Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 45 It Is The Time


Lin Fan knew his opponent’s name because he got the information through the system.

“How did you know my name?” Feng Yisan said in horror.

He was shocked because Lin Fan could know his name, even though he was wearing a mask.

Lin Fan seized the opportunity; he slashed the opponent when he knew his opponent was in a panic, and the opponent’s movements became sloppy.


If Feng Yisan were not fast enough, he would be cut into two by Lin Fan.

He shouldn’t answer Lin Fan’s words, even if he were really shocked.

Lin Fan felt that it was a pity that he missed the big chance.

Lin Fan glanced at Feng Yisan.

‘Feng Yisan: Fifth Stage’

‘Possible Item Drop: 

  • 70 years worth of Exp
  • Battle Axe (Fourth-Stage)
  • Triple Strikes (Fourth-Stage)
  • Fivefold Strikes (Fourth-Stage)
  • A Fine Iron Axe
  • Silver Money
  • Secret Letter

Lin Fan was fascinated by Feng Yisan’s possible item drop.

Wang Zhou and others have already fought against their own enemies, not only humans, but they also must also be aware of demons too.

As for Captain Zhao, he was in a pinch even though his opponent was easy.

He was facing a Fourth-Stage cultivation demon.

Although he was skillful and he had enough combat experience, the opponent’s cultivation was higher than him, which made Captain Zhao cornered. He took everything he had just to dodge his opponent’s attack.

“When did this kid become so powerful?” Captain Zhao looked at Lin Fan, how long had the time passed, even though a while ago, Lin Fan was cornered by a rabbit demon, but Lin Fan was like a different person now.



Feng Yisan successfully landed a hit on Lin Fan’s chest.

That attack injured Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s enemy was difficult to deal with.

“Your son of a …” Lin Fan was in a pinch, and he slashed Feng Yisan’s abdomen. Feng Yisan made a fatal mistake to show an opening.

Lin Fan smiled when he successfully slashed Feng Yisan’s abdomen, and the blood was dripping like a waterfall.

Feng Yisan was also a veteran and had a lot of experience. He used the iron chain to stop Lin Fan’s sword before it got too deep, and then he kept the distance between Lin Fan.

“This guy is a bit strong.” Feng Yisan felt the blood didn’t stop dripping from his abdomen.

He really wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces; he didn’t want to say anything to Lin Fan in order to keep his secret.

But he couldn’t figure out how Lin Fan could know his name.

That was simply impossible.


Lin Fan’s chest was hurt a bit. Fortunately, the hardening skin saved him.

“Yes, I can kill him.”

Even though the opponent’s cultivation was three years higher than him, he was not afraid. He already found the opponent’s weakness from earlier.

All he needed was confidence to bring out his full strength.

“Feng Yisan, just drop that mask off, maybe the others don’t know who you are, but I know you.”

“And not only you, I know every single one of you.”

“Don’t think I’m lying to you.”

“He is Wan Qing.”

“He is Yuan Bei.”

Lin Fan didn’t move; he wanted to observe Feng Yisan’s reaction after he mentioned all of Feng Yisan’s comrades.

As Feng Yisan was wearing a mask, he could not see the expression.

But he knew Feng Yisan was in a panic because Lin Fan could know the name every one of them.

The man who fought with Wang Zhou was distracted by Lin Fan’s words.

All of the enemies were panic, thus affecting their stance. 

Wang Zhou seized the opportunity; he successfully slashed his opponent.

Wang Zhou could bring down one of his enemies because he fought with two enemies at the same time. He endured a lot of pressure, not to mention his opponent cultivation was the same as him.

He wondered how Lin Fan knew their name.

But that was not the time to ask about those things.

Lin Fan obviously disrupted the situation at the scene.

And that was the opportunity for Lin Fan’s party.



“I want your Triple Strikes!”

Lin Fan shouted, and then he took a stance, using Ox Crushing The Mountain, Lin Fan’s spiritual power was blasting out like thunder.

Lin Fan slashed Feng Yisan’s lower part of his body.

Feng Yisan tried to protect his lower part of his body but failed.

But Feng Yisan was moving so fast, he changed his stance and swung the ax in his hand.

Feng Yisan was relying on his flexible body, but Lin Fan also instantly changed his stance, and Lin Fan’s sword clashed with Feng Yisan’s ax.

“Hya!” Lin Fan shouted, pressed Feng Yisan’s ax to the ground, and then slammed his head toward Feng Yisan.

Iron Head!

After many days of hard work, it was finally time for that technique to shine.

The brute strength of Ox Crushing The Mountain, plus the Hardening Skin and Iron Head, Lin Fan was using three-technique at the same time.


Feng Yisan was shocked, Lin Fan’s attack crushed his chest.

“What a stupid guy, you get distracted just by my words.” Lin Fan said while touching his head.

Even if Feng Yisan didn’t die, his organs were absolutely shattered by Lin Fan’s bald head.

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