Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 40 Problems


“Master Lin, this is my way to say sorry. After the incident at the port, I have severely scolded those guys.” Gao Yixiong stood up, holding a bottle, and poured wine to Lin Fan. “I respect you.”

“What are you doing?” Lin Fan thought.

Lin Fan didn’t expect to be treated so nicely; he expected the room to be filled with dozens of thugs ready to kill him.

“I don’t want to drink this wine.” Lin Fan refused to drink, “I’m afraid you would have poisoned the wine for all I know.”

Gao Yixiong’s hand trembled while holding the wine, “Master Lin, I will drink it too. If this wine is poisonous, wouldn’t I be poisoned as well?”

“Won’t you be okay if you take medicine beforehand?” Lin Fan said.

Gao Yixiong really did not expect that Lin Fan would say such words, he felt a bit offended.

He was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

“Master Lin, I was really speechless, great, you are great.” Gao Yixiong raised his glass, and sipped the wine; he found that Lin Fan still stared at those dishes without even touching the chopsticks, then he laughed, “Master Lin, you think I have put a poison the foods too?”

Lin Fan was cautious when facing someone he didn’t trust.

“I don’t want to eat these foods for the same reason.” Lin Fan said.

Gao Yixiong said, “Master Lin, yeah, I am not a good man, but I definitely don’t want to do such despicable things. If Master Lin can’t believe me, I will let the shopkeeper taste the dishes one by one.”

Ordinary people will definitely say no need to do that and believed that Gao Yixiong was so sincere.

But Lin Fan …

“If that is the case, then I will gladly eat these foods, I’m sorry for the trouble.” Lin Fan laughed, Lin Fan was beating Gao Yixiong without punching his face.

Gao Yixiong stared at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan kept smiling, but the smile showed something that was not quite right.

As if to say, “Your suggestion just now is good and necessary.”

“Then, Master Lin, please wait a moment.” Gao Yixiong couldn’t help but called the shopkeeper.

It didn’t take long for the shopkeeper to come.

When the shopkeeper learned of the request, he was dumbfounded. He never heard such a request after being a shopkeeper for years.

“Master Lin, you can rest assured now,” Gao Yixiong said.

Lin Fan said, “Yeah, I’m sorry for the trouble Mr. Gao.”

Then he took the initiative to take the chopsticks; the food was very tempting in his eyes. The famous chef indeed made it. It was so delicious and made people’s appetites.

Gao Yixiong looked at Lin Fan’s bald head; he had a lot of things to say, but he didn’t know ho should he start the conversation.

Lin Fan brought so many people there, even though Gao Yixiong himself never did that.

Lin Fan knew that Gao Yixiong invited him to Zuixianlou for dinner, and the gift, that was just an excuse.

Gao Yixiong must have had something to say to Lin Fan, but Lin Fan didn’t care what Gao Yixiong would say, he just wanted to eat and drink wine.

“You speak, I listen. That’s enough.”

“Mr. Lin, the people have described Dragon Gang as an evil existence. In fact, that is a big misunderstanding. The purpose of Dragon Gang’s existence and the government are the same. In recent years, Dragon Gang has controlled the port and provided a very stable life for the people in the city. Everyone has work to do, and everyone will be able to afford a portion of food for their daily necessities.”

“As for some bad things, some of us got ahead of themselves and did stupid things on their own accord.”

Gao Yixiong explained slowly.

Lin Fan ate the food and smiled, “I don’t know what you are trying to say, Mr. Gao, but about the Dragon Gang helps people, you know better than me, and the people know better than me too.”

“Yes, Master Lin is right.” Gao Yixiong nodded, then he pulled out the silver money from his pouch, pushed it gently in front of Lin Fan. “Master Lin …”

Lin Fan glanced at the money and froze slightly. He was attracted by the amount of silver money and couldn’t take off his eyes from it.

Lin Fan’s expression changed, and he took the money.

“As expected of Mr. Gao. Your brother has hurt my brother, and you give reasonable compensation for it. It’s very noble.”

Gao Yixiong’s expression changed slightly.

“Hehe.” Gao Yixiong smiled, but his smile was a bit weird.

“Master Lin, as far as I know, Dr. Sun’s dry well has been investigated. Which factions are involved in that case?” Gao Yixiong asked a question.

“And the veterans in the caravan was killed. I heard that someone cooperated with the demon. Is that true or not?”

Lin Fan stopped eating and looked up at Gao Yixiong.

Lin Fan did not expect Gao Yixiong would ask such questions.

“Mr. Gao, what’s the urgency of asking me about that? You, as Hu Tang’s leader, maybe you know a lot more than me.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

“No, I don’t know anything about that, but will you cooperate with Dragon Gang to help with the investigation?”

“But why must I cooperate with Dragon gang?”

Lin Fan pretended not to understand; he quietly observed Gao Yixiong’s face.

Gao Yixiong’s expression remained the same as if there was no problem.

But Lin Fan knew something, how could Lin Fan not understand the meaning to cooperate with Dragon Gang?

“Ha ha ha, Master Lin, I’m just joking.” Gao Yixiong said with a smile, to break the ice and then switched to other topics.

Lin Fan and Gao Yixiong had their own thoughts, and when their eyes met, they showed a very awkward smile.

It was as if they were a close friend.

Lin Fan got up and said, “Mr. Gao, thank you for the hospitality, I’m stuffed, I even receive the compensation. I am a grateful person so that I will give Mr. Gao a piece of advice.”

“Dragon Gang has existed in Jiangdu City for so long. It naturally has its reason.”

“But I, Lin Fan, has the responsibility to protect everyone in Jiangdu City, so I don’t allow evil people to oppress innocent people. If Dragon Gang’s members do that and meet me, I won’t hesitate to teach them a lesson.”


“No, please stay a bit longer.”

Lin Fan walked very quickly.

When he arrived at the lobby, his men were already full, and their faces were filled with satisfaction.

They saw Lin Fan came down and gathered around him.

“Leader, are you alright?”

“Leader, the food here is so delicious. It is the most delicious food I have ever eaten in my life.”

Lin Fan smiled.

“Yeah, it’s delicious, let’s go.”

He whispered as he passed the shopkeeper.

“The bill is on Mr. Gao.”

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