Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 383


Tree demon lair.

This place was gloomy and deep underground in an extremely deep location. Even if a Golden Immortal wanted to enter this place, it would take some effort.

“Master, there are three tender-skinned immortals roasting meat over a fire in our territory.”

A small tree demon hurriedly ran into the gloomy palace and reported the situation outside.

“Oh, someone has actually entered my territory. Don’t you know that this place is the territory of my Elder Huai?” An old voice’s transmission came. Because there was a red curtain between the two, it was impossible to see the true face of the old man.

The old man was a demon with great origins.

At one time, he was a useless dead branch that had been broken, and by definition such a dead branch, he became a tree demon.
However, something happened in that temple ten thousand years ago, and he completely turned out to be an Elder Huai.

The monk held the withered branch to draw down the Demon Dao scriptures.

Thus allowing the dead branch to get a chance. After countless years of nurturing, it gradually had spiritual wisdom, and eventually took the small temple as the foundation, becoming a tree demon in control.

Even when Elder Huai is not quite sure about those things, in the dark, he had a feeling that the Buddha had a destiny with him.

It was just that he did not dare to go to the Buddhist land. It wouldn’t be good in case he was beaten and killed.

So just stay here in peace and quiet.

The little tree demon patted his horse’s back and said, “The little one sees that those three are silly, they must not know that this is the master’s territory. Let the little one go to meet them, give them a lesson, then catch them back and give them to the master.”

Elder Huai sucked a flower. No matter it was human or the same race, as long as there was a spirit, it could be sucked by him.

“Go ahead, try them out and see where they come from.” Elder Huai said.


In the forest.

“It’s eerie.”

Lin Fan acted as if there was no danger around, pretending to be careless and letting the tree demons hiding around take the initiative.

He didn’t dare to move the temple, that was because it was too mysterious and the unknown was a bit scary. However, there was still something wrong with these tree demons around.

When the surrounding atmosphere was sensitive, once it became very wrong, he was able to sense the first time.

On this situation now.

He would definitely say a word to others.

The weather turned cold, a little cold, I had to wear more clothes.

However, for Lin Fan, he knew that there must be a demon here.

So he waited quietly.

Xiang Fei said curiously, “Qin Yang, your Qin family immortal ancestor is dead or not. He was rumored to be alive in the outside world, but there are also rumors that he has sat withered.”

“Even if you die, my family’s old ancestor won’t even die.” Qin Yang shouted in the face of Xiang Fei. Even if he knew the specifics, he definitely would not tell others.

Xiang Fei’s attitude towards Qin Yang was much better than Lin Fan’s. After all, he knew where the other side came from. The wind didn’t turn, and it was hard to say that someday in the future, Qin Yang would need his help when he soared to the sky.

“Don’t get so excited, was just asking. If the rumors are false, I also want to know the truth.” Xiang Fei smilingly said. He asked so because he had actually questioned every immortal family’s big taboo. They all had bad attitudes and could easily take it seriously, and they could all go on with you to death.

Sa Sa!

There were sounds coming from all around.

In the distant darkness, countless tiny branches and trunks slowly moving. Tree demons didn’t have eyes, but the branches were the eyes.

“Hey, hey, you guys are such three big idiots. You came here to feed your master, and when you let your guard down, it’s time for me to strike.”

Tree demon competition was also big.

He had worked hard for hundreds of years to win his master’s joy by virtue of his excellent looks and small mouth to speak, so that he could serve by his master’s side.

But even so, he hadn’t relaxed once, because there were too many demonic bitches who were thinking about his position.

Therefore, this trial must be successful.

Lin Fan was keen on the surrounding situation and sensed the problem long ago.

Xiang Fei and Qin Yang wanted to get up, but they were stopped by Lin Fan.


Lin Fan snorted and cut as if he was drowsy, so he didn’t say anything more and lay down on his side to the side.

“Yeah, sleep.”

Xiang Fei knew what Lin Fan meant, this was to pretend to let down his guard to lure the other side out. Although he didn’t know why he was so interested in the tree demon, he cooperated.

“Sleep. It’s such a good night, it is good not to recite poetry, sleep?” Qin Yang felt that these two people were not only bad people, but also had problems with their brains.

With their current cultivation level, even if they didn’t eat or drink for hundreds of years, it wouldn’t make them feel anything.

Xiang Fei glared at Qin Yang, “Let me sleep.”

Qin Yang looked at Xiang Fei, and stared at Lin Fan. When he thought of the situation in case the two joined forces, he shuddered. Forget about it

The tiger fell flat in the sun was bullied by the dog, and the one who knew better was a good man.

The night was quiet, and occasionally a gloomy cold wind came.

Za Za!

There was a branch like a python, moving quickly forward on the ground, seizing the time and striking instantly to take down the other side. That was the goal of this small tree demon.


The little tree demon storms up, the speed of the branch trunk moving becomes faster. Swoosh, the sound of breaking air comes, obviously ready to tie up the three people.


Lin Fan opened his eyes, and the air seemed to freeze.

The little tree demon had the illusion that it seemed to be dangerous.

But at this time, how could he still think so much. He had struck, there was no turning back, and he had absolute confidence in taking down these three men.

“It is good to come.”

Lin Fan took to the air, flipped, then opened his five fingers. He grabbed the incoming branch, and growled low. His savage strength exploded and pulled the little tree demon.

“Come here for me.”

The little tree demon felt an irresistible force coming and was directly uprooted. The thick roots of the tree picked at the dirt, but in front of this force, everything was in vain.

“How is it possible.”

The little tree demon was a little confused, things shouldn’t be the way he thought.

It was too late for him to speak now, as he had already been pulled in front of this seemingly immortal scholar.

Lin Fan formed his five fingers into a fist and fiercely blasted away with a bang, and a heavy hammer blow ruthlessly destroyed the little tree demon’s soft body.


The little tree demon didn’t even let out a miserable scream.

It was instantly torn apart.

His last thought was only one, who would take the place that I had worked so hard to maintain for hundreds of years.

Xiang Fei got up with Qin Yang.

“Brother Lin, this is just a small tree demon, is it necessary to deal with him like this?” Xiang Fei asked.

He was puzzled and quite helpless.

It was just an insignificant little tree demon.

Lin Fan said, ” These tree demons are very shrewd. If you are not careless, they won’t come out. This is all a prerequisite, the follow up will come soon.”

He could tell them, as long as it was a tree demon, ignore it. I just wanted to explode the talent, regardless of whether his strength would be strong or weak.

Just a moment while he was talking.

The drop came.

[Obtained Talent: Longevity (Immortal Entry Level)].

[Longevity: Tree Demon Entered Immortal Level Talent. According to common sense, it could be considered to live forever if it didn’t receive a fatal blow.]


Lin Fan froze in place in shock, somewhat confused, as if he hadn’t reacted, his purpose of killing the small tree demon was to hopefully draw out more tree demons.

Thus, the tree demon’s talent could be exploded out.

But now what the hell was this?

Surprisingly, it directly exploded out.

The tree demon’s strength was weak, only the Earth Immortal realm, and the qi was not good.

The explosive rate of killing the weak would be low.

What made it pop out all at once?

He found a problem that the recent drops were all pretty good. Especially since he met Xiang Fei, he encountered things that were dangerous, but they all passed with no danger.

He cast the Mystic Art of Seizing the Creation of the World and looked at the two.

Xiang Fei’s qi was very thick, and Qin Yang’s qi on the side was very much so, not weaker than Xiang Fei.

Could it be that…

This was the legend that when you were with an excellent person, you would become more excellent, and when you were with a miserable person, you would become miserable.

There was this possibility.

But the specifics were not good to say.

Zsa Zsa!

Just then, there was a big commotion around.

The wind was blowing, the earth shook, followed by a sound like steel cracking, which should be tree roots breaking through the earth.



In the darkness around, there were countless branches and trunks moving quickly, intertwining and blocking the way around.

“How dare you? How dare you kill my young ones in my territory, you will not leave here.”

The voice was vast and loud.

The acacia demon was furious. When he learned that his sweet little brother had been decapitated, he could not resist coming out. All those small tree demons around him surrounded, bound to kill these three iron simpletons here.

“Waiting for you for a long time, finally come out.” Lin Fan said.


At this moment, the top of the head had long been covered with dense branches and trunks, which then fell as if they were spears.


The sharp branches and trunks fell quickly, but could not get an inch closer to Lin Fan. There was an invisible light curtain that blocked it all out, and then shook all these sharp branches and trunks away.

[Elder Huai: Immortal Realm Third Level Golden Immortal Realm.] [Chance of dropping: Immortal Wood Spirit Root, Transmigration Scripture,….]


Lin Fan was surprised.

He didn’t expect Elder Huai to drop the Demon Dao scripture, which was a bit of a problem. After all, the Demon Dao scripture was something from a long, long time ago, so he was afraid this Elder Huai didn’t have the ability to do that.

Then, how did the opponent know how to cross the Demon Dao Scriptures.


Lin Fan had an extremely strong killing intent for the acacia tree, and he would not let Xiang Fei and Qin Yang decapitate the acacia demon, otherwise nothing.

A fist blasted away.

The Five Burial Fists punching intent filled the world.


An amazing boom sounded.

He somewhat underestimated the acacia demon.

Elder Huai branches broken a lot, but immediately after. There were more branches swept, living in this place for an unknown period of time. The roots were too deep. Even if it was a Golden Immortal Realm cultivation, it was more powerful than the three Immortals of Horned Cloud Island.

The roots were too deep. The body was huge and the qi was mixed. That was why it was raised so slowly.

But the real strength was more than just that.

Slightly guessed.

But feel very much this possibility.

Maybe that was really the case.

“Brother Lin, this tree demon is a bit scary, be careful.”

Xiang Fei gaze, this tree demon roots were too thick. Even if it seemed to cause him a lot of injuries, it was not a bird.

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