Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 39 Let’s Eat


A few days later.

Lin Fan’s daily life has returned to normal.

Every morning, Lin Fan took his men to run around the city, and then practiced Iron Head in the training ground.

“I will go see Zhenbin’s condition when I have time.” Lin Fan thought.

Zhenbin’s body was hurt whenever he moved for these past days.

Fortunately, Wang Zhou had good medicine for bones, which could shorten the recovery time.

The bones could be healed to the prime condition in 25 days.

The news about what happened in the port has already spread wide, about Lin Fan crushed Lang Jun’s legs.

So every time Lin Fan took his men to run around in the city, people’s eyes changed a bit.

To describe their eyes in words.

That was worship.

The Dragon Gang ruled over Jiangdu City, but no one dared to take any action.

“It is strange; there is no movement from Dragon Gang?” Lin Fan pondered, he had already thought about several possible things.

Could it be Dragon Gang thought that he was only a small shrimp, there was no need to take action, so they just forgot about it?

Lin Fan was thinking hard.

Of course, he didn’t stop crushing the bricks with his head.

At That Time.

A veteran rushed in, came to Lin Fan, respectfully said, “Leader Lin, someone asked me to give you this.”

That man admired Lin Fan so much; he never thought there was someone brave enough to injure Dragon Gang’s men in their base, and left in one piece.

“Who sent it?” Lin Fan looked at it, and it was an invitation, it seemed very formal, as far as he remembered, he didn’t have acquaintances who have recently married and had children.

That man said, “I don’t know, that person didn’t say anything when I asked.”

Lin Fan waved and asked him to return to his post and looked at the invitation to know the contents.

“Let’s eat. At noon in Zuixianlou.”

There was no name in the letter; it seemed a bit suspicious.

Lin Fan thought that letter might be from Dragon Gang, he pondered for a moment and then a smile appeared on his face.

It didn’t matter who it was, as long as that person invited him for dinner, it was natural to go. He must appreciate the invitation.

“Brothers, let’s eat together at noon, we will go to Zuixianlou.” Lin Fan said.

It was a bit embarrassing that Lin Fan hasn’t treated his men to have a good meal for so long after becoming their leader.

Now, the opportunity has presented itself.

Lin Fan naturally would not let it go.

His men were a bit hesitant when they heard Lin Fan’s words. Zuixianlou was the largest restaurant in Jiangdu City.

It was so expensive; they didn’t even dare to imagine it.

“Leader, you are so awesome!” Wang Bao shouted with excitement.

Lin Fan’s men told him that they often passed by the Zuixianlou and smelled the food’s aroma, but unfortunately, they never had a chance to eat there.

Lin Fan raised his hand to calm them down.

They haven’t even arrived at the restaurant yet, but they already showed such great excitement.

“Continue to practice, and we will go after that.” Lin Fan said, and then continued to break iron plates.

At the same time, he was thinking about the invitation.

Who was the person that would invite him to dinner?

Gao Yixiong was the person who would likely invite him.

But there was a possibility there it might be someone else, such as the mastermind behind Dr. Sun’s case.


Lin Fan frowned and felt he couldn’t carelessly accept the invitation. The person who invited him didn’t leave a name.

If that person put poison in his food, that would be the end for him.

Noon, Zuixianlou.

When Lin Fan brought his men to Zuixianlou, the shopkeeper with a smile on his face immediately greeted him, “Master, the VIPs have been waiting upstairs for a long time. I will lead the way.”

“Well, arrange tables for my brothers, and give them anything delicious.” Lin Fan said.

The shopkeeper hurriedly responded, “My Lord, rest assured, I will entertain your brethren.”

Lin Fan nodded, quite satisfied, “Wang Bao, you can eat to your heart content today, eat whatever you want, and if there is something delicious that you want to take home for your father and mother, no need to hesitate.”

Wang Bao was very happy to hear that, he smiled brightly.

Lin Fan smiled and ordered his brethren to eat and drink, and then signaled the shopkeeper to lead the way.

The VIPs.

The shopkeeper stood aside, “Mr. Lin, I will take my leave; the VIP is waiting inside.”

Lin Fan nodded. For the time being, he didn’t come in but preparing himself mentally first. If something went wrong when he opened the door, he would be ready for it.

Lin Fan pushed the door.

The room was a bit big.

He found there was a dining table behind the curtain.

“Mr. Lin, I didn’t expect you to really come, and I’m so grateful.”

That person’s voice sounded familiar to Lin Fan, and then he thought of who that person was.

That was Gao Yixiong from the previous incident.

There was no one else in that room. There were various delicious dishes on the table.

“Gao Yixiong, what do you want?” Lin Fan looked at the surrounding environment.

There was no place to hide, and he could see clearly there was nothing under the table. So at the very least, there was no need to worry about a surprise attack.

“Hahaha, it seems, Hu Tang had a bit of conflict with Master Lin, and I always want to meet you personally. Unfortunately, I have something to do before we can meet today. So I ask Master Lin to come here because I want to apologize for the previous incident.” Gao Yixiong stood up and gave a signal to let Lin Fan sit.

Lin Fan wanted to end that fast and return home without eating the foods first.

But his brethren were eating below.

Gao Yixiong was indeed a rich man. Money was nothing difficult for that guy; if he used his wealth to help the land, it would prosper for centuries.

Lin Fan looked at the dishes on the table, and at a glance, he knew those foods were all delicious from its aroma and its looks, and Lin Fan could eat a mouthful as long as the foods were not poisonous, and he could know the purpose why Gao Yixiong invited him there.

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