Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 387


Qin Yang eyes were spewing fire. He had never been humiliated like this. This group of guys dared to take fruits and threw them at him; it was obvious that each and every one of them did not want to live.

“Dei Xianzi, tell them who I am?” Qin Yang couldn’t hold back this aggression. He looked at Dei Xianzi to ask her to tell them his identity. He couldn’t wait to see the fear in their eyes when they knew who he was.

Thinking about it made him excited.

Perhaps the fantasy was too good. Qin Yang could not help but laugh out loud.

The surrounding people had only one impression of Qin Yang, and that was that there must be something wrong with his brain.

Of course, some people were also a little nervous. After all, he was so confident. Could it be that he really is an immortal? If it was true, then what should be done?

However, Dei Xianzi expressionlessly said, “I don’t know you.”

When Qin Yang heard this, the smile gradually disappeared.

‘How could you not know?’

‘Back in the day, we had met once.’

“Hahahaha, I told you this person has a problem with his brain.”

“Immortal family? If you are a direct bloodline descendant of an immortal family, I am your father….”


Long Hao look dissatisfied and said, “Bad luck. Pimp, how can anyone come to this place? If this kind of thing happens again, there will be a bad look for you.”

The pimp was shocked and didn’t know what to do. He hurriedly came to Qin Yang, “Sir, please go. This small place can’t stand you. I’ll give you back the entrance fee. Please… I beg you….”

The old pimp was close to hugging Qin Yang’s thighs, asking him not to do this. He really couldn’t afford it. He was scared to death.

Qin Yang was so angry that he was about to explode in place.

In the end, what else could be done? He could only sit down quite helplessly, thinking in his heart that there must be a situation here.

Xiang Fei said, “See, even if you say that, no one will believe you. So why make a fool of yourself? Look at the way those people laugh at you. Do not you feel heartache?”

Qin Yang took a deep breath and pushed down the anger in his heart, “Brother Lin, you are right. As I see it, Dei Xianzi must have something difficult to say. Maybe someone really held Dei Xianzi hostage…. But I don’t believe it. At the end, who has the ability to do so? How dare he threaten Dei Xianzi? Doesn’t he know how many young talents adore Dei Xianzi?”

Qin Yang was full of disdain while being curious about what’s going on. He could already be sure that Dei Xianzi must have been threatened. Otherwise, it would definitely not be like this.

Lin Fan said indifferently, “I told you, there must be something wrong with this matter. She must be in deep distress and desperately needs our rescue, but we can’t be too hasty now. Instead, we should pay attention to the surroundings and look for suspicious people.”

Now, let’s talk about the only normal person present there… Maybe it was really only Xiang Fei who still had brain cells left. —He gazed towards Lin Fan and Qin Yang, who was in a bad situation and had fallen into a fantasy.

As far as he understood, Dei Xianzi must have a plan. Otherwise, it would be impossible to come here. In his mind, he couldn’t help but think about that Long Hao.

If there were someone in this group who attracted the most attention, that would certainly be Long Hao.

However, after thinking his head off, he still couldn’t grasp the reason.


At this time, the scene was very lively.

There was a group of people competing for the opportunity to talk privately with Dei Xianzi, especially that Long Hao. He wouldn’t let go, desperately rushing upwards. He had a sense that no one could compete with him. So he wanted to be the one to overpower the group.

Qin Yang gently touched Lin Fan’s arm, then pretended to point at the fierce man in the attic, “Look, I’ve been staring at him for a long time… His face is hideous. At a glance, I know he’s not a good person. Maybe he’s the pawn of the mastermind behind the curtain.”

Lin Fan looked with Qin Yang’s gaze, and there was indeed a big man.

The big man’s face was indeed hideous.

With his hands in his arms and a long knife hanging from his waist, he exuded an aura of a stranger not to be relied upon.

“Well, it’s likely.”

Lin Fan nodded silently, and the idea that that man could be a henchman sound possible, especially since that big man’s gaze had been fixed on the Dei Xianzi and hadn’t shifted. —It was enough to show that this was surveillance. If there were any wind or movement, he would definitely act at the first opportunity.

For the big man in the attic, he felt like there was a gaze watching him all the time. He looked uncomfortable. It was as if he was being spied on.

“How can there be such a good-looking girl under the sky? Think about when I, Erhu, will have such a lady.” The big man muttered in his heart while deeply regretting that such a good-looking girl had come to this place. The heavens were truly heartless.

He had managed to accumulate an Immortal Stone just to come in and see how the flower girl advertised by the Immortal Spring Pavilion really was.

Now that he took a look, he felt his heart softened… Even if that girl wanted him to die, he would willingly, without a second thought.

However, it was just that these were all his fantasies. Because once he got inside, he didn’t have any Immortal Stones on him, so naturally, he couldn’t open a table alone. Instead, he could only stand in the pavilion and lean against the railing, just like security, watching quietly.


At this time, Long Hao had long been scrambling red in the face. He did not expect the competition to be so strong.

This girl in front of him, he must get her. —No one could compete with him

Lin Fan scanned the body of Dei Xianzi with a concerned gaze. He was not looking at her body, but instead, he felt sorry. It must be very sad to be deep in this place.

‘She must be emaciated.’

However, he had to say, emaciated could have such a great shore, and how spectacular it was when plump.

If you had to describe it, you could only use a poem to describe it.


At this moment, the Long Family had long been in chaos.

The head of the Long family, also known as Long Hao’s father, was looking for the secret family treasure, Dragon Origin. —However, after searching for more than half a day, he couldn’t find it. Finally, he learned from the housekeeper that it was taken away by Long Hao, saying that he was going out to bring a daughter-in-law back to the Long family.


It was simply nonsense.

Then without thinking much, he hurriedly gathered his men to attack towards Immortal Spring Pavilion.

If possible, he would like to crack the head of this rebellious son to see if there was paste hidden inside. There must be no brain at all there.

‘How dare he take anything outside?’


Immortal Spring Pavilion.

“Young Master Long, if you compete like this, aren’t you afraid that your father will go back and beat you to death?” A middle-aged man laughed. He opened a gambling pawn in the city. His family was rich and wealthy.

If Long Hao wanted to compete with the other party, it was naturally impossible.

Moreover, the middle-aged man also wanted to see how the flower list really was.

“You….” Long Hao was furious and looked at the other party angrily.

The middle-aged man asked, “How dare you ask the immortal girl. With your status and position, it is naturally impossible for you to come here. What exactly is the matter that you need help with. If it is possible, I would be willing to help with this.”

This was actually what many people were thinking.

We all hang out in the Immortal Realm. Even if we hadn’t seen it, at least we have heard rumours. So we couldn’t say that it would be a bit scary to see a high existence suddenly land on mortal dust, which ups and downs.

Dei Xianzi said, “I feel that the red dust is not finished. The love disaster has come, so I came here to end the love disaster.”

The statement was simple and clear.

The middle-aged man laughed, “In that case, I can do it for you.”

Lin Fan and Qin Yang both shook their heads and cursed in a low voice.

“It’s true that she’s being forced, otherwise how could she say that?”

Hmm, yes, that must be it.”

Xiang Fei never thought of the three of them; he was the rational one. He saw through everything a long time ago. This matter must be set up by Dei Xianzi. However, what exactly she needed was unknown.


Just at this moment, Long Hao took out the brocade box from his arms, “I am willing to take out this thing. Who else can compete with me.”

After saying these words, he opened the brocade box. It was a fist-sized, black bead that appeared in the sight of the crowd.

It was very unusual.

It seemed to be an iron ball.

The middle-aged man laughed out loud, “Hahahaha, Young Master Long, you are crazy. Taking out an iron ball and saying that no one will compete with you is too much of a joke.”

When Dei Xianzi saw this object, there was a steep rise and fall within her unperturbed pupils. But, then, she exchanged a glance with the maid on the side and said nothing more.

Xiang Fei frowned. He just found something wrong with the eyes of Dei Xianzi. It didn’t look right when she saw the iron ball. —So what was exactly going on with this iron ball that made Dei Xianzi so fond of this object?

Or was this iron ball only superficial? And there was something inside?

“Young master Long, my lady said that this object is just ordinary scrap iron, so why this?” The maid said.

Long Hao said sharply, “How can it be scrap iron? This is a treasure!”

The servant girl said, “But everyone says it is just scrap iron. Why don’t you hand it up, and I will give it to my lady to see.”

Long Hao was anxious to show it, hearing this. But how could there be any hesitation? He immediately and obediently handed up the brocade box, which was indeed a treasure of the Long Family and had been enshrined in the Long Family Ancestral Hall.

Although for the time being, he didn’t know what it was. But something that could make the old man so nervous must not be something ordinary.

Not long after, the servant girl said, “My young lady said she likes it very much and would like to ask Young Master Long if he is willing to give this object to my young lady.”

Long Hao said, “Of course I am willing. If not, what am I bringing it out for.”

“Then you have to tell my young lady that you are willing to give this object to my young lady.” The servant girl said.

Long Hao didn’t know what the hell was going on here but still shouted, “I, Long Hao, am willing to give this object to Dei Xianzi.”

Just at that moment, Lin Fan realized that something was wrong.

When Long Hao said those words, the qi on Long Hao’s body instantly disappeared, and it all attacked towards that brocade box as if something was disappearing.

“So that’s how it is.”

He instantly understood that he had overthought and that Dei Xianzi was not threatened but had an agenda.


Just at that moment, the door of Immortal Spring Pavilion was pushed open, and a group of people poured in.

“Brother Lin, the person behind the curtain, has appeared. It’s time for us to step in and save Dei Xianzi from her misery!” Qin Yang had long been eager to try. He wanted to save Dei Xianzi, the third on the flower list, and be able to brag about it outside in the future.


Lin Fan angrily slapped Qin Yang’s dog head, “You’re stupid. How can you believe whatever I say?? I was testing you to see if you were really smart. I didn’t expect you to really believe it.”

“I’m disappointed.”

Qin Yang was dumbfounded.

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