Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 43 Do Not Think Too Much


Lin Fan acted normally; he wasn’t proud even though he found something important, as if to say that was a given for him.

“I don’t expect you can observe that well.” Liu Ru smiled.

It wasn’t that she was interested in Lin Fan, but Lin Fan has saved her the trouble.

Lin Fan said, “In my opinion, Dragon Gang and the demon is the culprit.”

If Dragon Gang knew Lin Fan was accusing them, they would be furious.

Was he still human?

He took the money and ate the foods from Dragon Gang, and he still wanted to accuse them, crazy.

“It’s hard to confirm Dragon Gang was involved in this without any evidence.” Wang Zhou pondered for a moment.

Lin Fan felt so helpless.

In fact, he knew that Wang Zhou also thought Dragon Gang worked together with demons, maybe Wang Zhou was wary of the one who backed up Dragon Gang, so he didn’t dare to act carelessly.

Liu Ru said, “Based on the situation on the scene, it should have happened last night. It is obviously difficult to find useful evidence. We are just wasting our time here.”

She didn’t want to dig in too deep into that matter, because she already had enough credit to take the Immortal Gate’s exam.

Li Zhiyong said, “What’s with the hurry? Since we are already here, we might as well stay here tonight. We will look around tomorrow morning and hope that we can gain something useful.”

“Under normal circumstances, there are very few demons around Jiangdu City, but recently, the number of demons related cases increased significantly, and we don’t know what happened.” Li Zhiyong was one of the most dedicated Hunter; he would not give up easily.

The night was coming.

Lin Fan and others stayed in an abandoned house.

Everyone stay awake, not because they didn’t want to sleep, but they didn’t dare to sleep, because there was a chance demons might appear suddenly in the middle of the night.

Although their cultivation was really powerful, the demon was not weak either.

If it were the black fox demon that appeared when they were asleep, they would die in a split second.

Wang Zhou was standing at the door staring at the scenery outside.

Liu Ru was half-asleep there, resting with her eyes closed because sleeping late was a woman’s natural enemy. She was already asleep at that moment. Besides, she was not afraid of anything.

“Master Li, the assessment of Immortal Gate is near.” Wang Zhou asked.

“Yeah. We will leave Jiangdu City in a few days. Someone else will come to take our place.” Li Zhiyong said.

They have been in Jiangdu City long enough, and they have accumulated enough credit to take the Immortal Gate’s test.

It was their ultimate goal, they could become immortal in the world, and their family will receive many benefits.

“I want Lin Fan participating in the assessment to check if he has spiritual roots or not.” Wang Zhou said.

Lin Fan looked up at Wang Zhou. He didn’t expect Wang Zhou wanted him to take the test.

Liu Ru, in the middle of the night, opened her eyes and slowly said, “People from the ordinary family will find it hard to gather the credit even though they have spiritual roots.”

“It’s okay. I will give my credit to him.” Wang Zhou said, “I have no spiritual root, and it will be a waste to keep those credits. I think one day, I will be able to have a talented junior and give those credits away. If that person can enter Immortal Gate, Jiangdu City will be safe.”

Liu Ru said, “I asked you to sell the credit to us, but now you want to give it to your subordinates.”

Wang Zhou laughed, “I am afraid that you guys will forget Jiangdu City because you guys is not from here, but Lin Fan is different, he is very talented, plus, he is from Jiangdu City. If he can really become Immortal Gate’s disciples in the future, he can protect Jiangdu City.”

Lin Fan looked at them and immediately felt a lot of pressure.

It was embarrassing that he didn’t have a spiritual root for the time being.

Even when he was encountering a demon with a spiritual root, he still didn’t get it.

Liu Ru rolled her eyes because what he said was true.

“Sir, I don’t think I can meet your expectations.” Lin Fan said.

He knew better than anyone, whether he had a spiritual root or not.

He didn’t have it for the time being, and he also couldn’t guarantee that he will have it later.

But there was a chance if he kept beating demons, he will have it.

Wang Zhou patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, and he said, “Ignore the pressure, even if you don’t have it, it is still a good thing to become a Hunter in Jiangdu City. But there is no harm to dream, right?”

Lin Fan laughed and felt so helpless. Wang Zhou’s words moved him.

It seemed that he had to think of some way to overcome the trouble.


There was a weird sound coming from the dark.

It sounded like a bird’s voice, but it was a bit different from a bird’s voice.

“There is something wrong with that voice.” Lin Fan said.

Liu Ru said, “That is just a bird’s voice.”

Lin Fan shook his head and thought it was not that simple.

She didn’t know anything, that was because she never watched the tv-series and movies.

Wang Zhou was alerted and stood beside Lin Fan, “Is there a problem?”

“It’s hard to say, but I feel there is something dangerous. I will check the situation, rest assured, I won’t go too far.” Lin Fan said.

“Okay, but be careful.” Wang Zhou said.

Hearing what Wang Zhou said, Lin Fan was convinced that something would definitely happen.

Don’t ask him why he was so sure.

Because that was how the plot was progressing normally.


It was dark, except for the lights in the room they were staying in, there was no other source of light, and anyone who stayed there might pee on their pants.

“I hope I’m just overthinking things.”

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