Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 42 That Was A Pity That I Am Not A Detective


“Leader, are you really leaving without us?” Wang Bao and others surrounded Lin Fan.

They wanted to go with Lin Fan in his new mission.

Lin Fan said, “Just continue your practice here. It’s not safe for you guys. You might encounter a very powerful demon. With your current strength, not only you won’t be able to help, but you will also slow us down.”

Wang Bao bowed his head; he was disappointed because he was so weak.

“Okay, but you have to come back in one piece.” Wang Bao said, he secretly made a promise in his heart to become stronger so he could be useful for Lin Fan.

The cultivation of immortals required talent, but martial arts also required talent.

Based on their age and the skills they had, the chances of becoming a master were pretty low.

Unless they ate divine medicine, which will increase their spiritual power greatly.

Otherwise, there was no chance for them.

“During my absence, you guys must practice well, don’t worry about me, we will talk about it when I come back.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou and Captain Zhao were waiting outside the gate.

Lin Fan didn’t say much, just waved his hands, he told them to practice by themselves and left hurriedly.

Outside the city.

The powerful Hunters of Hunter Guild has already gathered, Wang Zhou, Lin Fan, and Captain Zhao, a total of seven of them was equal to one elite army.

Even if they encountered the black fox demon, they would win for sure.

“Sir, do you think Dragon Gang is the one behind all of this?” Lin Fan said.

Frankly speaking.

Lin Fan didn’t know why. Dragon Gang was the first name that came to his mind.

Wang Zhou sighed, he frowned and said, “Dragon Gang, Dragon Gang …”


“If we think about it… There is no benefit for them in doing this. Why would they do this?”

Wang Zhou said.

Wang Zhou had a suspicion of Dragon Gang based on the caravan incident, and Dr. Sun dry well, but he didn’t have any evidence.

As long as there was evidence, could crush Dragon Gang whenever you wanted.

Cooperation with the demon was a taboo.

But Lin Fan responded that he didn’t agree with Wang Zhou’s statement because they just didn’t know what the benefit for the Dragon Gang was.

And he also wanted to know about the reason behind Gao Yixiong’s invitation.

Lin Fan then switched to Captain Zhao; he rarely met Captain Zhao after Captain Zhao recovered.

“Let’s speed up the pace and strive to get there before dark.” Li Zhiyong said.


Seven horses rushed away.

Valley Village.

Lin Fan and others finally reached their destination.

The whole village was very quiet, and the blood on the village gate had already dried up.

They stood at the entrance of the village but did not enter for the time being.

Even though there was a demon, the people in that village didn’t go to the city because they didn’t like being there.

Finally, they entered the village to start the investigation.

Being a demon didn’t mean they were a dumb creature; some demon’s intelligence was even higher than humans.

Lin Fan frowned because he didn’t find any corpses. If it were not for the bloodstains, no one would know there was a massacre there.

The survivor was scared by the demons and lost his sanity.

Wang Zhou looked at the ground to find clues. He was looking for footprints; he could tell what kind of demon it was from seeing the footprints.

“Strange, it’s really weird. Why are there no footprints? Is it a demon without a foot?”


The team scattered to find clues.

Wang Zhou warned Lin Fan not to go too far from him because the demon might attack him by surprise.

Of course, Lin Fan knew that.

It was often shown in tv-series and dramas.

Usually, someone will hear or find something that will lead that person to the demon, and that person will disappear without a trace.

Not long after.

Wang Zhou found the clue, and he found paw marks on the corner of a broken wooden door.

“I found something!”

“It’s not the black demon fox. The black demon fox has five toes. This footprint has three toes.”

Wang Zhou told everyone what he found.

“Phew, at least it’s not a black fox demon.” Li Zhiyong said, he didn’t want to fight the black fox demon for the time being.

Suddenly, Lin Fan said something shocking.

“Not only the demons, but humans also take part in the slaughter party.”

When Wang Zhou and others heard what Lin Fan said, their expressions changed and approached Lin Fan.

“How did you know?” Wang Zhou asked.

Lin Fan pointed at the ground, “Look, here.”

The crowd looked at the floor and found a blood-stained floor.

Lin Fan squatted down and explained; there were a hole and a bloodstain on the floor.

Wang Zhou and others frowned and then looked at Lin Fan with a different impression.

Lin Fan’s analysis made sense.

His ability to observe and analyze something was really exceptional.

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