Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 384



“It’s hard!”

“I’m in the limit.”

Qin Yang was much more miserable. He relied on his immortal treasure to traverse the world, and now that the True Dragon Tree damaged his immortal treasure, he was a little confused when he encountered this kind of tree demon with dense branches and trunks.


Lin Fan waved his hand and directly executed a Dao Level Mystic Arts. Unfortunately, the previous shot into the soul did not achieve the expected idea for the Tree Demon in front of him.

A miserable scream came out.

The Acacia Demon screamed miserably as the densely entwined branches and trunks instantly shattered and turned into ashes. Even the main body was affected by the ripples.


“I will suck you all dry.”

The attack of the Acacia Demon became more and more fierce. Xiang Fei sacrificed the Immortal Emperor Holy Soldier to ruthlessly chop and kill. Then, with a puff, the Tree Demon screamed miserably, and green blood spilled out from the depths of the ground like a torrent, all forming small lakes on the ground in a small area.

“What a tenacious life force.” Xiang Fei marveled.

There were very few strong Golden Immortals who could resist his move, but the Tree Demon in front of him was naturally not weak. However, it was amazing that it had not reached that level of strength. It was only heavily wounded but could not be killed in the face of a blow from the Holy Warrior.

At this moment, Lin Fan’s body was covered with a layer of golden light, swooped down, and directly fought with the Tree Demon in close combat. He did not want the Acacia Demon to be killed by the other side. Otherwise, all the efforts would be in vain.


Qing Yang performed all the amazing mystic arts, but the branch trunk, which was hidden deep in the ground, was like a hunter who had gone dormant, waiting for an opportunity as he revealed a breach.

The branch broke through the air.

Once hit, the entire body was bound to be pierced.

Qin Yang felt the power. His heart and soul were terrified that there was danger. But just then, a black mane swept in, and Lin Fan threw the God Spear, nailing the branch dead to the ground.

“You kid, you still fucking say you’re the son of an immortal family. You almost got fucked.”

If he didn’t observe the situation around him, with that blow just now, Qin Yang was bound to be injured.


Qin Yang wanted to run but finally held back, ‘Forget it, just now you saved my life, I would reward you by not cursing you.’

Lin Fan cast his talent and qi, covering his body with the qi of sharpness. Then, with ten commands out, he directly sliced all the branches and trunks that came around.

The speed was extremely fast.

“Seize the Creation of the World.”

Lin Fan grabbed with his five fingers, and suction erupted from his palm. The Acacia Demon was greatly alarmed. He felt that something was rapidly draining out of himself.

“What are you doing?” The Acacia Demon roared in anger.

After getting this Dao Level Mystic Art, Lin Fan had never cast it. However, now that he saw that Acacia Demon’s qi was gone, it would be good to suck it to strengthen himself.


Lin Fan also smiled and steeply felt a qi adding to himself, which was not his own but plundered from the Acacia Demon.

The Acacia Demon’s heart was very uneasy. It was as if something very important had disappeared from his heart.

“Damned immortal, no matter what you are doing, I will suck you up.”


The Acacia Demon roared, and the branches, like pythons, rose into the air. Then, these branches were seen sweeping towards the nearby small tree demons.


There was a sound of sucking. —He was sucking up the essence of the surrounding small Tree Demons, gathering all their qi into himself. These small Tree Demons were floating out from him, just like children and grandchildren.

Now that they encountered strong enemies, they could only return into one.


Lin Fan noticed that the qi of the Acacia Demon had steeply increased, and just as he was surprised, a thick branch broke through the air so fast that the void was torn apart.


A shocking boom erupted out.

The Golden Gourd hovered in front of Lin Fan, deflecting the blow. Lin Fan turned his head sideways and looked at the Acacia Demon, “What a powerful move, but it doesn’t seem to be of much use.”

He wanted to take the opportunity to cast the immortal treasure he received from Young Master Ni Luan Mo, but after thinking about it, forget it, it was too blatant, and he was afraid that he would get into trouble if someone found out.

He squeezed his fingers.

A palm slapped on the Golden Gourd. The gourd shook, and a golden light swept away, directly piercing a bloody hole through the body of the Acacia Demon.


There was another miserable scream.

The Acacia Demon felt that the scream was too miserable. It had to hold back. However, at that moment, Xiang Fei appeared and performed an unknown mystic art.

With many shadows, each of which was hidden in a dimension. He was Swinging the lance in his hand and stabbed forward sharply.


The vault of heaven was stabbed through, and the seemingly random strike contained the true intent of an Immortal Emperor.

Lin Fan looked at this attack and thought of a name for this move, ‘Finger Gun!’

Thousands of light rays fell, directly penetrating the body of the Acacia Demon with a thousand holes and rags.


The miserable scream of the Acacia Demon was too miserable.

“Not good. If we continue like this, the Acacia Demon can be decapitated by Xiang Fei.”

Lin Fan knew that Xiang Fei was also a master of pretending to be a pig eating a tiger. However, his battle power was too strong. Carrying the Immortal Emperor Holy Soldier and killing strong enemies across levels was as simple as drinking water.

Even if he took on Xiang Fei, he was afraid he would have to waste some hands and feet.

“How could this happen?”

The Acacia Demon felt that the world was very unfriendly. He thought that his strength was not weak and that he could face these three Iron Beaners with ten times the strength. However, the reality hit his face hard, and it was not at all like what he had thought.

It was too strong.

Too terrifying.

Lin Fan appeared in front of Xiang Fei, stopping his next strike, “Let me do it.”

He couldn’t let Xiang Fei continue to do it…

“Let me strike.”

Lin Fan once again executed the Reverse Chaos Void Slash. —The void was cut at will, the misshapen void contained destructive power, and the Acacia Demon’s original body was severely damaged.

He clenched his ten fingers and activated his mystic art. The power of the Martial Dao coalesced on his fist, and when the two powers came together to a point, he swooped down and blasted away with one punch.


The white light that engulfed everything erupted from the fist, instantly covering the body of the Acacia Demon and engulfing it, an irresistible force that made the Acacia Demon doubt the life of the tree.

The aftermath spread….

Thousands of miles around were affected by the ripple. The ground shook, and the trees were radiant and turned into ashes.

Gradually, the light dissipated.

Lin Fan gazed at the situation below. —The Acacia Demon did not die; the life force was too strong and tenacious enough to be categorized as one of the most difficult to kill existences.

‘Could it be that long-lived demons like trees were all like this?’

“Don’t fight.”

The body of the Acacia Tree had disappeared, and in its place was an old man who was woefully half-dead.

“It’s not dead yet.” Lin Fan sighed.

‘No wonder it looked difficult to kill in the TV series. It actually really was difficult.’

The Acacia Demon prostrated on the ground, “You must not kill me, really you must not kill me. I have a destiny with the Buddhist Sect; I generate spirituality with Buddha and have Karma with it. So killing me will do you no good.”

Vaguely, they also saw an illusory Golden Swastika from the Acacia Demon, which was a Buddhist seal. —It was indeed associated with Buddhism.

Xiang Fei frowned and fell into contemplation, “Brother Lin, why don’t we call it quits? I didn’t expect this Acacia Demon to have a Buddha’s destiny. I know that the Buddhist Sect is most concerned about Karma. So maybe this Acacia Demon is a hidden pawn of the Buddhist sect….”

“…If we destroy this pawn, we will certainly have karma with the Buddha Sect, and someday in the future, we may become a pawn instead of this Acacia Demon.”

When Xiang Fei saw this seal, he had no more killing intent. He immediately put away the Holy Soldier. —Even if he wasn’t afraid of the world, there were things that he still needed to avoid.

Qin Yang said, “I’ve also heard the elders say that the Buddhist Sect has a supreme mystic art called Karma. They were planting Karma in the bodies of living beings in the world and waiting to blossom and bear fruit. However, once they are destroyed, then the Karma will be transferred, mysterious and unpredictable.”

Lin Fan frowned. He felt angry in his heart. The hard-earned territory was a completely empty plate in this battle.

Suddenly, The Acacia Demon found the man in front of him came towards him. His heart was beating fast, thumping, very nervous, but in his opinion, the opponent should not make a move. After all, he said he was related to the Buddhist Sect. So unless he wanted to be tainted with Karma, he wouldn’t come closer.

“You are the pawn.” Lin Fan slowly said, “But you are only a pawn of the Buddha Sect, and all of us are pawns of the Heavenly Dao. So, let’s see which one of the chess players is more powerful in the choice of pawns.”


When the Acacia Demon heard this, he knew it was not good, but everything had was too late. Lin Fan slapped the Acacia Demon into pieces.

Xiang Fei shook his head, slightly down. Even if this Acacia Demon was only one of the Buddha’s Karma, it was also considered to be involved.

“You are crazy….” Qin Yang opened his mouth. He was a little dumbfounded, “Even after knowing that he has Buddhist Karma, you still do this. You are not afraid of being trapped.”

Qin Yang was helpless. He had seen a lot of bold people, but he was the first one who knew there was danger.

“Forget it, kill all. However, you can rest assured that if you treat me with respect, when you return to the Qin Family, I can intercede on your behalf so that my Qin Family elders can cut off this amount of Karma for you. How about it?”

If you wanted to cut off the Karma, you would have to rely on real great power. —Once one touches the Karma, no one else would be able to interfere with it even if they had the will.

Lin Fan ignored Qin Yang. Instead, he was praying.

“Dear God, I am your child. Give me luck. I swear that I will never turn against you in the future.”

He prayed silently in his heart, hoping that it would work.

On the side notes, Lin Fan also obtained something..

[Obtained: Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Arts: Transmigration Scriptures.]

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