw two people come out and hurriedly went over and said, ” I’m telling you guys, don’t mention this matter to anyone, otherwise there will be trouble.”

He had to give a good account.

Xiang Fei laughed, “Is it necessary to scare yourself like this? The other side is a monk, it must be related to Buddhism. As for who it is, could it be…”

Qin Yang was like a fried rabbit, flew to cover Xiang Fei’s mouth, shaking his head in fear, “Do you want to die? You can not say, never. Count me begging, I’m still young, do not want to die.”

Xiang Fei took away Qin Yang’s hand and despised, “Look what you are scared into.”

Of course.

He already knew in his heart who Qin Yang was talking about.

Although he had never seen that one’s appearance, he had heard of it.

When Qin Yang saw that young monk’s appearance, he was dumbfounded with fear, obviously he had seen such a person with his eyes. The Qin family was an immortal family, and it seemed that the Qin family was not as simple as it was thought to be.

He also buried such things in his heart.

No one would tell.

Lin Fan said, “Just now I thought about it. The way to break the resentment is to release it. As I see it, that vague transmigration scripture must be suppressing the resentment, if the transmigration scripture is removed, it should be solved.”

“Impossible.” Xiang Fei shook his head, “Forget it, this place has nothing to do with us. It’s better to leave early, the tiny temple is hidden in the mountains and forests, even if someone passes by, they won’t find any problems.”

“Count on us being too careful. We came to check when we felt the grievances.”

Qin Yang was confused.

He didn’t expect this guy to even think about breaking the grievance.

Don’t joke.

That was something that could kill you.

Lin Fan felt that the two knew something, but did not say it. There were still little secrets hidden, which you guys didn’t say. I didn’t even want to know yet.


The three walked in the forest, towards the front.

But gradually, they realized that the situation was a little off.

They found quite a few beast bodies along the way, covered in blood, falling to the ground as if they had been badly injured by some sharp weapon.

“Does it feel a little strange here.” Lin Fan asked.

Zha Zha!


There was some kind of moving sound coming from it.

Although the sound disappeared quickly, it was indeed audible. When they just looked around, there was nothing strange other than the tall trees.

“What the hell was that just now?”

Qin Yang asked. Although he could not fuck Lin Fan, his strength was still there. A pair of eyes shimmered with a faint light, looking for the source of those movements around.

“It’s a tree demon.”

He found that these giant trees around him were tainted with resentment.

He pondered for a moment.

He then knew that this temple problem seemed a bit serious. In the past, if it was really a Buddhist temple, there would not be a tree demon within 10,000 miles, but now this appeared alive in front of him, it was a bit alarming.

“Calm down, these are small minions only, maybe there is a big head of waiting for us. Let’s pretend not to know and see what happens at night.”

Lin Fan whispered, the temple thing can be ignored because it was too mysterious. Who knew what would be some, but these tree demons must be properly cleaned up.

No other reason.

It was that he found out that the tree demons actually had a talent.


After becoming an immortal, the life span was long, but there was still a limit. However, the tree demon was different, even if the strength was weak, it did not matter, the life span was long enough.

Xiang Fei puzzled.

There was nothing to gain when it came to tree demons. It was better to just leave. Even if the tree demons had ideas for them, there was nothing they could do about it.


Lin Fan made a pile of fire, followed by a good recruiting a beast, ready to roast and eat.

“You have cultivated to this realm, and still eat. Hehehe.” Qin Yang was just a broken mouth. For this kind of mortal behavior, he could not look at it.

Just when he saw the raised hand, he hid far away.

“If you have something to say, talk properly, and don’t scare people.”

Qin Yang was really scared.

This person was completely unreasonable.

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