Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 41 Greedy


Gao Yixiong stared at Lin Fan from upstairs.

“That person is scum.”

“He is dangerous.”

Lin Fan took the silver money and ate the foods; he also brought his men to eat there.


Gao Yixiong realized Lin Fan was a very greedy person.

“Hehehe.” Gao Yixiong smiled, greedy was a weakness in his eyes.

“Leader, didn’t it cost a lot of money to treat us in Zuixianlao?” Wang Bao asked; he was really talkative because he was happy to be able to eat in Zuixianlao.

“Don’t mind it. It’s worth it, in exchange, I can see all my brothers’ happy face.” Lin Fan said that as if he was the one who paid the bill.

But Dragon Gang was really rich.

A big shot.

Needless to say, that was dirty money.

Lin Fan and his men did not go straight to the training ground.

Instead, they went to Zhenbin’s house and gave Zhenbin money.

After all, Zhenbin was really in bad shape, and he couldn’t say that he didn’t have any money left.

After that, he took his men to the training ground to practice.

Cultivation was about persistence.

Being a baldhead was not a shame anymore for Lin Fan’s men.

The citizens in Jiangdu City gradually acknowledged their existence as heroes; they were brave enough to teach those Dragon Gang’s members a lesson.

Training ground.

Wang Zhou came to see Lin Fan because he heard a loud sound from a distance.

Plus, he had a lot of things to say about the new cases.

Wang Zhou was relieved to see that everyone was practicing.

That showed Lin Fan’s group was solid, and it will become a good habit.

Lin Fan held the iron plate and crushed it with his head. He saw Wang Zhou was coming and put down the iron plate on the ground.

“Master Wang? What’s wrong?”

“Come with me.” Wang Zhou said seriously.

Lin Fan was shocked. Wang Zhou’s expression was serious; something must have happened.

Lin Fan asked Wang Bao to continue practicing with everyone, and then he left with Wang Zhou.

Lin Fan wanted to ask what had happened.

However, he hesitated and remained silent.


What the hell has happened?

Could it be that it had something to do with Dragon Gang? Or was it another case?

Hunter Guild.

It seemed to have something to do with the demon.

The Hunter Guild was an independent institution in Jiangdu City. It had no real authority, mainly to deal with demons, that was all.

But as long as it was related to the demon, then they must take it over.

Meeting Hall.

Li Zhiyong, Liu Ru, and others were discussing some things there.

“Master Wang.”

When they saw Wang Zhou coming, they all got up and saluted.

Li Zhiyong and others saw Lin Fan then nodded slightly and said hello.

But Lin Fan was a bit surprised.

It felt like Wang Zhou personally trained him.

And recently, the veterans also heard some news about Lin Fan, and they were quite shocked.

Lin Fan stood beside Wang Zhou.

He remained silent for the time being.

All the big shots were just listening to Wang Zhou, and Lin Fan will be fine as long as he listened carefully.

“What’s the situation now?” Wang Zhou asked.

Li Zhiyong frowned, “Someone has been sent to investigate the situation.”

Lin Fan didn’t know what topic were they talking about. It seemed a bit serious.

But as they talked more, he finally knew what happened.

It turned out that morning. A beggar came into Jiangdu City; he shouted a demon appeared. For normal people, a beggar shouting about demon was basically like a lunatic and did not listen to his words.

But there were a lot of eyes and ears in the city.

The Hunters immediately took the beggar to Hunter Guild.

Wang Zhou frowned and said, “If what he said was true, it’s quite troublesome, but the demon should not be too active at this time, even the black fox demon shouldn’t be active just yet.”

He was worried about the black fox demon.

After that demon was fully transformed, that demon will become very powerful.

“It shouldn’t be.” Li Zhiyong wasn’t sure.

The last time they suffered a huge defeat against the Black Fox Demon, it was also because the Black Fox Demon was focused on killing Chen Zhong, giving them a bit advantage.

At that time, if the black fox demon seriously fought them, they won’t be able to scratch that demon, they could even die in that battle.

“Since the black fox demon appeared near Jiangdu City, I have been asked to invite the strongest, but he hasn’t come yet, maybe he was delayed by something.”

Li Zhiyong was afraid of the black fox demon.

Lin Fan pondered. He hasn’t seen the demon for quite a while, and he missed the demon quite a bit.

The demon was good.

Good fodder for him to acquire new skills or talents.

For example, the hardening skin was very useful.

At that time.

A man hurriedly came in and reported, “Master, according to the scout, it was indeed the demon’s doing.”

When Li Zhiyong and others heard that, they looked at each other, and was shocked.

“What kind of demon is it?”

If it was the black fox demon, it would be really hard to handle.

“Sir, there are no footprints left at the scene.” That man said.

Li Zhiyong and others frowned, then waved their hands to let him go.

Wang Zhou said, “Whether it is the black fox demon or not, we must go to the scene. If it’s another demon, we have to kill it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for the people of Jiangdu City.”

“All right, let’s pack up things and go to the scene right away.” Li Zhiyong said.


Wang Zhou took Lin Fan away; they had to go back and prepared things.

After seeing Wang Zhou leave, Liu Ru said, “Are we really going to do this? With our current credit, we will able to participate in the Immortal Gate’s examination. There is no need to take risks.”

“Sister Liu, how can you say such a thing, this is our job, we can’t ignore it just because we have enough credit.” Li Zhiyong said.

They have already accumulated enough credit while staying in Jiangdu City.

For Liu Ru, there was no need to act recklessly.

After being lectured by Li Zhiyong, she didn’t say anything.


Lin Fan said, “Sir, do you need to bring someone?”

“No. Others will just slow us down. I just need to take you and Captain Zhao.” Wang Zhou said.

“Prepare some dry food. We may spend some time outside.”

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