Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 44 I Know Who You Are


Lin Fan felt there seemed to be evil eyes watching him in the dark while standing there.

It seemed something went wrong.

Wang Zhou said earlier that the demons were so active recently, so here was the question, why were the demons so active?

He thought maybe he attracted the demons from all over the land.

That was simply impossible.


A cold wind was blowing.

Lin Fan suddenly got chill down to his spine, and he sensed something dangerous.

He turned around slowly.

In the distance, under the moonlight, there were …

Inside the house.

Wang Zhou asked, “Who will take over your position when you guys are leaving?”

He got along with Li Zhiyong and others for quite a while. Now he had to replace them with another Hunter, making Wang Zhou a bit hesitant.

He was afraid of the new guy was the type that was hard to deal with; the worst case the new guy might be Dragon Gang’s secret agent.

If that were the case, it would be a big disaster for Jiangdu City.

“I can’t say anything for the time being.” Li Zhiyong said.

At that moment, Lin Fan came back from outside with a serious expression.

Liu Ru looked at Lin Fan’s expression and smiled, “What’s wrong with you? Did you just see a ghost or something?”

“Stay alert.” Lin Fan said.

Liu Ru didn’t quite understand what Lin Fan meant, “What do you mean?”

Lin Fan took a deep breath and felt so helpless, “We got companions.”

They were shocked when they heard that.

Captain Zhao immediately approached the door, looked into the distance, and he was scared.

“Team Leader Lin, how many of them?”

Lin Fan answered, “I forgot to mention, they are demons, not humans.”

Looking at the current situation, he recalled what Wang Zhou and others had said in the past, all of those cases were connected.

If he realized it earlier, he would have brought all veterans into that mission.

Wang Zhou commanded them to get prepared and moved outside.

Six people stood at the village’s gate, and there were several demons behind them.

“That ……”

Wang Zhou and others’ expressions changed.

Especially it was a full moon that night.

Wang Zhou tightly held the nine-ring sword in his hands. If he wanted to survive, only the weapon in his hand that could keep them alive.

“Who are you?”

That was a stupid question.

Who in their right mind would block the village entrance in the middle of the night?

They must have come to kill them.

Those six people did not answer Wang Zhou but slowly took a stance.


As they took a stance, a loud voice was heard by everyone.

“Kill them!”

The demon roared and rushed towards them, and those six people were looking for opportunity, perhaps Lin Fan was relatively handsome, most of those demons were on to him.

“Captain Zhao, Lin Fan, you guys are the weakest, don’t worry about us, run away when you have a chance.” Wang Zhou drew his sword, yelled, and ran towards the demons.

Lin Fan wanted to tell Wang Zhou that he was not weak at all.

His cultivation has reached 67 years.

“Captain Zhao, you will be responsible for the weakest demon in a while.” Lin Fan looked at those guys and the demon, he was looking for the best opponent for himself.

Lin Fan felt a strong aura among those six people, and not just one, but two.

There were also two fourth-stage demons on the battlefield.

Those people behind the scenes simply wanted them to die.

When Captain Zhao heard Lin Fan’s words, he wanted to knock Lin Fan over.

Captain Zhao thought if it were not for him, Lin Fan would have died.

But when he saw Lin Fan was beating the demons easily, he held back what he wanted to say.

Wang Zhou and Li Zhiyong were also beating up those demons easily.

The guy who fought against Lin Fan right now was wearing an iron mask. He used an ax, and he was three years above Lin Fan’s cultivation.

“Are you Dragon Gang’s lackey?” Lin Fan asked while moving his feet to fight him.

That man did not answer Lin Fan but threw the ax in his hand toward Lin Fan; the ax was linked to the iron chain.

But Lin Fan was extremely fast, and he could evade it easily.

But that man’s response was also fast, he pulled the iron chain, and the ax changed its direction.

The opponent was formidable.

Lin Fan was speeding up, and the sword in his hand cut off the opponent’s wrist.

Burning Sky.

Although his swordsmanship was not very flashy, it was the most efficient one.

Lin Fan knew the chance to successfully doing that was low, so he could only hit the wrist, distract the opponent’s concentration, and disrupting the flow of the battle.

“No need to say anything, I know who you are.”

“Feng Yisan.”

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